3-5 years

Pepper – 3 year old male Dandie Dinmont Terrier Cross

Please meet pretty Pepper! Pepper is an approximately 3 year old Dandie Dinmont Terrier cross, He came into rescue when he was found as a stray and unclaimed after 7 days so was due to be put to sleep. Pepper is a very sweet adorable little fella that absolutely loves cuddles!! he loves nothing more than long walks, food and snuggling up with you.

Pepper is very shy at first so will need a quiet home where he can come to you in his own good time after a day to settle in he comes out of his shell and is an amazing little fella very typical of the breed. He will need an owner who knows the breed and grooming requirements etc, he will need regular clipping.

Pepper would love an adult only home as he is not used to children. He could live with other dogs and he is currently in foster with dogs of all shapes and sizes!. He is untested with cats but I think he would be fine with a dog savvy cat, he is castrated, fully vaccinated and microchipped. Can you love this little fella?


Hope – 4 year old female Cross-Breed

Hope was abandoned at a public shelter when heavily pregnant. She gave birth to nine puppies shortly after. Sadly a public shelter, also known as a death camp is no place to raise a family and seven of her puppies died. One pup was adopted from the shelter in Romania which left Hope and her daughter Charity. The dogs at the shelter live under constant threat of death but a sponsor took pity on Hope and Charity and sponsored their release from the shelter and paid for their upkeep in safe accommodation until were able to take them at safe rescue in the UK.

Hope is possibly around four years old. She has a beautiful temperament with people and with other dogs. She walks well on s lead and is amazingly loving and confidant despite her past.


Maddie – 4-6 year old female Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Poor Maddie suffered terribly before coming to us, found abandoned on a cold wet night part way through giving birth. We can only surmise as to what has happened to this girl and those thoughts are not pleasant. Maddie came to us when her pups were just 12 hours old, she had two pups, we have no idea what happened to any others or if in fact there were any others. Maddie was in a terrible state with her ears hanging in matted dreadlocks, her back end matted right down to her skin and covered in flea’s, infected eyes and overgrown nails along with terrible infected ears. This alone was bad enough but this poor girl gave birth alone and frightened.

Sadly Maddie’s other pup did not make it, she had a very large hernia that ruptured and nothing could be done to save her. She went peacefully being cuddled. Maddie’s sole surviving pup is now 9 days old, we don’t know what the future holds but we are doing our best for both of them. Maddie still comes for cuddles, her eyes hold fear and sadness yet still she tries to trust. She is the sweetest little girl and the most wonderful mum that you could wish for. She is doing great and looking after her pup really well.

It is doubtful that Maddie has seen a vet yet alone received any treatment, she has very few teeth and will need quite some work when her pup is grown. We are treating her ears and eyes, have trimmed all her matts off and made sure she is as warm and comfortable and secure as we can manage.

Maddie will be looking for a new home as soon as pup is old enough and she has finished receiving treatment. She is currently on Foster in Aldershot Hampshire.


Kurtis – 4 year old male Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Kurtis is a lovely, handsome 4 year old black Staffordshire Bull Terrier boy who has been waiting for nearly a year for his new home and is now available for rehoming. He walks well on the lead and enjoys sitting for a tasty treat, although he’s not on a diet (having gained a few pounds). He loves cuddles and having his belly ticked.

He is looking for a new home where he is the only pet in an adult home with experienced owners. Please give Kurtis the chance to show you how much of a brilliant pet he could be. Come and get to know is cheeky personality!


Lynx – 5 year old male Mastiff Cross

My name is Lynx, I am a 5 year old, male Mastiff cross. I arrived at Carla Lane Animals in Need after they saved me from being destroyed at the dog pound almost 2 years ago. Since then my life has been a roller coaster ride of a time, last year I fell I’ll and was on a drip in the vets. I lost a lot of weight and went down to 20kgs. It is a miracle that I pulled through. I am a big softy and love kisses and cuddles. I walk well on the lead and carry my kong toy everywhere I go. I walk well around other dogs too, but due too my past I can be dominant in the home so need an experience owner with no children or other pets. I am now ready for a forever home, I am now 43kgs and counting, a happy healthy boy.


Bailey – 3 year old male Boxer

Meet Bailey. He’s 3 a year old white boy who loves attention. He’s such a loving boy and loves having a good play of tuggie and also cuddles and licks! He’s an excitable and lively lad and does pull on lead until his energy has gone. He is looking for an adult only home with no children. He will chase cats, but he is fine with dogs. He previously lived with a Jack Russell cross and is now in foster with a boxer bitch.

Bailey had a couple of funny ‘turns’ earlier in the year, we are unsure if he had just fained or they were fits. The vet does not think he has epilepsy and his heart is fine. He has not had any problems in the last 4 months so it is something that may not happen again. Bailey is currently in foster in Redditch, Worcestershire.


Polo – 3-5 year old male Boxer

Hi everyone, my name is Polo! But you can call me whatever you like (within reason!) because I cant hear you anyway! I have been lucky enough to end up at JLBRL to find a new home, my owners left me on the streets and I ended up in the stray pound. I have been told I need to get some meat on my bones because I’m too skinny, I’m trying but I don’t really like it in kennels, I’m a bit stressed so its hard! One thing that is keeping me happy though is my toys, if anyone out there has a home for me ill be at your beck and call if there is a toy in it for me!

I would like a home with no other dogs though as I do not really get on with them much, I am more of a people person! Oh if you are proud of your garden I probably would not be a good match, gardens are for digging in, i like digging! ALOT! digging is my favorite thing to do, oh as well as chasing cars, I have been told this is not allowed and i need someone to teach me some manners around traffic, oops! Waiting patiently for the one.


Cooper – 3 year old male Boxer

Meet the handsome Cooper! This gorgeous boy is 3 years old, he is looking for a new home as sadly him and one of the dogs in the home have taken a disliking to each other. Since arriving with us Cooper has not been the outgoing dog we were told he was, he is VERY scared of new things and was absolutely petrified in his kennel when he first came in, he is slowly learning to cope better and will now greet you at the front of his kennel with a waggy tail rather than cowering in his bed. He can still get very spooked though, if something outside the home scares him he will tremble and growl, this is all fear based, if he is scared he will growl, he has NEVER bitten or snapped!

We have been told Cooper is a slight cross, but not sure what he is crossed with! As you can see from the pictures he is mostly boxer and is definitely very handsome so we are hoping this wont put you off! Cooper loves he walks, like most dogs he’s a bit pulley on the lead sometimes but in general he is very laid back, he loves cuddles from whoever will give them to him! Cooper needs a home with no children. In general he is okay with other dogs he knows but again he is still very nervous at the moment and is not happy around new dogs.

He has never been around cats but has been fine with the rabbits and budgies he lived with. He is used to being left alone but he does like to suck and chew his blankets and his plastic bed but never anything in the house.


Jessie – 5 year old female Lurcher

Lovely Jessie was previously homed by SGS and is looking for a new home through no fault of her own, she’s a quite a quiet girl and is a wee bit timid until she gets to know you.


Fergal – 3 year old male Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross Spaniel

Fergal is a wonderful, loving, happy boy looking for a new home. Sadly his owners split up and no one can keep him due to ill health and long working hours. Fergal would make a fantastic family dog, he loves people! He is great with other dogs and just loves to play with his human and doggy companions alike.

Fergal has never been around cats or small animals. He is not used to being left alone, so needs someone to be home for most of the day. He is an active dog so needs an active home. Fergal is very affectionate, he is a big softy with a lot of love to give his new family! He will make a wonderful addition to the family.


Daiana – 5 year old female Shih Tzu Cross

Please meet 5 year old Shih Tzu type, Daiana! Gorgeous little Daiana was abandoned by her owners and left tied up. This poor little soul waited by noone came back for her. She is a perfect little dog who loves people and other dogs. She is not cat tested but given her temperament we are sure she will be fine with them if introduced correctly.

This little lady is originally from Romania so comes with her own pet passport, fully vaccinated, neutered and microchipped. She is desperate to be back in a home where she can be spoilt forever.



Stanley – 2-4 year old male Basset Hound

Stanley is a 2-4 year old male Basset Hound. Stanley is a very characterful young boy and a lovable hunk. In true Bassett style he just loves sniffing everything he can find in the woods. Once he knows and trusts you, he does enjoy a fuss. Stanley does need an dog experienced home.


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