3-5 years

Charlie – 3-5 year old male Chinese Crested Powderpuff

Cute Charlie is a gorgeously fluffy Chinese Crested Powderpuff and is a very loving little lad. Charlie is a very fit and healthy dog, has no ailments and is on no medication. He is lively in the house and will play with toys. Charlie could walk as far as you are willing to take him and as often. He’s living in an Oldies Club foster home in Barnsley, South Yorkshire while he hopes to find his perfect forever home. Charlie is a gorgeous and cuddly little guy who likes to bring his toy for a play. He looks forward to his walks and enjoys his dinner, getting excited when he sees his dish. He likes to be close to his special person which may be because he is deaf. Charlie did quite a bit of howling to start with and suffered from a bit of separation anxiety. He does not like the door being shut on him. After a few days, however, the howling stopped but he is still quite stressed if left on the wrong side of the door.

Charlie’s previous owners said he was left alone about 5 hours a day. There is usually someone at his foster home, but he has been left for the usual shopping trips. Charlie does howl to start with but has always been found him settled and quiet on return. He seems to find comfort in being close to people and would much prefer someone around most of the time. Charlie had a doggy friend at his previous home until a few months ago. He has been fine with the dogs in his foster home. They seem to mainly ignore each other, but there have signs of playing. He picks up on their behaviour and he would probably like a calm, quiet playmate. He does not cope well with dogs outdoors. There were cats in his previous home, but he has not been tested with them in his current home. He should be fine with dog-savvy cats. Charlie’s previous owner had a teenage boy and some younger grandchildren and said he was fine with them. He seems to get excited when he sees children, particularly when they are playing football. Any introduction to children would need to be undertaken very carefully.

Charlie is deaf and so needs to be kept on a lead outside. He does pull to start with but then settles down. He has no recall. Indoors, he does respond to some hand signals if he is looking at you. He follows his foster carer’s dogs and copies their movements. Charlie likes to sit on the back seat or in the footwell. Sometimes he whimpers for a few minutes at the start of the drive but generally will sleep. He loves his toys, loves his food, loves being tickled and patted and loves a big cuddle on your knee! He’s not really keen on being picked up. Nothing else worries him in the house. He does have fear aggression when out walking and will pull on the lead and try to get to other dogs. This is being worked on to try and get him to ignore other dogs (though a bit hit and miss at the moment).

Charlie would like a quiet home with someone to give him lots and lots of attention. He is a very loving dog and likes to be very close. This may be due to his deafness that he needs the comfort of being able to touch you, even just sitting at your feet. A doggy friend would be nice if it were a quiet, patient, calm dog, but also he could be an only dog if you could give him lots of time. If new people come into the house, they need to be told to ignore him and let him come to them otherwise he may snap though he has not ever made contact and it is just fear. Charlie has no health problems at all. He is fit and well and enjoys a good play with you and his toys. He has been vaccinated, microchipped and flea/worm treated.

“ Charlie is a completely different dog in the house – he is sweet and cuddly. He brings his toy for a play, looks forward to his walks, enjoys his dinner and gets excited when he sees his dish. In the house he is every bit as gorgeous as his picture. Outside, Charlie has learned the behaviour of pulling on the lead, barking and trying to get to other dogs. He seems to go from calm to intense in seconds. He can only focus on the other dog and this is a habit that needs breaking. This is being worked on and this will need to be taken on by his new family. ”


Dolly and QP – 4 and 7 year old male and female Tibetan Terrier Crosses

Meet Dolly and QP, a mother and son who have come to us after being tied up together. Dolly is 7 and QP is 4. Dolly and QP are lovely dogs, who are very friendly with people and love to snuggle up! They are good with dogs when out and about. Dolly and QP can be separated, but if they are adopted individually will need to live with another dog. They have always lived with other dogs and wouldn’t like to live without a canine companion. They haven’t been cat tested.


Sandy – 5 year old female Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross French Bulldog

”Hello everybody, I am Sandy! I am a Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross French Bulldog and I am 5 years old. Unfortunately due to a change in circumstance my owner can no longer keep me and now I am looking for a new forever home with All Dogs Matter.”

Sandy is a sweet and friendly girl who needs to find her forever home. She could live in a home with children aged 8 years and over. She has also lived with cats before, so could possibly share her new home with dog-savvy felines! She is fine with dogs when out and about, but would prefer to be the only dog in the home. She is neutered, microchipped and will be up to date with her vaccinations.



Izzy – 5 year old female Spaniel Cross

Meet Izzy, a Spaniel cross who has come to us after her owners had a change of circumstance. Izzy is a nervous dog, who is quite shy when you first meet her. Once she knows you, she is affectionate and loving. Izzy is an anxious dog, who struggles to leave the house. She becomes frozen and will refuse to move.

We believe that these problems can be overcome, but Izzy will need a patient and experienced owner who is able to help her.

Part of Izzy’s problem is due to her location in London. We would like to rehome Izzy to someone in a rural location. Izzy will need to live in a property that has access to a garden. Izzy is good with other dogs and could live with a calm male. Izzy would prefer to live with kids over 12. No cats please!


Zack – 3 year old male Border Collie

Meet Zack our 3 year old Border Collie who after a lot of work is now ready to be rehomed. Zack has some trust issues when he first meets people so he will need multiple visits before a home trial. He is good on and off the lead, with great recall.

Good with other dogs when he’s out, but would need to be the only dog in his new home. He loves a treat and to show off how he can sit and give both paws.

You will need to be an experienced dog owner to be suitable for Zack with no children and be able to offer him the large amount of exercise he will require DAILY. He is a lovely dog who is showing more of his personality everyday after such a poor start to life. We need to make sure Zack goes to the right and forever home as the stress of being returned would have a bad effect on him.


Pepper – 3 year old male American Bulldog

Pepper is a 3 year old American Bulldog, she is good with other dogs and great with kids age 4+, hasn’t been tested yet with cats. Pepper is a big stong but friendly girl and listens to commands well. She loves to go out on walks and get some fuss.

She is here through no fault of her own and and was saved from being pts at the pound after her owners couldn’t be found. People are put off by Peppers size which is a shame as she is well trained and has so much love to give the right family.

Please get in touch if you think you could be Peppers forever home.


Tilly – 5 year old female American Bulldog Cross

Meet Tilly! She’s an American Bulldog cross who has come to us after being found as a stray. Tilly is 5 years old and is a lovely dog, but can be quite shy until she gets to know you. Tilly is a very loving and friendly dog, who would love to get into kennels and into a foster home.

Tilly has had some training, so knows how to sit and stay. She’s also house trained. Tilly walks well on the lead and doesn’t pull.


Greta – 2-3 year old female Collie Cross

Greta is a young female around 2-3 years old. She is a friendly girl who is great with other dogs. She would make a wonderful companion, she is has a lovely nature as she is quiet and very mild. Greta was rescued from the streets and taken to a private shelter, and from there came to the UK. She is a very pretty girl, roughly the size of a small collie and looks as though she has collie in her breed. She is friendly will all the other dogs, but a nervous girl who will benefit from being homed with another dog.

She loves her treats so food orientated training would work very well with her. After being there a little while she ran up when we called her, but she will stop just before she gets to you and walks slower. You can see that she wants to come to you, she is just unsure. She has improved greatly in the few weeks she has been here as she gets to know the people who are taking care of her, but she really needs more 1 on 1 just to build her confidence. She didn’t bark at all whilst we were there, and was running up and down the stables and wagging her tail. She will definitely blossom, and she will come to you it’s just confidence building.

Greta is a girl who wants to be loved, she needs a family who are willing to spend a little time with her. I have no doubt that once she has a home, she will be a very quick learner as she loves her treats and will come on leaps and bounds. She is located in Essex but can be rehomed anywhere in the UK. Homecheck and adoption fee apply.


Maya – 3 year old female Terrier Cross

Maya is a sweet 3 year old girl. She is very sociable, loving and gentle and sits for treats. Maya and is excellent with other dogs and would love a home with a doggy friend or friends. She is quite good on the lead already but will benefit from more training. She has no hang ups at all and will make anyone an excellent pet for some lucky person. Maya is not good with cats as although she is not aggressive, she enjoys a chase!

Maya has lots of love to give and is very eager to please. She would enjoy a garden in which to play, and lovely walks with a family. Maya was found living alone in a field in Romania most likely abandoned as are so many others, and was trying her best to find food and survive. She is blind in one eye, which could be the reason why she was no longer wanted. Homecheck and adoption fee apply. Maya is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.


Tasha – 4-6 year old female Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Tasha is a little poppet, she has not had the best of lives, clearly been used for breeding and is not used to life in a home. She is waggy and friendly and does walk on a lead. She will be best re homed with another resident dog, but under the right circumstances may be suitable to be re homed as an only dog.

Tasha can be homed with older sensible children. We do not know what she is like with cats. She is at present a little on the “rotund” side so a careful eye on her diet and exercise will be needed. She will be neutered, vaccinated and micro chipped and will have had all her flea and worming treatments. Tasha is currently on foster in Alton Hampshire.


Andrea – 5 year old female Cross-Breed

This is the beautiful Andrea. Andrea is a 5 year old medium size Crossbreed girl. As you can see from her photos. Andrea is a Tripawd girl. Dont let this put you off. Andrea does just fine. She is a happy, loving friendly girl. who is good with other dogs, and always very happy to see you.

Andrea loves her cuddles. Andrea has a very sweet nature and would love a home to call her own. Andrea is spayed, chipped and vaccinated.

Can you offer this lovely girl her forever home ?


Peaches – 3 year old female Old Tyme Bulldog Cross

Peaches is a lovely, bouncy girl who we believe to be an Old Tyme Bulldog or cross of, 3 years approximately. She walks well on the lead although can be a bit excited initially but soon calms down into a pleasant gait. She is great offload too and her recall is good. Peaches ended up on death row in a pound before we took her in so we have no history on her.

However she is a good girl in her foster home with other dogs and older children but we think she loves all the attention to herself so would love to be the only dog in the household so she can have all the cuddles. She can be left reasonable periods and has not been destructive. Peaches travels well in the car. All enquiries within reasonable distance to Essex.


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