Bobby – 4-5 year old male English Cocker Spaniel

Bobby is a 4 1/2 year old English Cocker Spaniel. He’s a really loving boy. Likes to be close to you, a little follower. Has some basic training; will sit and lay down (does expect a treat for this). He walks lovely on a lead with a harness, sometimes pulls but with a little reminder soon back to heel. He will sneak onto the sofa when nobody’s looking but will get down when asked.

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Bobby has walked passed cats and not been bothered but not cat tested in the home. However he will chase rabbits and birds all day so no birds or small furries. Recall is okay when not distracted but can turn deaf when a bird or rabbit in the area. Eats his food so quickly he is sick, currently being fed in smaller portions with a 10 min gap and this is helping, would benefit from a slow feeder bowl. He counter surfs (is getting better but still an issue) and will attempt to steel food if left in reach (Ie. biscuit on the table), will also steal socks and hair bobbles if given the chance so new owners must be vigilant (and tidy!!). He loves bones.

Bobby sleeps happily in his bed on the floor of the bedroom.He will scratch at doors if you are in one room and he is in the other. Has been left up to 3hrs in the house with two other dogs and has been fine. He would be better homed with other dogs and has been okay with most dogs but has had the odd grumble when on the lead and passing other dogs (no particular breed). He can jump / cower at loud noises ie loud cars, lorries, motor bikes, hair dryers, hoovers but quickly comes round. Also wary of men shouting and will cower. Mostly though he’s great with people and currently living with a family including a 10 year old and a 16 year old. Hates the bath but loves being brushed and will steal the brush! He is terrified of the vets.

Bobby is currently fed on Harringtons Dry Food. Bobby is in foster in Barnard Castle, Co Durham. He is neutered, vaccinated, chipped, wormed and flead. Adoption subject to meet and greet, homecheck and adoption fee of £200. Applications via the website please.

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