Bella – 4 year old female Chihuahua cross Corgi

Bella is a Chihuahua cross Corgi. She is about 4 years old. She is a very loving dog who bonds best with one person. Probably a female person to boot. She is shy of strangers. Doesn’t like to have hands go out to touch her until she knows who you are. She will raise a lip and let you know! She never bothers anyone as she just watches and stays out of reach. She is obedient a kind to her owner. Bella loves to fetch a ball and squeals with delight. She is happy to be fetching along with another dog and finds great delight in that aspect as well, chasing along with s faster dog.

She doesn’t mind losing. She loves her food and is fed very little as she can easily put on weight. She eats raw or dry. She would not go with children she is wary and due to her one person bond. She can be a lap dog. Loves being groomed. Loves a fuss. Rather greedy!!! She is okay as a pack member. But as the fosterer says she doesn’t like the new ones coming in until they are well established. She knows the pecking order. As the new dog coming into an established home she will be content to find her place.

She can be left. She is crate trained when needed. She is clean with the odd accident on wet days!! So if you like a ball mad bundle if fun and live on your own and want the company of a thoroughly loyal friend, Bella is your girl. Good with cats. Never bothers dogs outdoors. Is ball and food oriented. Trainable, neutered etc.

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