Bosun – 2-5 year old male Bulldog Cross

Bosun is a Bulldog cross male of approx 2 to 5 years of age. Bosun is one of a kind, he is very unique looking and sure to be a head turned. Walking Bosun you are sure to get people stop you to admire him he is such a handsome dog. Bosun may look like a bruise but this could not be further from the truth, he is a gentle boy and although he can pull on the lead at first he settles down to be quite easy going on the lead. Bosun gets on well with he’s female kennel mate. A very happy boy he enjoys he’s walks and loves a treat.

Update: From our volunteers

I met Bosun today just as he was returning from a walk with one of the rescue’s volunteers. Seemed to love a gentle fuss and was quite sociable with his walking companion doggy and the humans scattered around. He is absolutely solid – lean, strong and thickset, and is absolutely gorgeous to look at. Very distinctive boy.

Met this not so little one the other day. he is a strong boy. He was all waggy tailed at my little boy Calvin, was ok to be fussed. you have to meet this boy to appreciate him. can def see bulldog, more like the origonal bulldog before they started breeding them to change their looks. Walked Bosun today. He’s so chilled on his walks – just ambles along looking quite contented. A rabbit ran out in front of us and he looked at it, then at me, then went back to his walk. He got a bit excited when he realised I had treats in my pocket though – all waggy tails and happy faces.

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