Bella – 9-10 month old female Cross-Breed

This is our beautiful Bella. Bella is is beautiful mixed breed girl of around 9-10 months old and she is a very slight build of medium size. She won’t grow any more. Bella has some amazing qualities that are just starting to surface after some really hard work that her foster mummy has had to put into her. Although Bella has a long way to go, we can now see light where we couldn’t see it before. Please read Bella’s story below and see if you can offer her that amazing home she really deserves!

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Bella has learnt to trust her foster mum from being a very scared, hungry and starved little girl. She was very underweight with her ribs showing and very bony on her hips. She didn’t trust anyone and it showed in her face. Bella didn’t want to walk on a lead and fought it and coward in the back of her crate. She was very food driven, understandably, as she had had to find every morsel for every self. Other dogs frightened her and people were a complete no no. She was frightened to get in and out of the car, frightened to get out of her crate and frightened to be put on a lead as someone was so close to her to put a lead on. She was very detached to the world she now found herself in, as a loving, caring home, where in fact her meals were provided for her three times a day and she was well cared for with no pressure at all. Slowly, slowly and in her own time, Bella has found only love and stability and is now showing that she can see a light from the very dark place she came from.

The following photos show how Bella has started to enjoy life with the presence of a much well rounded and balanced dog who has taught her that other dogs are OK. As she sees other foster dogs come and go, she has now learnt to play happily with other younger dogs, and to enjoy life as a puppy again, while still maintaining the contact all the time with Ruby older dog, to help keep her on an even level who she trusts and guides her. Bella before being let off the lead but enjoying the company of Ruby her guardian. Bella loves to roll on the grass and now absolutely loves a belly rub from her foster mum. Bella (the small one lying down) enjoying a social with lots of other dogs.

Bella enjoying her walks off lead over the fields. Bella loves to run freely and without a care in the world. This is the sort of home she would love in the countryside away from a town where it is just too stressful. She is really well behaved off the lead and comes back to you when you call her and doesn’t go far. She needs another suitable doggy companion. Either a young energetic playmate who she can rough and tumble with and forget her troubles of the past or a good old steadier dog who will help show her the ropes. Or both! Bella needs someone who is going to be dedicated to her initially to help her settle down, as it will be a whole new experience again for her when she gets into her new home. However, Bella trusts her foster mum really well and there is no reason why Bella will not settle into her new home. Everything just needs to be done patiently.

Bella loves to greet me in the morning, and shows affection and will let me touch her all over now without jumping or feeling frightened. She has started to play with toys in side and out on a walk she will pick up a stick with her head and tail held high which she has learnt from the other dogs. She has paddled in the water and this is being worked on to give her a new dimension in life if she could swim. She loves to play with other dogs and now instigates the play too. Bella will jump in and out of the car, is happy for a lead to be put on her and you can just see she is starting to really settle and enjoy her life now. Bella sleeps well at night and always has and is house trained. She loves her crate as she feels secure and it’s like a den but we leave the door open and she just goes in and out when she pleases. This will be a useful aid for when people visit and she is unsure. Bella is looking for a home where someone is about for most of the day and will carry on the work her foster mum has done. She is looking for a home in a semi-rural/rural or outskirts of town area where she will get good walks over the fields or in woods, as just a park will not be ideal for her. Bella really needs another dog in her everyday world who she can relate to which will help her. She still needs her rules and boundaries just like any dog and a good routine.

We are looking for a calm, adult only home as she is very timid of people who force themselves upon her. Out on a walk, if people ignore her, she is ok and may go up and sniff them. It will take time, but Bella is enjoying her new world a lot more now, and it is time to find her loving forever home, where she can truly settle down and become part of a truly loved member of the household. Bella is a young dog with her whole life ahead of her. She is not aggressive at all and with the right owners to help her relax and enjoy life, slowing and surely, Bella will be a lovely loyal companion to have around. Bella is spayed, vaccinated, micro-chipped, wormed and flea treated. She has a full EU Pet Passport. Bella is in foster in Roydon, Essex. We are looking to re-home her, around this area or neighbouring counties as a home check will be done, although further afield may be possible for the right home. Can that be you?

Please give her a chance in life. Life time advice on training and situations after adoption will be available and also back up on holidays if needed by her foster mum.

Lea Valley Dog Rescue

Lea Valley Dog Rescue

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