Bertie – 4 year old male Spaniel cross Gordon Setter

Bertie is a four year old Spaniel cross Gordon Setter mix. Bertie is fostered in Gt Yarmouth (FR001). Bertie is one of our special dogs that came to us for rehabilitation. Bertie spent most of his three years in the Radauti shelter in Romania sitting in corners facing the wall. Basically because he was afraid to look at what was going on around him. To be honest I was expecting a much longer road to recovery for this boy but he has done really well in the few weeks he has been here. Initially he would snap if I insisted on making any kind of contact with him, quickly he stopped snapping and just sat rigidly allowing it to happen but hating it. Now he will relax into a fuss and has even begun to enjoy it. Likewise at the start he would not move freely around the house, he would go where he was put and had to have food and water taken to him, now at mealtimes he is right there looking expectantly at me and wagging his tail with all the other dogs.

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At first walks were really scary, after years huddled in a corner and institutionalised by so long incarcerated many dogs become agoraphobic. Just being in an open space makes them feel vulnerable and he would constantly try to hide under every car or bush we passed. Now he follows me with a spring in his step and stays with me even when I let go of his lead. Putting the lead on and off is no longer a battle and today for the first time he actually asked to come, a sure sign he is ready to move on now to an environment with less dogs where he can just get better and better at all these ‘normal’ interactions. Bertie needs a kind and patient home, with an understanding that when anyone comes to visit Bertie he is not going to go bounding up to them with a wagging tail. He is a work in progress but he has made huge bounds forwards in such a short time, I can only imagine the dog he could become in a few months or a year’s time.

Bertie needs a home with other dogs, he would be fine to live with cats. He needs a quietish environment with no rowdy children but he also needs to be gradually exposed to more and more social experiences in a controlled way his time spent hiding away must be put to bed now, there is a life out there just waiting to be lived by him! Bertie loves his quilt at the top of the stairs where he spends most of his time lying with Louisa (an unlikely friendship lol), he asks very little from life but is becoming grateful and more willing to learn about this new world he finds around him. I like to think he has a smile on his face these days and a relaxed expression where once there was only fear.

If you have a heart big enough to give this special boy a home please get in touch. If you are interested please call or message us.

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