Butch – 25 week old male German Shepherd Dog

Butch is a 25 week old, male neutered, sable medium coated, German Shepherd. He is currently in foster in North Yorkshire. He is microchipped and vaccinated. Butch has been in foster since being 17 weeks old he has an amazing character which has many sides to it. He has a shy, small puppy side to him that does not like to be in the limelight and likes to come around to new things or new people in his own time. He tends to get very fearful if this is pushed which results in a flight or fight reaction. If held onto in these scenarios Butch will panic, bark and snap at the person or object he is fearful of. Butch is currently in foster with 6 other dogs, cats and children aged 10+ and the fosterer has had no problems with Butch apart from the delightful bouncy boisterous side to him that sometimes needs a quick time out in his puppy crate to manage his excitement. Under assessment it was witnessed that Butch is fearful of small children /toddlers which may be a result from his past history so therefore we are recommending he goes into a home with no small children.


He is currently being exercised on a halti head collar which he is getting used to and has vastly improved walks, and will now walk calmly at the side, although he will still try to play if walking another dog too, but this is the cheeky side to Butch! His recall is good when let off to run free with other dogs and he loves to carry objects, often finding a stick or small branch to carry. An interesting side to Butch is that he will sometimes forget that he has encountered a person, dog or object before so may appear like you are back to square one at introducing him again, but a quick reminder is normally all it takes. This could just be down to his young age or maybe a visual difference, although his eyes have been checked by a vet and were given the all clear. Butch is becoming more trustful with age and will suddenly decide it’s time for hugs and try to jump on your knee like he is the size of a toy breed, or even may curl up next to you but sometimes these moments are brief before he’s off again and obviously this is going to take time to build his confidence and trust.We would recommend Butch to have an older more relaxed dog in the house to teach him that the world is not such a scary place and to give his confidence a boost. He will grow into a loyal loving dog that any older family would be proud to have.

For more information please visit our website at www.rescuegermanshepherd.co.uk.

Cefni German Shepherd Rescue
For further details regarding adopting a dog from Cefni German Shepherd Rescue, please email rescuegermanshepherd@gmail.com or telephone 01623 624068 and follow the instructions. We are a breed specific rescue covering the whole of the UK. We have now been established for over 5years, with many hundreds of german shepherds being rehomed and helped during this time. We Rescue, Rehabilitate and Rehome German Shepherds. We also offer advice and guidance for people who are struggling with their dogs but are wanting to make it work rather than go down the rehoming route. We hold monthly social walks which all breed of dogs are welcome, we also offer grooming facilities in the North Nottinghamshire area, experienced in Large Breed dogs especially German Shepherds. We are a breed specific rescue covering the uk (including Ireland) We rescue, rehabilitate and re home GSD's. We also offer advice and guidance for people who are struggling with their dogs but are wanting to make it work rather than re home. Our website is: www.rescuegermanshepherd.com if you wish to adopt one of our amazing dogs. Our website is: www.rescuegermanshepherd.com if you wish to adopt one of our amazing dogs. You can also follow many updates regarding our german shepherds, and the very busy rescue world by going to facebook: www.facebook.com/cefnigermanshepherdrescue
Cefni German Shepherd Rescue
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