Bella – 8 month old female English Cocker Spaniel cross Setter

Bella is a little angel abandoned on the streets when only a few weeks of age, she would have died like so many others do in Romania. A country where tiny pups will be walked passed and ignored, or in many cases taken and used for target practice by animal abusers as strays are viewed as vermin to hurt, abuse and destroy.


Luckily for Bella, one person did not walk by when they noticed her sitting inside a doorway trying to keep out of the freezing snow. She was alone, terrified and shivering huddled into a ball to try and survive the weather. Without having any food to eat or fresh water to drink, one way or another even without the abusers catching her, the elements and starvation would have took her.

But this person was among our network of rescuers and rather than ignore this tiny shivering pup, they picked her up and placed her under there coat. Took her home and gave her a good meal and when she had warmed up and was well fed, off they went to the vets for a check up. Despite the cold and hunger Bella was found to be a very strong little pup and not much needed to be done, barring puppy vaccinations, nourishment supplements and of course defleaing and deworming. Incredibly no one has offered this little princess a home, she is now 8 months of age and is like so many puppies her age. Exploring the world around her and generally causing puppy chaos and fun.

We believe there is a wonderful home waiting for every stray, sometimes it just needs the right person to come along at the right time…Just like when she was rescued. This is why our charity has taken Bella under our wing and she is in foster with us in the UK, till that amazing forever home comes along. Bella has an amazing character, she gets along very well with other dogs, cats, kids and adores human interaction and fuss. If you can offer Bella that wonderful home, one just right for this little princess please do contact our charity as soon as possible. Bella is microchipped, fully vaccinated ( inc anti rabies and has gone through the quarantine period required), dewormed, deflead and sterilised.

Action Aid for Animals
For further details regarding adopting from Action Aid for Animals in the UK, please contact or telephone 0208 1234 976. Outside these hours text/call Emergencies only: 07585935950
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