Cassie and Scruffy – 16 year old female Labrador cross Collie and 14 year old male Lurcher

Cassie is a beautiful 16 year old Labrador cross Collie girl and Scruffy is a handsome 14 year old Lurcher boy. They came into the Oldies Club rescue when their owner went back to work and no longer had time to devote to them. Cassie and Scruffy are in an Oldies Club foster home in Colchester, Essex, waiting for someone to offer them a permanent home together.

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Cassie and Scruffy are simply adorable. They have previously lived with children and a cat and they are now happily living with their foster carer’s dog. Scruffy prefers a calm, quiet environment, so that’s the type of home they’d like together. Cassie and Scruffy used to be left while their owner was out at work. They would be fine to live with full-time workers, provided someone visited to take them for a walk halfway through the day, but preference is usually given to homes where dogs aren’t left for long hours regularly.

Cassie and Scruffy are friendly with dogs. They are living happily with their foster carer’s dog. Cassie is the boss. There was a cat in Cassie and Scruffy’s previous home. We were told that Scruffy might chase the cat if he got an opportunity, but he then only sniffed it. He will chase cats outside though. Cassie has no interest in cats. Cassie and Scruffy came from a home with young children and are fine with children, but they would be best in a home where any children are older, especially as Scruffy enjoys peace and quiet.

Cassie and Scruffy are neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, and have been wormed and flea treated. Cassie has ½ a tablet of Incurin each day for slight incontinence. The Incurin works very well and she will need it for life. She goes about 8 or 9 hours at night without needing to go out but she is in a hurry to get out in the morning. She is a bit stiff but the vet didn’t seem to think she needed medication for this. Cassie has a tiny lump above her eye but the vet is happy that it is not interfering with the eye at all and does not need any action taking. Scruffy had ‘sticky’ ears which have now been treated. His legs are slightly stiff but not enough to need medication. The vet put a muzzle on Scruffy as he doesn’t like strangers touching his head.

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