Alfie – 1 year old male Labrador Cross

Alfie is a very kind and gentle natured boy of just a year old. He is a cross breed dog but very much like a Labrador cross of a medium size and build with a very soft, sandy color coat. Alfie is very loving and affectionate, really wants to please you, is a clever boy and wants to learn, loves his toys and to play in the garden and gets on well with other relaxed dogs in the house and out on walks. In his home environment he is a super, fantastically well behaved dog who is happy and relaxed and very obedient, especially for his young age. Alfie is house trained, sleeps very well at night, is undemanding although loves his cuddles and praise and to be loved back. He is non destructive, is not food or toy possessive, sits for his dinner and gives a paw and is a real sweetie to have around. However, Alfie has actually had a very hard life from a very young age and why we now are looking for and needing a very loving and understanding home.



Alfie was brought into this life as a street pup on the streets of Romania. He was a very frightened little pup and not very big or old at all and had to fend for himself, find his own food and basically fight for his life amongst all the other bigger and more confident dogs on the streets along with all the horrible people out there who just abuse and neglect the dogs and never give them a second thought or chance. Alfie managed to survive, but obviously his living existence of that life has left its mark – for the time being. Alfie was actually picked up off the streets by a rescue centre, along with his sister Abbey, who was blinded in one eye, and was bought to start their new lives in the UK with Lea Valley Dog Rescue when they were just 4 months old. They were both in foster together and found lovely adoptive homes in time. Although both dogs were nervous, Abbey went on to become a strong and clever dog and overcame her issues more easily, maybe being helped by the fact she went to a more rural home where she could relax. Alfie, who was more nervous, went to a very loving home where he bonded very well with his family and who trained him very well and become the lovely dog he is.

However, over much upset, they still feel that Alfie would be better off in a home where there was not so many visitors, children’s friends coming and going, and it is with much sadness, that they have decided that Alfie would be better off in a quieter environment. Alfie came back to his original foster carer with Lea Valley Dog Rescue, where he is now enjoying life much to the full and gaining a lot more confidence. His confidence is being worked on all the time, which is improving every day and he has settled down very well now and being exposed to a lot more things which needed to be worked on which his owners felt they lacked in confidence and experience which probably led to Alfie worrying more than what he should. Alfie is now learning to love life to the full and is meeting a lot more dogs and people confidently. He is being walked off the lead over the fields, where he will run and stick with you and be happy. He will pass people by without any problems and join in with the other dogs and want to play with them. He has come across joggers and cyclists and there are not issues there and he will let people walk by if they don’t pay any attention to him.

Alfie is meeting new people in the house all the time and his confidence is now growing with this too. If you show confidence, Alfie feels a lot more confident too and doesn’t worry. Alfie is being fostered in a multi-dog household with new foster dogs coming and going all the time. He loves to play with them and have a game of chase around the garden, so he could quite easily be homed with another confident doggie companion, and this could be a young dog or even an older one to show him the ropes. Alfie is actually one of the best, well behaved foster dogs I have ever had. He needs direction and confidence given to him but you can have a really enjoyable time walking him in the right places and where he can relax although this is improving and I am sure in the right hands Alfie will be able to overcome any of his fears.

We are therefore looking for a home in a less built up area and with maybe fields or open space rather than just a small park for exercise. We would look for a more experienced, confident dog owner, but someone with lots of love and patient and who has the time to take over giving Alfie the confidence he needs. Alfie will give you so much love and loyalty back, tenfold and he has such an amazing loving nature about him you will see why he will be worth just a little bit of effort when you come to meet him.

Can you offer this adorable boy, a loving forever home for the rest of his life now? Alfie is neutered, vaccinated, micro-chipped, wormed and de-flead.

Lea Valley Dog Rescue

Lea Valley Dog Rescue

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