Soxs – 3-4 year old male Boxer

This is the gorgeous Soxs. Soxs is a stunning 3-4 year old male Boxer. Soxs is a very happy, friendly boy, He is good with other dogs, and travels well in the car, Soxs is very strong on the lead, he does walk better on a harness and we are working on this, so this is something that will need to be continued.

Soxs arrived with us VERY underweight, and he also had a lump on his head. This has been removed as was just a fatty lump. He is now gaining weight and we feel he would flourish even more in his own home, with his own family. Soxs is castrated, chipped and fully vaccinated.

Can you offer this gorgeous boy his forever home ?


Buddy and Bailey – 3-4 year old male and female Boxers

Buddy and Bailey are a bonded pair of boxers who have come to nrbr due to a change in circumstances they are both good with other dogs and great with people. Buddy is a brindle boy and he is 4 years old, bailey is a lovely red girl and she is 3 years old. Buddy and bailey being young are quite bouncy so would be better homed with older children 8+ and would need to be homed together. They have gone to a foster home further up dates to follow:


UPDATE: We have been having a great time getting to know Buddy & Bailey over the last 24 hours. They are such a sweet pair & we’re now starting to see the mischievous boxer side coming out of them both too. We’ve been on plenty of walks already and Bailey is like a little steam train! She likes to be leader of the pack when walking & Buddy is happy to let her be there. Both could do with some lead work, which we will try and work with and Buddy is already responding well to direction but at the moment, they need someone with a strong arm.


We have come across a few other dogs on our walks and both Buddy & Bailey are relatively unphased, a courteous glance and they are happy to carry on their way. We have also come across a particularly grumpy Labrador, 2 very loud German Shepherd’s and a snarly snappy Cockapoo, all of whom were met with indifference (we had quite and air of arrogance walking past the other owners!). They also seem to be really good with horse’s, bikes and traffic. Unfortunately the poor little loves were subjected to an unannounced firework display last night, which they did not like at all. There was no destruction or accidents but they made some very distressed howls and barking, this wasn’t very nice to observe and they did settle down after about half an hour but they remained a little jumpy for the rest of the evening, shooting up and barking at noises outside.

Bailey loves to play and seems to be the main instigator, they play beautifully together, they really do have such a lovely bond. They are very excepting of Murphy but Bailey get’s very vocal when the boy’s start wrestling. Buddy could be a potential escape risk, he tries to dart out of the door first everytime one is opened – He even ran in to the French doors yesterday when he was in such a rush – I bet that hurt! But we are getting them to sit & wait when we open the doors to see if we can stop his manic escape attempts. We also had the vacuum cleaner out for the first time today and they were absolutely fine, which is great as I think the vacuum cleaner is going to be out a lot – 3 boxers = 3 times the mess! Feel like they’re settling well which is great, they’ve found their spot on the sofa so for now we have very happy pups!


Bruce – 1 year old male Boxer

Bruce is a stunning 1 year old brindle male Boxer and has gone to his foster home today. Bruce is great with other dogs and loves people cats unknown. Bruce can be quite lively but he is only a baby still so does need someone who can provide direction and continue his training.

As Bruce is quite lively and giddy we will be looking to rehome him with older children. He walks well on a harness but if he see’s something he will pull towards it, he also needs some work on his recall but this will all come with continued training. Further up dates to follow.


Mo and Harry – 3 year old male Boxer and Bull Mastiff

Mo is a 3 year old Boxer, he will be 4 on the 8th March. Harry is a 3 yr old Bull Mastiff and will be 4 on the 20th June. They have both lived together since pups. Mo is a happy boisterous, playful, excitable boy who is very affectionate, smart, he loves to play in water and sand. A Typical boxer dog! Sometimes pulls on the lead as he is very eager for his walks. Recall normally good but if he wants to go and play with another dog he won’t always come back straight away when called.

Mo, like a lot of boxers has a heart murmer but this needs no treatment and causes him no problems. Harry is a typical dopey Mastiff, he is very affectionate, loves human company and demands a lot of attention, he is stubborn, lazy, very food orientated, doesn’t really play with toys unless it’s a treat ball, has no spacial awareness, ­meaning he tends to run through things rather than around them! He has a Funny nature and is very amusing. He walks well on a lead as he is waled on a halti due to size as it helps control him. His recall quite good if he knows you have treats, but does at times follow Mo about, meaning if mo runs he will follow and come back when mo does too.

Both dogs are good with other dogs but have never lived with cats, they have not lived with children but have been good with those they have met, they would be best in a home with no children or older ones.


Sophie – 11 year old female Boxer

Sophie is a very sweet natured 11 year old Boxer girl, she has come into our care due to a relationship breakup meaning she was now left alone for 10-12 hours per day. Sophie is a lovely gentle girl who is really no problem at all, she is happily living with other dogs and cats at the moment, although she is very interested in the cat she is not aggressive. She is good in the home and will happily sleep all day, she is not destructive when left alone either.

Sophie is an old girl who just wants a quiet retirement home, she would need a quiet home without young children as although she is good with kids a busy loud household wouldn’t be good for her. Sophie is on daily medication for a thyroid problem, this is just one tablet a day and is really no hassle at all, we will cover the cost of this medication for the rest of her life too. She has also just had a biopsy taken from a lump on her back end which we are waiting the results of. She is currently in a foster home in Liverpool.


Bailey – 4 year old male Boxer

Bailey is a big boisterous Boxer boy who will be 4 years old on the 10th Feb. He needs an experienced home who have the time to put into training him as he does have some issues, dont let that pretty face fool you he needs a dedicated home!

Baily is the equivalent of a big overgrown pup who hasn’t had any proper training or rules in his life, he still mouths alot when excited and can jump up at people with excitement when they come into the home, he has nipped them in the past too, he needs to follow set rules when people come to visit! He needs someone who is used to how lively and excitable untrained Boxers can be.

Bailey has had an assessment with a behaviourist who has confirmed his behaviour is purely down to lack of training and he needs to know his boundaries and is a typical boxer in every way, he is not nasty he just hasnt had any proper rules in his life. He needs training on the lead too as he will also pull towards other dogs, but he is learning to use a head collar with a lead attached to his collar separately too, he responds well to positive reinforcement training.

Bailey can live with other dogs, in fact we would prefer it if he went to live with a sensible female dog who can also teach him some rules! He is looking for a committed and experienced home, he is not for the feint hearted! Bailey can not live with cats or children and he cannot be left alone all day. He is currently in kennels in Ormskirk.


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