Collie Cross

Norris – 6 year old male Collie cross German Shepherd Dog

Norris is a 6 year old male Collie cross German Shepherd Dog. He came to us for rehablitation as he was thought to be very scared but in actual fact what we have found is that he is quite shy but just really wants a quiet life. Norris was rescued from Dogtown in Bucharest Romania where recently thousands of dogs were murdered. He was very traumatised in the overcrowded kennels and ill equipped to stand up for himself against the other dogs.

There are clearly ghosts that run deep in Norris. Usually the Romanian dogs are exceptionally good with children and even the scared ones tend to trust the little humans before the big ones. I suspect that Norris has had abuse from children though because the change that comes over him when one enters the room is quite pitiful. When no children are around Norris is a quiet companion who will check in on you regularly and subtley ask for a fuss. When a child enters the house he is hiding behind sofas and refusing to come out. There is no hint of aggression it is just absolute and sheer terror and it is honestly heart breaking.

Norris lives well with other dogs but in the efforts to find him his quiet life we are looking for only steady dogs and not anything too young and boisterous that will bully him. I think he would be perfectly happy as an only dog too. He does currently live with cats, he is fine with them but if they make eye contact and walk straight towards him he will growl because he is intimidated. In summary this is a fantastic medium sized dog that causes no trouble to anyone. His insecurities can of course be worked with but he is letting us firmly know that he craves peace and that is what we want for him.

If you can offer our boy the quiet home he craves please do get in touch. He will touch your heart as he has ours. We do not know what he has suffered but we do know we can find him someone who will endeavour to make it up to him.


Rosie – 16 month old female Lurcher cross Collie

Meet beautiful young Rosie who has just arrived with us yesterday. She is a Lurcher cross Collie Girl of medium size at 24 inches to the shoulder. She is no more than 16 months old. She is happy and playful and gets along great with the other dogs in her foster home. Rosie loves playing with a ball and will fetch it to you as well. She is a bright girl and knows sit and paw and leave it. We think that Rosie will have good recall too. She is neutered, microchipped and vaccinated and we are now taking applications for this gorgeous girl. In Foster in Surrey.


Foxy – 1 year old female Akita cross Collie

Foxy is a 1 year old Akita cross Collie. She is a friendly and very affectionate dog and is in foster care with a male dog and 2 cats. Foxy is full of energy and loves to play and enjoys a good long walk. She will need a fully enclosed garden to play in and would benefit from living with another dog.


Foxy has some separation anxiety and chews things if left alone but she has been crate trained and is comfortable in one for short periods of time. Due to her energy she would be better with teenage children.


Becky – 15 year old female Collie cross Corgi

Becky is a beautiful 15 year old Collie cross Corgi girl who came into Oldies Club care as her owner had health issues. Becky is in an Oldies Club foster home in Salisbury, Wiltshire. Becky can be left on her own whilst you go on shopping trips etc., but she wouldn’t be particularly happy living in a working household. She can have a tendency to bark when left on her own, but this is strongly linked to how much energy she has. If she’s been on a longish (30 minute) walk she tends to bark less as she is more likely to settle down to sleep. Although she’s not a cuddly dog, Becky is definitely happier with company through the day.

Becky has no issues with other dogs and has been very good with all she has met. She likes to have her own space at home but should be okay to live with an older dog that will respect that. Becky is living with cat quite happily at her foster home and she ignores it most of the time. Becky was used to children visiting her previous home. She should be fine to live with sensible older children, but she does like her own space and to come to you if she wants a fuss, so would probably not appreciate living with young children.

Becky enjoys walks, especially in the afternoon. She is fairly good on the lead – her foster carer hasn’t tried her off lead for any great length of time as her recall isn’t always reliable. Becky is lively for her age and easily manages two 20-30 minute walks a day. Becky is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, wormed and flea treated. She is having Metacam for arthritis. At her vet check she was found to have a lump on her shoulder, which has been tested.

The vet advised that although in a younger dog it would be advisable to remove the lump, it is in an awkward place for post-op healing, and as it doesn’t seem to be troubling Becky, it is better to leave it alone. If the situation with the lump changes in the future and it needs to be removed, Oldies Club would cover the cost of this.


Max – 18 month old male Collie Cross

Max is a male Collie cross, aged around 18 months. He’s a very friendly dog, knows all his commands and will make a lovely loyal pet.


Fetia – 2 year old male Collie Cross

Fetia is a 2 year old male Collie Cross. We initially met Fetia two years ago when she gave birth to nine puppies in a small gap between two buildings. The area she was in was extremely unsafe and renowned for gipsies stealing puppies to be used for a number of unthinkable purposes. A sponsor offered to fund the rescue of Fetita and her nine pups but sadly by the time the rescuer returned to get them two of the pups had been taken.

So seven babies and Fetia were taken to safety. They had to stay for several weeks in a veterinary clinic before they were able to be rehomed. Fetia went into a foster home in the UK and was very much loved there but her and the resident Rottweiller never saw eye to eye. Things came to a head recently when the fosterer/adopter of the dogs had to downsize and keeping the dogs apart became untenable.

Fetia is now in another foster home and once again looking for a home. She is around three years old and a Collie type. This is what her fosterer says about her now. Fetia is a Collie cross with the biggest fluffiest tail you’ll ever see! She’s a kind, sweet natured girl who craves human attention and just wants to be close to you. She’s not scared of new people and runs up to say hello. She is very gentle with children but can be a little grumpy with other dogs however if told a firm no she soon stops and after a while she is happily playing along with them. She has shown no food aggression and waits nicely for her turn.

The minute she see’s her lead come out she jumps around excited as she loves her walks. She needs a good exercise regime to get some of her weight off! She walks beautifully on the lead, happily sniffing everything as she goes. She’s still not 100% happy with getting in to a car but once she’s in she travels well. Fetia would make a great companion for someone with loads of love to give. You’ll get unconditional love back.


Filou – 11 month old male Collie Cross

Filou is a gorgeous 11 month old large Collie cross. He is energetic, playful, sweet natured and affectionate. When he was 2-3 months old he was hit by a car and sustained a broken back leg. He was picked up and taken to the public shelter, as you may not, this is not a good thing and no veterinary care was given. By the time he was rescued from there the break had healed by itself. The vets in Romania have advised against surgery to fix it and apart from being a bit stiff sometimes, he doesn’t seem affected by it. Also as far as third eyelids go, Filou has one pink and one black! We have had it checked a couple of times as we were worried he had an eye condition but it seems it is just a pigmentation thing and as we all know, it’s our imperfections that make us uniquely perfect.

Filou is extremely loving and sociable with people and other dogs. He does not exhibit any dominating behaviours, no food aggression and is good on the lead. This is one special dog and I hope someone falls in love .


Cooper – 15 week old female Collie cross English Springer Spaniel

Cooper is a 15 week old male Collie cross English Springer Spaniel seeking his forever home. He is a lovely chap – can be shy at first meeting therefore he can live with older resident children , can be integrated with dog confident cats and he is very good with other dogs too. Cooper is vaccinated, microchipped, wormed and deflead.

He must be neutered when old enough to form part of the adoption agreement and evidence be sent to us via your vet. Cooper is in foster in East Sussex. To apply please complete an application via our online application form.


Grace – 15 week old female Collie Cross

Grace is a gorgeous 15 week old female Collie cross seeking her forever home. She is a sweet girl, who is submissive, she can live with older resident children, can be integrated with dog confident cats and she is very good with other dogs too. Grace is vaccinated, microchipped, wormed and deflead.

We do not know parentage. She must be spayed when old enough to form part of the adoption agreement and evidence be sent to us via your vet. Grace is in foster in East Sussex. To apply please complete an application via our online application form.


Lambo – 8 month old male Collie Cross

Lambo is an 8 month old male Collie Cross. What a lovely dog so willing and friendly will make a fantastic dog with someone who has time to train him he does sit for a treat but will need work on being left alone. Not tested with cats.


Chips – 1-2 year old male Collie Cross

Chips is a 1-2 year old male Collie Cross. Chips is a loving boy who would love to find a home soon. As a young lad he needs structure and training to allow him to grow into a well adjusted adult.

Chips would best with someone about most the time and with a family who would enjoy training him. He gets on well with other dogs and has a fun loving personality which is sure to capture your heart .


Fliss – 1-2 year old female Collie Cross

Fliss is a 1-2 year old female Collie Cross. She is a young female, very happy young girl who enjoys a fuss and attention. She is currently living with other dogs and appears to enjoy their company.

Update from our volunteers: Had a visit to see Fliss recently. Fliss has stunning good looks and lots of energy. However, she was extremely focused when it came to some treats and she does know some basic commands. Fliss is very affectionate and likes a cuddle. Fliss would enjoy an active family life where, I have no doubt, she would reward you with love and loyalty.

We enjoyed the company of Fliss and her kennel mate on a visit at the weekend. Her are some pics. She adored lots of fuss and is really quite focused as well as having lots of enthusiasm for life.


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