Bodie – 18 month old male Bull Terrier Cross

Bodie is a Bull Terrier Cross and is approximately 18 months old. He is small at only 21-22” to the shoulder. He came to Lurcher Link from a stray pound, full of kennel cough and very emaciated – so he did look like a small bull cross whippet but as he’s got better and fatter he looks more bull cross and less Lurchery .Still, we saved him from being PTS whatever his breeding and he’s a lovely little chap. He was all scared and worried, feeling poorly when he first arrived but he’s gained in confidence and is much happier about life now.


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Bodie’s good with other dogs, unless a stroppy one starts on him, in which case he’ll get “prickly” back but it’s easily controlled – he’s very biddable. He walks nicely on the lead, travels well and is quiet and clean in his kennels. He’s probably NOT cat friendly as he has been worked in the past. He loves people and would make a good family pet.

Bodie is neutered, fully vaccinated and microchipped. Bodie is currently in W Yorkshire. If you’d like to know more about him please email Further details can also be found on his Lurcher Link page : 80534.

Lurcher Link
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