3-5 years

Bonnie – 3 year old female Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Please meet Beautiful Bonnie! Bonnie came to us from the council pound as an unclaimed stray, she was due to be put to sleep and so we took her in, We have no previous history for her. Bonnie is the most beautiful, obedient, Staffordshire Bull Terrier of approximately 3 years old I have ever had the pleasure to meet and foster! She is always on your lap wanting cuddles and attention. And is always wanting to please. She is fantastic on and off the lead, brilliant with other dogs and great with cats. She is not food aggressive and will not steal other dogs food.

Bonnie is clean in the house, and neutered, and can be left for short periods of time. She is non destructive and loves playing with a ball. Bonnie is perfect with children and can live with children age 6 plus, any one who adopts Bonnie is going to be very lucky to have her as part of their family! She is absolutely adorable, with a kind, loving heart.

Can you offer this softy a place in your heart and on your sofa?



Quintin – 4 year old male Pug cross Border Terrier

Quintin is a very friendly little dog, but very vocal and quite active as he is only 4 years old. He travels well in the car, gets on well with all sizes and varieties of dogs and also he shared his original home with a cat. Since arriving in foster he has been clean and dry in the home and will ask when he needs to go out. He is a little on the heavy side but with a little more exercise he will tone up. He is not greedy with his food, and plays with our Belgian Shepherd and Scottie very well.

Quintin gets very excited when we prepare to go out and does bounce around quite a bit. Further training and a routine and he should calm down. Quintin is very well behaved, will obey commands and has generally fitted in with us very quickly. He slept well last night, but did venture upstairs to be with us and our two dogs at night, but I think this was due to being in strange surroundings. He really seems to enjoy the company of our dogs, which is nice as he has been an only dog for 4 years. He has met other dogs whilst out on walks and has shown nothing but friendship to them all. He seems to have a slightly crooked toplip which curls into his mouth, which means that some of his top teeth show and also a “side fang”.

It does look as though he is snarling but far from it, we have not seen or heard anything of the kind. He will need some further training on walking on the lead though as he does pull very badly, but we are working on this. He does snore a bit too!! He has been neutered, vaccinated and micro chipped and is currently on foster in Gravesend Kent.


Sherlock – 3-4 year old male Pekingese Cross

Sherlock is a 3-4 years old Pekingese cross. He had a home once, but he was thrown onto the streets when they tired of him. For a short while he survived by hiding under cars from the perils of dog catchers and hungry larger dogs, eating rubbish. Luckily he was soon rescued as the life expectancy of any small dog on the streets of Romania is short!

Sherlock is a very confident small dog (under 10kg) with lots of character. His tail never stops wagging and he has no fears. He walks brilliantly on the lead, loves to run around which is adorable to watch his little legs scurry along. He has generally got on well with the other dogs in foster but is a typical small dog and can have “short’man attitude.

Anyone who has owned a Jack Russell Terrier, Chihuahua, Pekingese etc before will know understand the whole large dog in a small body attitude and what to expect. Indoors he likes to follow his foster mum around a lot and will happily sit on her lap whilst sitting at the computer, watching tv etc. Sherlock is looking for an adult only and cat free home.


Alfie – 3 year old male Saluki Cross

Alfie is a 3 years old Saluki cross. He is lovely friendly dog can be a bit boisterous so no young children in case he knocks them over. Definitely no cats and is good with dogs when he gets to know them is nervous of strange dogs .


Lucas – 2-4 year old male Lurcher

Lucas is a male 2 to 4 year old Lurcher. Lucas was picked up as a stray after a RTA where sadly he injured one of his back legs and had to have it amputated. Even though Lucas only has three legs it affects him in no way, he still runs like the wind, copes with stairs with no issues and plays with other dogs spinning like on a penny. Lucas is in a foster home in South Lincs.

Update: From foster mum.

When Lucas first came home with us I had some concerns on how well he would cope with only three legs, he had only recently had the back leg amputated and I feared he would struggle with certain things. Boy oh boy did this lad prove me wrong, he copes so well and now I forget he is even a tripod as it affects his normal daily life so little. Lucas is still a young boy and loves going for walks, he runs like the wind and is easily able to out run my own German Shepherd cross Collie, he can turn like a ice skater on ice. He is a very loyal dog and although loves sprinting of will always return to my side and does not like to be away from my side for to long. His recall is coming along and he is a quick learner and bright. He enjoys a toy and a treat. He does pull abit on a lead but it is not a huge issue and is normally initial excitement, he wil need extra training in this area.

Lucas is a positive boy who is always happy, he is constantly wagging his tail and is like a ray of sunshine, never sad. He is extremely affectionate and would be looking for a home who is looking for a cuddle monster and a rather large lap dog. He resides with my dogs and gets on well with them, he does enjoy a game and likes to play chase, he likes to cuddle up to another dog, he does need to be fed separately from other dogs He is clean in the home and travels well, he will often travel in a crate or in a harness next to me. Lucas has not met cats and I could not say how he would be.


Jade – 3 year old female Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Jade is a 3 year old classic little female Staffordshire Bull Terrier who is looking for a new home because her owner is not well and can no longer give her the exercise she needs. Jade is such a loving and friendly girl. She has lived with children of all ages from babies to teenagers and loves to play with them all. She’s housetrained and knows all her basic commands—sit, down, stay and in your bed! Give her a tasty chew and Jade can be left on her own without any problems. She has such a waggy tail and will roll over for a good old tummy rub.

Jade has lived happily with another Staffordshire Bull Terrier but is quite stiff with other dogs when out and about and will tell them off if they annoy her so we do need to rehome Jade with someone who has had experience with bull breeds before.

Jade would make a great family pet and can live with children of 8 years and over but she would prefer to be the only dog in the house and no cats please. Jade is neutered and micro-chipped


Roxie – 5 year old female Rottweiler Cross

Hi my name is Roxie! I am looking for a new home after a change in circumstance with her previous owner. I have been living with 2 small dogs but my owners had to move and were unable to take me with them.

Roxie is a 5 year old Rottweiler Cross. She is a sweet and friendly girl who will cuddle up next to you and probably won’t be able to resist giving you a little lick! She has always had access to a garden and therefore could not live in a flat. She could share her home with a small, calm male dog and children aged 12 years plus. She has not been cat tested yet.



Todd – 4-5 year old male Mastiff

Please meet Terrific Todd! Todd is a Mastiff of approx 4-5 years old, he came to us when he was left unclaimed in the pound and was due to be put to sleep after serving his 7 days – we have no previous history for him. He is quite the regal gent, he walks beautifully on the lead and is house trained, most of the day he spends snoozing on the sofa however he loves his food and walks!

Todd is a gentle giant who is mother hen to our tiny Dalmation puppy, he is a darling with not a bad bone in his body. He is currently a little under weight so is having 3 good meals a day to build him up. He loves other dogs so must be homed either where there is a resident dog or he would have plenty of contact with dogs. He is not destructive at all and is quite content being left for short periods. He is a very undemanding and lazy boy. Would suit an older person or couple.

This lovely boy would make a fantastic addition to any family as he is really laid back and undemanding, but equally a lovely cuddly loyal companion! Todd does have bursts of energy where he wants to play with you. He loves a tuggy toy and a football! Todd can live with other dogs and can also be housed with children age 13 plus.

Todd is castrated, fully vaccinated and chipped. He is flea and wormed. Could this gentle giant live with you?


Bungle – 3 year old female German Shepherd Cross

Bungle is a 3 year old female German Shepherd Cross. This dog is a favourite with all of us. His sunny disposition and desperation to be loved should have sailed him into a home a long long time ago. Bungle throws himself through life with such contagious enthusiasm and the laughter along the way is endless. He is a clumsy great oaf that will fling himself into the arms of those he loves in such a way that you temporarily forget he is not allowed to jump up every time. Bunge is now around three years old. His start in life was the oh-so-familiar tale of a chained dog in Romania. How this bundle of fun coped psychologically alone on the end of a chain I will never know perhaps that is why he is so determined to enjoy every moment now.

When his owners didn’t want him on the end of that chain anymore and even throwing a bit of food out for him every day became too much effort, they abandoned him onto the street. Now although Bungle is a wonderful dog he is really not a clever dog, his lack of street-wise caused him to be very quickly hit by a car in an accident that lost him a leg. Ironically it was that accident that really saved him. The rescuer that was called to his aid on the day of that collision, after so many people walked on by, picked him up took him to the vet and never let him back out onto the streets again.

Bungle came to us when he was well and has been in our care ever since. He has been in various foster homes and we know him very well. Bungle has lived as one of 26 dogs and 5 cats (don’t ask) and then in another foster home as one of 19 dogs. At first he can try it on a bit and be a bit possessive of the people he loves so much but when he is shown this is not allowed within a couple of days he becomes a very fun member of the pack.

We would so love to see our bungling idiot boy in a forever home of his own. It is surely his time now?


Millie – 3 year old female Rottweiler

Millie is a 3 year old female Rottweiler. Millie is a truly beautiful girl with a really lovely temperament to match. She is very calm and gentle and walks so well on the lead, bless her. She loves to be fussed and stroked and adored having her back tickled, she looked like she was in 7th heaven, she just loves human contact, bless her. She also loved giving Junko lots of kisses and is such a lovely girl. She is also very playful, she had a fantastic game with us and it was like watching a big puppy, she was so very sweet and had us in stitches! Millie has come from a family home, who had a change in circumstances and tragically Millie is with us through no fault of her own.

Millie will need someone at home with her for a good part of the day please, she will need 2 good walks every day please, either in the countryside or at the beach, and will need a secure, enclosed garden for extra fun and games with you (as she does love to romp about with toys). She will be spayed, vaccinated and microchipped and can be rehomed outside of the county, subject to a successful homecheck.

Millie is fine with other dogs and could possibly live with one. She has mixed with children and could be rehomed with children aged 10+. She has no knowledge of cats, but can be cat tested. Millie more than deserves to find a loving, forever home and definitely needs to make up for lost time please! She will make a really wonderful companion and will bring masses of love, fun and
entertainment with her. Whoever adopts Millie is going to be extremely lucky, they really are.


Marvin – 1-3 year old male Cross-Breed

Marvin is a 1- 3 year old Cross-Breed. He is a very happy, friendly little boy who is very kind and loving. When meeting new people, he can be shy, but soon comes around. However, he is very affectionate. Marvin loves his toys, especially a ball and can spend hours playing in the garden with it. This boy loves his food and has a very sweet temperament. Marvin enjoys his walks and spending time with people. He is looking for a family, that are willing to give him the unconditional love, and companionship. Ideally an active family, couple or single person. Resident, visiting, or grand children are welcomed.

Currently Marvin is living with 6 dogs of both sex, various ages and temperaments. There are also children here aged between 3 and 12 years old. Marve loves children, especially the 3 year old. Marvin Gaye would benefit from an environment, that is easy going with the opportunity to
participate in activities. Marvin travels well in a car, can be left at home, walks very well on a lead and is a very happy quiet little character with lots of things to do. He is not your typical dog/small breed, he is a fun loving bundle of love!

Life for Cousin Marve started in Romania. It is most possible he lived on the streets, and had to use his pure and utter cuteness to earn his good. Vaccinated, wormed, flea treated, microchipped, neutered and ready to go! If you are an individual/couple/retired couple looking for a dog to join your family/house-hold then dear Marve could be for you.

All dogs are adopted subject to a successful home-check. Fees, terms and conditions apply.

We re-home all over the United Kingdom, so please get in touch to generate
your interest.


Tye – 5 year old male Labrador Cross

Tye is a 5 year old neutered male Labrador cross. He came in for rehoming on 2nd December 2014 as he was not getting on with the cats in the home. Tye is a friendly, lively boy who knows sit, down, paw, leave, close and his name on command. He is house-trained, good when groomed, travels well and enjoys playing with toys.

Tye is friendly with some female dogs but needs a home without cats. He is looking for an active family and could live with older children.

Please contact RSPCA Sussex, Brighton and East Grinstead for more details.


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