Beauty Morgan Scooby Tansy and Tilly – 18 month old female Kokoni Crosses

Beauty is an 18 month old female Kokoni Cross. 4 gorgeous puppies and their mom, Beauty, are currently in Cyprus and looking for their forever homes in the U.K. Beauty is 18 months old and a Kokoni cross. She is such a happy girl with an amazing smile as you can see from her photos.

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Beauty had 8 puppies. 4 have already been offered homes here in the UK and we wish to find loving forever homes for the remaining 4. Beauty was abandoned heavily pregnant. Luckily for Beauty and her puppies they have been rescued by D.O.G Rescue Cyprus and are in a fantastic foster home in Cyprus whilst we find them their forever homes in the UK.

They will be able to fly when the puppies reach 15 weeks old. The puppies, Tansy, Tilly and Morgan (all female) and Scooby (male), have adorable round puppy tummies, soft fur, are playful, loving and just simply delicious. Whilst we don’t know exactly what breeds they comprise of, we think they are part Kokoni Terrier as their mum, Beauty has the Kokoni traits. Of course the father is unknown. The Kokoni is a Greek dog and “Kokoni” means “small dog” in Greek.

Kokoni love human interaction and are fearless despite their small size. The breed is alert, lively, cheerful, smart and loyal. They are great companion dogs. Kokoni love to run and play, but with the proper amount of exercise can adjust to a small household and pretty much to your lifestyle. Beauty and her puppies are all super, cute, friendly dogs. Just like any puppy they are inquisitive and boisterous. They will require support, guidance and training to help them develop into the dogs you want them to be. Luckily being in a foster home means they are already learning manners and hove to behave in a home.

We hope to find a family for each of them, who will open their heart and home to allow them to grow into the wonderful family pets they have the potential to be. They would do well with another dog in the household to help them learn the ropes or as an only dog providing you can devote time to support them. They are all happy living with cats too. We would always recommend any dog or puppy should be fully supervised if with children. They will be vaccinated. Prior to their flights to the UK they will receive the vet preparation required, be microchipped and have their entry passports prepared.

The adoption donation required to help cover the flight and related costs to get one of the puppies to you in the UK will be a donation in the region of £400 to £425 depending on where you are in the country and the exchange rates. For their mum Beauty the adoption donation will be £495 as she will be neutered prior to flying.

Please contact us if you are interested in any of these gorgeous pups and we will be very happy to chat to you about our adoption process. It is much easier than you might think! As a Kokoni cross owner myself I cannot recommend the breed more highly. They have big personalities and make simply amazing family pets.

DOG Rescue Cyprus
For further details about adopting a dog from DOG Rescue Cyprus, based in the UK, please email . Please note, dogs from this rescue will be neutered/spayed, microchipped and vaccinated prior to adoption and a minimum suggested donation £275 will apply, unless the advert states otherwise. Home checks are carried out pre-adoption and full post adoption back up support is offered.
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