Bernard – 2 year old male Rottweiler

Bernard is a 2-year-old disabled Rottweiler requiring a very special home. Please don’t contact us without reading the information below. Bernard (meaning brave) was rescued from abusers where he was found with chains around his head and neck. When he arrived here he was under weight, weak and it was quite obvious something was not right even though he had no visual injuries.

After frequent vet trips and a referral to a specialist Neurology vet’s tests revealed that Bernard has Hydrocephalus (water on the brain) This is a condition that can be present at birth but sadly it is felt his abuse made this worse.

Initially Bernard did not have the jaw strength to eat solid food and everything had to be liquidised for him, but with physio and play this has improved and he can now eat good quality kibble. Despite everything Bernard has adapted quickly and loves play and being with people he knows. He is fully mobile and loves to run and play, he is wonky but wonderful.

Bernard will need a home in the South West. Hants, Somerset, Devon or Cornwall so adoptees can come here frequently to get to know him. He will also require a home that has a large garden or land and space for an outdoor kennel or room that could be converted.

Because dogs with hydrocephalus drink frequently, they always need the toilet frequently especially at night time so a kennel and run are needed for night time and when out although he loves to come inside a house when supervised.

Although Bernard is mobile and on no medication, he will always tire easily so will need his own land or large garden for exercise. Bernard does not know he is disabled and has a wonderful and determined character, we have taught him that touch can be positive and he now enjoys contact with friends.

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Rottie Friends Rescue Somerset

Rottie Friends Rescue Somerset

For further details regarding adopting a dog from Rottie Friends Rescue based in Wellington, Somerset, please email or telephone 07817 809727. The rescue is run by a behaviorist and trainer with 20 years Rottweiler experience, we rescue, rehabilitate and re home Rotties and Rottie crosses. We have been running just over a year and have re homed 50 dogs. All rehoming is subject to a home check, dog intros and adoption contract and fee, all adults dogs are spayed, vaccinated and micro chipped and young puppies go out with a spay contract. All dogs are assessed and given some training before re homing and we believe in matching the right dog with the right home and if rehoming is not successful or owners circumstances change dogs are returned to us.
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