Buddy – 2-3 year old male English Springer Spaniel

Buddy is a 2 1/2 year old sEnglish Springer Spaniel. He is another dog that needs a specific home. He is not a “pet” that will cuddle on your sofa and be a house dog. He is a farm dog, a stable yard dog, a small holding dog. He lives to be out and about but is not so great inside. This is his foster mums write up. I’ve had Buddy for nearly three weeks now and he is such a joy to have around the yard. He loves being outside and active. He is super off the lead! Recall is pretty good, he may not always come back on first call but he will always find where you are once he has finished chasing the scent! He is extremely good with horses, he doesn’t ever chase them or bark at them. He is great with the people and other dogs on the yard. He is very ball orientated and will play all day long. He is a very affectionate dog.

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At home he has guarding issues, he becomes very protective over his bed and feed bowl. He will growl and snarl if you are to approach him with either of these situations. He will come to you for cuddles but if you go to him for cuddles in the house then he will growl and snarl. Although this isn’t a problem when outside in the open space. I wouldn’t feel that he would be suitable with any children. He also needs to know that you are boss so needs someone knowledgeable who will know when either to ignore him or if need be stand up to him when he becomes defensive. He is fine with the cat and other dogs on the yard, but if they really get in his face he will snap, however he will never approach another dog and become aggressive first.

Somewhere like a farm would be ideal and not someone who would want a house pet. He is an extremely loving dog who we are all very fond of him. I would definitely consider keeping if I wasn’t planning on having children. Buddy is in foster in Surrey and he is neutered, vaccinated, chipped, wormed and flead. Adoption subject to meet and greet, homecheck and adoption fee of £200.

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