0-1 years

Zeus – 7 month old male German Shepherd Dog Cross

Zeus is a 7 month old male German Shepherd Dog Cross in foster Glouscestershire. This fabulous boy is great with other dogs, cats and kids so will make a wonderful family pet. He is neutered, vaccinated, chipped, etc.


Gypsie – 7 month old male German Shepherd Cross

Gypsie is a stunning 7 month old German Shepherd cross who up until arriving with the rescue hadn’t stepped foot outside her front door. Since she has come into rescue she has experienced as much as possible and has taken everything in her stride. She is now fully house trained, crate trained and is learning all her commands. She walks lovely on the lead and enjoys daily outings to day care to socialise with as many fellow pooches as possible.

Gypsie is at the stage where chewing is a fun thing as it slowly understanding this is not allowed, so we would recommend sticking with the crate till she has outgrown this stage. Gypsie, is a real cuddle bug who loves nothing more then to discover the world, but once that is all done, chill out on the sofa with you. She is very keen to please you and will learn quickly, so we would suggest puppy classes and carry on her training.

Gypsie is full vaccinated, microchipped and will go out on a neutering contact.


James – 10 month old male Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross

James is a lovely boy who is looking for a new home. He has lived with two other dogs in his previous home but he would be better suited as an only dog. James has lived with cats and a large variety of exotic pets! James has also lived with young children and has been brought up with them. He has learned to be gentle around small people.

James is house trained and he is crate trained as well. He walks nice on the lead but does get a little excited at seeing new things. James has been walked with other dogs here both male and female and once setting off he shows little interest in them. James would like an experienced home of larger breeds where he can get lots of exercise. James is good with his food and treats and loves to play ball and tuggy. We hope this lovely young lad finds a new home soon.


Scruffy – 10 month old male Labrador Cross

This is Scruffy, he is a 10 month old Labrador Cross. He is stunning with all rough coat round his face and down his back. He is very shy and was very frightened when first came in but is deffo coming out of his shell. Brilliant with male and female dogs.


Charity – 8 month old female Cross-Breed

Charity is just seven or eight months old, a medium sized mixed breed girl, and has been in UK foster for just three weeks. She has already completed her assessment and it is time for her to find her forever family now. She is great with children, adores playing with other dogs and is a very loving and happy girl. She has not been cat assessed. She is being trained to sit for treats, to be clean in the house, and to walk calmly on the lead. She is responding brilliantly to her training and would love a home that could carry this on. She sleeps alone downstairs and takes herself to bed around ten pm, sleeping all night through.


Lola – 9 month old female Beagle

Meet Lola! She’s a lively Beagle that is looking for a new home after her owners circumstances changed. Lola is a very friendly 9 month old Beagle that is looking for a new home! She’s an enthusiastic and bouncy girl, who loves going out for long walks. She is very good with dogs and would prefer to live in a house with another dog to keep her company.

We would prefer to rehome Lola to someone who has had Beagles before or has thoroughly researched the breed. Lola can live with children over 10 (she’s great with kids!), but no cats please.


Mikki – 9 month old female Cross-Breed

I’m a little snuggle bunny short and stout! Here’s my fluff-tail, here’s my snout! When my dinners ready, hear me shout, feed me now then take me out!! Mikki is adorable! He is a medium size cross breed age 9 months. Mikki has had a bad start to life and as such he just wants lots of love, cuddles and kisses, so much so that he is still learning that he does not have to compete to receive love. When he arrived he was described as being “not good with other dogs” and did display both fear aggression and possessiveness over his humans but he has very quickly turned around!! By the end of the day he was mixing with my pack after slow introductions. He is very quick to learn, and now walks well on his lead, he met dogs at the vets with no growls or grumbles and stayed very attentive to my commands.

After some training and him being neutered his possessiveness has almost gone, he has slight moments, but overall he lives happily with my pack, and my cats. He is now house trained and will ask to go out, puppy pads are still advised for the odd accident when he cant get outside quickly enough. Mikki needs a family who will continue with his training, preferably with an owner who has lots of experience with rescue dogs and their needs.

Mikki would love to have a home where there is someone around for most of the day, we think he would be best suited to a home as either the only dog or with submissive males or females only, he would love a garden to explore and at least one good walk a day, and plenty of playtime with his ball. All Mikki needs is a confident experienced owner to continue his training, and they will have a very attentive, very clever, very gorgeous, very loving little dog! Currently in foster in Liverpool, Mikki would love to meet you so please get in touch.


Princess – 5 month old female Doberman Cross

Princess is a beautiful 5 month old chocolate brown Doberman cross pup. Yes they are very cute whiskers on her chin. Princess is an adorable and affectionate, happy and healthy, lively and friendly typical Doberman puppy. She loves a bit of action in the day and will play happily with her toys and her siblings, but it seems that her siblings have found their forever homes and she doesn’t want to be left behind.

Princess is very good and well socialized with other dogs and cats being fostered in a home where both live. She will therefore happily be able to be re-homed with already resident dogs or moggies if they are there. Princess is a very lovable pup but is growing up to be a big and boundy dog. She will need lots of training, walks and boundaries so a home who can give her lots of love and fuss but also boundaries, training and exercise every day which she will enjoy is a must.


Princess was handed into The Pound at just a couple of weeks old when her mummy and sibling were not wanted any more. Luckily for Princess, she has led a very loving and carefree life up to now, but desperately wants her very own forever home. She has no issues, is not food or toy possessive and is just a happy girl. As Princess is still a young puppy we are looking to re-home her with someone at home for most of the day in order to fulfill all her needs and for her not to be left long to get bored.

Princess is vaccinated, micro-chipped, wormed and de-flead. She will need to be spayed when old enough as part of the adoption agreement and proof of this shown.

Princess is being fostered in North London, near J26 of M25. We are looking to re-home her in or around this area or neighbouring counties as a home check will be done although other areas may be possible.


Dash – 9 month old male Greyhound Cross

Dash is a really sweet 9 month old Greyhound crossbreed who came to our center when his owner could no longer care for him. Unfortunately Dash is deaf and due to this he can get quite anxious when left alone so ideally he would need to go to a home where he would always have company. He is a lovely dog who is very gentle and placid, he has lived with a dog before so could potentially do so again. He really will make a wonderful companion! Could you give this special boy his second chance?


Kiki – 12 month old female Miniature Pinscher

This is Kiki, she is so sweet and small and only weighs 6 kilos. She is such a lovely little girl, she gets along with other dogs very well. She barks at cats and gets excited so maybe best not to live with cats!! Very much a sweetheart ! We want a home with other dogs for her. Her story is like most of the others she has been abandoned in the streets of a Spanish town and was found down a country lane. She was extremely happy when she was rescued. She was probably was a pet who had out grown her puppy stage and was thrown away like an old toy once the kids had moved onto the next new toy!!


Kiki is a sweet natured dog she does get excited when you first come in but after a few minuets settles down (like most dogs). She is a little nervous but not in a bad way. She has been living in a house with two other dogs. Current location is in foster in Birmingham.

Fosterers report: We think she is so sweet and dainty she mixes well with our other foster dogs
vaccinated, wormed, flea treated, spayed, microchipped, pet passport.


Milo – 6 months old male Jack Russell Terrier Cross

This gorgeous little chunky boy is probably crossed with a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and loves life to the full. He was advertised on one of the online selling sites as Free to Good Home making him an ideal bait dog. Luckily a kind lady saw the advert and went and got him and handed him over to Moorlands.

Milo is fab with other dogs, kids and all people. He is really affectionate and is learning how to walk nicely on the lead. Milo will suit a family where he will get lots of walks and play time and is suitable to be rehomed with children over 5 years. Milo is fully vaccinated, microchipped, wormed and will be neutered.

We also provide four weeks FREE insurance. Also, we do home-check all prospective owners before rehoming. We do ask that if you wish to adopt a dog and already have one, that you bring it along to see if they get on.


Memphis – 8-10 month old female British Bulldog Cross

Memphis is one very special lady!! She is a British Bulldog cross. She is only around 8-10 months old. Memphis has recenty been on foster in Yorkshire. The foster carers say she was one of the easiest dogs they have ever had to foster!!

She mixes well with other dogs and could be easily trained to live with cats. She has been around children and we would happily rehome her with dog savvy children over the age of 8. She walks beautifully on the lead, can sit when asked, is fully house trained, travels well in the car, gets on with all other dogs, the list is endless!!

This beautiful girl needs a home where her training will be continued and she will be adored and appreciated every day.  She is available for rehoming now subject to a satisfactory homecheck and a minimum donation of £170. She is spayed, fully vaccinated, microchipped, flea’d and wormed.


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