Bertie – 4-5 month old male Labrador

Please meet our adorable little boy Bertie. Bertie is an adorable 4 1/2 month old male Labrador puppy. He is an absolutely gorgeous little boy with a lot of love to give and willingness to be your best friend. He is soft and gentle and will make a wonderful companion. Bertie is a very affectionate and trusting baby who will melt your heart and you will just want to cuddle him. Bertie is looking for a wonderful family home where he will be very much part of the family and included in daily life. As he grows, he will want to explore lots of new and interesting places and meet lots of new doggy friends and to run around and play with them. He will lap up all the affection he can get from any passer by who will undoubtedly want to make a fuss of him. Bertie is a very pleasing puppy and very bright so will catch onto his basic command training very quickly.

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As with all puppies we strongly recommend puppy training/socialisation classes to get the most out of your puppy. Bertie would love a home where someone is around for much of the day as he is still a very young puppy. He will need regular use of the garden for toilet training, companionship throughout the day and given rules and boundaries of the household. As he gets older his walks should extend to a good hour off lead exercise every day in order to fulfill his needs and continued training will stimulate both his mind and body.

Bertie is a typical puppy who loves to play with toys and other dogs he is currently in foster with. He sleeps some of the time and loves his food, but he has to be kept active and engaged in everything you do. Bertie is currently in foster in North London, near J25 of M25. We are looking to re-home him in or around this area or neighbouring counties as a home check will be done, although further afield may be possible for the right home.

Bertie has been vaccinated, micro-chipped, wormed and flea treated. He will need to be neutered when old enough as part of the adoption agreement by his new adoptive owners and proof of this shown.

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Lea Valley Dog Rescue

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