Bruce – 3 year old male Bull Mastiff

Bruce is 3 years old Bull Mastiff. He will be looking for adult home. He is very food orientated. He is okay. He won’t pinch off your plate or anything but if you have food in your hand while walking, he thinks he’s got to have it. He now knows the command leave, and gets rewarded a treat and the word drop, he drops a ball for a treat. If you drop food by accident he’ll try to beat you to it or another dog. He is a castrated male, is microchipped and fully vaccinated. Bruce is crate trained and walks with a harness. He is very much a family dog, loves those in the family home. He does however, choose who he likes.

He can live with children of older age ie teenagers. He has played nicely with anther dog what seems like all day but it has to end on Bruces terms with a kerfuffle. We separate them when we think they’ve had enough. so i feel would be best suited to a submissive, calm female. He will also guard his toys from other dogs therefore we have separate play times for him. He has learn’t the command DROP so will drop the ball for a treat. The same as LEAVE IT for a treat.

He has 3 walks per day. 20 minutes on a morning. 20 minutes later in the afternoon and a long walk (An hour no less) later in the evening. He can walk up to 5 miles without any problems. He loves going out. While out, you have to be careful as he dislikes joggers or people walking towards him. You have to have a pocket full of treats and use these as a distraction technique and that goes for other dogs. He enjoys being groomed but will try to bite the brush in play but with a firm no he will stop. He also doesn’t mind being bathed as long as he’s tied.

Bruce is a lovely dog in the right environment. A calm home, no visiting or living in children. A submissive female and firm owners who can continue working with him as i don’t think he’s had the best start in life. Probably starved on a few occasions and shown no love or boundaries. Although reading this he sounds awful but he is a love monster to people he knows and soon comes around to them he needs guidance to bring out the best in him it is there just waiting to come out.

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