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Smudge – 12 month old male Border Terrier Cross

Smudge is a slightly scruffy little Border Terrier mix of approx 12 months old the nearest match would be a Border Terrier in regards to looks wise he weighs approx 6 kilos. He was as a baby living on the streets of Spain where he had been abandoned like so many young dogs , but being so friendly he persuaded some people to keep feeding him and just kept coming back as he is such a friendly bright little chap, they in turn told the lovely rescue we work with over in Spain about his plight , and lucky for him he was offered a place. He has been one of the lucky ones and was fortunate enough to find a foster home in Spain where he lived with another Terrier bitch who he loved playing with. He got regular walks always off the lead in the mountains and settled into living in a home easily.

Now our lovely boy is living in Gloucestershire with two little girl terriers and a cat. Having met and got to know this lovely dog, I cannot fault him, his temperament is wonderful he actually loves everyone – he has so much love to give and would make an amazing Therapy Dog. With other dogs again he loves them all too. Out on walks he is fine off the lead although remember he is a terrier and does not always come back straight away but he never runs off although he will follow other dogs as he is so friendly so have to be careful when near roads. Fine travelling in the car. After his walks he is very relaxed around the house and loves cuddling up on the sofa next to you. He is also house trained. He would benefit from training classes to round off those edges to make him even more perfect – he does pull on the lead probably due to the fact in Spain he was never on the lead – He does have a habit of de stuffing toys if they are soft and anything fury he will nibble as Auntie Kathy has a fury cushion.

He is a very sweet boy who would settle in most homes but would prefer a home where he is not left much but if someone does work part time then another dog for company would be good. Someone who loves walking and he will get his runs everyday and will be in the centre of the family, night time he would much prefer he could be with you in the bedroom and he sleeps happily on a bed on the floor. The cat he is fine with but we think a less confident cat he would chase, but there is no malice in him, so anyone looking for a sweet nature dog easy going dog.

He has been neutered, full vaccinated and had all his blood tests which have come back clear. He will have his own Pet Passport too. Please email in the first instance if interested for our questionnaire which answers all our questions about yourself.


Myrtle – 7 month old female Cross-Breed

Myrtle is a 7 month old female Cross-Breed. Myrtle is a lovely little girl. She is very quiet at the moment as she has never been loved, or shown affection. Myrtle is still getting used to being stroked, as when a hand approaches she looks away in hope not to be beaten upon. Myrtle is not aggressive in anyway, and can easily be picked up without any problems. Sometimes she hides from the other dogs here in rescue, and curls into a corner. Marvin Gaye (another Romanian dog looking for a home) gives her confidence. When she is with him she walks merrily into the garden wagging her tail. I have also caught her following me around outside, but if I look and acknowledge she sometimes runs the other way. I think she is just very bewildered. It’s all very strange for her here, in this thing called a home. A strange sensation of warmth around her coat, with padded comforts beneath her paws. Her safety measure is the crate. We leave the door open and when she comes back in the house she runs straight in there at free will. Then, she’d typically look out and watch the world go by, hoping that nobody is going to do her any harm.

Myrtle was on born in June last year (2014). She is much bigger than a Jack Russell, I would say the size of a Corgi or West Highland White Terrier but longer in the body. Stunningly pretty little thing, bless her cotton socks. She just needs to be shown that there is something called love, to be shown that not all humans are bad, and that there is still some goodness out there. Secretly she enjoys a fuss, and a good stroke. It’s a strange sensation for her but she is getting used to the concept. When the other dogs are showered with affection, she looks on wondering what it’s all about. She sees them playing and interacting happily, but hasn’t realised that this is a life-style she too could be living.

Myrtle would certainly be a loyal girl, if shown the right path a blessed with love. You have to remember she was born on the streets, most probably under an old abandoned car, behind a shop or in a derelict building. It’s -30 out there in Romania, and everyday was based on survival. Some
days you’d eat, most days you wouldn’t. When the dogs are caught it can be very stressful. Sometimes traumatic. Myrtle is extremely lucky (although she doesn’t know it yet) to be away
from there. Now she can finally get the chance of a life time, and live like a dog should. She wasn’t called Myrtle, we just gave her that name as an identity in the rescue. It is most likely that her name will be changed when she goes onto her new home. However, I thought it suited her. Obviously she doesn’t come to it, because she has never had that kind of human interaction like a regular dog.

Sit, stay, leave, come are all meaningless words/sounds to Myrtle. At present she has been very clean in the house and hasn’t made a mess. When it’s time for the toilet, we just pick her up and put her outside with Marvin, her friend. Then, she brightens up and ponders to do her do. When it’s time to come in, she waits by the backdoor and then whizzes inside. I think now that she has become accustomed to warmth and comfort, she doesn’t hesitate. Our 3 year old toddler can stroke her, he expects her to play and doesn’t understand why she isn’t like a regular puppy born of a silver spoon. Well, I think that sums up everything about dear Myrtle.

All dogs are re-homed subject to a successful home-check. Terms and fees apply.

We re-home dogs all over the United Kingdom, so please do not hesitate to get in touch. Calls/text messages and emails are welcomed. Voice messages are not collected.


Poppy – 6 month old female Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Poppy is a 6 month old Staffordshire Bull terrier and she is desperate for a new home. She has now been in a new foster home for a week and is continuing to improve daily. Her wonderful foster mum and dad have worked on her toilet training and she in now fully toilet trained and clean in the house. She also sleeps through the night on her own without any tears! She loves going out and about and is excellent in the car.

She is a typical happy staffy who is adoring the love and warmth of being in a home with human company. Poppy loves going out for walks but sometimes she runs and hides behind the sofa. Her foster mum is convinced it’s because Poppy is frightened she is being taken somewhere else again. Poppy has been moved around so much which is so sad for this little girl.

Poppy is a real personality, she loves to play but also loves to curl up on the sofa and have a good cuddle and sleep. She came in to rescue very red and sore as her previous owners could not afford to treat her skin condition. She is now responding well to treatment and her condition (which is not contagious) is improving daily.

This girl has already been through so much and we want to get her settled in her new home during her precious puppy years so she can be brought up in a safe, loving, environment and learn about the world with her forever family. If you think you could give this amazing little character a lovely home than please get in touch.


Ted – 11 month old male Dachshund Cross

Ted, the Dachshund Cross, possibly Labrador or Spaniel, is now looking for a new home and what a character he is! He is only a youngster at 11 months old and is full of life and loves a fuss. Ted wants to be with you and enjoys having someone around. He is a quirky chap who has his own special ways and he really is a playful, fun dog to be around.

Ted would make a faithful and constant companion. He is a feisty boy who would be best to someone who has experience of owning dogs and he would benefit from training. He can sometimes grumble with other dogs but this is mostly likely down to being un-socialized and can be worked on and he shares his kennel with another female and they get along well.


Johnny – 5 month old male Cross-Breed

Johnny is 5 month old cross-breed. He is the happiest boy, just check out his smile! This baby has just come in to kennels through no fault of his own. Sadly his owners had to move and couldn’t take him. He has a wonderful temperament and is great with dogs, children and cats and would be a loving addition to a family. Johnny is outgoing and affectionate and really is a happy bundle of joy. He so desperately wants to be loved and cuddled.

Johnny really is such a cracking puppy and if you come to meet him you will fall in love for sure. Please get in touch for more information. All dogs will be wormed, flea treated, vaccinated chipped and neutered where possible.



Hugo – 10 month old male Collie

Hugo is a ten month old Collie and he is desperate for a new home. He came in to rescue suffering from a stressful puppyhood and did nothing but spin and kept pulling out his hair and biting his tail. He is only a puppy at ten months old but didn’t even know how to play. He only weighed ten kilos and was very confused by the world.

But now for the good news! Thanks to lots of love, care and patience Hugo is making very quick progress, he has put on four kgs and does not spin or pull his hair any more. He is loving going out in the car and it’s great to see him enjoying life and being the sociable happy dog he has always wanted to be. Hugo is very quick to learn and loves learning new tricks. He is enjoying is daily obedience work and thrives on human interaction.

Hugo loves being out and about by your side and he is going to need an active home with mental stimulus like agility or dog training . He is good with children but people will need the time to continue Hugo’s training which so you must have the time to commit. He is crate trained but still needs work with his toilet training but again is making good progress and is happy to be left for short periods.

Please help us find Hugo find the home this puppy deserves. Hugo still has a long way to go with his training but really needs a foster or forever home to help him develop further. If you can help foster of offer a forever home we would love to hear from you.


Milly – 3 month old female Shih Tzu cross Pug

Hello, my name is Milly. I’m a three month old female Shih Tzu and Pug crossbreed. I arrived at The Mayhew because my owner died. I’ve been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped and I’m now starting to learn lots of good things, I’m starting to get the hang of toilet training because I’m taken out to the garden every couple of hours and given lots of praise when I do my business out there. Like any puppy I’m a bundle of energy and full of mischief. I want to kiss everyone I meet but I’m learning not to jump up and to say ‘hello’ politely. When I ‘puppy mouth’ my carers give a loud yelp and offer me a toy to chew instead. I still have plenty of things to learn so I’ll need plenty of time and dedication from my new owners to teach me all the basics and perfect my doggy manners.

I’m now looking for a forever home with an active person who is experienced with dogs and has researched my breed type. They will need to have, as an adult, independently owned dogs before and have plenty of time on their hands to train and socialise me properly so that I develop in to a well-rounded adult dog. They will be expected to take me to training classes and provide me with two gentle, thirty minute, off lead socialisation outings per day whilst I’m still young, building up to a minimum of one hour of active off lead exercise every day once I’m fully grown. I can live with another grown up dog providing they have been well trained, are calm and will be a good role model for me. I can also live with cats providing my owners are prepared to teach me not to chase them. Due to my very young age and training needs there will need to be somebody at home for most of the day and any children in my new home will need to be at least six years of age and upwards.

If you’re interested in offering me a home you will need to be fully prepared for the hard work and long-term commitment involved in caring for a dog, you will be taking on a fifteen year commitment, which must not be taken lightly.

I hope to see you soon,



Barney – 10-12 month old male Labrador Cross

This is the very handsome Barney. Barney is a 10-12 month old Labrador Cross ( we think maybe golden retriever). Barney is a gorgeous, happy friendly boy. He is good with other dogs, and travels well in the car. Barney is unable to live with cats.

Barney is a lively, playful boy who would need a fairly active home, he loves his walks, Barney is strong on the lead, and this is something we have been working on, and he will benefit for further training. Barney is a lovely boy, and is longing for his own forever home. Barney is chipped, castrated and has had his first vaccination.


Pippin – 10 month old female Cairn Terrier cross Jack Russell Terrier

This is the adorable Pippin. Pippin is a gorgeous 10 month old Cairn Terrier cross Jack Russell Terrier. Pippin is an adorable, happy, sweet natured little chap. He can be a little timid at first. He is good with other dogs, travels well in the car and walks nicely on the lead.

Pippin is chipped, castrated and has had his first vaccination.

Can you offer this adorable little chap his forever home ?


Archie – 10 month old male Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross

‘Hi everyone, I am Archibald aka Archie! I am only about 10 months old but I was found abandoned on Christmas Day and ended up in the pound. A week later and no one came to claim me but luckily for me All Dogs Matter came and are finding me my perfect forever home!’

Archie is a lovely Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross boy. He is currently looking for a foster home to settle in while he waits for his forever home. Archie is okay with dogs when out and about but would prefer to be the only dog in the home as he loves all the cuddles for himself! He will be able to share his new home with children aged 12 years plus but no cats.


We would prefer Archie to be rehomed with someone who has previous bull breed experience.


Sadie – 5 month old female Cross-Breed

Sadie is a 5 month old Crossbreed girl, she will be a small-medium sized girl when fully grown. She is a bit shy, but very sweet and very cuddly. She is looking for a forever home and is currently with Phoenix Dog Rescue, UK. She needs a home where someone is around most of the time, and is willing to put in the training she needs to grown up to be a well behaved young lady!


Morton – 12-18 month old male Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Lovely boy Morton is another young man saved from being put to sleep with just one day to go!! This boy is a nice lad – this is what the kennels say about him. Morton is a young brindle and white boy,has very white teeth, proper chunky Staffordshire Bull Terrier, very handsome boy, knows sit and paw, gives paw as soon as you tell him to sit, bless. He really liked a Bedlington Lurcher we have in the kennels, he was kissing and helloing her all the time, with his tail wagging and no aggression shown.


Morton has good body condition a lovely shiny coat, he loves bum scratches and fusses, he wants to snog you all the time. He is not bad on a lead and spotlessly clean in his kennel, very happy, smiley friendly boy, waggy tailed. Another abandoned little Staffordshire Bull Terrier whose owners didn’t care what happens to him. Left in a dogs home! He is a pleasant little chap but we have no history, just the observations in kennels. He showed a lot of interest in the dog lead hanging up as you can see, and wanted to play with it, or maybe he wanted me to take him for a walk! He was flirting with our bedlington lurcher again through the bars, he loves her so much. Morton just wants to be cuddled and give you kisses.

Morton will spend a short time in kennels then be moved to a foster home so we can assess him in the home and get him neutered and prepared for homing. Current location is in a foster home in Birmingham the West Midlands. He is vaccinated, wormed, flea treated, will be neutered before being rehomed and microchipped.


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