Caleb – 5 month old male Lurcher

Caleb was born Aug 2016, he is a male Lurcher puppy. Caleb is the biggest, and heaviest of his litter. A real chunk that clearly takes after his dad in looks! Caleb is a complete charmer, and is as bright as a button. He is very good with his house training, often asking to go out by batting the cat flap. He settles very nicely in his crate at night and sleeps right though. He can be left up to an hour a day.

Caleb is the most independent of the puppies but none the less he loves a cuddle and loves to play. He is good with the other dogs and is cat friendly. Due to the rough start in life Caleb is a resource guarder and as such would need to be an only dog. He does not guard from humans and as yet has not guarded from the adult dogs in his foster home but is quite determined with his siblings.

This is being worked on but he’d be better in a home with older children, preferably dog savvy, just so he doesn’t get himself in to trouble by accident. He is a gorgeous boy and will make someone a lovely companion.

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Lurcher SOS Surrey

Lurcher SOS Surrey

For further details regarding adopting a dog from Lurcher SOS Surrey please email All potential homes will be subject to a homecheck. We do not rehome to working (hunting) homes. We will rehome within 200 miles of Surrey. All dogs will be chipped, neutered, wormed, vaccinated and flea treated. We ask for a minimum adoption donation of £175 for males and £200 for females to help fund vet care for all our other Lurchers and Greyhounds in our care.
Lurcher SOS Surrey

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Lurcher SOS Surrey
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