Beebee – 7 month old female German Shepherd cross Boxer

Beebee is a 7 month old female German Shepherd cross Boxer. Beebee is a female pup of 7 months as yet unspayed. This will be included in the contract to adopt as advised by the vet. She was with six children from baby upwards. She unfortunately outgrew her welcome and became one too many for mum to cope with, sadly. But now in foster in Brentwood Essex.

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Beebee had little training or socialising to the outside world, as time went by and she grew larger. Although she really is, so far of slight build, as matter of fact. She is now house trained within the week or two, she is learning recall on a lunge line. When out with her pack she does stay with them. With strange dogs she is rather shy. She is also learning to cope with being left, which two weeks ago was an issue. She is sweet and rather beautiful as no doubt you have noticed, she loves everyone, is learning not to jump up. She is learning so much so fast.

Even walking on the lead had to be taught. She enjoyed the recent warm weather and spent some time sitting in the paddling pool. She loves being outside. She loves water! Beebee is a typical pup of her age who wants to play all day if the other dogs allow it. She knows which dog won’t play with her but gives it a try here and there. Beebee needs an active person or family who have the TIME for her. She is a good learner. And a more or less, clean slate.

If you choose Beebee you will need to love her cheeky playful ways and spend time guiding and directing her. Puppy school is likely a must and agility or flyball a great possibility. She enjoys carrying things and could be taught to help out.

Beebee is not a barker unless she wants to play with an unwilling partner. She could happily go with another dog with the same age or energy level.

Animal Action Essex

Animal Action Essex

For further details regarding adopting a dog from Animal Action Essex, please telephone Trish on 01277 634406 or 07905 936 863.
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