Leala – 4 year old female Boxer

Meet beautiful boxer, Leala, who is four-years old and being fostered in Bicester, Oxon. Leala has the waggiest tail ever! It is constantly in propeller mode. She loves nothing more than resting her head on your knee when you sit down and nods off standing up. Her impish boxer mode is becoming more apparent as she grows in confidence. She is still a little unsure – she does tend to follow and get under your feet when you least expect it! She loves her snuggles and adores men once she knows them well enough, snores like a typical boxer, loves a chew and playing ball although she won’t always give it you back. Leala loves long walks and is very nosey.

Leala is sociable with both adults and older children that she knows well. She is very playful and bouncy. She is not dominant with her food or toys. She will scale the garden fencing, given half a chance. She travels well in the car and takes visits to the vets in her stride. She is very happy to be touched, but not by strangers. She is not at all destructive. Leala can be left for up to 4 hours in her crate which she is slowly getting used to, although she is happier if the door is left open.

Leala requires a lot of training. When she arrived she didn’t know any commands at all, so had to start at the beginning. Her lead training is coming along and she is now house-trained. At the moment she is not sociable with other dogs, but this is a work in progress. She tends to snap before she’s snapped at. Her foster family feel that with time and work she will overcome this as she can walk passed other dogs with no problems – it is just that she has had little or no socialisation and she doesn’t know how to behave. She will need further work with socialisation – she is currently nervous of everything. Her lead training will need further work. At the moment she barks at new people until she is comfortable with them – this is also being worked on. Leala is currently seeing a behaviourist to deal with her nerves and aggression towards strangers or other dogs. This needs very careful intervention which is being worked on.

Leala is looking for a quieter home, where she will be the only dog and where she can gain the confidence she needs. She needs someone who is patient with her and won’t give up on the first hurdle! Her foster family adore this young lady and want it to be the most perfect forever home they can find for her. Leala has come on so much but she still has a long way to go. They want her to continue thriving and going forward. She needs someone who has lots of time on their hands and lots of patience. She would be best suited to someone who is home most of the day with her as she loves human company.

Leala would be best homed with older children due to her tail going into over-drive (it’s quite painful being whacked by it!) She needs someone who is willing to take her on lots of adventure and give her lots of cuddles. Experience with boxers and their eccentric ways would be an advantage. She does need a lot of training but is such a waggy tailed affectionate lady that the hard work with her will pay off – giving her family a lovable but kooky companion. Leala is neutered, wormed, micro-chipped, flea treated and fully vaccinated. Prospective adopters will be expected to travel to meet her in her foster home in Bicester, Oxon.

If you are interested in adopting her please read about our rehoming process and complete a Pre-Adoption form ( link here ) and one of our adoption coordinators will contact you for a chat.


Ozzy – 2 year old male Boxer

Well Hello! My name is Ozzy. I am a very handsome brindle Boxer. I am fit as a flea with a very shiny coat! I was born on 9 March 2012. This makes me a Pisces. Apparently a Pisces can be a day dreamer, but I’m a bit too busy for day dreaming. It also says I am happy and vibrant, and care about others and don’t like to see them upset! I think that is me! So I am nearly 2 ˝ years old and I am looking for a new home due to a relationship break up. My mum was having to leave me for too long on my own and she has had me since I was 8 weeks old and wanted better for me. I lived with a cat, (but I do still like to chase it alot!).

I am also good with children, but may be too boisterous for really small ones! I like other dogs too, but most don’t like me because I like to play and wrestle with them! I will sit for a biscuit and take it gently and will come back when I am called. I will also give kisses. I was a very good boy in the car on the way to the kennels. These photos of me aren’t that good. The photo lady didn’t really get my best side! But I have to say I wasn’t in the mood for sitting still, there was too much to explore. I am a bit giddy and boisterous and would like some lead training. Ozzy is in a foster home in Wigan.


Marley – 7 year old male Boxer

This is the handsome Marley, he is about 7 years old. Sadly this lovely boy was found as a stray and no one came to claim him! He has now came into our care to find a loving forever home. Sadly as Marley was a stray, we dont know much about him. He is in kennels at the moment so we dont know how he is in the home or if he is okay to be left alone. He had a sniff of a cat and didnt bother with it but he has not been properly assessed with cats.

Marley does not like other dogs at all so he needs a pet free home! He is a gorgeous boy though who gives great cuddles and we are pretty sure he has been a loving family dog at one time in his life, he is very friendly and affectionate! Sadly as we have no history on Marley, we will not rehome him with young children. He is currently in kennels in Widnes.


Marley – 6 year old male Boxer

This gorgeous boy was found as a stray but sadly no one came to claim him! He’s around 6 years old and is a lovely friendly lad. He’s not doing to well in kennels and losing weight despite being fed 2 meals a day. He’s a gorgeous lad seems fine with other dogs and didn’t try to chase the cat. As he was a stray he is looking for a home with no young children.


Tyson – 7 year old male Boxer

Tyson is a 7 year old male boxer who sadly came into rescue due a change in his family’s situation. Tyson’s fosterer’s have been working hard on socialising him with other dogs as when he came into rescue he was very unsure of them. Tyson spent the weekend at a boxer beach meet. His foster mum said he was such a good boy and didn’t retaliate when he was told off by a few of the others.

Tyson can be left for short periods without any drama and he will sleep downstairs although he is still a wimp as he wont go outside without the light on! Tyson’s foster family adore this boy so if he is going to be rescued from them he needs adopting quickly!



Taz – 6 year old male Boxer

Taz is a 6 year old neutered male red boxer. Taz originally came into rescue with Smudge however we feel both boys would thrive without one another therefore Taz is looking for a home on his own. Taz is great with kids of all ages and loves nothing more then morning snuggles. Although Taz has lived with another dog before, he isnt overally keen on dogs he meets whilst out and about so this is something his new owner would need to work on.

Taz is a chunky boy so his foster mum is working hard on helping his achieve his ultimate figure! Taz will happily settle for a few hours left alone however he is just as happy when you return home! If you would like to offer this chunky monkey his forever home please visit our website and complete the apply to adopt form.


Smudge – 5 year old male Boxer

Smudge originally came into rescue a number of months ago with his ‘brother’ Taz. Although the boys initially appeared to be very close we soon found out that they weren’t as close as we thought and after difficult deliberations we have made the tough decision to re home the boys separately. Smudge is a 5 year old neutered male boxer who gets on well with other dogs whilst out and about.

Smudge is currently in a foster home with children of various ages and he interacts with them fabulously. Smudge could live with another dog, potentially a female as he seems to accept them in the home better than males. Smudge has been in rescue for far too long which we are struggling to understand why.

If you feel you could provide Smudge with his much longed for forever home please visit our website and complete the apply to adopt forms and one of our rescue co-ordinators will be in touch.


Jasper – 5 year old male Boxer

Jasper has just arrived in our care after spending 7 days in the dog pound after been found by the dog warden. Jasper was at risk of been put to sleep as his owner failed to come forward following him been found wandering the streets lost and confused. As Jasper was a stray we are unable to confirm at present how he is with other animals or children however Jasper will be fully assessed before been rehomed. Jasper is a lovely lad who all the kennel staff adore. We cant imagine who would want to loose this boy.

If you would like to give Jasper the loving home he so deserves please visit our website and complete the apply to adopt form and one of our rescue co-ordinators will be in touch.


Diesel – 11 year old male Boxer

Diesel is an 11 year old male brindle boxer, Diesel is a lovely older boy who has found himself in need of rescue. Diesel is great with people and children of all ages but isn’t keen on other dogs as he got attacked when he was a pup and has not forgotten. Diesel is currently living in a foster home and is getting on great with the resident cats so we can tick him off as cat friendly! Diesel is a golden oldie who is looking to live out his twilight years in his forever home.

Can you provide this forever home for him!?


Brandie – 7 year old female Boxer

Brandie came into our rescue as she was no longer getting on with the other resident dog as her owner felt it best that she went to a home where she could be the centre of attention. Brandie is currently living in a foster home with children who love her dearly and is clearly relishing in the attention she is receiving.

As Brandie has thrived in her foster home we are looking to rehome her as a only dog as she doesn’t seem to enjoy sharing the limelight with a fellow canine! Brandie is such a good girl when off lead as she never wanders more than a few meters away, she is so loyal and loving.


Logan – 7 year old male Boxer

Logan is in a foster home in Warrington. He is 7 years old and unfortunately finds himself homeless. Sadly his dad is in the RAF and has been called out to Afghanistan, the family had to move and couldnt take him. Logan has some fear based anxiety issues, he is quite weary of men he doesnt know and with visitors to the home, Logan has been seeing a behaviorist to help him with these issues, any new owner MUST be prepared to carry on this training to help him overcome his issues.

Once in a home he is a lively happy boy who has lived with kids and was great with them. He does prefer a home with someone around for most of the day, as like a lot of boxers he can be prone to separation anxiety if left alone too long, he just misses his humans and wants some company! Logan needs a home with no other dogs or cats. Logan is neutered, vaccinated and chipped.


Lister – 4 year old male Boxer

Lister is a lovely 4 year old brindle boy who came to us when the previous owner’s circumstances changed and he was being left long hours on his own. Although he is shy and nervous of new people, once he gets to know you he soon becomes a typically boisterous and playful Boxer. Lister is okay with some dogs. Due to his nervousness we are looking for a home with no children. Lister is vaccinated and micro-chipped and neutered.


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