Collie Cross

Greta – 2-3 year old female Collie Cross

Greta is a young female around 2-3 years old. She is a friendly girl who is great with other dogs. She would make a wonderful companion, she is has a lovely nature as she is quiet and very mild. Greta was rescued from the streets and taken to a private shelter, and from there came to the UK. She is a very pretty girl, roughly the size of a small collie and looks as though she has collie in her breed. She is friendly will all the other dogs, but a nervous girl who will benefit from being homed with another dog.

She loves her treats so food orientated training would work very well with her. After being there a little while she ran up when we called her, but she will stop just before she gets to you and walks slower. You can see that she wants to come to you, she is just unsure. She has improved greatly in the few weeks she has been here as she gets to know the people who are taking care of her, but she really needs more 1 on 1 just to build her confidence. She didn’t bark at all whilst we were there, and was running up and down the stables and wagging her tail. She will definitely blossom, and she will come to you it’s just confidence building.

Greta is a girl who wants to be loved, she needs a family who are willing to spend a little time with her. I have no doubt that once she has a home, she will be a very quick learner as she loves her treats and will come on leaps and bounds. She is located in Essex but can be rehomed anywhere in the UK. Homecheck and adoption fee apply.


Lilly – 1 year old female Collie cross Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Lilly is the most gorgeous Collie cross Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppy at just under a year old who has come on so well in her foster home. Lilly is fantastic with other dogs and her recall is spot on, she is currently living in a multi pet household and with children age 10+ without issues and is house trained. Lilly will easily jump a stair gate and does so regularly so a secure fencing of at least 6 foot is essential. Lilly loves her beach and park runs and I believe she really would excel at agility or flyball activities. Beautiful dog with a really lovely sweet nature, she knows basic commands and is willing to please, loves her human company, so plenty of fur baby cuddles available. Lilly is flea treated, wormed, micro-chipped, vaccinated and spayed. Lilly is currently with a foster in Rayleigh, Essex.



Sizzle – 6-7 month old female English Cocker Spaniel cross Collie

Sizzle is female 6-7 month old English Cocker Spaniel cross Collie we think. She is a little cracker. She is full of beans and loves to be busy. Sizzle has been friendly to all and seems to love attention. She also has been very good with the other dogs. She is vaccinated, spayed,wormed, micro chipped and vet checked.


Alex – 7 month old male Collie Cross

Alex is a male 7 month old Collie cross we think. He is a playful lovely puppy, collie sized, about 7 months old. He is quite shy at first so needs time to come around, loves people and cuddles, fine with dogs and was scared of the kitten in the cat test. From Alex’s foster Mum: Alex has settled really well and loves running and playing with his foster brother in the fields. He’s been for a walk in the woods today and met a few other dogs and was friendly and had a lovely time. Good recall and tries super hard to please.He is vaccinated, wormed, micro chipped and vet checked.


Tig – 6-7 month old female Collie Cross

Tig is a 6-7 month old female Collie cross. She is a sweet, young, Collie type. She has been very friendly and biddable. She is not too manic as young Collie types go although she will still need plenty of exercise once mature. She is vaccinated, wormed, spayed, micro chipped and vet checked.


Laura – 6 month old female Collie cross Whippet

Laura is a 6 month old black and white Cross-breed puppy, I would guess that she is a collie and whippet mix. She will be a medium sized dog. Laura was very nervous when she came to us, but within days her sunny and affectionate nature was shining through and she quickly became friendly and affectionate. She loves all dogs and women and children. She is slowly learning to trust men, but is wary. Despite being timid of men this is not displayed with aggression, she simply backs away and whimpers. She has come on leaps and bounds since being with us and these days her tail never stops wagging. She loves a cuddle and is a real lapdog.

Laura would definitely benefit from having a home with an already resident dog as she does enjoy doggie company. She is slowly learning how to play with toys and likes to play tug rope games with my resident puppy. She is very good on the lead now and walks to heel. Her off lead recall (always in safe enclosed fielded areas) is amazing. She loves coming to work with me and running with all the dogs. She is good in the car and just sleeps. We have rabbits and cats who she could not be less interested in. They walk up to her and nudge her and she sniffs them and then continues to ignore them. Laura has only been with us just over a week and as she has never been in a house before has had to be toilet trained from scratch.

There is daily improvement with this issue but new owners need to be aware that at first they must put her out regularly as if she gets playing she becomes distracted and will have accidents indoors, Laura is a wonderful puppy who will be an asset to any household but of course at her tender age she will benefit from ongoing obedience and confidence training.


Leo – 3 year old male Retriever cross Collie

Leo is a beautiful young “look a like” blond Retriever boy ! He’s very sociable and is good with older kids and other dogs. Leo usually starts off nervous when he meets new people until he feels safe with them and then loves them to bits ! But he needs time to get to know you so maybe a quieter home would be best for him without the activity of children.


Leo has a typical retriever character and very sociable, he has been in a home environment in foster, he is very lovin . He very much likes your attention and fuss and he will return that love four fold. His current location in a foster home in Birmingham, West Midlands. Fantastic boy who’s very happy once he gets over his shyness. Poor Leo needed to be re homed because he doesn’t likes cats – we need a home for him without cats.

Fosterer report: Leo was very nervous at first when he arrived into foster, however, we just ignored him and let him come to us and after a few hours he had settled in fine with us and our dog Rooney. And now after a couple of days he is coming up to us for kisses and cuddles . He has met a couple of the local children and was great with them, however, the kids are very smart and know to be gentle and calm. He does get startled at strange noises on occasion but has been brilliant with the fireworks that we have had the past few nights. Leo has hidden in his bed a few times when my husband has  got something in his hands, but has not done this with me, so I think he may have more insecurities with men than women. This was emphasised when my mom visited the other day and he took to her quickly. However, this would just be something he could get over in time because in the short space of time we have had him, he has come on leaps and bounds with his confidence.

Leo is intelligent and understands commands like “sit” and “no” and we think he will learn quite quickly. He does mouth arms and hands at times when excited and this can lead to him trying to hump you sometimes. However, once you know the signs which start the behaviour then a time out in a different room calms him down and swiftly stops the behaviour. Leo is house trained, however, we have had a few accidents but this is to be expected in a new environment and a house where there is another male dog. Leo appears to be fine when we leave him on his own but we do separate him from Roo. He absolutely loves food!! he has nearly knocked me over a few times when he its doggy dinner time, and wolfs his food down, due possibly to his history in Spain as he is skinny at the moment and we are fattening him up nicely. However, as he is very food focused, training with treats is proven to be successful and his new home will need to be careful of this if they have another dog and feed them separately. He and Roo have rubbed along together quite nicely. Leo does seem a bit territorial with his toys and his space and there is a little growl.

However, I do think a lot of it is habit and he is not used to sharing his toys or his cuddles. I do think if Leo goes with another dog they would have to be a similar temperament to Roo and wouldn’t react to an occasional warning growl from Leo, again we are seeing less of this as the time goes by. On walks, Leo is walked on a harness at the moment as he does pull but he is doing well walking alongside Roo on the lead splitter. He is very aware of his surroundings while outside and shows a lot of interest in scents and things (im assuming this is part of the breed) so think he would have to have a lot of training on recall etc before he could be let off lead. He has progressed well on his walks and now doesn’t show much interest in other dogs if they are not bothered with him. He is vaccinated, wormed, flea treated, neutered and has his own pet passport and microchipped.


Quinella – 3-4 month old female Collie Cross

Quinella is a 3 – 4 month old female Collie cross puppy. She is a very fun, confident and lively girl. She fears nothing and has coped with everything she’s come across at the kennels. She loves to play with toys. She is very good with the adult dogs she meets and doesn’t harass them. We think she’ll maybe get to collie bitch size? She is vaccinated, wormed, micro chipped and vet checked.


Rosie – 18 month old female Collie Cross

Rosie is a female 18 month old Collie cross. We think she has had a rough time before being rescued as she was initially timid and worried. Luckily she has been fostered in a home with other dogs and she rapidly has come round. She is still wary of new people but soon gets used to them as long as they are not scary. She is brilliant with all dogs and she absolutely must be homed with other dogs.

She also is excellent with cats as there are a few in the foster home. She is good with the horses too. Rosie will need to live in a rural area as she would find a busy town or suburban area too much at this stage. She is vaccinated, wormed, micro chipped and vet checked.


Donald – 7 year old male Collie cross Labrador

Donald is about seven years old and most probably a Labrador cross Collie. This boy is an absolute darling and I waited a long time to meet him. I originally saw Donald on facebook over a year ago and fell for those sad amber eyes. Sadly Donald tested positive for heart-worm which can be very complicated and dangerous to treat in a shelter environment. Donald joined a queue of heart-worm positive dogs that needed a space in a foster home in order to safely receive the treatment. Safe rescue sent the funds for the treatment but it has taken all this time to get him sorted.

Donald arrived on Saturday and was well worth the wait. This boy is calm, loyal, gentle and pretty darned perfect actually. He is a sweetheart with the children, walks nicely on a lead, ignores the cats and mixes well with the dogs, in fact I have nothing negative at all to say about him. Donald would love a quiet home with loads of cuddles. He likes to lay at my feet of an evening and will trot along by my side all day long. He wasn’t thrilled about his first bath but did enjoy being groomed afterwards.


Fergie – 7 year old female Newfoundland cross Collie

Fergie is around 7 years old she is medium to large size possibly Newfoundland cross Collie. She was brought to the Public Shelter by dog catchers. Sadly she was always over looked in the shelter as an older, black dog. She was desperate to get outside from the inside hell hole and became their longest indoor resident. Luckily some lovely people kindly sponsored her which meant that she was moved to the outside kennels which although still not ideal for any dog, their conditions were so much better. Eventually Fergie’s luck changed and she was offered a foster place with Safe Rescue to help give her that chance of a loving home and to be noticed for the wonderful dog she truly is. And here she is a big, black, bundle of fluff and she is adorable. It is hard to believe that this beautiful girl has had such a hard life.

Fergie enjoys her food and at the moment is being fed separately from the other dogs, she can be possessive over her food but I think in time this is something she will overcome. She is so happy and full of love for everyone. She loves her walks and behaves well on a lead, she gets on well with other dogs and can be quite motherly towards them. Fergie loves my children and always welcomes them with a wagging tail and a loving nudge of the nose.


Ferdie – 9 month old male Collie Cross

Gorgeous Ferdi Collie Cross female is in kennels with Lexi and they have been named the cheeky girls. around 9 months old and is the smaller of the pair. She is lovely in the stable environment and slightly more confident that Lexi. She is very friendly with dogs and people and loves her cuddles, fuss and attention. Although the two cheeky girls can get a bit fired up after a cuddling session. She is also good with food showing no aggression. She is okay on the lead – nervous at first but gained in confidence after a few minutes. She will need someone who is prepared to work with her on the lead and help her grow in confidence.

Can you give this cheeky girl a home?


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