Betty – 3 year old female Beagle

Betty is truly beautiful, I absolutely love her, but she is very scared and it is heartbreaking to see. She is a very, sweet girl and desperate to love you (and be loved), but someone, somewhere has terrified her and taken all her confidence. Once away from the kennels she clearly feels much better (although is still very nervous) and she immediately became very attached to me (which was wonderful). I sat with her for a good while before we could get her to go to Junko (in the pics) and I fell in love with her….I wish I could have stopped myself, but I couldn’t and I absolutely pray the right home will come for her very, very soon (like tomorrow!).


Once settled, I’m sure she will be a wonderful companion, however Betty will take a good while to settle with you, and you must be prepared for this please. Please only apply for Betty if you have plenty of time and patience to allow her to settle with you. We cannot put a timescale on this unfortunately, but Betty deserves as much time as is needed of course. She is very, very much like a rescue dog I had once, (in how she acts, not looks), and she has the very same look in her eyes. My terrified dog bonded with me immediately and this is what Betty is looking for…..someone special (or a couple) to call her own and who can give her the time she needs to really come out of her shell.

Betty will need a calm, peaceful, steady home where she will be allowed to settle at her own pace and where there will be a good routine for her to observe and learn. She needs to feel secure and not bombarded with new experiences or people constantly. Anyone interested in Betty must understand this, and will preferably have had a very nervous dog before. Betty’s new home must be her forever home as she cannot go through the trauma of how she finds kennels again or losing a bond she thinks she has made.

Betty will need a home with owners there virtually 24/7 please. She will need a couple of quiet countryside walks a day please, as she did light up a bit once she was able to have a good sniff around the enclosure and she even wagged her tail, which was lovely to see. Being a Beagle of course she will almost certainly be best to always stay on the lead (and you could use an extending lead in time). You will definitely need a secure, enclosed garden for Betty too.

Betty seems to take no notice of other dogs and could perhaps live with a calm, rock-solid dog who can help give her the confidence to see that everything is OK. She could live with calm, sensible teenagers+ and took no notice of the cats when she was cat tested.

Betty needs out of kennels as soon as possible, but it must be the right home for her. I really do hope we can find that special home very, very soon as just typing this has made me cry…and I’m sure Betty would be crying real tears right now if she could.

West Norfolk RSPCA Re-homing Centre
For further details regarding adopting a dog from West Norfolk RSPCA Re-homing Centre, please contact direct on or telephone 01553 618889.
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