Branflake – 5 year old female Hound Cross

Branflake is a 5 year old female Hound cross. He was adopted by a lovely family with a handsome Cocker boy. Unfortunately Branflake had to be returned after 2 days due to the dogs not getting on and the aggression escalating as time went on. This was a surprise to everybody as the cocker has never been known to be aggressive with other dogs and neither had Branflake. In fact Branflake shared her kennel with different dogs ranging from a Chihuahua cross male to a Lurcher female. Never any issue whatsoever.

We can only assume (from what we are told) that Branflake relished all the love she was shown so much (as she had never had so much) that she didn’t want to share. The cocker probably resented the intrusion and Branflake trying to hog all of the attention. Then it was very clear that neither dog wanted the other there. There was no problem out of the house. For this reason we feel that even though Branflake has been bombproof in a kennel setting, once she gets into an environment where lot’s of attention is given (like in a normal pet home) she is not willing to share her space with another dog.

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Branflake doesn’t have any socialisation problems with other dogs, she has lived her whole life with them. She seems to just resent sharing her people with another dog. We are told she was very good in the house. Just one accident on the first day. She slept downstairs without issue. Didn’t chew or bark. Vaccinated, wormed, spayed, micro chipped and vet checked. No cats.

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