is a unique and innovative online resource for would-be dog owners to use in order to locate a suitable dog currently living in the animal welfare system.

The easy to navigate, user friendly nature of the website is what makes DogsBlog stand out. Never before has it been easier to locate, a the press of a button, the most suitable and worthy dog to share your life with. Users will be able to browse dogs needing homes via a range of simple search criteria.

As well as dogs needing homes, Dogs Blog will also feature link ups with dog web cams, private blogs kept by people who have rescued dogs, blogs from people who are in the process of rehoming dogs and entries from celebrities who have rehomed dogs.

We do not list dogs specifically by geographic location. Dogs can be viewed by the rehoming centre where they are located or by their age, sex or breed type.


It is our firm belief that the right dog is not necessarily the nearest dog. Feel free to use the open text search box or browse dogs by clicking the relevant links down the side of the site.

What People Are Saying About DogsBlog

  Trude Mostue, celebrity vet: is a fantastic example of the entire pet industry coming together for the common good.
  Ryan O’Meara, editor-in-chief K9 Magazine:
dogsblog will not only raise awareness of the thousands of dogs in the UK’s rescue homes, but also provide the perfect match-making service between people who long to share their homes with a dog that needs some well deserved TLC.
Victoria Stilwell, Dog Behaviourist & TV Personality is an easy and effective way to find the perfect rescue dog. Those who are interested in a dog of a particular age, sex or breed can easily find what they are looking for on the site and because it casts the net wider that just the local area, more dogs have a chance of being adopted. The site provides shelters another valuable way in getting their dogs re-homed with the right kind of families. It’s an excellent idea and I wish it every success.
  Claire King, Actress
A good idea, the more dogs who can be united with the right families for them, the better. I think the best thing about owning a dog is the fact that it makes you a more responsible person because you have someone else to look after who can’t look after themselves and you are responsible for their welfare.
Celebrity dog lover Philippa Forrester
As a dog lover and someone who has re-homed dogs in the past, I think is a fantastic initiative. It will allow more dogs to find new homes and be united with loving owners, which can only be a good thing.

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