Betty and Barney – 7 and 8 year old female and male Cairn Terriers

Betty and Barney are 7 and 8 years old respectively and they’re gorgeous Cairn Terriers. They came into Oldies Club care because their owner was working long hours and it wasn’t fair on them. They are in an Oldies Club foster home in Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, waiting for someone to offer them a permanent home together.


Settled gradually: It took Betty and Barney about 10 days to be really settled in their foster home. They had a few toileting issues to begin with but this stopped within about 10 days.

Can be left but enjoy company: Betty and Barney’s foster carer has left them for up to 3 hours; they usually bark at first but then they settle down in a crate together. However, they really appreciate being with you, so would prefer to live with someone who is home most of the day. Barney in particular likes to be near you most of the time.

Good with dogs: They have been fine with most dogs they’ve met on walks. If a dog is overly boisterous they will bark back, but in general they greet other dogs nicely.

Not good with cats or small creatures: They need a home without cats, rabbits, small furries or chickens.

Good with children (over 5 years): Betty and Barney are in foster with a 7 year old girl who they love. Betty is very calm but Barney can be a bit boisterous and doesn’t always take treats nicely. Barney gets excited when people come into the house, and when excited he tends to run off with gloves and shoes, which may be a bit much for very young children. The foster carer recommends children should be over 5.

Love long walks: Betty and Barney get very excited at walk time and initially they pull like crazy. This has improved since their fosterer started using Lupi harnesses on them. They still are very excited to go out but they don’t pull as much. They calm down after a while. Betty will happily plod along beside you, even offlead, but Barney is very inquisitive and wants to explore every smell. His recall is not always that good, so he is best walked on a flexi lead. Betty and Barney are being walked for 60 to 90 minutes in the morning and then 30 minutes in afternoon. They would walk further.

Fine in the car: Betty and Barney are good in the car. Their foster carer has been using a crate for them as previous owners said that Barney used to get a bit travel sick on winding roads, but their foster carer has had no problem and they have both been fine.

Favorite pastimes:
They both love their walks!!!

Barney absolutely loves to play; he lives for his squeaky toys, which he needs a regular supply of! He loves ball games too. He also loves lots of attention and likes nothing better than to be curled up on your lap. He has boundless energy and just wants to be near people all the time.

Betty is much more laid back. She will have the odd bout of playing, either with a squeaky toy or just playing with Barney, but other than that she is happy sleeping.

Dislikes: Both Betty and Barney detest the hoover nozzle. They don’t mind if it’s got the head bit on, but if that comes off they will attack the hoover!! Barney also has a thing for the hosepipe — he will try to get the jet of water as it comes out.

Betty and Barney’s perfect home: Ideally quite an active household where there is someone about most of the time to play with or to snuggle on laps. A home with children from about 5 years would be great fun for Barney, or with teenagers would be even better. They would suit an active retired couple or person, but due to how strong they are on lead they wouldn’t suit an elderly person.

Health notes: Betty and Barney are neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, wormed and flea treated. Barney has no health problems apart from itchy, dry skin, and this is resolved by regular baths. Betty was drinking/weeing a lot when she first came into our care and so she has had various tests, including tests for Cushings disease. Nothing has been found so it seems that perhaps she was just stressed by the move to her foster home, but it is something that may need monitoring. Like Barney, Betty has itchy skin so has a medicated shampoo for weekly/fortnightly baths. They both love their baths. Betty also is prone to itchy/dirty ears, so will need regular cleaning.

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