Abel – 5-6 year old male Cross-Breed

Abel has been waiting such a long time for a home, yes he is black but he still would make a lovely family pet. Abel was rescued a the Public Shelter in Romania with Clara, and is now safe in a foster home. He is around 5-6 years old, and shy from his experience in the PS – but is slowly gaining confidence now he feels safe. Abel is missing one eye, but is fully sighted in his remaining eye. Black dogs in Romania are always overlooked, and he has no chance of being adopted there.

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Abel is in foster care in Cambridgeshire. Abel has been with his foster family for a little under a month and has made fantastic progress, here’s what his foster Mum has to say about him! Abel’s story is a sad one, he was abandoned in a Romanian public shelter for many years, patiently hoping for someone to notice him and give him a chance. As can happen with rescue dogs that have had to suffer such difficult conditions, poor Abel shut down when he first arrived with his foster family, this can be a protective instinct and sometimes happens when dogs are adjusting to their new lives, once they realise they are safe, they start to blossom. But happily, Abel soon realised that things were going to be very different for him and now he is starting to really enjoy life! He is now going on 2 walks a day with his doggy foster sisters, is clean in the house and is starting to play which is a huge step forward. Abel is eager to learn and is gaining confidence from the other dogs which is beautiful to see. He is also reacting well to other dogs he meets on walks. His recall is improving rapidly on walks and he responds well to recall with a treat, but he just wants to play if he encounters a squirrel or interesting looking bird on his travels, he means no harm to them whatsoever. Anyone adopting Abel as with any rescue dog must be certain to keep him on the lead at all times until he is fully settled and they are sure his recall is reliable.

Abel is, understandably, shy when he meets new people but soon warms up to them and especially if toys and treats are involved! He just needs a little understanding and patience but soon loses his shyness when he realises good things happen when visitors arrive! As with most dogs, Abel loves his grub and like the sweet boy he is, waits patiently for his dinner. No food aggression or hoarding tendencies have been noticed thus far by his foster family although basic precautions would need to be taken until Abel was settled, the same as with any new dog joining the family. Abel has also been introduced to the family hamsters and budgerigar and he’s curious, but no adverse behaviour has been noted. Abel needs a home without cats as he has been known to chase them in the past. Abel has limited vision being blind in his left eye but is said to have good vision in the right eye. Abel readily accepts having his eyes attended to if needed such as bathing the blind eye, his foster Mum says he’s a trooper with anything even a bit disagreeable that has to be done to him! Abel is currently underweight due to his past but he has gained over a kilo in his foster home in just under a month. With continuing love, care, parasite control and good food, his weight should increase without difficulty.

Abel really is a wonderful character, his main challenge is that he suffers from some separation anxiety at the moment, which is not surprising after all he’s been through. But his foster Mum says that is improving and he can be left for longer periods so this will be a work in progress teaching and reassuring him that he won’t be abandoned ever again and that he is safe now and forever. As much as Abel’s foster Mum wants him to find his loving forever home, it’s going to be a very sad day for her and the foster family when he does leave. We know the right family is out there. Abel needs a family that will stand by him and not let him down again. A family that has patience and understanding to work on his separation anxiety when he has already made such progress and to continue to show him life can be fun and rewarding….If Abel’s forever family has another dog, this would benefit him greatly to give him confidence and show him the way. He so deserves it and would repay anyone lucky enough to adopt him many times over.

If anyone has any questions about sweet Abel, please just ask.

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