Benji – 2 year old male Golden Retriever cross Irish Setter

Benji is a Golden Retriever cross Irish Setter who is almost 2 years old. He is clever, trainable, an amazing and unique character, everyone that meets him says he is stunning, loves people but should only be homed with older children (10+) because he’s like a large dog and not yet aware of his size! He was found on the streets of Serbia, saved by Dejan and lived in his shelter. He arrived on 7th September and was in foster for a few weeks. In the foster home he was an energetic and strong minded dog, and he lived happily with three other dogs and cats, showed no barking issues or problems with other dogs when out on walks.

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However, in the current home he has developed these problems so they now need to be worked on carefully in order to get him back to his happy self. He could live with a confident owner and calm non confrontational dogs, otherwise he would be better as an only dog. The current adopters have had problems with him being stressed and barking at noises in the home and other dogs on walks, but we think this is because he is in an environment that is far too busy (London).

We are looking for a calm, quiet rural home for him with confident adopters who ideally have breed experience with setters and a large garden and plenty of good varied walks around and open spaces. Because of his breed mix and age he will need a good amount of exercise per day – 2 hours minimum – and mental stimulation too.

Rescue De-Activated

Rescue De-Activated

This rescue has closed and is no longer a part of the website.
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