1-2 years

Sheila – 18 month old female Cross-Breed

Sheila is a beautiful 18 month old female cross breed.. She is a very pretty girl, the size of a small Collie with a beautiful sandy coat. Sheila is very affectionate and loves a fuss and a cuddle. She intersects well with other dogs and people. Sheila is a very happy go lucky girl loves to go for long walks but further training is needed as she does pull a bit on a lead and is not completely relaxed with the traffic so maybe a home in a semi rural area would be ideal for Sheila. Further basic command training is needed but Sheila always wants to please you and be your friend so is always desperate to do the right thing.Sheila is not manic in the house. She is quite happy to lie down watching the world go by or play with her doggie friends and be your companion by your side in the evening.

Sheila is not good with cats or small furries though. Sheila would love to hear from a kind and loving family to adopt her and invest in all the bag of potentials she has to offer and all the love she has to give. Everyone who meets her loves her to bits. Sheila is spayed, micro-chipped and vaccinated. She is fostered in North London near J26 of M25 in a multi-dog household.

For home checking purposes we would prefer to re-home her in London or neighbouring counties although we may consider destinations further afield for the right home.


Amaruq – 17 month old male Siberian Husky

Hello, my name is Amaruq. I’m a seventeen month old male Siberian Husky. I arrived at The Mayhew because my owner worked full-time and felt she could no longer look after me. I’m a very friendly and active chap. I get along well with everyone I meet and I’m always happy to say ‘hello’ to strangers. I’ve not been properly socialised with other dogs and I can be overly defensive when meeting new dogs but with controlled socialisation my behaviour is really improving.

I’m toilet-trained, I travel well in the car and I know all the usual commands which I respond well to and I recall very well to a whistle. I’m an intelligent boy and I learn new commands quickly. I’m also very affectionate, I enjoy human company and I like to be included in everyday activities. I don’t like being left on my own and I have been known to howl when left home alone. Super playful, I always enjoy a good game with my toys, I especially enjoy playing with squeaky toys.

I’m now looking for a forever home with an active and experienced person or family who have owned dogs before and have researched my breed type. I can live with teenagers but I’ll need to be the only pet in the home. I’ll need a home in a rural or semi-rural area where I can be exercised without coming into constant contact with lots of other dogs. My new owners will be expected to take me to training classes, continue working on my socialisation with other dogs and provide me with a minimum of one to two hours of controlled active off-lead exercise every day.

If you’re interested in adopting me you‘ll need to be fully prepared for the hard work and long-term commitment involved in caring for a dog, you’ll be taking on a fourteen year commitment which must not be taken lightly.

I hope to see you soon,



Titch – 2-4 year old male Jack Russell Terrier

Titch is a 2-4 year old male Jack Russell Terrier. Titch is a smooth coated terrier, he has a white and brown smooth coat. He came into the rescue a little overweight and with regular walks he is now regaining his waistline. He is not bothered by dogs barking at him when he comes out of the kennel and enjoys the company of another dog. He enjoys fuss and attention and is a steady walker. He will make an excellent companion.


Tinker – 2-5 year old male Terrier

Tinker is a 2-5 year old male Terrier. Tinker is a rough coated terrier. He enjoys fuss and attention and is a steady walker. He will make an excellent companion.


Stanley – 2-4 year old male Basset Hound

Stanley is a 2-4 year old male Basset Hound. Stanley is a very characterful young boy and a lovable hunk. In true Bassett style he just loves sniffing everything he can find in the woods. Once he knows and trusts you, he does enjoy a fuss. Stanley does need an dog experienced home.


Pauline – 1 1/2 – 2 year old female Lurcher

Pauline is a very pretty young female Lurcher aged between 18 months and 2 years. She is an ex RSPCA case dog, which means her previous owner was prosecuted.

She has been in RSPCA care since February and is now ready for rehoming .Unfortunately we have very little information about her background and how she was treated or cared for in her previous home.

Pauline is such a gentle and good natured girl. She is a little shy at first but is very affectionate. She is playful and bouncy and always happy to see and greet people in her kennel. She is good on the lead and does not pull. She does however on walks constantly seek reassurance from her handler and can be easily startled and jumpy.

This behaviour though has already improved ever so slightly since she has been with our branch. It is difficult to know how much she was walked previously and what her experiences were.

Pauline is not to be rehomed with cats or other small animals. We feel she would be better in an adult only home as children are likely to be too boisterous for her and she needs a quieter, calmer environment. Teenagers could possibly be considered.

Pauline would make a truly delightful companion in the right home as she really is such a sweetheart. However her new owners must give her lots of love and time and patience to build up her confidence.


Snoopy – 2-4 year old male Bearded Collie Cross

Snoopy is a 2-4 year old male Bearded Collie Cross. Snoopy may have some Wolfhound in him but is much more like a Bearded Collie in looks and character. On a long lead didn’t want to stray too far away. Snoopy gets on very well with his female kennel mate. He is quite boisterous and does need more training. The ideal home for Snoopy is one with dog experience.


Elle – 2-4 year old female Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Elle is a female Staffordshire Bull terrier 2 to 4 years old. She is very easy on the lead and very eager to please. Elle is a very pretty young girl who is very affectionate and enjoys fuss and attention.


Freckles – 18 month old male Pointer Cross

Lovely Freckles brother to Pepsi recently brought over (and Elsa & Alan already here) all his siblings in UK are all settled and doing really well lovely natured like this boy. Two were homed as young dogs Pepsi in the last couple of months and she has done amazing and I can see no reason why this boy will not follow suit he is so similar in nature to Pepsi who I fostered. Very good with other dogs and when meeting new dogs he is very submissive, very friendly with people and also cannot see why he could not live with cats too, like his siblings before him he has no malice in him. The only difference to them is that Freckles just loves his ball and all he wants you to do is throw it for him and him bring it back for you to throw again.

As soon as he see’s you when you arrive at the Refuge where he is still living with a brother and another dog in their own run – his tail starts wagging and he picks he half eaten ball up as if to say over here please please come and love me and throw the ball. It’s such a bloody waste a beautiful dog like him is not with his own family. His sister did not take long to adjust, remember these dogs have been loved all their life they have had no cruety at the hands of man so yes will be unsure of traffic and getting out and about but it will not take long. Pepsi only had one accident in the house, they are gentle natured dogs and will do better in quieter homes rather than homes with young children running around everywhere, another dog probably a quiet bitch would suit him for confidence but with a bit of work (taking out and about) you will have the most wonderful boy although I think he is wonderful now.

Video of him with his ball

Freckles has been neutered, fully vaccinated , will be blood tested and have his own passport.


Tootsie – 3-4 month old female Cross-Breed

This lovely puppy girly of 3 1/2 months approximately was found living down a drain pipe with her mum and siblings in Spain. They only managed to catch 4 of the babies Tootsie being one of them… She has been lucky enough to be fostered by Auntie Sherlie and over the weeks has turned into a lovely sweet natured girly. Her mum was not very big about Corgi size and would say Tootsie will be the same. She is quite a quiet puppy and seems very gentle and sensitive would suit a quieter home with children over 10 or adult only home. I am sure she would love another dog to play with too if possible. We will not home puppies to full time working homes and Tootsie because of her nature needs a home with older children so it will be quieter for her just like she is.

Tootsie will be vaccinated, chipped and have her own Pet Passport.


Rudi – 2-3 year old male German Shepherd Cross

Rudi is a German Shepherd mix, we think of around 2 – 3 years old he has been in rescue for just over a year. Rudi when you visit him at Auntie Sherlie’s is one of the dogs who will push forward he just loves people. He want to kiss and cuddle you and just craves affection it would be hard not to notice this lovely boy. He has the most terrible story and despite that story his heart never grew bitter. He was living in a Spanish home with two identical dogs locked in a small enclosure in terrible conditions covered in poo. One of the volunteers used to regularly visit and take the dogs food and water. One day she turned up and one of the other dogs was dead she thinks from heat stroke that dog had been dead for nearly a week before they moved him, so you are getting the picture nice loving home, lots of homes like this in Spain. Rudi one day escaped but unfortunately while out he got knocked down by a car and dragged along the road, that was when he did enter the rescue system as the rescue we support Noahs takes in the sick & Injured dogs. It took months for Rudi to recover with lots of vet visit and bandage changes.

His back leg will never be right and he will always limp and does not use it very well the vet has said to leave it or they could put a plate in the leg but then his leg would be stiff and he would not be able to bend it or curl it up but he gets around fine but I should imagine in later life he will maybe suffer with arthritis. He is quite a sensitive boy and so loving but if you catch him unaware sometimes he will yelp and coward as if he is going to be beaten. So sad if you see the video you will see how loving this boy is. He is fine with the other dogs and not really interested in them. He is a people dog and would love his very own family to shower and pour his love into. If you like big hearted affectionate dogs who will tell you every day how grateful they are to have a home and show you how grateful they are then please consider our Rudi.

Video of him.

Rudi will be neutered, fully vaccinated and have his own Pet Passport.


Jaydee – 18 month old male Chihuahua Cross

Little Jaydee is our next slip of a lad weighting in about approx 6 kilos. He is a Chihuahua mix boy of about 18 months old living with 30 other dogs of all sizes and ages. What Jaydee loves most in the world is his toys especially his ball, second is his food. He is what you would call a character in the dog world. He is full of it, he can jump like a kangaroo too. Jaydee is very loving little boy and loves to cuddle up with you. He sleeps in his crate at night. He was found on the street abandoned like so many and now when it gets dark he gets really scared and refuses to go out this is probably from his street days.

He can food guard with the other dogs although it does not last long he eats fast and he also guards his toys they are so precious to him. So we think to be sure of the home working that its as an only dog with no children. You can see from the video how he is with the other dogs and is fine its just us being over cautious but its too heart breaking if a homes fails because of it so we rule out all the reason it could possibly fail and the best match for our little man.

Jaydee making his bed

Jaydee getting a cuddle

Jaydee with other dogs and his ball

Jaydee will be neutered, vaccinated before he is homed and have his own Pet Passport.


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