Beanie – 8 month old female Foxhound cross Collie

Beanie is looking for her forever home! She is vaccinated, spayed and micro chipped. Here’s what her foster home says about her! She is an 8 month old Fox Hound Collie cross. Super smart and agile, beautiful Beanie has definitely inherited her intelligence from the collie side and her energy from the Foxhound side of her parents. She loves all dogs and humans, although her antics are too boisterous for small children, who she would knock over. She’s a truly playful pup who makes a game out of everything; she has loads of energy and would love to be out alongside you, walking, running cycling, playing fetch, frisbee, football, whip it etc.

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She’s very quick to learn and her repertoire includes sit, down, paw. She wasn’t housetrained when she arrived but two weeks on is learning quickly, she also needs to work on recall and jumping up. She’s got lovely soft and silky fox red fur, which doesn’t seem to shed much. At only 8 months old and 20kg she’d love to grow up in a securely fenced garden particularly if there was with an active doggie companion or two to play with.

If you can offer Beanie a place in your heart and your home please email us.

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