Bessie – 3 year old female Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Bessie is a 3 year old female Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Bessie is a sweet classic little Staffordshire Bull Terrier girl, fawn and white in colour, very neat, petite, beautiful girl, well fed, and in good condition. Bessie likes other dogs and children. She is currently in a foster home with another dog and children. Bessie is brilliant with children, at her last home she loved the 2 year old. She walked really well next to the pushchair. Bessie does have some separation anxiety if left for long periods. Her new owner would need to work with her to build her confidence about being left alone.

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Bessie likes the company of dogs on her walks but she is very happy to live on her own and have her owners lap all to herself. Bessie can be jealous of other dogs in the home and wants all the fuss and attention to herself. Poor Bessie was in the pound with hours to go till her time was up and she was put to sleep, we heard about her and DogWatch offered her a safe place. This is what the Dog Warden told us.

“Bessie is in beautiful condition, lovely colour, nails a bit long, she doesn’t seem to enjoy the kennel environment too much, she is shaking all the time and was quite nervous about coming into the office, no aggression shown at all though, walked past the other dogs, stuck her nose right in, tail wagging and no aggression shown, good on the lead, waggy tailed once she was out of the kennel and just wanted to go for a walk, not really interested in treats, loves fuss and cuddles. Loved the fresh air and the wind in her sails, needs building with her confidence, her eyes tell it all, her soul is broken, she cant understand what she’s done that was so bad that nobody has come to fetch her.”

Current location is in a foster home in Birmingham, West Midlands. She is vaccinated, wormed, flea treated, neutered and microchipped. Adoption fee is £145.

Dogwatchuk West Midlands

Dogwatchuk West Midlands

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