Collie Cross

Solo – 12 week old female English Bull Terrier cross Collie

Solo is a stunning girl who is looking for a new home through no fault of her own. She is a typical lively pup who loves to play and is great with the other dogs. We think that she appears to have limited hearing, this will be checked by our vets. She will need new owners who are around for most of the day as she is so young, and who have the time and patience to train a pup with limited hearing.

Solo is great with children and can be homed with older sensible ones who will take an active role in her care. She travels well in the car and enjoys her walks, a little more training will be needed but should be expected as she is so young.

Please do consider fully, before applying, if you are able to meet her needs for potentially the next 15 years. Solo needs owners who will commit to her life long.

Solo is currently on foster in Guildford Surrey. She has been vaccinated, micro chipped and had flea and worming treatment. Solo will need to be neutered at the correct time as part of the adoption contract, we can offer reduced cost neutering at one of our registered vets.


Dougie – 7-8 month old male Labrador cross Collie

Meet Dougie, he is a little scared 7-8 month old male Labrador cross Collie I think. He is very sweet and so wants to be your friend and is very submissive with other dogs. Good with cats and can be left 3-4 hours.


Monty – 1-2 year old male Collie Cross

This is Monty he is 1-2 years old and a collie mix, lovely lad and great with other dogs. Very good in car as you can see just sits and watches. Good with horses and non destructive be great for outdoorsy active family who travel.


Rosie – 12 year old female Collie Cross

Rosie is one of our long term canine residents at Freshfields Liverpool, so long in fact that she has been in our care since February 2007! 7 years in kennels is a very long time, especially for such a loving dog like Rosie. However Rosie has many friends, including a very special family who take her for lots of lovely walks and even weekends away to escape the kennel environment. Here are some photos of Rosie during her adventures. Sadly Rosie does have some behavioural issues and requires a very special, experienced owner who can help her overcome her insecurities. One of Rosie’s main problems is that she is a very reactive dog, she becomes very upset when faced with unsettling situations, such as strangers approaching her, other dogs out on walks, joggers and bikes etc.

Rosie is also very fearful of loud noises and will often lay down and refuse to move on walks. This is usually helped by some gentle encouragement and tasty treats. But Rosie does have so many qualities, she is extremely loving when she knows and trusts you. Not many people get to see the real Rosie, the sweet girl that we have all grown to love so much. These photos show us just what Rosie can be like away from the stress of kennel life. We hope that by sharing these with you, you too can see just what a lovely dog Rosie is. She really does deserve a chance at happiness.

Rosie requires an adult only home, preferably one without many visitors as she struggles to accept more than one person at any one time. Rosie also needs to be the only pet. Ideally we would like to rehome Rosie locally as anyone seriously interested in adopting her will need to spend a lot of time coming to the rescue to form a bond with her. This would slowly progress into home visits to ensure that Rosie is 100% comfortable with her new home before being adopted.

If there ever was a dog that was more deserving of a forever home, that dog would be Rosie.


Maisy – 7 month old female Collie Cross

Maisy is a seven month old, female, small Collie cross. She is a submissive little girl who craves affection and cuddles. She is fostered with three other dogs and many cats and gets on well with all of them. Maisie is a very friendly little girl. She is eager to please you and wants to learn. She loves to have praise and will do anything for a treat. Maisie loves to play with her toys and the other dogs but will then be very content to have a sleep.

Maisy is doing well in her foster home. She will need additional basic command training and lead work but we always strongly recommend puppy training/socialisation classes to get the most out of your dog and to stimulate them. She will need a good daily walk as she will be an active dog and will be a small medium size when fully grown. Maisie is coming along with her house training and will regular use of the garden and lots of praise it wont take her long to achieve this. Maisie can happily be re-homed with another suitable resident dog or cats.

We are looking for a home where someone is around for most of the day as Maisie is still a very young girl and who has the time, patience and motiviation to enhance the potentials of this adorable little girl. Maisy is spayed, vaccinated, micro-chipped and has her own pet passport. She is fostered in North London near J26 of M25.

For home checking purpose we prefer to rehome in London or neighbouring counties although other areas may be considered for the right home.


Tinks – 6 year old female Springer cross Collie

Tinks is a 6 year old female Springer cross Collie. She has been in the rescue system for over a year. She had a litter of puppies and has watched all of them get rehomed except one and she still waits for that special home. Well this time in Spain my lovely friend Sharon who helps with Starfish decided to get Tinks out and foster her to give her a real chance for people to see what a wonderful dog she is so that is what she did. Tinks lived with Sharon in her Villa for 3 days – did Tinks find it stressful did she hell. Straight on the sofa with her head on the pillow snuggled up to Sharon at night on the bed she really had some time out from the compound. She was clean in the house. She went to the restaurants for tea and treats.

Tinks is what we knew all along a lovely friendly loving natured dog. She is good with people of all ages and other dogs. She has also been cat tested and is fine. She can pull a bit on the lead but some of that was she was worried and this slowly got better. The only thing that will need some work is the car she is really terrified of the car once in her crate she was fine and settled down in the car but you have to pick her up and put her in it so this will need work on. Another dog I cannot think of anything bad to say about. Here are a couple of videos of the lovely lass.

With Auntie Sharon:

This was back at Easter time:

Tinks has been spayed, will be fully vaccinated and have her own Pet Passport.


Adi – 7 year old male Collie Cross

Adi is a 7 to 8 years old Collie cross, he has lived on the streets for most of his life. In 2008 Adi was found with a large nail stuck in his skull, put there by a man who thought he was a threat to his chickens. Adi escaped death and the the nail was surgically removed and he continued to live life on the streets until last year when it was decided after the killing law came into force Adi’s life was in more danger than ever before, so after many successful attempts of evading the dog catchers Adi was taken to a safe place to await his chance of freedom.

Since being in the UK Adi has proved to be an affectionate and loving dog who despite his past has a love for people although he can be afraid of new situations, he is improving daily and doing well in his foster home. He seems to love the people he lives with and constantly wants to be with them. Adi is looking for someone special with the patience and understanding to work with him and help him overcome his fears. He gets on very well with all the dogs in his foster home and would benefit from living with another confident dog to show that life really is fun.

Adi is waiting for his special someone with the space in their heart, the time and patience to help him become the dog he truly wants to be.


Sheba – 14 month old female Husky cross Collie

This stunning girl is Sheba, she is a very friendly and loving 14 month old Husky cross Collie girl who is looking for a very active home where she will get lots of mental and physical stimulation to keep her occupied. She adores company and loves other dogs!

She was very much loved by her previous owner who spent a lot of time ensuring Sheba grew into a well rounded girl who was well socialised, but sadly could no longer give her the time she needed and craved. Despite looking like a Husky, Sheba is only the size of a Collie and would make an excellent agility or cani-cross dog.

She is a very intelligent and energetic dog so needs a home where she will have an appropriate outlet for this. She’s ever so affectionate, loves to give kisses and will make a fantastic pet!

Sheba has never lived with young children before, so we are looking for a home with calmer children over ten years old who would like to be involved in her training and care to help her settle.

For more info please call Jerry Green Dog Rescue in Thirsk on 01845567456 or e-mail


George – 4 year old male Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross Collie

George is a 4 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross Collie who has been in Jerry Green Dog Rescue care for over 18 months now, ever so patiently waiting for a new place to call home. He is a very special boy and is very much loved by all the staff but we would love him to find his forever home. George is a very friendly boy who loves human attention and is looking forward to meeting his new family.

He loves fuss and cuddles and is a loyal and affectionate dog. He is enjoys training and he would LOVE to find someone who will play games with him to keep his busy mind occupied. He especially loves squeaky toys and teddy bears and he likes to splosh around in the pond here.

George adores people and could live with reasonably robust as he can be a little boisterous when he’s excited.

He loves to go out walking and enjoys meeting new people. When he arrived at Jerry Green he was very nervous of other dogs, but we have been doing a lot of training with him here at the centre. He is now confident enough to walk happily alongside his canine friends, but would prefer to be the only pet in the house. We are more than happy to give on-going guidance and support with regards to this.

He will make a fantastic, fun-loving companion for an active family – please contact the centre today if he sounds like the one for you!


Harvey – 12 week old male Labrador cross Collie

Harvey is a 12 week old male Labrador Cross Collie seeking his forever home. He is a sweet natured young chap who is just gorgeous. He is good with other dogs, and in foster with cats and children 5+. Harvey has started his vaccinations, been microchipped, wormed and deflead. He must be neutered when old enough to form part of the adoption agreement and evidence sent to us via your vet.

Harvey is in foster in East Sussex. To apply please complete an online application on our own website.


Ben – 10 month old male Collie Cross

This handsome boy is Ben, a 10 month old Collie crossbreed who is looking for a new home through no fault of his own. Ben has been in a foster home in Derbyshire now for a short while so we have learnt a lot about him. He can live with children over the age of 10 years and with other dogs if successfully introduced. He cannot live with cats.

Ben is house trained and non destructive and has been crate trained. He would best suit an energetic home and he adores going jogging with his foster Dad, he settles and runs at your pace. Ben loves to be around people and is an affectionate boy, he loves to share a cuddle. He does have typical Collie traits which people who have owned the breed before will understand. Ben is neutered, fully vaccinated and is microchipped, all he needs now is that special forever family of his very own.


Luki – 5 year old male Collie Cross

Luki is a 5 year old male Collie Cross. He is housetrained, great with other dogs and knows basic commands.


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