Axel – 16 month old male German Shepherd cross Staffodshire Bull Terrier

Axel is a 16 month old male German Shepherd cross Staffodshire Bull Terrier. Axel was due to be put to sleep after having a snap at a child through his crate wire in his home. Instead of going to the vets to be put to death, he went to the vets to be neutered! Once back home, he was an absolute gentleman with the other dogs. Being that he was used to a crate at home, I dutifully set one up for him, but he made it extremely clear that he did not want anything to do with it, which is much preferable, so no need for one of those then!

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Although a crossbreed, Axel shows many traits of the German Shepherd in him, loyalty being one of them. It was sad to see him stressing out at the vets when he was castrated being that it was the last place he saw his family (they dropped him off at the vets first thing this morning), but once home, he settled in lovely. 🙂 When taking on a guarding breed, people do need to expect them to show guarding traits given the right circumstance and this is what Axel did. Nearly the biggest mistake of his life, but that is what second chances are for and he is actually going to make someone a fantastic pet!

Axel is already showing that he is a very dog friendly dog (males and females) and has had no reaction to the cats at all. He is also fine with small caged animals and has no prey drive when out. He saw a child at the vets and he was over the moon, but due to his past he will not be homed with children or visiting children. Axel meets other dogs and strangers when out very well. He has an excellent recall and does not go far from your side when off lead.

Although he struggled being left when he first arrived, he has settled into a routine now and no longer stresses out when you walk out the door, but any new owner would need to allow a settling in period. Axel has been neutered, fully vaccinated, microchipped, wormed and flea treated.

A homecheck will be required and a minimum adoption fee of £150 applies.

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