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Paddy – 10 year old male Border Terrier Cross

Hello, my name is Paddy. I’m a ten year old male Border Terrier crossbreed. I arrived at The Mayhew because my owner died. I’m a calm and sensible chap. I get along well with everyone I meet and I’m super affectionate. I enjoy being stroked, if you stop stroking me I’ll offer you my paw to ask you to continue. I also get along very well with other dogs, if another dog is too boisterous for me I’ll simply tell them off.

I’m toilet-trained, I can be left home alone for a couple of hours without any problems, I walk nicely on my lead and I know the basic commands which I respond well to. I love my food and I can become grumpy if you disturb me when I’m eating. Being an older chap I also don’t appreciate being man-handled. I enjoy travelling in the car, especially if I can sit on the front seat and look out the window!

I’m now looking for a forever home with an experienced person or family who have owned dogs before and have researched my breed type. I’m looking for an all adult home without visiting young children and I can also live with a calm dog providing they’ll give me space to settle in, but no cats please. I’ll need to live in either a house or ground floor flat with direct access to a garden. My new owners will be expected to provide me with a minimum of one hour of off-lead exercise every day.

If you’re interested in adopting me you will need to be fully prepared for the hard work and long-term commitment involved in caring for a dog, which must not be taken lightly.
I hope to see you soon,


Bobitza – 7 year old male Cross-Breed

Bobitza is a 7 year old, mixed breed small dog. He was found on the streets of Romania where he was picked on by all the other dogs. He must have experienced a lot of pain in his life and he is quiet and shy but such a happy little boy too. He gets excited to see you and wags his tail.

Bobitza is good with people and is fine with the current dogs he lives with of various sizes but still needs to be cat tested. He is currently living with children but due to his shy nature he would need older children or a very calm quiet child. After all he has been through he really deserves a quiet, peaceful life where he can be spoilt. I’ m sure anyone who meets this beautiful boy will fall in love.


Sally – 10 year old female Cross-Breed

Sally is a beautiful 10 year old, medium sized cross breed girl. In Romania she lived near an apartment building for many years. She had her dog house, she had people who took care of her, fed her, neutered her and she used to accompany people while they walked their dogs. She had a sort of home like so many old dogs around the apartment buildings in Romania.

Despite her old age and beautiful, friendly character she was no longer safe there after the euthanasia law was approved so she was rescued and taken to a shelter to keep her safe. She is great with the children in her UK foster care (age 5 years and 13 years) and gets on very well with the other dogs even engaging them in play very quickly. She will be cat tested this week.

Sally is such a sweet natured, old girl who even at her age loves to play with toys and really just wants to live out her remaining years with her very own family. Contact us to find out more about Sally.


Rocky – 8 year old male German Shepherd Dog

Rocky is a lovely boy who is sadly looking for a new home through no fault of his own. He is a very easy dog who has adapted well to the changes he has been through. He travels well in the car is clean in the home and can be left for short periods.

He is looking for new owners who are around for most of the day as he does like his companions and of course a comfy sofa. He is fine with other dogs and is currently in foster with four other males of varying size and age without issue. Rocky loves his walks and walks well on a lead.

Rocky is a little barky with cats so either a cat free home or a very dog savvy one would be best. Due to his size older sensible children please. He has been neutered, vaccinated and micro chipped and is currently on foster in Grays Essex.


Kubla and Arthur – 10 year old male Labradors

Kubla and Arthur are two handsome Labradors are looking for a new home through no fault of their own. They are around 10 years old but still active and enjoy gentle walks and pottering around. They are good with other dogs, cats and love people. They are very well behaved and they will make great companions and additions to the family.

They adore love and cuddles. They have been through it and have been moved around a lot before coming in to rescue and we are keen to find their forever home soon so they can get settle and enjoy their twilight years. They will be covered for life with all vet bills and medical treatment. Could live with children.



Holly – 11 year old female English Springer Spaniel

Holly is an 11 year old female English Springer Spaniel. Holly has been in a foster home for a couple of weeks and is an absolute joy to have around. She is such a happy dog and lets us know just how much she enjoys life by playing percussion with her tail on any bin or radiator in range! Holly is full of energy and loves going for walks, sniffing around the garden as well as chasing her tennis ball or running after her foster brother, even though her sight isn’t very good. The initial pictures of Holly show her with a ‘blue film’ covering her eyes, but since being with us, she has been on a course of eye drops and her vision is improving daily and the blue film disappearing. The improvement has almost been miraculous and we are able to throw her tennis ball further and further every day which is just fantastic.

With this, we have seen Holly’s confidence grow rapidly. Her hearing isn’t too good, but this doesn’t appear to hamper her at all. When out and about, everyone falls in love with Holly. She loves everyone she meets, rewarding their attention (and sometimes treats!) with a big smile and a waggy tail. She is currently sharing her foster home with another dog and is totally relaxed with him. Both rush to get possession of their favorite bed or the first cuddle always coming to an amicable agreement, usually sharing even if it means both of them squeezing into the smallest space imaginable! Holly can’t wait to get her forever home. She will make the most wonderful companion for the right people. Her energy and enjoyment of life means that the little extra care she needs is insignificant and she will reward her new family a hundredfold.


Lennox – 8 year old male Rottweiler

Lennox has come to us as his owners have moved into a rented home where pets are not allowed. Lennox is a big softy but needs an owner who is confident. Rottweilers are often misunderstood and in the right hand can be very loyal and fantastic family pets. But they need a strong owner who will set down rules and have some experience with the breed. He walks very well on his lead with his halti and is fully house trained.

Lennox has not had much contact with children so is looking for a home with older children who are used to big dogs. His owners have also told us that he is o.k round other dogs but needs to be the only dog in the home. Lennox hates to travel in the car and gets very stressed. If you think you can give Lennox a new home please ring or pop up and have a chat with Diane the manager who is currently working with him


Nakita – 8 year old female Akita

Nakita is an 8 year old female Akita. Nikita is a very beautiful friendly girl who cant wait to be part of a new family. She is good with calm dogs but can be a bit bossy so would be best as an only dog in her new home. She is very gentle around children of all ages. Nikita is looking for new home with people who have experience with the breed and can give her the love and exercise she needs. Nikita loves to go on long walks but is very strong she is currently being halti trained. Nikita really is a big friendly teddy bear who has a beautiful personality.


Toby – 7 year old male Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Toby is a striking and predominantly black and white Cavalier with a little tri-colour on his head. Toby has lived in multi dog household for many years and all went well until the cat, his best friend died. Toby became increasingly anxious and fretful after this event. He loves people, any and all. However he and his elderly dog companion began to disagree so much that Toby is now looking for a dog free home. He is fine outdoors with dogs, just ignores them. He is in good health only having visited the vet for the ocassional ear problem but not serious. This breed need attention to the ears always.

Toby is a little on the greedy side so a strict food routine will be needed to ensure his good health continues. Toby will also require around 30 mins walking each day and a short bedtime walk. This little dog wants to be the centre of someones world, he adores the attention and fuss quickly rolling over for a tummy scratch. He is also good with slightly older children of 10 plus. He travels very well as he often went on long holidays to see steam trains all around the country. He can be taken anywhere as he is very well behaved and engages with people very well. He will ‘talk’ about things he’s involved in when he’s excited.


Jip – 6 year old female Rottweiler

Jip is a six-year-old Rottweiler who is a fantastic example of why this breed is so popular and well loved. She combines good looks with a lovely temperament that would make her the perfect pet for the right owner. She loves fuss and attention and being around people. In terms of behaviour, Jip is a fairly laid back girl who gets along with humans and canines alike. She would prefer to find a home that does not have cats or other small animals.

She is a big pup at heart and loves playtime and socialising. She has a good grasp of the basic commands (sit, stay, down, leave.) With her black and tan coat, and warm eyes, Jip is a pooch who can make your heart melt. Jip has been with us for over a year, after being brought to us by an RSPCA inspector due to concerns for her welfare. After being loved and fostered with us she is ready for adoption and looking forward to meeting her new family.

Jip would be well matched with a family who can afford to spend a good deal of time with her, have children aged 10 or older, and who have experience with large breeds. Furthermore, she would be happy to live with existing dogs (both male and female.)


Bailey – 6 year old male Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross

Bailey is a handsome Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross who has come to us after his owners circumstances changed. Bailey is 6 years old and is a very friendly boy who loves a cuddle! He loves his walks and walks well on and off the lead. He has very good recall. Bailey is very good with other dogs when out and about and could possibly live with a calm female dog. Bailey travels well in the car.

Bailey is neutered. He can’t live with cats. Bailey is based in the Bedford area.


Owen – 6-7 year old male Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Owen is a full Staffordshire Bull Terrier and is approximately 6-7 years old and is an absolute hoot. The wee guy is full of character and charisma and will make a superb addition to his new home. Owen has proven himself to be good with other dogs at the rescue and interacts with them all appropriately during exercise time. During his time in emergency boarding he was taken on many pack walks and presented no problem with any other dogs he met. However, we recently rehomed him and the family said they experienced some difficulty with him when meeting other dogs whilst he was on the lead. Although we haven’t experienced that here it is better discussed.

Owen was cat tested whilst in emergency boarding and proved to be fine. During his time here he has had a lot of exposure to our cats and has never shown any inappropriate behaviour or indicated that he wanted to chase them. He has even been found with a cat in his kennel run :-0 and all has been well. However, the family who rehomed him returned him because he didn’t get on with their cats so again, this is an area that any potential adopters need to be aware of. Owen is a very affectionate bundle of love. There is nothing he likes more than to snuggle up on the couch next to you and snore his evening away. He can walk very well on the lead and just loves to play with a ball.

Whilst he was in emergency boarding with Homeless Hounds, he attended a fund raising day at Pets at Home and proved to be a fabulous ambassador not just for Homeless Hounds but also for the SBT breed. He was happy to meet and greet everybody who went to the stall and he behaved impeccably. The one thing Owen loves more than anything is his blanket. New owners must be aware that even though you may give him a lovely, soft bed he still needs a blanket. Each night, before sleeping, Owen works away with his blanket to make a little cocoon (see pic below) and sleeps the entire night like this. How cute is he?? Owen could live either as an only dog in the house or with another calm dog. He could live with dog savvy children over the age of 8. He could potentially live with dog savvy cats.

He is neutered, fully vaccinated, microchipped, flea’d, wormed, veterinary health checked and assessed. He is fully house trained and loves travelling in the car.


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