Al – 7 year old male Retriever cross German Shepherd Dog

Big joy Al is a 7 year old male Retriever cross German Shepherd Dog. There is no denying that this is a dog that makes an impact. I think he is possibly curly coat retriever crossed with a German Shepherd Dog with an element of horse thrown in for good measure.

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Alf has the most charming of characters and I defy anyone to be scared of him despite his large size. All day long his tail wags and his face is alight with a smile or a grin. He loves to be around people, he adores children. Thankfully he is good on a lead because frankly I weigh less than 8 stone and I think if he wanted to go his way and not mine there would be a problem.

Alf is currently living with many other dogs and is mostly very good with them. He prefers the bitches, does grumble at some of the males but doesn’t take it any further than that but at the moment does need to be fed separately. It’s blatantly clear that its been a long long time since Alf missed a meal but old habits die hard and although he tends to pick at his food he doesn’t want the other dogs having it either. He has no food issues with people.

This boy has definitely won the hearts of everybody he’s met since arriving in the UK, mine included, having said that I will be very pleased when he finds a home as there is limited space here and he does have a tendency to fill doorways. Since Alf has picked his favourite bed he has spent an awful lot of time sleeping but he does love his walks and to get out and about and he will need regular exercise to lose a few pounds.

All in all Big Al is the king of all that is awesome and anyone would be lucky to have the boy in their lives.

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