Alfie – 2-3 year old male Shih Tzu cross Yorkshire Terrier Cross

Alfie is a 2-3 year old male Shih Tzu cross Yorkshire Terrier Cross. Little Alfie has come back to us and needs a new forever home. Despite the checks we carry out and the questions we ask, we never know if the forever homes promised are just words. Circumstances have changed for Alfie’s family two months after adoption and they say combined with this he has snapped at their adult daughter so he needed to be removed immediately.

We’ve given Alfie over a week to settle back into his original foster home and apart from a couple of lip curling incidents (something he hadn’t done before) he’s been fine. Alfie is the epitome of a dog with “little dog syndrome” and he needs someone who understands how these little dogs work and how to manage his occasional bad behaviour. Alfie can’t be babied or he will take advantage and get above his station.

Alfie cannot go with children as he may snap, but he is great with other dogs and loved his new little brother, having no issues at all with him. He isn’t keen on cats so we are looking for a cat-free home. We want this home to be his forever home so please only apply for him if you are committed to keeping him. We need someone who has experience of little dogs and who isn’t put off by the fact he may try his luck occasionally. His current foster mum is fabulous and it doesn’t faze her one bit.

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There must be someone out there for our little boy Alfie, who is so cheeky and funny and who deserves to find a home where he can finally settle.

Yappy Ever After Dog Rescue Derby

Yappy Ever After Dog Rescue Derby

For further details regarding adopting a dog from Yappy Ever After Dog Rescue, please email - the rescue is based in Derbyshire, but will rehome across the UK through a network of approved home checkers. . All animals are assessed for a minimum of four weeks before being adopted. We mainly set up to find safe homes for the many 'free to a good home' dogs on pet selling sites, but we also take owner surrender and pound dogs.
Yappy Ever After Dog Rescue Derby

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