Collie Cross

Toby – 12-18 month old male Corgi cross Collie

Toby is a 12 – 18 month old male Corgi collie cross we think. He is such a fantastic boy. He has a fun, happy and loving personality, he loves everyone. He is confident and playful but never rude. He is great to walk and enjoys going. He is exceptionally clean and has never messed in his kennel. He always prefers to wait until he is out of the kennel to go, even if it means hanging on all morning.

Toby loves his comfy, soft bed and doesn’t chew it. All in all he is a model guest with us, and everybody loves him. He is vaccinated, wormed, micro chipped and vet checked.


Joey – 2 year old male Collie Cross

Meet Joey, a two year old Collie cross (possibly with some german shepherd in him) who is looking for his forever home. Joey has had a rough time and can be nervous of new people at first, though he’s soon won around once he realises that he’s not going to be hurt. He is a very affectionate boy who adores being around people he knows and trusts, and he also mixes well with other dogs. He’s a real cuddle monster and no trouble at all around the house.

Joey would like an experienced home to continue working on building his confidence around strangers. He is fully housetrained and content to be left for short periods of time.

If you would like to offer Joey a home, or want some more information about him, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Joey is being fostered in Southend, Essex.


Dora – 2 year old female Collie Cross

Dora is a sweet-natured Collie cross, medium-size 2 year old girl who is available for adoption through no fault of her own. She is used to being a family dog, with young children; she gets on well with other dogs and is very intelligent which, together with her love of treats makes her super-easy to train. She would like an active home where she can have the chance to go off-lead and play with friends on walks.

She has good recall and is very easy; she just needs a little more training on the lead as she tends to pull (not really hard). She is completely clean in the house. She will talk to you once she gets to know you! She likes running, eating, swimming, playing and chest-rubs, and is sure to become a cherished member of a new family very soon.


Barney – 1 year old male Collie cross English Springer Spaniel

Barney is a handsome 1 year old male Collie cross English Springer Spaniel. Barney is a darling boy who loves other dogs and is submissive. He is a little hand shy at first but soon comes round and is a happy boy full of love. He loves to play and loves a cuddle too.

We are looking for a home with older resident children only 8+ as we don’t have any history – although he is very good with the 5 year old child he is in foster with so visiting children would be okay. Barney is successfully in foster with dog confident cats.

Barney has been neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, flea treated, wormed and is lead trained using a harness and crate trained. He also travels well in the car. Barney is in foster in East Sussex. To apply please complete an application on our own website.


Roxie – 1 year old female German Shepherd cross Collie

Roxie is a 1 year old female German Shepherd cross Collie. Roxie is a very sweet girl we think she is a Collie cross German Shepherd mix. She is still very young so is looking for owners who have the time to give the exercise she needs. Roxie has been very friendly round all the staff but needs a home with no children and with owners who have the time to train her and work with some of her issues.


Lilly – 10 year old female Labrador cross Collie

Lilly is a 10 year old female Labrador cross Collie. Poor old Lilly is feeling a bit sad and confused at the moment. She is looking for a new family that will love her forever. Lilly has come from the dog pound so we dont have much history on her but she will make a wonderful companion to an older person who is looking for a new best friend.


Sir Walter – 5 year old male Collie Cross

Sir Walter or Scotty to his close friends, is approximately five years old and is a very bright and intelligent Collie cross. Scotty has been with us for several months now not because of any flaws in his temperament but simply because black dogs do not get noticed in rescues this is not news to us and we predicted this before we took him in. So for those that are reading this and could kindly take a second look at his pics. Please take a look into the face of a remarkable dog.

Scotty is a kind, calm and well behaved family pet. He enjoys the company of children aged six years and over. He can and has lived with other dogs very happily but can take exception to some small dogs, so we think it best if he were to live with dogs of his own size or larger. He would be equally happy as an only dog where he can get a lot of attention all to himself. Scotty has lived with cats but has not been left alone with them so new owners may have to take care in the eary days if there were a cat in the house.

Scotty was originally a Romanian street dog but had to be brought to safety when the euthanasia laws in Romania changed and he was vulnerable to be caught by the deadly dog catchers. There must be someone out there who is willing to give this lovely boy a chance.


Lady – 4-5 month old female Collie cross German Shepard Dog

This is the Beautiful Lady. Lady is a 4 1/2 month old Collie cross German Shepard puppy. Lady was rescued by a very kind lady 6 weeks ago after she found out she was being mistreated by her owner. She has come to us to find her forever home.

Lady is a very sweet little girl, she does have a slightly timid side when seeing new things, but soon comes round, Lady walks lovely on the lead, travels well in the car, and is almost  housetrained. Lady was in a house with young children and loved them, Lady will sit and wait when asked, she is a very clever little puppy which is to be expected with her breeding.

Lady is good with other dogs, but can get a little scared of very noisy, boisterous dogs, and she could live with cats with correct introduction. Lady is chipped and has had her first vaccination, she will need to be spayed when old enough and we will need proof this has been done.

Can you offer this beautiful girl her forever home ?


Cawley – 20 month old male Collie Cross

Cawley is a 20 month old Collie cross. He is a ‘ball mad’ little fella. He’s about the size of a male whippet which he could be crossed with. He might be good at some sort of dog sport with training. If not he’d make a good pal to play ball with. He is good with other dogs. He is vaccinated, wormed, neutered, micro chipped and vet checked.


Sulli – 10 week old male Collie Cross

Sulli is a gorgeous 10 week old male Collie cross puppy. Sulli is very lovable, very clever and a confident little boy who loves to play with his toys and have a cuddle with you. He mixes well with other dogs and loves to have human company.

Sulli will make a wonderful pet. He will be a very active little boy and will need to be taken out for a good walk every day to meet new doggie friends and explore the big wide world. He will need to be trained and we strongly recommend puppy training/socilaisation classes to get the most out of him. He is very clever and will do well in something like agility to stimulate his mind and to fulfill his inquisitive mind.

We are looking for a home where someone is around all day as he is still a very young puppy. He is doing very well with his toilet training but regular use and encouragement in the garden is a must. Sulli will obviously have puppy ways about him, so these must be channeled in the right direction with firm rules and boundaries and lots of praise.

Sulli has had his first vaccination, is worrmed and de-flead. He will need to be neutered when he is old enough as part of the adoption agreement and proof of this shown. Sulli is being fostered in Harlow, Herts. We are looking to re-home him in or around this area or neighbouring counties as a home check will be done, but other areas may be considered for the right home.


Nelly – 6 month old female Collie Cross

Nelly female 6 month old Collie cross. Lovely Nelly is a dog who was very frightened when she first arrived and stayed in a crate to get used to her new environment but now she is a happy dog who likes to run up and down the kennels exploring and saying hello to every dog. She is only young at around 5 months old . She loves other dogs and comes for cuddles on her terms. We have not yet tried put a lead on her as she is still finding her feet and we are moving at her pace . She is only a young dog and needs someone with a lot of patience and willingness to give her time. Best homed without small children in case she is nippy. Nelly is ready to have a family to call her own and a warm bed to snooze in.

Follow up: Little Nelly was so scared when she arrived she had to have the van dismantled to get her out. She is now a happy playful little girl but still very shy. Definitely another who needs a secure garden and lots of TLC to make her forget the horrors that made a 6 month old pupster so scared of people.


Ciupi – 1 year old female Collie Cross

Ciupi is a 1 year old female Collie Cross. Another beautiful dog currently in foster in the UK is Ciupi, I know she is beautiful as she has been my foster dog for over 5 months now I had delayed promoting her as she had serious lead issues but Finally she has cracked it. She now walks in a lead although she has done it all her life. She is clean in the house, great with kids and other dogs and only ‘curious’ with cats! A firm no or leave it soon stops no nonsense.

Ciupi is just over 12 months old as a youngster. She had her leg badly injured in the process and sennet several months of her puppyhood living in a garage and inky having half an hour if daylight a day. She is a big powerful dog probably weighing in at 25-28 kilos.

She has no recall at the moment but we are working on it. She live last run, play and cuddle (in any order) and would love a big secure garden to run round in. Can you offer my beautiful Ciupi her doggy heaven. She is a lovely dog who needs to find her forever family.


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