1-2 years

Trixie – 2 year old female Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross

Trixie needs a supportive family to offer time and tolerance to allow their new dog to settle. Trixie needs gradual exposure to new situations; an active life style with her needs at the heart of her family. Trixie would enjoy a secure garden or an area where she can safely run off lead (unused tennis court). Trixie could possibly live with another dog. Trixie’s pink on her nose will need to be covered with sun block in summer. Trixie was found straying for several days and unclaimed. Trixie waited many months for a Rescue place. Trixie has been neutered, chipped and fully vaccinated. Trixie is currently in Boarding Kennels near Guildford.

Trixie is a cheeky personality but she listens and wants to please. She has managed really well in kennels despite her youth and she makes friends easily. She settled well within a home setting with an initial focus on housetraining that soon was accomplished after a long period in kennels. Trixie meets other dogs well and benefits from reassurance through her lead. Although initially keen on the lead settles into her handlers pace. Currently needs conscious introductions to strangers/ visitors: She becomes desensitised to her own concerns. Is very loving and so wants to please and is ever alert to her handler’s command and reassurance.

Trixie is a 2 year old black brindle and white Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross. Her energy is settling as she matures and she is always friendly in her meeting. Trixie is happy to meet and trusts people in her kennel. She is a little apprehensive out in public but with more exposure to life she is settling and learning to anticipate welcoming gestures. Trixie isn’t full of Tricks, she actually wants to be a really good girl and please her family.

Visit Trixie’s thread for daily updates, lots of pictures and videos. Please click to submit Online Application We will match you with a dog that suits your lifestyle, please remain open we successfully home 350 dogs per annum. We work fast to secure our dogs their loving homes.


Lucy – 2 year old female Jack Russell Terrier cross Chihuahua

Gorgeous Lucy is a small female Jack Russell cross Chihuahua seeking her forever home. She is approximately 2 years old and is an absolute sweetheart. She will make a lovely little lap dog for some lucky person. She is good with other dogs and, as we have no history, would be best suited to an older family if there were any resident children.

Lucy has been spayed, microchipped, vaccinated, wormed and deflead. She is just the sweetest, loveliest darling. Lucy is in foster in East Sussex. To apply please complete an online application via our own website.


Kerry – 1 year old female Border Collie

Kerry is a 1 year old beautiful female Border Collie seeking her forever home. She is a lovely girl, friendly and good with other dogs. As we have no history, we would look for a forever home where resident children were 8+. Kerry is in foster with dog confident cats. Beautiful Kerry has been spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, wormed and deflead.She is clean in the house, crate trained and a lovely, sociable, friendly girl. Kerry is in foster in East Sussex. To apply please complete an online application via our own website.


Cookie – 2 year old female Cross-Breed

Meet Cookie. Cookie is 2 years old and is looking for a new home through no fault of her own.
She is medium size, gets on well with other dogs, has been used to children from 6 years and is yet to be cat tested. Cookie is a very sweet natured dog.


Nushka – 18 month old male Siberian Husky

Nushka is absolutely stunning and her coat is amazing! She is a very loving girl and loves to say ‘hello’ to everyone she meets! She is hugely affectionate and will be sure to keep you warm this winter as she loves cuddles! She will need a Husky-experienced home to help her reach her full potential. We very much hope for a home in the Husky world, where she go to Husky walks and meets etc as she loves other dogs and particularly other Huskies of course!

Nushka will need an active home with plenty of company, exercise and stimulation which will need to consist of at least 2 good walks every day either in the countryside or at the beach please. She would love a home where she can perhaps go running with someone. You will need a good-sized secure, enclosed garden for extra fun and games with her please. Nushka knows basic commands and is treat orientated (which makes training easier!). She also knows how to play ‘fetch’ and is
very good at bringing the ball back. She can even give paw!

Nushka has been spayed, vaccinated and microchipped and can be rehomed outside of the county subject to a successful homecheck. We would consider rehoming Nushka as far away as northern England, or even Scotland, for the right Husky home, as this is more important than anything else for her. She could be rehomed with another dog (or dogs!) and can live with older children please.

Nushka is a wonderful companion and is great fun. I pray her forever home comes along very soon as she is highly distressed in kennels and cannot wait to be in a home and living life to the full! Thanks for reading about Nushka, we and she hope to hear from you very soon please!


Casper – 2 year old male Border Collie

Casper is just gorgeous! He has the most beautiful coat and the best ears ever! He is a very loving and affectionate boy and we had such good fun with him in our enclosure. He is a typical Collie who loves to chase a toy and he would have kept doing it until it was dark, and beyond I think lol! He is very good at fetch of course and knows basic commands. Casper has come from a family home, who were very sad to part with him. He is very happy once out of his kennel, but is very distressed once back in it and we hope we can find him the loving, active home he so desperately needs ASAP!

Casper will need human company for a lot of the day please, every day. He will want, and need, at least a couple of good walks a day please in the countryside or at the beach. He will enjoy playing ball in the garden with you of course, which will need to be a good size and securely enclosed for a dog please.

Casper is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped and can be rehomed outside of the county, subject to a successful homecheck. Casper is fine with other dogs, although has never lived with one. He could live with children aged 8+ as he was used to children in his previous home. Casper is very clean in his kennel as he is housetrained of course.

Casper is a truly lovely boy, and we hope he is going to appeal to all Border Collie lovers out there who are looking for a wonderful, new, energetic companion to join them!


Bonnie – 1 year old female Labrador Cross

Bonnie is a 1 year old female Labrador Cross. Bonnie has been handed over to us as the owners felt she could not be trusted around the small children in the home. Bonnie is a high energy dog and is in need of some training. She needs a home with people who have the time to work with her and help her become a lovely family dog. Bonnie loves to go on long walks and play off lead in the paddock. We feel she would be suitable in a home with children over 10 years.


Patsy – 15 month old female Jack Russell Terrier

Meet Patsy our adorable little Jack Russel Terrier. She is a small 15 months old family dog who has lived with children and gets on fabulously with other dogs. She has not been cat tested. Patsy loves cuddles, long walks and play with her toys. This includes digging out the squeak in her toys in record times.

Patsy would also like to catch the squirrels in the park so should be kept on a long leash until you are sure of her recall. Patsy is spayed, vaccinated and micro-chipped. She is fostered in North London in a multi-dog household and gets in fabulously with all, big and small, old and young. For home checking purpose, we would prefer prospective adopters to reside in London or neighbouring counties although we would consider applications from further afield for the right home.

If you feel that you could offer this little girl her forever home, please complete an adoption form available from our web site.


Panda – 2 year old female Cross-Breed

Panda is a sweet, friendly and very clever Cross-Breed, aged about 2. She is a medium size. Panda loves meeting people. She is fine with other dogs, and cat friendly! Panda will need training.

She needs to learn how to walk on a lead (and is quite heavy to carry around! lol) She will give back 110 times what you put in with her! She is such a friendly girl! Panda is currently in the Warrington, Cheshire area.


Cassie – 2 year old female Greyhound

Cassie is a two year old female Greyhound. She is a very happy, friendly and outgoing girl who will make a super companion for somebody. She has been in a foster home for a few weeks and apart from a couple of accidents in the first couple of days, has been clean in the home. She will go into a crate quite happily when her fosterers go out and can be left for a couple of hours without issue. She walks well on the lead and is good with other dogs whilst out on her walks.

Cassie is not however cat friendly. Cassie is very affectionate and loves to be fussed and deserves a forever home of her own . She is spayed, vaccinated, microchipped and flead and wormed. Cassie can be homed both locally and nationally dependent on a successful homecheck.


Poppy – 2 year old female Greyhound

Poppy is a two year old female Greyhound. She came to us from a stray pound, very thin and with a horrible wound to her side. She has been in foster with another hound for a few months and is a super little girl. Poppy walks well on the lead and is good with other dogs both big and small, she isn’t however cat friendly. She likes a good run about and comes back after she’s had zoom about!

Poppy’s ideal home would be another hound or hounds for her to run about and play with and keep her company. She isn’t a large Greyhound and would make a super friend for somebody, she is incredibly affectionate and an all round sweet, good girl.

Poppy is spayed, microchipped, vaccinated and flead and wormed. Poppy can be homed both locally and nationally, dependent on a succesful homecheck.


Frosty – 18 month old male Shih Tzu

Our lovely boy is a real cuddle monster and needs a special understanding home that will look past his disability. Frosty is originally from Romania and survived distemper. This has left him with nerve damage that means he bobs his head and can’t put his front leg down. He’s been fully vet checked and has a clean bill of health so he will have no lasting effects :)

It doesn’t effect our little lad and he runs and plays with all the other dos perfectly. He is great with dogs and children and really loves a fuss. He’s perfect and we love him! He comes fully vaccinated, microchipped and neutered with his own pet passport.


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