Amber – 4 year old female Whippet Cross

Amber – 4 year old female Whippet Cross. The beautuiful Amber was originally rehomed by us 4 years ago as just a 4 month old puppy. Sadly a few weeks ago she was returned to us as she has been allowed to get extremely lead reactive in certain circumstances. However, since being back with us we have assessed fully when the reaction is likely to happen and are now happy to place her up for rehoming. Amber is an absolute doll. She is a good traveler, clean, fine to be left and has lived happily as an only dog with children the last four years so has many many pluses. She is intelligent and obedient in the main and is the happiest little girl around. She does though lack trust out and about on lead and due to this her behaviour has been allowed to escalate.

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Amber is extremely reactive to cats and squirrels and needs someone with the time and patience to work through this with her or in the main manage it in the beginning. This is even more so frustrating as when first rehomed she was rehomed to live with a cat and until the cat left she had been fine with it. She is not a large dog so very easy to control and we have used a collar, a lead and a ruffwear harness on her. To be fair if she really creates she is easy enough to lift on the ruffwear and just move her away a little. We were also told she was extremely leash reactive to other dogs, we have taken her to the local country park and indeed have found this totally not to be true. She is more than capable of walking beautifully and ignoring other dogs, the only time she reacted were when other dogs ran over that were off lead and she was trapped ON lead and got right into her face. She is scared through lack of socialisation we feel in the last 12 months as once she became reactive we feel she has been in the main kept away from other dogs.

At the kennels Amber is fabolous with all the other dogs. In fact she loves them and is more than happy in their company and walks beautifully. Off lead she is brilliant, her recall is 100 per cent spot on and indeed when there was no one around we had her off lead up at the Country Park with 3 other male lurchers. Her play style can be typically rough and bossy in those first five minutes and she does chase and run in quite hard in that way only Lurchers know how. I hasten a guess that she is a whippet x greyhound and she displays that bossy typical competitive female greyhound running style. Once she has got the first few minutes pent up energy out of her she does play nicely. We have also run her in the paddock at the kennels reapeatedly. We started off with her muzzled around the other dogs until we got use to how she would react and before long was running un muzzled. She is though use to a muzzle and we would always advise that out in public she was run in one.

We feel Amber could once again happily learn to settle as an only dog but equally would be able to be rehomed with another dog, she loves other sighthounds and would love a running buddy. We have found she gets confidence from being around other steady dogs. Whoever offers Amber a home though must be sure that with another dog in the mix they would be able to handle her reacting to cats and squirrels, the rest of the time she walks beautifully. Amber can be rehomed with children 4 years and upwards. Amber is vaccinated, kennel cough vaccinated, treated for parasites, microchipped and spayed and is currently with us here in kennels in the Midlands.

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