Candy – 10-14 year old female Yorkshire Terrier

Candy is a fun Yorkshire Terrier lady of 10-14 years. She’s now having a jolly time in and Oldies Club foster home in North End, Berkshire while she waits for a permanent home. Candy is happiest when she’s with someone. She can be left for a while but if it’s much more than a couple of hours, there might be a small puddle for you to come home to. And that would make her sad! Apart from companionship, she needs regular access to the garden… for her peace of mind.

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Candy is a sociable girl and could live with other small dogs. She’s certainly read the manual on how to be a terrier, so anything small, furry and quick is fun to chase! Candy could live with nice children from age 10. She does like to play but can get over excited, which can make her bladder malfunction. So, ball games outdoors only! She does like to get plenty of sleep and she particularly likes a cuddle. Walkies and ball games bring out her inner puppy but the sure-fire way to Candy’s heart is with food! Candy’s dislike is hoovers.

Most important for Candy is that she has someone at home with her a lot of the time – for fuss, cuddles and just for reassurance so she can snooze in safety. She also needs her two walks a day as she’s still quite lively. A good garden in which to gallivant is essential.

Candy is spayed, vaccinated, microchipped and worm/flea treated. She had some mammary tumours removed but the only follow up she needs at the moment is regular tummy rubs to check they don’t return. If they do, obviously she’d need treatment.

The Oldies Club
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