Bunny – 6year old female Lurcher

Bunny is a 6 year old lurcher, has been with Greyhound Gap for a while now in an excellent foster home on account of the fact she can be a little bit of a minx! Bunny is an odd little dog on account of the fact she is one of the prettiest little girls you have ever seen and looks like butter would not melt in her mouth! It wouldn’t it would not touch the sides! Bunny is currently in foster in Stoke on Trent with 3 Lurcher bitches and a male Greyhounds. Bunny seems to get on well with all of the girls and is quite respectful of them but has had a couple of incidences of bullying the much softer easier to walk over greyhound boy poor lad and he really does not deserve it! She is also sharing her home with an 8 year old child who Bunny absolutely adores and children really are her first love she will seek them out. Due to this we feel Bunny would prefer a family home with dog savvy children aged 7 upwards and a couple of companion Lurchers to play with.

Bunny’s main problem at the moment is out and about. She can be really lead reactive to other dogs and seems to be really scared of them. Her foster home has been working in this area but more socialisation and more lead work and parallel walking etc is needed and we feel Bunny would benefit massively from training and socialisation classes. In the home Bunny is fabulous! On first arriving in foster care she was a real nightmare to crack the housetraining but with the use of a crate she did learn to control her bladder and may benefit from this consideration whilst settling in a new home. However she did often wake in the night when in the crate and bark to be allowed out, this again is something that might need consideration. Bunny travels like a dream and is NOT cat friendly.

All in all Bunny is getting there! As long as any home understands her behaviour outside with other dogs IS an ongoing project and understands that this is something that will need continued work then Bunny is going to be a very rewarding member of any family.

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Bunny is vaccinated, kc vaccinated, de flead, de wormed, microchipped and spayed. She is currently in Stoke on Trent and can be rehomed nationally subject to a successful homevisit and any family members and existing dogs being willing to travel to meet her.

Greyhound Gap
Greyhound Gap is a small independent charity set up to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome greyhounds and lurchers who find themselves in a ‘put to sleep’ situation in UK pounds. Funded almost entirely by donations, we rehome around 150 dogs each year. We can have around 40-50 dogs at any one time in our kennels based in Kidsgrove, Stoke on Trent and a further 30-40 in foster homes. Greyhound Gap operates on a national basis so our dogs can be homed throughout the UK subject to a suitable home visit being carried out. If you are interested in adopting a dog from Greyhound Gap, we would ask that in the first instance you could take a few moments to complete our pre-adoption questionnaire if you have not already done so: http://www.greyhoundgap.org.uk/our-dogs/pre-adoption-questionnaire
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