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Bella – 10 month old female Cane Corso

Big beautiful Bella is a big baby, with a big heart! She was originally from us as a puppy but has sadly been returned due to her owners ill health. She was very timid when she arrived back here, but soon embraced the staff with love, licks and hugs! She is a wonderful girl that will make an entertaining companion for sure, she adores people once she feels comfortable with you and will do anything for food! She is good with other dogs.

Bella is only young so will need someone home for most of the day. She has lived with another dog all her life so far, so may prefer to have the company of another dog in her next home. She is a big girl now and still has a lot of growing to do. She will need an active home as she is young and has plenty of energy. Bella has sore eyes at the moment, she has cherry eye, a common condition in breeds of this kind, she is currently being treated by our vet for it. This bouncy, loving lady will make such a wonderful addition to the family!


Maple – 5 month old female Cross-Breed

Please meet Maple, our lovely 5 month crossbreed puppy. Maple is a loving little girl who adores a fuss. She’s confident and learning new things every day. Maple is good with other dogs and is coming on leaps and bounds in her foster home. She love playing with her foster brother and sister. She is also living with children.

Maple is deceptively small and easy to pic up – we would guess that she would not grow taller than Collie size max. Originally found in a forest in Romania with her mum and siblings, this little girl is now in the UK and looking for a home of her own forever. She comes with a pet passport, vaccinated and microchipped. Shes too young to be neutered at the moment but the new owners will need to commit to doing this when she is old enough as part of the adoption agreement.


Maisy – 7 month old female Collie Cross

Maisy is a seven month old, female, small Collie cross. She is a submissive little girl who craves affection and cuddles. She is fostered with three other dogs and many cats and gets on well with all of them. Maisie is a very friendly little girl. She is eager to please you and wants to learn. She loves to have praise and will do anything for a treat. Maisie loves to play with her toys and the other dogs but will then be very content to have a sleep.

Maisy is doing well in her foster home. She will need additional basic command training and lead work but we always strongly recommend puppy training/socialisation classes to get the most out of your dog and to stimulate them. She will need a good daily walk as she will be an active dog and will be a small medium size when fully grown. Maisie is coming along with her house training and will regular use of the garden and lots of praise it wont take her long to achieve this. Maisie can happily be re-homed with another suitable resident dog or cats.

We are looking for a home where someone is around for most of the day as Maisie is still a very young girl and who has the time, patience and motiviation to enhance the potentials of this adorable little girl. Maisy is spayed, vaccinated, micro-chipped and has her own pet passport. She is fostered in North London near J26 of M25.

For home checking purpose we prefer to rehome in London or neighbouring counties although other areas may be considered for the right home.


Matt – 3 month old male Beagle

Hello, my name is Matt. I am a three month old male Beagle. I arrived at The Mayhew because one of the children in my home was scared of me. I have been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped and I am now starting to learn lots of good things, I am starting to get the hang of toilet training because I am taken out to the garden every couple of hours and given lots of praise when I do my business out there. Like any puppy I am a bundle of energy and full of mischief. I want to kiss everyone I meet but I am learning not to jump up and to say hello politely. When I puppy mouth my carers give a loud yelp and offer me a toy to chew instead. I still have plenty of things to learn so I will need plenty of time and dedication from my new owners to teach me all the basics and perfect my doggy manners.

I am now looking for a forever home with an active person who is experienced with dogs and has researched my breed type. They will need to have, as an adult, independently owned dogs before and have plenty of time on their hands to train and socialise me properly so that I develop in to a well-rounded adult dog. They will be expected to take me to training classes and provide me with two gentle, thirty minute, off lead socialisation outings per day whilst I am still young, building up to a minimum of one to two hours of active off lead exercise every day once I am fully grown. I can live with another grown up dog providing they have been well trained, are calm and will be a good role model for me. I can also live with cats providing my owners are prepared to teach me not to chase them.

Due to my very young age and training needs there will need to be somebody at home for most of the day and any children in my new home will need to be at least eight years of age and upwards. If you are interested in offering me a home you will need to be fully prepared for the hard work and long-term commitment involved in caring for a dog, you will be taking on a fifteen year commitment, which must not be taken lightly.

I hope to see you soon,



Olive – 7 month old female Whippet Cross

Lovely Olive young puppy girly of about 7 months old living in a foster home. Olive we think is some sort of Lurcher type girly big Whippet size type. Olive another dog abandoned, not that she realizes it. She is being fostered by a lovely couple with their other dogs. She is a very happy well balanced little girl who loves life. She is good in the car, good off the lead comes to a whistle, has been cat tested and was fine but would cat test her again as it was when she was younger but she has no malice in her so cannot think it will be a problem but best to be safe.

This girly would make the perfect family dog. She would love being in an active family home, camping, walks, playing football in the garden. She is fine being left, I cannot think of anything bad to say about her. I think she would benefit from being with another dog – as you will see from the video but a very lovely sweet natured dog with no sides, I love her.

Video of Olive

Olive will be spayed, fully vaccinated and have her own Pet Passport.


Iris – 8 month old female German Shepherd Cross

Lovely Iris a German Shepherd cross girly of about 8 months now. I just love this gentle girl, Iris was born in rescue with her siblings. They are all still waiting for a home but I have picked her out as I fell in love with her. She is the most gentle of the litter and was removed because she was being picked on. I hope from my video you can see what a lovely natured dog she is – this girl does not have a bad bone in her body no malice just love. I put her on a lead and even on the lead considering what a big girl she is she is even gentle on the lead. She is fine with other dogs and would suit living with a laid back dog not dominant.

I feel I am repeating myself all the time but again I cannot find any fault with her nature and character and how she is. She will need time to adjust to living in a home and getting used to normal stuff, traffic etc but again a lovely dog that has know no cruelty and will in time adjust quite easily like many before her have. She has been cat tested and is fine. Sorry about video as was doing on my own but hopefully it gives you the idea about how lovely she is.

Video of Iris

One earlier in the year with Uncle Guido


Jake – 10 week old male German Shepherd Cross

Meet lovely Jake being fostered Auntie Sue he was along with his siblings dumped in one of the Charity shops. We think they are German Shepherd mixes will not reach the size of a Shepherd the rest who knows we will find out maybe as they grow. Lovely Jake is a good boy and learning all about living in a home. He is now house trained, living with 5 other dogs of different sizes. I met him last week when I was in Spain and I am afraid we nick named him the land shark as he loves nibbling toes with his needle teeth, the joys of puppies.

Jake needs to go to a home who have time for a puppy. He will need to go to puppy classes and would like him to go with people who have had Shepherd type dogs before to make sure he reaches his true potential and grows into a well behaved young man.

Video of Jakey who spent the evening with us.

Jake will be fully vaccinated and have his own Pet Passport.


Mollie – 10 week old female Border Collie Cross

Mollie is a 10 week old female Border Collie cross. She is a sweet natured young lady who is good with other dogs, and can be integrated with cats and children 5+. Mollie has started her vaccinations, been microchipped, wormed and deflead. She must be spayed when old enough to form part of the adoption agreement and evidence sent to us via your vet.

Mollie is in foster in E Sussex. To apply please complete an online application via our own website.


Brody and Chase – 16 week old male Border Collies

These boys are 16 weeks old and are male tricolour Border Collies. They are gorgeous and have great temperaments. They are looking for separate home and can live with other dogs as they are good with them, children 6+ and are young enough to integrate with dog confident cats. They have started their vaccinations, been microchipped, wormed and deflead.

They must be neutered when old enough to form part of the adoption agreement and evidence sent to us via your vet. The boys are in foster in E Sussex. To apply please complete an online application via our own website.


Rocco – 14-16 week old male Pug cross Beagle

Rocco is a 14-16 week old male Pug cross Beagle puppy. Rocco is a real darling. He is crate trained and walks well on a lead. He sits for a treat and loves kisses! Rocco is good with other dogs, could be integrated with dog confident cats and can live with children 6+. Rocco is fully vaccinated, been microchipped, wormed and deflead. He must be neutered when old enough and evidence be sent to us via your vet.Rocco is in foster in E Sussex. To apply please complete an online application via our own website.


Susie – 8 month old female Labrador

Susie is an 8 month old female Labrador. She is a lovely sweet Labrador and would suit a nice active family looking for a family pet.


Paris – 5 month old female Caucasian Shepherd Dog

This is the Stunning Paris. Paris is a 5 month old Caucasian Shepherd Dog. Please do your breed research before applying for this beautiful girl. These are big dogs! Paris came to us to find a new home ( along with her sister Cassie) after her owner was no longer able to keep her due to landlord problems. Paris was imported by her owner from Hungary ( she has a full passport ) Unfortunately it is a cruel tradition in Hungry to cut this breed of dog ears off when first born.

Paris is a wonderful girl, she is the larger of the two and likes nothing more than a good old belly rub ! This is a very intelligent breed, and they thrive on socialisation and training. Paris is good with other dogs, and is very happy to see everyone. Paris loves children, travels well in the car and walks beautifully on the lead. Paris will need to be spayed when old enough and we will need proof this has been done.

Can you offer this beautiful girl her forever home ?


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