1-2 years

Holly – 1-2 year old female Beagle

Holly is a 1-2 year old female Beagle. She is dog and cat friendly. Holly can go with children 5+.


Lexi – 1 year old female Collie Cross

Lovely Lexi female Collie cross is in kennels with Ferdi and they have been named the cheeky girls. She is a spayed 1 year old dog and is the bigger of the pair. She is lovely in the stable environment if a little shy, very friendly with no food aggression, and loves her cuddles. Although the two cheeky girls can get a bit fired up after a cuddling session. She is fine with other dogs and people, is very gentle and well mannered. Lexi is not confident in the outside world and has refused to walk on a lead and laid flat in the grass as if to hide. She will need someone to work with her in a well secured garden where she can get used to the outside world.

Are you the family that can give Lexi the time, attention and love she needs to know that she is now safe?



Nemo and Florrie – 2 year old male Husky and 1 year old male Papillon Cross

Nemo and Florrie have been staying in kennels since early this summer on a temporary basis and were hoping to return to their family, however this hasn’t been possible so they are now looking for a new home. Nemo is a stunning dark eyed Husky and Florrie is a Papillon Cross.


They are beautiful dogs who are bonded and ideally are looking for a home together. They are friendly, although Florrie can be a little snappy so they are looking for a home without children and no cats as we don’t know how they are with cats. They are currently staying in boarding kennels. Adoption subject to homecheck and adoption fee.



Harley – 1 year old male Cross-Breed

Harley is a 1 year old medium sized Cross-breed with some German Shepherd in him. He is very lively but a big softy who loves his cuddles! He can be re-homed with children over ten years due to his slightly boisterous nature, he is good with other dogs but can’t be re-homed with cats.


Lucy – 1 year old female Cross-Breed

This gorgeous girl is Lucy, she is a 1 year old small to medium sized cross breed, possibly terrier and whippet somewhere in the mix! She was signed over into our care after her owner could no longer cope, Lucy had been spending most of her time shut in a cage living in her own mess. As a result she had some sores on her skin and bald patches, she was also crawling with fleas.

Lucy is now in a foster home and is blossoming into the most wonderful affectionate intelligent little girl, she will make someone a very loyal companion. Lucy is basically a 1 year old puppy, she had had very little training, she is learning and improving so quickly, she is now pretty much house trained, has a great recall and settles really well at night, as long as she can sleep on the bed with you! As Lucy has been through so much she does have a little separation anxiety, which is being worked on in the foster home and she is improving greatly, she will need a home ideally with another dog to help her settle and also in a home where someone will be with her most of the time at least initially to settle her in.

Lucy loves to keep busy, she would be great at flyball or something similar. Lucy travels really well in the car, shes great with other dogs although can be vocal and a little rough playing sometimes, shes in a foster home with cats and is fine but does like to playfully chase if the cats run, shes met horses and chickens and has been fine off lead around both.

Lucy has been neutered vaccinated and microchipped, she is just waiting for her forever home.


Benny – 1 year old male Shih Tzu

Meet Benny a year old Shih Tzu terrier fostered in Essex. Benny came to animalactiontrust when his owner could no longer manage grooming poor Benny. Benny was in pain and tried to stop us shaving off huge lumps of compounded hair balls. Eventually we made it and Benny is picking up self esteem. He is okay with gentle kind children and also good with cats and other dogs. He is in costume to cover his nakedness not because he enjoys being dressed up. Benny actually loves the mud and the outdoors. So beware, his grooming will be an expense to consider. He must never get in a mess again.

A few words from his fosterer: Benny has started playing, we gave him a ball and he loves it and plays fetch. He’s also started playing with us chasing hands etc. His face is lightening up and doesn’t smell any more as it’s now dry. He let me trim some more around his face and I don’t need to bathe it anymore as the nasty lumps have now gone and his eyes are no longer producing mucous (amazing stuff camomile tea!). He’s not scratching at all which is great and the flea bite scabs are starting to come off. He still likes to guard his paws but I’m sure it’s remembered pain as he snatches them away instinctively then relaxes and lets you hold them. I’m brushing him all over each day with a baby hairbrush which he doesn’t need but I am trying to de sensitise him to grooming so that he never gets grotty again. I’m so proud of him, he’s slowly getting there.


Tommy – 12 month old male Cross-Breed

My name is Tommy and I’m very lovable and a lot of fun! I’m about 12 months old and never really had a proper home breed – pure Mutt. I love to play and I’ve got loads of energy. My favourite games are playing tug, giving my toys a good shake and pulling their arms, legs and tails off. But I will play with anything that I can reach. Carrier bags are quite good because they make a really fun noise when you rip them up, and I often find bits of wood in the log basket that I can chew up. In fact I can have a great time with almost anything I can get get hold of! I’d never been off my lead on a walk until the other day, but when I was I had such a great time. I ran and ran and ran, got really muddy all over, played in the stream and bounced around on all the other dogs I met. Some didn’t really want me to, but I did anyway! There were some cyclists and they were great fun to chase and bark at, and I thought if I jumped up I might even be able to knock them off, but I didn’t quite manage that. Joggers were fun to chase too, but not as much as the bikes as they didn’t go as fast. I was having such a great time there was no way I was going back to have my lead put on, but in the end I got really tired so it was okay then.

Where I’m staying at the moment I’m not meant to go upstairs or get on the furniture, but I don’t take much notice of that. I either do it really fast so they can’t stop me, or I go all cuddly so they don’t get cross. I like to sneak upstairs because there’s sometimes a cat up there, and that makes me really excited. I’d really like to chase it, but when it looks at me it’s quite scary so I just bark instead. I think I’ll get more confident in time though, and then I can have loads of fun chasing her all over the place. I know where she likes to sleep now so I spend quite a lot of time looking in those places to see if I can find her. The other dog where I’m living doesn’t like me much, but I still try to play with her. She gets quite grumpy and growls at me, but I try to be really brave and have a go back at her – I don’t really mean it, but I don’t want to look like a scary cat! There’s a dog next door though who seems like they might be fun to play with, but I can’t see them because of the fence. Not to worry though, I’m really good at digging and I’ve already started work on a tunnel so I’ll be able to get under the fence for a game of chase soon!

When I first came here they tried to make me sleep in the kitchen at night, but I wanted to go to bed with them, so I made quite a fuss. In the end we’ve reached a compromise and I sleep in the lounge. I’d still rather be with them, but I don’t mind the lounge too much – at least I can curl up on the sofa and if I get bored I can throw the cushions on the floor and play with my toys. I’ve heard them talking about what my forever home might be like. They say they’re quite worried because I’m such a pretty dog people might want me because I look nice and not realise just how busy and messy I can be, and how much time and work it might take to get me to be good. I think it would be fun to live somewhere where they will take me for lots of long walks off the lead to tire me out, and not panic when I won’t come back straight away, or get too scared to let me off again. I hope they won’t get cross with me when I make the house untidy or muddy, and jump on the furniture with mucky paws. And I’d really like it if they let me sleep on their bed with them and not leave me on my own for very long, because I don’t like that much. I’m really smart so it would be fun if they would take me to obedience classes and agility and fun things like that. That might help me to concentrate and not be so unruly. It might also help me to learn not to jump all over other dogs when they don’t want to play with me. But it might not!!

My foster mum says I’m not ready to go yet until she’s got me a bit better at coming when I’m told (think I might be here a long time, lol!). She’s made me some really tasty liver treats and we’ve been practicing in the house. So now I rush upstairs and I come straight away when she rattles the treat bag and calls me. But then I rush straight back upstairs so we can do it again – it’s a really fun and tasty game. I think we’re going to try it outside off the lead soon, but it will probably still be more fun running around and chasing things than coming when I’m told, even if I do get a nice treat. In fact, I think I might be really quite old before I start slowing down and doing as I’m told – but then I’m still only a puppy really, so who knows what I’ll grow up like!

I have had all my vaccinations and even have a passport. I am actually from Spain but was not a Starfish Spanish dog I came over through another rescue who homed me with a lovely lady in a mobile home with no garden, only a balcony – she worked 4 days on and 4 days off – 12 hours !! and she did love me and arranged a dog walker to come in, but I was never let off the lead, but by now you are getting the picture about me and things did not work out but I have been told its not my fault. So I have moved on like us dogs do. So yes I am not the greatest but I AM TOMMY and will probably always be slightly crazy and loving life and at times a bit jumpy and scared. I will not fit into the family 2-4 kids and a dog I am afraid. I need more than that and want somebody who is a real doggy person,  too bright for my own good I am told. One of the tricks I have learned is if I run up the stairs to see where the cat is if I come down straight away I get a liver treat so I try and play this game a lot lol as I love the liver treats. I have had my love nuggets of, and had all my vaccinations, my own posh passport.


Sasha – 2-3 year old female German Shepherd cross Rottweiler

Sasha is 2 and a half years old, a German Shepherd cross Rottweiler. Sasha is good with children and other dogs. A loving gentle giant. Sasha could be a family dog or one to one. She is very loyal and doesn’t often leave out of site.


Mosco – 12-18 month old male Labrador cross Collie

Mosco is a male 12 – 18 month old Labrador cross with a Collie ( we think). He is a gentle boy. He is also very affectionate and loving. He likes to sit and give you his paw. Mosco is not a pushy sort, in fact he seems used to being an underdog. He is vaccinated, neutered, wormed, micro chipped and vet checked.


Ramsey – 18 month old male Collie Cross

Ramsey is an 18 month old male Collie cross ( maybe with a German Spitz). He is an absolute delight. He has a very kind, gentle demeanour and really wants to please you. He is a little submissive but this just makes him all the more endearing. He has been a very good boy with us and is no trouble at all. He also has been very good with the other dogs. He is vaccinated, wormed, neutered, micro chipped and vet checked.


Benji – 2 year old male Greyhound cross Saluki

Benji is a small stunning tan Greyhound cross Saluki small boy about 2 years old. Benji still acts a bit like a puppy, he is very playful and cuddly he is a very affectionate little boy. Benji is used to living with Comet. He is good with other dogs and children but may be too boisterous for under 8 years.


Poor Bengi has lost his home, where he lived with his friend Comet, after a marriage break up. Not good with cats or small pets. Benji is a medium sized dog. Benji has a good recall away from roads and never shown any aggression. He would make a good only pet or second dog. Could be homed separately from Comet but it would be nice to keep them together. His current location is in a foster home in Birmingham, West Midlands. He is vaccinated, wormed, flea treated, neutered and microchipped. Adoption fee is £155.


Bella – 19 month old female German Shepherd Cross

Bella is a 19 month old female German Shepherd cross. Bella is a stunning German Shepherd cross Collie type. She was born on 15th April 2013 and for a while was kept in the yard she was born in.. but when she grew too big they wanted her gone and rescuers stepped in to take her somewhere safe.

Bella has been in foster in Romania for a while and is now in foster in the UK so she knows all about being in a house and family home. She is very clean indoors, gets on great with the other dogs and adores children. She is not good with cats. Despite still being quite a youngster Bella is very calm and placid and an easy dog to have around.


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