Blue – 9 month old male Cross-Breed

Gorgous boy Blue (formerly called Mowgly) is currently living in Gifford, Mid Lothian, Scotland and was rescued as a puppy with a skin condition and arrived in the UK a couple of months ago but unfortunately he is not settling in well alongside the resident cats and so he now needs a new cat free home. This is what his original adopters have to say about him. Blue is a smallish (10 Kg), lively, energetic young dog (9 months ish old) who loves a walk in the woods or a play in the park followed by a long sleep in his bed (sometimes upside down !!) and loves to cuddle in against you on the couch for a nap. He loves to play with his toys in the garden and will entertain himself for a long time with them – he throws them up in the air and chases them!

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His favourite thing is a pig’s ear from the local pet shop, which keeps his interest for hours. Food-wise, he seems to prefer dry food to meat, he likes cheese as a treat and loves to play with a ‘Kong’ toy filled with kibble, which only lets one piece out at a time. He quite likes to get combed but, oddly, is not too keen on a brush and he’ll grudgingly have a bath without a huge mess. He’s ‘crate ‘ trained and quite happily sleeps all night in his crate cave (the crate covered with blankets). He’s a very quick learner and already has a grasp of sit, wait, lie down and ‘paw’ – he still needs a treat (preferably a wee bit cheese) to bribe him into this but he’s starting to obey these commands without treats. He’s got a bit of lead based fear aggression with other dogs, but he’s getting better as his training is coming along and (again) a bit of cheese help distract him from other dogs.

Sadly the overall issue is he’s really not getting on at all with our two cats – he wants to chase them and they run off when he lunges at them – they’re very stressed and have started staying away which is why we’re sadly wanting to re-home Blue. We’ve met more confident cats when out walking and he backs down from them so, whilst he can’t live with our two cats, he may get on okay with much more confident cats, but we think a cat free home would be best for him.

Mowgly /Blue can bring all his belongings to his new home including his crate, bed, bowls, leads, toys etc for the lucky new adopters.

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