Becca – 2 year old female Border Collie cross English Springer Spaniel

Becca the Border Collie cross English Springer Spaniel 2 year old female. ”I love water, I love dipping into the lake for a quick swim on my way round the park. Is that my Spaniel coming out? Great for mum too on muddy days, as I arrive home washed and smart after a crash course in foraging for rabbits in the woods. Fetching sticks is fun, not obsessive but nice pastime. Dogs are nice I like to just say hello and then go about my own more important business. All the dogs here, at home, get along with me. Not lived with children so I might chase one on a skateboard but its all good fun no malice, don’t always bother. It gets me told off so I’m curbing it. In actual fact most things in my life are fun and I am therefore always happy. Even ‘heel’ works for me if you insist. Don’t know about small furries, probably not, think it would get me told off too much. So if you don’t like fun don’t meet me.”


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Becca can be left after a walk and feed for periods up to 3 hours, once settled in. She curls up in her bed and sleeps. She is quite an easy going dog who would benefit from further training. Recall quite good. Good in the car. Loves a bone. She will eat raw food if offered. She is clean indoors. Good to groom good with her food but will guard a bone against another dog in a very controlled manner. Seems to be just to make the point, never any proper nastiness with it. Will occassionally do the Collie thing with cars coming towards her but she will be told. She is not fortunately an obsessive type it’s all just for fun. We envisage a home where she could be left for 3 hours once a day no more. Not with small children we think. She has never been snappy, she would happily live with another dog. She is currently spayed.

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Animal Action Essex

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