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Featured Long Stay Dogs

Laska – 3 year old female Boxer cross American Bulldog

Laska is a 3 year old female boxer cross American bulldog, who is housetrained and very lovable! Laska is a proper cuddle monster who will make a truly fantastic companion for a boxer/bull breed savvy family. She’s a bit of a comedian who wants to say hello to everyone she meets – her tail never stops wagging! […]

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Featured Long Stay Dogs

Jimmy Todd – 7-9 year old male Jack Russell Cross

Jimmy Todd is a Terrier cross, possibly Jack Russell with a Spaniel type. At present, he is currently living with 15 other dogs of various age, sex, size, temperament and breed. This chap is a very well mannered individual and enjoys spending his time relaxing. When a lead is presented, he does not hesitate to […]

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Featured Long Stay Dogs

Waldo – 2 year old male Ibizan Hound (Podenco)

Waldo is a stunning boy he is fun, loving and affectionate, who would love his own family. He is a two year old Podenco. Waldo has such a great character and huge heart! He has so much to give to the right home, he will always make you smile. Ideally Waldo’s home will be someone who […]

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Featured Long Stay Dogs

Hopi – 6 month old female Ibizan Hound (Podenco)

Hopi is a stunning small rough-coated Podenco (Ibizan Hound), who is around 6 months old. Little Podenco. Hopi was rescued from the pound in Benidorm, Spain where she was dumped because she was deaf and therefore no longer useful as a hunting dog. Hopi was found in a terrible state, but is now a healthy […]

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Latest dogs looking for homes....

Jessie – 3 year old female Collie cross Retriever

Meet Jessie, we think she is a Collie cross Retriever. She is about 3 years old and good on the lead. She is clean in the house she has a lovely nature.


Ria – 11 month old female Saluki Cross

Ria is about 11 months old. We think she is a Saluki cross. She still needs to be house trained. She is good on the lead and loves to be around you.


Aladdin – 4-5 month old male Labrador Cross

Aladdin is approx 4-5 months old and looking for his forever home! This little pup is still learning about the world and would love a family to teach him. We arent sure what Aladdin is crossed with but we suspect he will be around Labrador size, probably a bit smaller. This little lad is a bit shy at first but soon comes out of his shell for play time and pick up cuddles. Originally rescued from a parking lot on Romania, he and his 3 siblings traveled to the UK and poor Aladdin is the only one left without a home!

Aladdin is a normal puppy, so will need help with house training, lead walking and all the usual things that puppies need etc input in. He is young enough to rehomed with children, dogs and introduced to cats. He is a very loving puppy and we are sure he will flourish into a wonderful adult dog. He comes with his own pet passport, fully vaccinated, flead and wormed. He isnt neutered yet as he isnt old enough. But part of the adoption agreement will be on the understanding he is neutered by his new adopter when he is old enough.


Fred – 8 year old male Jack Russell Terrier

Fred is a male Jack Russell Terrier aged approximately 8 years old. He would be suitable to be re-homed with sensible older children. He seems good with other dogs but no cats please. He came into our care as an unclaimed stray, suffering from a flea allergy. Please don’t let his age put you off, 8 years is not old in Terrier terms, he is still very sprightly and has many happy years ahead of him. Fred has lost his owner and his home all at once, kennels is no place for this lovely lad, so we are keen to see him into a new home with a nice garden as soon as possible. Fred would be suitable for many different home environments, families, retired person or couple; he will become a wonderful companion.

Fred is a gentle little dog, nice and friendly and has a good temperament and nice manners. He’s gentle when accepting a treat and this can only benefit his new owner with bonding and training. He is very affectionate and absolutely loves a kiss, cuddle and stroke! He is a bit of a plodder, he likes nothing more than having a good sniff and potter around our exercise yard, he’s not obsessed with balls or toys but will eventually have a little play if you encourage him to. There’s nothing to dislike about this little fella, he just charms you with his calm, gentle and placid nature.

There must be someone out there who could find room in their hearts and home for this lovely, gentle, friendly and affectionate little man. He is really hurting inside and deserves some happiness. Please come and see everyone’s Favourite Fred as soon as you can, he needs you.

All our dogs have a veterinary health check and are micro-chipped, neutered, flea/worm treated and vaccinated. They also come with 6 weeks free insurance.


Reva – 3 year old female Spaniel Cross

Please meet stunning Reva! Reva is an approximately 3 year old fox red spaniel type. She is beautiful inside and out. Reva is the type of dog that is friendly with everyone that she meets. She is very affectionate and loves to jump up for a cuddle on the sofa or half way through a walk to check you are still there. Reva is a very clever girl, she walks perfectly off lead with excellent recall. She is also house trained and okay being left for short periods. Although she really does love company. She is currently in a foster home and her foster mum says “i really can’t fault Reva, she has to be the perfect dog’.

Reva is good with other dogs, so could live with other dogs of similar size, although she is not cat tested yet. She has a good temperament so could live with older children that respected her space. Reva was originally from a shelter in Romania, and one of 6 dogs saved from a mass cull, so she is very lucky to be here. She has her own pet passport and has been fully vaccinated, neutered, microchipped, flead and wormed.

This little lady really is the all round package and we hope to find her a perfect home very soon.


Daphne – 6 week old female Cross-Breed

Meet Daphne, the 6-week old whirlwind of a puppy, being fostered near Bridgend, South Wales. She came in to rescue at around 2-weeks old and has been hand-reared by her fosterer. She is a little too young yet for us to know exactly what breed mix she is so potential adopters will have to fall in love with Daphne and take her as she is. Now, this little madam will need some training. She is full of puppy fun and is bitey, playful and into absolutely everything. She chases cats so will need training in that department if she is to live with one. To Daphne the world is just a huge playground and she loves to play with everyone. As she is still so young she hasn’t met many dogs yet but does adore them, so any dogs in her new home will have to be puppy tolerant!

Daphne can be crated and when she doesn’t go to work with her foster mum she happily settles for a couple of hours and has been fine with that. She sleeps in her crate at night with no problems at all. She travels well in the car and is fine at the vets – after all, foster mum is a vet nurse! Housetraining is a work in progress. She is getting used to puppy pads but will need further training in this area for months to come. Because this little lady left her mum so early she has no bite inhibition, which her mum would have taught her from an early age. Daphne is a very bitey pup and is learning the word ‘no’. She is also quite a strong character though and as with many hand rear pups can be a little bit naughty! She is looking for a kind but firm owner who will take her to training classes and put in a lot of time and effort to teach this girl what is and isn’t acceptable.

As with all babies she does need lots of cuddles. Play is in short bursts and it currently doesn’t take long to wear her out. She needs regular naps and so enjoys a tummy rub and some relaxing time on someone’s lap. This will change as she gets older though so as she grows, so will her exercise requirements. The ideal home for Daphne would be one with puppy experience. Because she is so bitey in play, older children only, please. Someone who is at home for most of the day who can devote plenty of time to her and her training is an absolute necessity.

Daphne will be starting a course of vaccinations soon, she will also be microchipped and is flea and worm treated. Neutering will be done at 6-months old and will be the responsibility of the adopter. A discount voucher will be issued towards the cost and follow-up checks will be done. Prospective adopters will be expected to travel to meet him in her in her foster home near Bridgend, South Wales.

If you are interested in adopting Daphne please read about our rehoming process and complete a Pre-Adoption form ( link here ) and one of our adoption coordinators will contact you for a chat.


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