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Angel – 1 year old female Husky

Please meet Adorable Angel! Angel is a stunning Husky who turned 1 year old on the 28th Feb. Angel is one of the most stunning dogs I have ever met,and has a wonderful nature to match but she must go to an experienced Husky owner as she is very typical of the breed! Angel is perfectly house trained, is non destructive and walks beautifully on the lead. Angel has lovely manners and knows her basic commands such as sit and paw. She is still young and so can be boisterous, she will need to be homed with an experienced breed owner.


Angel is fine with other dogs, although she does like to annoy them so will need to be housed with a dog of similar size already, young and playful! Angel is okay with cats but absolutely no small furries within her reach as she has a high prey drive!! Angel is used to small children but again she is boisterous so will need a home with older children 13+ unless very dog savvy.

Angel loves running, She is getting used to a jog around the block every evening and loves it! with an experienced owner who can give her the time love and training she needs she will make a fantastic loyal and loving companion! Angel travels really well. Angel is fully vaccinated, spayed, flea wormed and microchipped.


Zen – 18 month old male Cross-Breed

Please meet Gorgeous Zen! Zen is an 18 month old Crossbreed, we think German shepherd cross Lurcher, he is leggier than a German shepherd and has a coarse wirey coat. Poor Zen hasn’t had the greatest start in life. His mum was bought over from Romania and promptly gave birth to a litter of pups here in the UK, It has taken a lot of work and confidence building to get this fella ready for homing but he is such a sweet lovable loyal cuddly boy and would very much like a human or family of his own!

Zen walks perfectly on a lead and doesn’t pull at all. He is very laid back and manageable. Zen is a lively happy lad that would love a family to play with him and keep him occupied, he loves a walk and loves to greet everyone he meets!

Zen would best suit a quiet home where he can build his confidence at his own pace, with or without other dogs who is happy to take him on lots of walks as he loves this! He absolutely adores other dogs so could happily live with a companion but it would need to be a laid back female that would nt bully him. Zen is fine to be left for short periods and is crate trained.

Zen is a gorgeous happy, active lad that so desperately needs a forever home and family to grow up with. Zen is neutered, fully vaccinated, microchipped de flead and wormed.


Kai – 4 year old male Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Kai is a 4 year old female Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Lovely handsome Kai is a smaller classic deep red lad who is very friendly, calm and easy going. Kai loves lots of cuddles and giving big kisses. He loves people and he’s looking for a new home where he can spend lots of time with his new family. He will make someone a great companion as he loves all the attention he can get. We know Kai loves children because he is currently in a foster home with young children and is very well behaved around them. Another poor little soul rescued from a pound where he was on death row.


Foster Report: Kai, nicknamed Dash by the children is an excellent family dog, he is micro chipped, Neutered and vaccinated. Dash loves nothing more than a walk, he is good on a lead but better on a harness, he appears good with other dogs and is not yappy ever!, especially obvious when the dog next door barks, which is often and he just ignores him. He does like to chase a cat if it comes in to the garden so we would suggest a cat free home would be better. He is good with adults and children and is very excited when he meets new people, so much so that he wags his old body. He soon relaxes and chooses a suitable place on the sofa, enjoying his own cushion but will happily go on to his bed if required and he is told to.


He loves curling up next to our two year old for a bit of fuss and has never shown anything but affection towards our 3 young children, he loves nothing more than to lie with his head on the kids lap while they watch TV. Dash does not like to be locked away whilst you are in the house and does whine if you try to separate him from the family, however if you are not in the house he settles down and 100% does not howl while your away he is quiet and tends to sleep till you return. He does not moan if you are in the house and he is not locked away and will often go off on his own. He is never destructive in any way and in last few weeks has shown just how obedient he is, in the evening we tell him to stay in the lounge and he will stay there all night, like wise in the day he will stay in a room that he is told too (just as long as he isn’t locked in!).

Dash is a gorgeous little dog and anybody who takes him in will soon fall in love with him he is housetrained and has no faults at all, he can be in the room while the kids eat and he shows no interest, he doesn’t bother our cockatiel, or the hamsters at all. He isn’t greedy with his food and will happily snack on his dried food when he is hungry , he likes all treats and will sit and offer his paw even our 2 year old can feed him a treat as he is so gentle. He never shows any negative reaction to a situation he doesn’t bark at noises including people like postman, he greets guests and instantly settles, crowds don’t bother him or loud noises and is excellent in the car and happily takes a shower.


Dash would suit any home he’s as near to perfect as a dog can be! He does enjoy a walk especially in the park so ideally would suit someone who likes to walk. Dash is fully house trained and has never had an accident. Current location is in a foster home in Birmingham, West Midlands, vaccinated, wormed, flea treated, neutered, microchipped.


Titan – 1-2 year old male Cross-Breed

Titan is a 1-2 year old male Cross-Breed. He was about to hit by a car, He was 7 months when rescued and now a year and a half. Someone had cut his ears. This is common for people who participate in dog fights. He was probably going to be used as bait to train dogs for fighting, but disposed of him as he has not one ounce of aggression.

So for him, his luck changed! He´s medium sized, obedient, really loving and gets on well with all of the other dogs. He has seen many of his friends come and go, but he’s never had a chance to have a family of his own. He loves people and especially children, needs to be cat tested, but we can do this upon request or interest. Titan is looking for his own loving home after so long being wanted. Could you be the one for Titan ?

Please feel free to contact us if your are interested.


Asher – 2 year old male Cross-Breed

Asher is a 2 year old male Cross-Breed. He is neutered and has a wonderful character. He is very loving and adores attention. He is currently in a kennel and we would love for him to find his forever home as soon as possible. He has a very interesting look. He has grey hair and what look like tiger stripes. He is a beauty. He is medium-sized, weighs about 12 kilos.

Asher has had really had a rough start to life, and deserves for someone to take him in under their wing and care for him the way he deserves he is gentle and kind and shares his kennel with cats, would you consider opening your heart and home to Asher?


Foxy – 1 year old female Akita cross Collie

Foxy is a 1 year old Akita cross Collie. She is a friendly and very affectionate dog and is in foster care with a male dog and 2 cats. Foxy is full of energy and loves to play and enjoys a good long walk. She will need a fully enclosed garden to play in and would benefit from living with another dog.


Foxy has some separation anxiety and chews things if left alone but she has been crate trained and is comfortable in one for short periods of time. Due to her energy she would be better with teenage children.


Freya – 18 month old female Lurcher

Freya has just arrived with Lurcher SOS from Ireland. She is settling in well already. She is a medium sized Lurcher standing at 24 inches to the shoulder and is about 18 months old. Freya has been vaccinated and is spayed. She has met all the dogs in her foster home and is fine with them. Happy to report that this beautiful girl is totally clean in the house. She also isn’t a chewer or a destroyer! Sleeps through the night. Good on a lead. Freya is all set to go to a forever home! Freya is in foster in Surrey.


Ranger – 4 year old male Labrador

Ranger is a 4 year old male Labrador. He is a bit soppy and is brilliant with other dogs. He is in foster with 3 children over 7. Microchip says born 2011 so is 4 years old and has a pet passport.


Jester – 3 year old female Labrador Cross

Jester is a 3 year old female Labrador Cross. She is a very calm girl loves a cuddle. Great off lead but pulls a bit on. Fine with male and female dogs and has a pet passport.


Cookie – 2 year old female Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Cookie is a 2 year old female Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Cookie is a brindle, spayed female, well socialised and very submissive to all humans. She has never shown any dog aggression despite being bitten once during a walk. She loves to play with other dogs but is a bit overpowering with smaller breeds. This is easy to control with verbal commands. Cookie has a fairly high hunting instinct and whilst walking over the fields will chase after wildlife. She has been taught to ignore farm animals and to date has never worried them. On the lead at the beginning of a walk, Cookie will try to pull forward and requires a firm voice to bring her back to heel. Cookie cannot go with cats.


Chappie – 2-3 year old male Retriever Cross

Meet Chappie, Chappie was with Brenda quite a while as we all know the bigger black males are often left on the shelf, so we sent money and passported Chappie as we love our black boys. Chappie is a Retriever cross and is about 2-3 years old, very sweet gentle boy and submissive with males and females.

Chappie loves woman, he would make an excellent companion dog as is low maintenance, can be an only dog or can go with others.


Freddy – 2 year old male Cross-Breed

Freddy is a 2 year old male Cross-Breed. Freddy is male with a typical tan/black mask. Well socialised and will stand with tail down and head slightly lowered whilst being sniffed. He is playful with them and not too boisterous but will retaliate immediately if a more dominant male either snaps at him, chest thrusts or places its head over his shoulders. On the two occasions this has happened he has pulled away as soon as I got near to him and called him off. He tends to be shy of strangers but doesn’t take long to accept them. Recently we have had an extension built and the only reaction from him was to workers wearing headwear. He stayed back but growled and barked, stopping immediately the helmet or hat was removed. He has reacted similarly to me wearing a helmet.

In the house he is quiet and will stay on his bed most of the time but always seek a cuddle from members of the family. He avoids direct eye contact and turns his head away but I believe this is just a show of deference. On the lead he walks alongside and doesn’t generally pull and is receptive to voice commands such as heel. Have to say I get very excited when my favourite breeds come in, Freddie cannot go with cats.


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