3-5 years

Missy – 5 year old female Akita

Let us introduce you to our sweet Missy, a laid back female of 5 years of age. Missy has come to us as an unclaimed stray, how anyone could not claim her is a mystery to us! Missy is a very gentle girl who adores to be in company, either human or canine so with this in mind she could live with a male companion pending successful introductions. As we do not have any history on her we will only look to place her in a home with older, dog aware children.

Missy is very calm and well behaved, she loves her walks and is an absolute dream on the lead. She travels very well in the car, choosing to look out of the window and watch the world go by. She knows her basic commands and she absolutely adores to be fussed and to share a cuddle.

Missy would make some lucky person a fantastic companion, if you are interested in offering her a new forever home then please contact us.


Pippa – 4 year old female Chihuahua cross Jack Russell Terrier

Pippa is a 4 year old Chihuahua cross Jack Russell Terrier. She is tiny and weighs 4 kg. Pippa has been diagnosed with Lupus (there are two types dogs can get and Pippa has the milder type) at some point in her life, a condition which flares up under extreme stress and manifests itself in hair loss, scaling or flaking of the skin and skin erosions primarily on the face and ears. She hasnt had a flare up in the 6 months she has been with The Little Dog Rescue. Our vet has said if she does have a flare up the only treatment is steroids so on going costs will be minimal.

Pippa can be nervous meeting new people and needs to be allowed time to get to know people at her own pace. Once she is comfortable with people she is very friendly and loves cuddles. Ideally her new home will be local to where Pippa is in foster so she can get to know her new family over a few visits. Pippa is a nervous, little girl and would benefit from gradual introductions.


Linus – 4 year old male Labrador Cross

Poor little Linus Labrador cross is breaking his heart in kennels. He cries all the time and just wants to be in a home and loved. Linus is around 4 years old, looks a little like a short legged lab and has not yet been neutered so this would need to be done in his home. He is fine with other dogs if a little bit shy and he is also not bad on the lead. He just loves attention and you could happily cuddle him all day. Linus needs a home environment quickly as he is not coping well in kennels – if you can be his savior he will reward you with unconditional love.



Greta – 2-3 year old female Cross-Breed

Greta Crossbreed is an absolutely adorable dog who is only 2-3 years old and she has been spayed. She was rescued from the streets of Romania and funded by Blind Dog Rescue as Greta only has sight in one of her eyes. She can be a bit giddy and skittish and she loves her cuddles. She can also be quite shy but is coming along nicely with her new roomie (Alex and a little yorkie). She will need someone who can invest in her general training including on a lead, and a bit of work on calming her down. She will be a lovely family dog in the right home.


Pedro – 3 year old male Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Pedro needs a supportive family who are ready to lift him up into their care. Pedro would prefer an ‘at home’ companion and needs to be around his humans in an inclusive home life. He would be happiest having all his family’s love to himself. Pedro will require a day in London in early 2015 to have knee bolts removed. The Rescue will absorb the cost of this post-op procedure. We recommend that adopters retain their new dog on a lead in order to support and safeguard it during encounters with other dogs.

Pedro came into our care when a kind dog warden approached our Rescue hoping we would give him his final chance; in her heart she thought it was probably too much to ask. Pedro was a stray and presented with a terrible knee that needed urgent surgery; he must have been in pain all his life. Our vet offered us an amazing treatment price to save his life and thankfully the rest is history. Pedro is now neutered, microchipped and fully vaccinated. He is fostered in Tunbridge Wells.

Pedro shines Love. He is now experiencing a pain-free life thanks to our vets. We discovered that Pedro didn’t understand what a lead was and we believe he had been crated most of his young life. He is now enjoying his walks and has only a little less gusto than when he first walked forwards with a knee that actually worked! Pedro needs attention with his housetraining; this should be achieved quickly in a companion home, as previously proved during a short one-week foster placement. Pedro travels well crated. He is a happy chappie.

Pedro is a small white Staffordshire Bull Terrier with button eyes and a huge smile. He is ‘busy’ and loves to explore. He has nearly recovered from his complex knee surgery but will need two bolts removed in January-February 2015 by our vet in West Croydon. Rescue Remedies will pay for this. We don’t want this to hold Pedro back – we are all hoping he will be settled into his forever home before Christmas!

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Sadie – 5 year old female Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Sadie is an easy Staffordshire Bull Terrier, perfect for a first time Staffordshire Bull Terrier dog family. She is proven with children. Sadie needs a compassionate family. She once had a cancerous growth on her foot and although it has fully cleared and there is no sign of its return, it could come back. Our vet in South London will offer “rescue rate” services should that happen, although the disease’s return is unlikely. We recommend that adopters retain their new dog on a lead in order to support and safeguard it during encounters with other dogs.

Sadie was found stray with a tumour on her back right foot. The dog warden didn’t think any Rescue would take her on, but asked us out of compassion. The tumour was removed and there has been no sign of its return since June 2014 so she seems clear. Sadie is now spayed, chipped and vaccinated. Sadie is fostered in Aldershot with children.

Lady Sadie is such a bright star. Sadie has it all; she is affectionate, kind, doesn’t leap up, and is such fun to be with. Sadie is housetrained and we are sure she came from a good background. She can be left but deserves to be included in family activities. Sadie meets dogs well outside. Sadie definitely had her fans when she was in kennels. The volunteer dog walkers loved her to bits.

Sadie is a black-brindle lickle Staffie. She has a huge smile and wants you to be the centre of her world. She takes everything in her stride; in kennels she was cheerful and settled in her bed when left. In foster she is respectful and loves to relax or be active beside you whatever you are doing. Sadie is a people pleaser!

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Cadi and Bobi – 8 and 4 year old male Terriers

Cadi and Bobi are 8 years and 4 years old Terriers. They need a home where they can stay together. They are neutered and vaccinated. Their owner cannot keep them and is reluctantly parting with the pair due them being unused to young children. An adult home or a home with older children is required for these two pals. They are house trained and fine with nearly all other dogs though unused to cats. They are very affectionate and love to cuddle up on the sofa as well as enjoying their walks.


Milou – 3-4 year old male Collie Cross

Milou is a 3 to 4 year old male Collie Cross. This lad has not had a good life before coming in to our care and at first was very scared, he is beginning to trust us and is showing signs of gaining some confidence. He so wants to be a part of the action and will gently take a treat if offered. He wags his tails but shakes with fear and we can only imagine what this lad has had to go through. He is looking for a patient quiet home where someone can guide him to living in a loving environment. Milou is not used to being on a lead or going for walks.


Sammy – 4-5 year old male Collie Cross

Sammy is a male red Collie cross of approximately 4 to 5 years of age. Sammy is about the height of a Springer spaniel. This lad is super friendly, he loves being fussed and knows all the tricks to gain attention. Sammy is not used to being on a lead and will need continued training and help in this area.


Ben – 2-4 year old male Lurcher

Ben is a male Lurcher 2 to 4 years of age who has come in to our care via the pound. A stunning looking boy he is not to bad on the lead and enjoys going for a walk. Ben enjoys a cuddle and gets on with his kennel mate. He is very interested in small mammals.


Lucy – 2-3 year old female Whippet Cross

Lucy is a 2 to 3 year old female Whippet cross who came in to our care with a damaged leg, this has now been treated and she is looking for a forever home. Lucy is a friendly girl who gets on with other dogs, she enjoys a cuddle. A easy going girl who would make a super companion.


Tia – 2-4 year old female Rottweiler

Tia is a beautiful young Rottweiler of approximately 2 to 4 years of age, she responds well to commands but would require further training as she is strong on the lead. Tia is currently sharing her bed with the handsome Khan (German Shepherd Dog boy) and they seem to enjoy each others company. Tia will require an experienced owner who understand her breed traits.


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