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Featured Long Stay Dogs

Laska – 3 year old female Boxer cross American Bulldog

Laska is a 3 year old female boxer cross American bulldog, who is housetrained and very lovable! Laska is a proper cuddle monster who will make a truly fantastic companion for a boxer/bull breed savvy family. She’s a bit of a comedian who wants to say hello to everyone she meets – her tail never stops wagging! […]

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Featured Long Stay Dogs

Jimmy Todd – 7-9 year old male Jack Russell Cross

Jimmy Todd is a Terrier cross, possibly Jack Russell with a Spaniel type. At present, he is currently living with 15 other dogs of various age, sex, size, temperament and breed. This chap is a very well mannered individual and enjoys spending his time relaxing. When a lead is presented, he does not hesitate to […]

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Featured Long Stay Dogs

Waldo – 2 year old male Ibizan Hound (Podenco)

Waldo is a stunning boy he is fun, loving and affectionate, who would love his own family. He is a two year old Podenco. Waldo has such a great character and huge heart! He has so much to give to the right home, he will always make you smile. Ideally Waldo’s home will be someone who […]

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Featured Long Stay Dogs

Hopi – 6 month old female Ibizan Hound (Podenco)

Hopi is a stunning small rough-coated Podenco (Ibizan Hound), who is around 6 months old. Little Podenco. Hopi was rescued from the pound in Benidorm, Spain where she was dumped because she was deaf and therefore no longer useful as a hunting dog. Hopi was found in a terrible state, but is now a healthy […]

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Latest dogs looking for homes....

White – 3 year old female Bulldog Cross

White is a female Bulldog Cross aged approximately 3 years old. She is looking for a home with garden, families with children 10-12 years and above will be considered and no full time workers please as we aren’t sure if she is used to being left alone for long periods. White will need careful and slow introductions with other dogs and new situations as she has been locked away from the outside world for a year, with little interaction with other dogs. No cats please. She came into kennels as a group of 10 dogs last year and had had puppies, these dogs were all living together in one household and were neglected and suffering from various health problems. Once the puppies were older they were all separated and kenneled separately. She lost her home, her doggie companions and her family all at once but to her credit she has coped remarkably well so far in kennels and is the happiest, most affectionate girly you could ever wish to meet.

White is a very affectionate lady, she absolutely loves human company and is friendly with anyone who will pay her attention. She loves a stroke and cuddles and will give you a slobbery kiss if you let her! She adores a massage of her whole body especially her shoulders, she would sit for hours if you have the time. If you stop rubbing, she turns around and looks at you with a sad expression willing you on to give her another go! When she is in her kennel, she leans up to the bars and will stand for hours if you tickle her with your fingers. She is very gentle when accepting a treat or her food. I would expect her to form a close bond with new owner and family. She responds well to some commands and will do a nice sit and stay. White can initially get excited when outside her kennel and pulls on lead, whether she is just so eager to get out of her kennel we aren’t quite sure but she does calm down.

Poor White doesn’t really stand out from other rescue Bulldogs and she isn’t the most pretty of them either but what she lacks in looks she makes up with affection and love, which is far more important. White is a typical example of a friendly loving, loyal, happy Bulldog, always pleased to see you and forever showering you with cuddles and sloppy kisses. Even if you aren’t looking for a bull breed, please do consider our girl as she is a smashing sweetie who will become a wonderful companion in the right family. Wonderful White needs some luck in her life as she hasn’t had much up to now, can you find room in your heart and home for this most ugly but beautiful girl?

All our dogs have a veterinary health check and are micro-chipped, neutered, flea/worm treated and are fully vaccinated. They also come with 6 weeks free insurance.


Cora – 3 year old female Cross-Breed

Cora is an absolute sweet heart but is quite a nervous girl so this does need taking into consideration. She needs a older confident male to help keep her settled and steady. Cora was returned to us as due to her nervous nature out and about on walks should she become worried or frightened by another dog she can re direct. Either into the other dog you are walking or at your knee. Due to this she is best muzzled when out and about. Teamed with her nervous tendencies she does also still have her bossy female moments and can be a bit pushy out and about on walks and attempt to run other dogs down, again due to this she is best kept in a suitable muzzle when running off lead.

Cora travels well, is clean in the house and good to be left with the company of another dog whilst her owners head out. She has been living with an older child and was fine with him, she would be best suited to a quieter home with any children being dog savvy and 8 plus. Cora would be best suited to a home that understands that pandering to a nervous dog is the worst thing you can do. A home that will continue to be consistently firm but fair with their boundaries and allow her to work things out herself. This beautiful girl has obviously had a very hard time wherever she was before landing in Gaps care and any home must understand that she needs time to adapt and learnt to trust and be willing to stick with her through that adaptation period.

Cora is vaccinated, kc vaccinated, treated for parasites, microchipped and spayed. She is currently with us in kennels here in the Midlands but can be rehomed nationally subject to a successful hom evisit.


Alfie – 8 year old male Whippet Cross

Alfie is currently in foster here in the midlands with a multitude of other dogs mainly whippets and a number of cats. He is very respectful to them all and gets on well with them at the moment. Alfie is a little stiff on his legs but we think this is due to a lack of exercise and we hope it will build up gradually now he is getting it regularly. He will though be undergoing a full health check this week to make sure it is nothing more, he does need his muscles building up though so we are hopeful it wont be anything on going.

Alfie is as said cat friendly and dog friendly and is use to children so would be fine to be rehomed with older children 6 upwards. Alfie would not be suitable as an only dog and it is imperative that wherever he goes he does have other dogs for company and he has always had company in his past home. Out and about he walks beautifully on lead and is good with all dogs he meets and he travels well, he is also house trained. This little boy is going to be a dream for a very lucky family. Alfie is vaccinated, treated for parasites, microchipped and is neutered.


Freeway – 2-3 year old male Saluki Cross

Meet Freeway a stunning young feathered Saluki boy who came to us a while ago from the stray pound and has been under assessment. It has taken us a while to place Freeway up for rehoming as we wanted to *fully* assess his Aaluki type behaviour. He is typically Aaluki in that he can be quite vocal in everything and especially with other dogs. We wanted to make sure that his silly noises and deep growls were saluki related noise and not aggression. However a few weeks after neutering as can be the case this behaviour and the noise levels started to subside and recently now he has started to actively seek out the other dogs for interaction and will now make attempts to play.

Freeway would be best suited to a home either as an only dog with someone around all or most of the time in the beginning to help settle him in or with a couple of female dogs who will play with him, continue to teach him manners and also be willing to put him into his place when he needs it. He could possibly live with another male as long as there was already a strong female presence in the home to keep the boys in place, I do feel though that a dominant male would not be the best mix for him.

Freeway is a joy to walk! He has that mix of Saluki elegance tied up with the ridiculous prancing silly behaviour that can result in him going from walking nicely to a spin, hop, skip and a jump in glee! He is not cat friendly and we feel that any resident children would be best aged 7 and above and dog savvy. Freeway also travels beautifully and just settles down and relaxes

Freeway is currently with on foster in the midlands and is vaccinated, kennel cough vaccinated, treated for parasites, microchipped and castrated. This beautiful boy can be rehomed nationally subject to a successful home visit and any new family being willing to travel to meet him with any resident dogs.


Ben – 10 month old male Collie Cross

This handsome boy is Ben, a 10 month old Collie crossbreed who is looking for a new home through no fault of his own. Ben has been in a foster home in Derbyshire now for a short while so we have learnt a lot about him. He can live with children over the age of 10 years and with other dogs if successfully introduced. He cannot live with cats.

Ben is house trained and non destructive and has been crate trained. He would best suit an energetic home and he adores going jogging with his foster Dad, he settles and runs at your pace. Ben loves to be around people and is an affectionate boy, he loves to share a cuddle. He does have typical Collie traits which people who have owned the breed before will understand. Ben is neutered, fully vaccinated and is microchipped, all he needs now is that special forever family of his very own.


Toffee – 16 week old male Staffordshire Bull Terrier

This is the very cute Toffee. Toffee is an adorable 16 week old female Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppy. Toffee is a happy, playful, well socialized and confident little girl. Toffee is in foster with other dogs, and children, and can also live with dog confident cats.

Toffee is a very playful girl, and loves to play with everyone, she is lovely cuddly girl, who has a wonderful nature. Toffee needs a home where someone is around most of the time to continue her training.

Toffee is chipped and has had her first vaccination, she will need to be spayed when old enough and we will need proof this has been done.

Can you offer this lovely girl her forever home ?


Snowy – 2 year old male Lurcher

Meet Snowy, a 2 year old Lurcher boy who is looking for a new home. Snowy was previously living in a foster home and was returned as he is unsuitable to live with cats. Snowy has been at the centre for some time now and has developed in to a lovely dog, with bags of character.

Snowy is a very happy and relaxed boy who adores companionship. Recently, Snowy was taken for a home assessment by one of our members of staff. They reported back that Snowy was a dream and a delight to have around. Almost as though he had always lived there!

Snowy - Leicester Animal Aid

Snowy toileted outside, settled well in his bed and played with his toys. Snowy slept downstairs on the sofa quietly and showed himself to be very responsive and truly affectionate. Snowy could possibly live with an existing, compatible dog.

Snowy would definitely love to have a doggy best friend he could meet up with for play times and walkies. Ideally, he would suit a home where someone is around for part of the day to keep him company.

Snowy is a clever and responsive dog who has blossomed with reward based training. He is a brilliant dog who could be a part of a family with older children.


Sid – 3 year old male Lurcher

Sid is a 3 year old male Lurcher. He is a super friendly cracking Lurcher lad! He loves other dogs.


Ragan – 2 year old female Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Ragan is a 2 year old female Staffordshire Bull Terrier. She is a stunning super cuddly lady who knows basic commands. She is housetrained and is fine with other dogs.


Marcus – 3 year old male Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross

Marcus is a 3 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross, who is delightful and very well behaved. He likes to have lots of fuss and loves to play with other dogs, preferring females. He would love a home where he gets lots of attention and exercise. He is lucky enough to be staying in a foster home in Leicestershire.

Here is a video clip of Marcus:

Adoption subject to home check and adoption fee.


Ruby and Ginny – 6 and 11 year old female Terriers

Ruby is a black Terrier around 6 years old and Ginny is a tri coloured Terrier around 11 years old. they are firm friends and need a home together. They are housetrained, love to go for long walks, play with their toys then curl up on your lap.


Rock and Teddy – 3 year old male Cross-Breeds

Rocky and Teddy are best of friends who were rescued from a difficult life on the streets of Romania. We think they are around 3 years old. Since coming to us they have learned to trust people and to walk on the lead, they can still be wary of new things though and need an understanding home. We would like to find them a home together as they are such good friends, and Teddy as the more confident boy helps rocky feel safe, they will need a home with a secure garden and no young children.


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