Buster – 7 year old male Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Buster is a 7 year old neutered Staffordshire Bull Terrier. He is such a sweet and loving boy with the happiest of natures. He is definitely a sensitive soul and wears his heart on his sleeves, a lover not a fighter. A true Staffordshire Bull Terrier, very giddy and happy, loving any type of attention he can get. He enjoys massages and being groomed. It relaxes him so much that he falls asleep, especially if he is on his comfy chair. Like any dog he comes alive when it is play time, bouncing around with his toys and amusing himself. He loves the outdoors and gets excited when it is walk time as he gets to go off lead in the paddocks and run around. He will always come back for a treat and tummy tickle.

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Buster is very clever, having mastered all of his commands and is eager to continue learning in his new home. Sadly due to his previous owners ill health he has been returned to the Centre after being rehomed in 2014. He has been attacked in his home by a Springer Spaniel so has been a little unsure of that breed but generally is a very sociable boy with other dogs and could possibly live with a compatible one but not cats. He would love the interaction of older teenagers and someone that is around at home for the majority of the day or he could go out with them.

Being the breed he is he does have very thin hair and is prone to getting burnt in the sun so would need sun tan lotion on in the summer. He has suffered from a yeast infection previously but it has not re occurred since being back at the Centre.

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