Ballerina – 5-6 year old female Cross-Breed

Ballerina is a 5-6 year old crossbreed. She is one of our very special rescue doggies. To begin with she was a shy dog. In the past she was scared of her own shadow whilst in contact with humans. After a couple of years spent in kennels, it became natural for her to avoid new people and situations. She was used to the routine given by the kennels: her usual friends to play with, a few people around that she trusted and adored her, her own kennel/place to sleep which was all put in place to feel secure. Even though it sounds weird for us, some dogs feel happier or definitely safer in a kennel than in a home where there would be various noises, people around, visitors, walks in the very scary world. All these things make a shy, insecure dog feel worse at first. In a kennel everything looks familiar, living as pet in a home, a dog has to learn so many things and most of the time this is stressful.

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Once Ballerina was moved into a foster home and got settled, she learnt so much, so many new things for her which helped her blossom and her personality shine through. The shy dog started to learn that being stroked is nice, being called meant treats, a lead results in a nice walk. After she learnt how to live in a home environment as a pet, being relaxed more and more each day, her top priority became to protect all she had achieved, her new home and the people she loved and trusted. This is common for some fear aggressive dogs or strays who had to fight for resources – shelter, food and bed.

Later, after many months spent with different groups of visitors, with many walks in crowded areas of a big city, in parks with bikes, kids playing and running around, people jogging (her favourite type ) she realised her job is not to protect anybody, but only to enjoy life, the point where we are now. Ballerinas tail doesn’t stop wagging on her walks, she adores every mile and the human company. She is okay with most dogs, even though she can be a bit grumpy with some to begin with. Even so she greets everybody on her walks, she can easily be rehomed with a balanced, confident dog/pack of dogs. Cats were not her favourite in the past, but now she lives with one and they are getting along very well, but we recommend a bit of work with any new cat before they are left together and definitely for that cat to be confident in front of a dog.

Ballerina could also be homed as the only pet, she doesn’t really play inside or outside, she prefers the sofa and cuddles. She can be left alone for some hours, she is house trained and doesn’t cause any trouble in a home with or without company. Being food orientated, she learns fast and understands what your expectations are. We would prefer for her an understanding owner who has experience of rescue dogs. No small children as it can make her feel insecure. She needs a quiet home, with regular walks and for the adopter to continue the training we’ve done. She is very loyal to her family and her love is so special, she would give her life for you.

ELI for Animals
Eli for Animals is a Romanian registered charity who's mission is to help the homeless, neglected and abused animals of Romania. Given the dimension of the problem and the policies of the Romanian authorities in this matter, the Romanian stray dogs are our top priority. For further details regarding adopting a dog from ELI for Animals please email or telephone 07912484280. Please note, this rescue is a Romanian registered charity working with foster homes in the UK to help find new homes and secure a better future for the dogs in their care. All dogs are vaccinated, micro-chipped and spayed/neutered. Home checks will be carried out before adoptions and full rescue back up is provided after adopting.
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