Collie Cross

India – 18 month old female German Shepherd cross Collie

India has just come into our care from the stray pound where her time was up. She is a German Shepherd cross Collie of about 18 months of age. She loves going in the car, jumping straight in and then settling down on the journey. She is a very loving and friendly girl. She can sit and gives a paw-you don’t have to ask! She also lays on her back for a belly rub. She really will make a smashing addition to anyone’s family.

Could it be with yours? India can be viewed but not walked until she’s had her full course of vaccinations.


Bailey – 1 year old male Cavalier King Charles Spaniel cross Collie

Bailey is a 1 year old male Cavalier King Charles Spaniel cross Collie (smaller-medium size) seeking his forever home. This lovely boy is delightful. His recall is great and he is totally clean in the house. Bailey loves the company of other dogs and will make a great addition to any family. As we dont have any history we would look for a home with older resident children.

Bailey is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, wormed and deflead. Bailey is in foster in E Sussex. To apply please complete an online application via our own website.


Riley – 2 year old male Collie cross Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Riley is a 2 year old neutered, vaccinated Collie cross Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Riley is a wonderful natured dog and his only problem appears to be with – chickens!’ He is house trained, an affectionate and loving dog, good with all he meets and other dogs. He seems indifferent to cats but we cannot be 100 percent sure of how he would be if homed with a cat in the house. In his previous home he won several rosettes at local shows including ‘The Most Handsome Dog’. This lovely dog will make a great companion or family pet.


Saffy – 16 week old female Collie cross Labrador

Saffy is a terrified little girl who has known nothing of living in a home. She has not been socialised with people and gains her comfort from the other dogs. She will need new owners who are around for most of the day and at least one other resident gentle dog to show her the way. She has a very undershot bottom jaw, this doesn’t cause her any problems but does mean she can be a messy eater, a mixture of wet and dry food will make life a little easier for her.

Saffy has never been on a lead, so time and patience will be the key, like wise with her house training, time and patience, accidents should be expected as they will happen. Her foster will be working with Saffy to gradually introduce her to life as a loved pet, this wont happen overnight and she won’t be a “ready made pet”, she will need continued work, love and kindness to help her overcome her fears.

A home with older teenagers who understand her fears will be fine. Please consider fully Saffy’s needs before applying, in time she will become the most devoted loyal dog you could ask for but you must be able to make a long term commitment to her.

Saffy has been vaccinated and micro chipped and will need to be neutered at the correct age (reduced cost neutering available at our vets) as part of the adoption agreement. She is currently on foster in Guildford Surrey.


Pete – 16 year old male Collie Cross

Pete is a very pretty 16 year old Collie Cross boy who came into Oldies Club care after his owner’s death. For a while, Pete was home alone, with friends of his owner taking him out during the day – poor lad. He is now in an Oldies Club foster home in Street, Somerset, waiting for someone to offer him a permanent home. Pete is living with a very laid back dog. He could live with a calm dog, but may be too old for a boisterous one.

Pete sniffs other dogs and wags his tail when out, and has shown no sign of aggression. Pete lives with his fosterer’s cat, and avoids him at all costs. Pete has walked into him a few times and been whacked on the nose so is very wary of him. Pete ignores cats outside (he can’t see them!) Pete is living with older children, but has not met younger ones since being in foster. Due to his age, we suggest he could live with children aged over 10.

A quiet, retired home where he has regular company and can go for a few walks a day. He needs someone that can give him a regular routine to make him feel secure. Although a bungalow isn’t essential, Pete became very stressed after following his foster carer upstairs when he first arrived. He needed to be carried back down as he would not / could not navigate the stairs (possibly due to eyesight and unfamiliar environment). He has not tried going upstairs since, but it might be worth having a stair gate if he is rehomed in a house. Pete seems to have a slight preference for male company, but would happily live with a lady.

Pete is vaccinated, microchipped, wormed and flea treated. He has not been neutered, on vet advice. For his age, Pete is in good health, but he has poor eyesight due to cataracts. The sight in his left eye is particularly limited. He arrived underweight, but has eaten well since being at his foster home. He has age-related arthritis in his back legs, but has not needed medication for it. In fact, his hip flexibility when he pees is a sight to behold!! The vet advised Metacam if required in future.



Missy – 10 year old female Labrador cross Collie

Missy is a gorgeous 10 year old Labrador cross Collie girl who came into Oldies Club care because her owners were moving abroad. Missy is in an Oldies Club foster home in Southport, Merseyside, waiting for someone to offer her a permanent home. Due to her cow-like markings, Missy’s foster carers have given her the pet name Moo-moo!

Missy is happy to be left for a few hours in the company of the other dogs at her foster home, but we would like Missy to go to a busy household where there is plenty going on, as she does enjoy that type of lifestyle. Missy is living happily with other dogs at her foster home and has shown no aggression at all. There are no cats in Missy’s foster home, so we can’t say for sure how she reacts to them, but her previous owner told us that Missy used to live with a cat and was scared of it! Missy adores the children at her foster home – aged 9, 12 and 15. She laps up the attention and has not got a nasty bone in her body. She can be rehomed to live with children aged 5+, purely because of her size – she only weighs 24 kilos, but is a strong, stocky girl!

On walks Missy is great off the lead and has fabulous recall. On the lead she pulls very strongly and her foster carer says that she could pull a lorry! She travels in the car to her walk and when she knows her walk is nearly over she gets excited and runs back to the car, so her foster carer puts her on an extendable lead when they begin to head back. Missy is currently have a good couple of miles off lead walking per day, but she could manage with a little less. She is more interested in people than walks. A busy home or just one with company.

Missy is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, wormed and flea-treated. She has been vet checked and the only thing to report is that she has two fatty lumps. Missy is in good health and not on any medication.


Rupert – 3 year old male Collie Cross

Rupert is a 3 year old Collie cross. He is neutered and fully vaccinated. He was rescued from certain death in a Romanian kill shelter. He is a very friendly, playful, loving boy who likes everyone and loves other dogs. He cannot be homed with cats or other small furries but his carers have chickens in a run in the garden and he doesn’t pay them much attention.

He is fine to be left for short periods of time and is house trained. He absolutely loves his walks, and playing with toys and other dogs. He is currently living with two children and would make a brilliant pet with an active family with children 5 and over. He is really keen to learn and has learnt a few commands already.


Bowe – 8 year old male Collie cross Dalmatian

Adorable Bowe is a Collie cross Dalmatian. At 8 years old, he is very playful and would benefit from an active home. He is incredibly friendly and loves his ball! He has previously had bad experiences with children so is looking for a home without children.

He has not lived with other dogs, although is said to be playful with those who pass his kennel, he is not assessed with cats. Bowe is currently staying at the Sanctuary.


Amber Hazel Misty and Woody – 15 week old male and female Collie cross Terriers

Amber, Hazel, Misty, Saffie (females) and Woody (male) are five gorgeous Collie cross Terrier puppies aged 15 weeks old seeking their forever homes. They are darlings who can live with children 5+, are good with other dogs and are young enough to integrate with cats.




The puppies have started their vaccinations, been microchipped, wormed and deflead. They must be spayed/neutered when old enough to form part of the adoption agreement and evidence be sent to us via your vet. The puppies are in foster in East Sussex. To apply please complete an online application via our own website.




Sundance – 3 year old male Collie cross Spaniel

Sundance is a very attractive small Collie mix Spaniel type lad who is adorable and loves to please! He is as small as a Cocker Spaniel (or smaller) and loves his exercise and socialising with other dogs and people. He loves to be active and would love someone to run with or have some fun at agility with. Sundance has a lovely coat and is a small young nice boy who would like a home with other dogs if he could!

Sundance stands at Height 41 cm to the shoulder and Weighs just 10.6, he is good on the lead and he is being tested for cats at the moment. He left tied to the Spanish shelter gates. He is a very friendly he gets on well with his kennel companions. No experience with cats.


Sundance is a high energy dog and would need a home where he could receive training and a lot of exercise. He is would make a good agility or doggy sports dog. He would love a home with an active family. Current location is in a foster home in Solihull, near Birmingham, West Midlands.

Denise from Dogwatch has just visited the shelter in Spain to meet some of the dogs we advertise for them. She was very surprised to see how small Sundance is, he appeared very relaxed and calm so we would say he would fit into most homes. “He is so adorable and good looking and much smaller than his photos, I would say he is as big as a Cocker Spaniel!” He is vaccinated, wormed, flea treated, spayed, neutered, microchipped and has a Pet Passport.


Cooper – 8 year old male Collie Cross

Cooper is one of our special cases. He is a Collie cross of around 8 years old and we do not even want to think about what he has been through. We are not strangers to ‘shut down’ dogs, and as much as they break our hearts at the beginning we revel in the success of watching them flourish, forgive and move on. We join Coopers story now, about half way through. He arrived with us six months ago. He wouldn’t make eye contact, froze when in the company of humans and fled, if approached too closely. It took four months of ignoring him but carrying out my every day business around him for him to even be comfortable with me in the room. At that stage we started work on lead training. The feel of anything around his neck initially caused absolute panic.

He would scream, throw himself around and turn purple, clearly this was not going to work. So eventually, when he allowed me to put a harness on I made sure the pressure was on that lead but he also wore a slip lead for safety. On the third attempt at this he just suddenly ‘got it’ and enjoyed his walk, as long as he was with other dogs. Since that exact moment progress with Cooper has been daily and I think it is time for his forever owner to take over. Now I can see the dog he will become, and there is little point in me being the one to progress with him now, because his new owners will have to win his trust anyway and it is better if it is they that continue to show him all the good things life has to offer.

Cooper is absolutely no trouble around the home, you barely know he is there. It might be that he never repays time and love invested in him with hugs and kisses but let me tell you what he does have to offer. To show a dog that was huddled in a corner expecting only cruelty, that humans can be kind. To show a dog that was shut in a 10 foot square concrete cell for years what it is to breathe fresh air and walk on grass and smell the smells of the outside world. To watch a tightly closed bud open up into a flower that will make you prouder than anything else in your life, that is the gift he has to give.

Cooper needs someone who will be completely selfless for a while. Nowadays, before he reminds himself not to Cooper will look at me and wag his stump (he has no tail as his abusers cut it off). Yesterday on a group walk my sister took his lead and he panicked when he couldnt see me. This means he is caring already even though he never comes to me for a fuss. When I do make a fuss of him he tolerates it but is tense. Every now and then I will see his body relax then he will remember something and tense back up again but those barriers are coming down so slowly but definitely it is happening.

Cooper needs a home with another dog at least one. He doesn’t mind if he is left while you are at work for a few hours, in fact I doubt if he even wakes up. His great love is his bed or the sofa. He would thrive, I think, with a routine. He is enjoying his walks now and his meals, so I think a regular routine would be great for him so he knew what to expect, when to expect it and started to look forward to those things, I cannot give him routine here because life is too hectic. This is a tall order, I know that but I believe in this dog and I believe he can be happy one day. I have seen it in the back of those troubled eyes and much as I would love to be the one to see it through to the dog he can be, its not me he needs now. Is it you?


Carafe – 2 – 3 year old male Retriever cross Collie

Carafe is a 2 – 3 year old male Retriever cross Collie we think. He is a lovely boy, very friendly – a bit bouncy on first meeting him. He will need to learn some basic training. Older confident children would be better, as Carafe just cant help jumping up for a hug. He is good with other dogs and loves having a good play with his mate Luna. He is vaccinated, wormed, neutered, micro chipped and vet checked.


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