Buster – 5 year old male Mastiff Cross

Buster is a 5 year old tan and white Mastiff cross who has been looking for a home since June 2012! He came to the rescue as his original owner was threatening to put him to sleep as they no longer wanted him! Buster finally found a friend who loved him very much, but sadly after his owner fell seriously ill poor Buster is back to square one!

Buster is a big, bouncy affectionate lad who just loves people and walks. He is a big strong boy who will need a home with someone fully capable of walking him safely on a lead. Sadly Buster doesn’t like other dogs but this isn’t a problem as long as he is walked at quiet times of the day and in quiet areas. This big, affectionate boy really deserves another chance to make someone a wonderful friend! Buster will need somebody to be home most of the day as he is still young.

Buster - Freshfields Animal Rescue Liverpool 

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His rescue says: Our beautiful, big Buster has been over looked for so long and we just can’t understand why. A staff member has been spending time with Buster at home so we can get to know him better…

Buster must be the biggest, most powerful dog I’ve ever looked after, yet he is also the quietest, biggest baby too! He loves being in a house and he is just so easy to look after. Despite his size he never gets in the way – you almost forget he’s there he is so quiet. I’ve hardly heard him make a noise in two weeks!

He loves to sleep on the sofa, forcing his huge head under your arm so he can snuggle up as close as possible to you. If your lap isn’t available then your feet or behind your back will do nicely. Buster’s happy to sleep in his own bed too and never makes a fuss if you have to get him off the sofa.

Buster loves his food and does tend to beg – he just hangs his head and looks sad! He’s perfectly house trained and even refuses to go out for a wee until he’s had his breakfast – no matter how long he has waited! He’s happy to be left alone in the house – he’ll never bark or be destructive, and when you return you get the loveliest (silent!) welcome.

I’ve been amazed at the things Buster has been wary or scared of. Firstly it was the lino in the hall, then walking past the hoover, going upstairs or in to the garden in the dark, strange shapes on walks like builders bricks and even some lorries. He worries at some noises and it literally terrified of the hoover when it’s on! Some of these things Buster has now got more used to (not the hoover!), but there are always new things that surprise me – today it’s been the cardboard toilet roll tube, and last night something touched him while he was snuffling around in the leaves…he nearly jumped out of his skin!

When Buster is in the car he suddenly decides he is a big, brave dog after all. He looks around for random things like workmen, people waiting at bus stops, bikes and dogs and gives them a deep, rumbling noise from his throat. It’s not a growl or bark, just a very strange noise! The rest of the time Buster just goes back to the silent Buster I know in the house and you don’t even know he’s there.

We’ve always been under the impression Buster isn’t good with other dogs and, as I am lucky enough to have very quiet local walks, I have managed to see hardly any. One very brave, lively little Shih Tzu came running over to say hello to Buster’s nose and Buster really didn’t have that much to say about it. Other dogs have seen have been walking on an opposite path, or moving away from us and Buster has shown little interest aside from a sideways glance. Its exactly the same with dogs barking from windows or back yards. A couple of time when dogs have been coming directly towards Buster, the easiest option is to just cross over and give the dogs some space. The worst that Buster has done in this situation is pull, he never barks or spins or lunges.

One of the most important things to bear in mind about Buster is his strength. He weighs around 50kg so if he decides to pull, try to get to another dog or chase a cat you must be able to control him. He is actually a lovely dog to walk, he is happy to trot along at an easy pace but there will always be a time when he will use all his strength to get to something you don’t want him to.

It has been such a pleasure getting to know Buster and I will continue to give him breaks from kennel life when ever I can. I’m sure he will love these breaks but what he needs more than anything is a home of his very own. Buster demands nothing. He doesn’t wake you for food or the toilet, he doesn’t hassle you for walks or food. He doesn’t follow for around or get in the way. He never leaves the house or car until you ask him to. He is affectionate and happy and hasnt put a paw wrong since he has been with me. He is quite simply a fantastic dog.

Freshfields Animal Rescue Centre Liverpool
For further details regarding adopting a dog from Freshfields Animal Centre in Liverpool please email kennels@freshfields.org.uk or telephone 0151 931 1604. Address: East Lodge Farm, East Lane, Ince Blundell, Liverpool, L29 3EA Please note: We do a homecheck for all dogs. We will rehome to anywhere in the UK, the only exception being a dog with any behavioural problem that requires someone to meet them as often as possible before adoption, which wouldnt be possible if they lived on the south coast! All dogs are vaccinated, neutered, microchipped, wormed and deflead. We ask a donation of £125 to cover these costs.
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