Bambi – 12 month old female Jack Russell Terrier

Bambi is a 12 month old female Jack Russell Terrier. Bambi came to us as an unclaimed stray whom it was suspected had been involved in a road traffic accident. Bambi presented with a terrible “de gloving” injury to her hind leg. There were no fractures in the leg but despite the vets best efforts the skin was irreparably damaged and infected leading to necrosis. The only way to save this little one was to amputate her leg. She is doing remarkably well and is a total poppet, she loves cuddles and is learning to trust humans. Bambi has been clean in the house since arriving in foster, she is currently sharing with several other dogs without any issues at all. Bambi doesn’t need another dog in the home as she is not in any way reliant upon them and will often choose to sleep alone rather than share her bed.

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We have found that Bambi loves a tennis ball! She doesn’t want to share just yet but does run around excited and having a game. Bambi is good with the other dogs but will tell off the pups if they become too much or attempt to jump all over her, she is appropriate with her telling off and does not go over the top at all. If she were to be re homed with other dogs they would need to be calmer and respectful of her space. She is happy to lap share for cuddles without any issues or jealousy.

Bambi was very slim when she arrived and it did take a couple of days for her to feel comfortable enough to start eating, she is now eating well and gaining weight. She has adapted well with the loss of her leg but is still adjusting. Care needs to be taken with large steps ect just until she has full balance with her one back leg. She would like new owners who are around for most of the day and a quieter home without small children. Bambi would be fine with older teenagers who understand she may be a little nervous initially. Bambi has been neutered, had her first vaccination and micro chipped. She is up to date with flea and worming treatment. Bambi is currently on foster in Aldershot Hampshire.

UPDATE: November 2017

Bambi came into us as a stray who was believed to have been hit by a car. She had her leg removed before coming to us due to infection in her wounds. When Bambi arrived she was very withdrawn and shut down. Having been in foster a while now her personality is shining through. She would like new owners who are around for a good portion of the day, she is fine to be re homed with older teenagers. An active outdoorsy home would be wonderful for Bambi. She did have a set back with her amputation and required a further surgery. Thankfully things are now on the mend and she is doing really well. Bambi can be very shy with new people, once she knows you she is fiercely loyal And sticks like glue to “her” people. Bambi is currently sleeping in her fosters bed at night, this is because she was so terribly frightened initially and shut down. She is no bother at all finds her spot and cuddles down.

We appreciate not everyone likes to bed share with their pet but Bambi has benefited so much from this that it would be great if it could continue in her new home. It wont be the end of the world and we are sure she would adjust if it wasn’t possible. Bambi is a funny girl with other dogs, she doesn’t interact overly with them and would be quite happy on her own getting all the attention. She is currently on foster with lots of other dogs. She can guard her toys and wont tolerate the pups jumping on her but as with many Jacks she is a lot of noise and no action. Her preference would be for a dog free home but she is able to co habit with other dogs very easily for terrier experienced owners.

Bambi has won the hearts of her foster and truly is a very special little girl, loosing her leg has not slowed her down at all. She is ball obsessed and can still run like the wind to get that ball. In the home she loves to remove stuffing from all the toys, and of course the outer coating of tennis balls! She is clean in the house, travels well in the car and is just a wonderful girl. She has been neutered, vaccinated and micro chipped and is up to date with flea and worming treatment. She is currently on foster in Aldershot Hampshire.

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