Buck – 4 year old male Spaniel Cross

Buck is a four year old small Spaniel mix. Buck fostered in North Walsham (FR005). Buck is an adorable little chap who is very friendly with people and okay with dogs that are not too in his face or boisterous. Buck us one of our special cases as he has a disability. We are not sure if his disability is a birth defect or if it was an injury inflicted upon him as his rescuer found him like this and vets cannot be sure. His back legs are severely deformed and here is what our UK vet said.

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Buck went to the vets today about the way he walks on his hind legs. It all looked promising and xrays were taken. Unfortunately they have shown that the injuries occurred such a long time ago that the bones have fused and sealed them selves where they are. This means on one leg nothing can be done about. The other leg could have an operation of over £4000, that would be very risky and with no guarantee of success. Mr Sims has decided there would be no point to this even if it was successful as the other leg can not be changed. Buck has adapted well to walking like this, he has formed good calluses on his leg where he now puts his weight so is not likely to damage the skin. He can go out and have some exercise, how much is upto Buck BUT he must avoid pavement walking or gravel. It does not seem like he is in any pain but i have 10 days of pain relief medication for him to see if it makes any difference. His spine is not damaged and seems no worse for wear with his new walking style. As he is a small young dog he should be able to live an almost normal life as he is.

As always we are looking for a special adopter for a special boy. Adopters main hurdle will not be Buck himself but people’s attitudes towards him. Buck has lived in a shelter prior to coming to us but life is good for him now. He is a happy contented dog that may well have never known any other way of life.. However there are people who will not see this who will not see past his disability and the pity they feel they should feel for him. He doesn’t need pity, he needs a loving home.

If you are interested please call or message us.

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