3-5 years

Tilly – 2-3 year old female Jack Russell Terrier

This is the beautiful Tilly. Tilly is a 2-3 year old female Jack Russell Terrier. Tilly arrived as a stray about to give birth, her puppies are now weaned and Tilly is ready to find herself a home to call her own. Tilly is a gorgeous girl, she has been a fantastic mum to her 8 babies.

Tilly is a lovely friendly girl, she is house trained, non destructive when left and just lovely. Tilly is good with other dogs, fine with cats and chickens. Tilly loves her walks, and her cuddles. Tilly is spayed, chipped and has had her first vaccination.

Can you offer this girl her loving forever home that she deserves ?


Zeus – 5 year old male Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Zeus is 5 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier and is soppy chap who just wants to be loved! He recently got transferred to RSPCA bawtry where we hope that he’ll get a truly wonderful home. He’s a very special boy that gets anxious in kennels and would benefit from a quiet, only pet, mature household who can spend a lot of time, walking, playing and fussing him..

One of the silly things that Zeus likes to do, is get a giant stick that’s far to big for him and attempt to run around with it, obviously this doesn’t work very well but its still a giggle and he thoroughly enjoys himself!


Elvis – 3 year old male English Cocker Spaniel

Elvis is a 3 year old male English Cocker Spaniel. He is such an adorable boy who loves a cuddle and attention and is also bonkers about balls! He would be better off as an only dog as he can be a bit possessive of his favorite toys, however he is fantastic to walk with other dogs and in the paddock but likes to keep his balls for himself!!! He is vaccinated, wormed, neutered micro chipped and vet checked. He also has a pet passport.


Elmo – 3 year old male Border Collie Cross

Elmo is a 3 year old male Border Collie type. He is such a kindly, submissive gentleman. He loves a fuss but would never force himself upon you, he just gentle sidles up to you in that typical, collie way and then rests his head or paw on you. He’s such a lovely boy who genuinely tries hard to please. Sadly it’s pretty obvious that someone has been mean to him in the past. However, once he has spent a couple of minutes getting to know you he comes right out of himself. He is vaccinated, wormed, micro chipped and vet checked.


Robyn – 5 year old female Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Robyn is a gorgeous ex breeding Ruby Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, she is quite shy and nervous but does love a cuddle. She is learning all about life as a pet but will need kind and patient owners who are happy to work at her pace. She will need further training on a lead and a few accidents should be expected when she goes to her new home.

Robyn will need new owners who are around for most of the day and she will also need to be re homed with another resident dog. She is not used to children so older teenagers who understand that she is shy and may take a little time to settle. Please do not apply if you do not have a resident dog as we will not re home her as an only dog. She is a really charming little girl who although nervous still greets everyone with a waggy tail.

Robyn has been neutered, vaccinated, had a dental and been micro chipped. She is currently on foster in Streatham London.


Dexter – 4 year old male Jack Russell Terrier

Dexter is a 4 year old male Jack Russell Terrier. Lovely cheeky chap Dexter is a very sweet young man. Sadly his owners can no longer keep him. We have been told he is good with children and has been around a 10 year old and a 15 year old. He is good with female dogs but can be yappy around males. He does not like cats at all. Dexter is very friendly and loves to sit on your knee.


Chops – 5 year old male Jack Russell Terrier

Chops is a 5 year old male Jack Russell Terrier. Cheeky boy Chops is a very happy giddy boy who loves nothing more then to give every body he meets a big kiss. He is a typical Terrier and is always ready for an adventure. Chops is currently sharing a kennel with another Terrier and has been very good. We dont have much information on him so we are unsure what he would be like with children or cats but we feel he would make a fantastic family dog.


Calvin – 3 year old male Jack Russell Terrier

Mr Calvin is a very happy chap who loves nothing more then a long walk sniffing every bush in site! Calvin is a 3 year old male Jack Russell Terrier. Calvin is a typical Terrier and is very confident if given a inch he will take a mile. Calvin needs to be in a home with set boundaries and he must know his place. He is good with dogs and should be fine with older children. Calvin might look cute but he has a big personalty and needs to be in a home with people who understand the breed.


Bob – 5 year old male English Springer Spaniel cross Terrier

Bob is a delightful little boy. He is house trained and he has the most lovely personality. Bob is good on the lead and with a little training he would be good when off. He is good with other dogs and would be happy in a home with children.

Bob loves sniffing about with his tail high in the air – it’s his favourite thing to do. We feel that Bob would settle well into any home as he done so into kennel life. Bob would like an active home and he requires very little further training as he knows the basics.

We hope this lovely boy finds a new home soon.


Monty – 3 year old male Cross-Breed

A handsome three year old medium sized mixed breed boy, Monty loves people, especially children (although we would no’t home him with young children as that is our policy as a rescue). He isn’t so keen on cats and definitely prefers the ladies when it comes to other dogs, so we would prefer a home with bitches only. After brutal treatment from the dogcatchers in Romania he hates having the lead attached to his collar but is absolutely fine with it on his harness. He adores cuddles, being brushed and affection. He is longing to be a loyal companion to his forever family, please help him.


Gus – 4 year old male Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Gus was recently transferred to us from another RSPCA Centre. He is a happy-go-lucky boy with lots of love to give. Gus has lots of energy and loves to play. He would like a home with someone who has lots of time to spend with him and take him for long walks. He is a lovable chap and anyone who meets him instantly falls in love with him. He would need a home with older children as he is very energetic, but he has so much love to give and desperately needs someone to take him home. Gus is a typical Staffordshire Bull Terrier and always has a smile on his face. He walks better on a harness and his favourite game is playing with his ragger!! Gus may live with calmer dogs, pending a successful meet at the shelter.


Bentley – 4 year old male English Bull Terrier Cross

Bentley is a very handsome loveable 4 year old English Bull Terrier cross boy. He walks perfect on his head collar and adores giving everyone he meets cuddles and kisses. He has a chair in his kennels and loves nothing more than snuggling up for a cuddle. We also know he is perfect in a home environment just excitable when new people come in to meet him. He would make a great pet and we will miss him when he goes.


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