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Ella – 3 year old female German Shepherd Cross

Ella is one of the brightest dogs you could ever meet; a 3 year old German Shepherd cross Border Collie cross Husky who is really looking forward to enjoying an active and exciting life with a very lucky family. Ella is the full package, she is beautiful, clever, very friendly and loving. She is extremely energetic and is ideally looking for a home where she will be able to enjoy long walks and regular training sessions to keep her busy. She loves the countryside, she loves water and she loves being with her people.

Ella greets children with the same enthusiasm she has for most things in her life, they are very exciting! She is looking for a home with dog-savvy children of any age who will be actively involved in her care. She gets on well with other dogs, though she can be excitable when greeting them and her energy needs to be managed around smaller and more fragile breeds who could be easily frightened by her antics. She has previously lived with dog-savvy cats and could do so again.


Aurora – 1-2 year old female Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Aurora is a 1-2 year old female Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Aurora is a super friendly, super playful young Staffordshire Bull Terrier. She just loves to be running free in our fields, playing football with the staff and collecting up all of the forgotten tennis balls from the long grass. She is a real character and wins the heart of everyone she meets! Aurora was found tied up with a recent spay wound and a bag of toys. She has clearly been loved at some point and has a wonderful temperament, greeting new people with licks and wiggles.

She enjoys the company of other dogs and would dearly love a friend to play chase and wrestle with. She is a typical young Staffordshire Bull Terrier girl in that she can be bouncy and silly when she’s excited, so is looking for a home with slightly more robust children. She is enthusiastic in her affections and will jump up to give love and kisses!


Annika – 2 year old female Akita

Annika is a sweet and loving 2 year old Akita. She is extremely friendly and loves meeting and greeting new people. When she has met you once she is your best friend for life and next time she sees you she will greet you with a cute little howl and a wiggle! She is a very talkative girl and, while we have never heard her bark, she loves to have little conversations with the staff. If you speak to her she will cock her head and make little woo-woo noises back at you.

Annika loves food and takes treats very gently. She enjoys training games and learns fast. She loves to be outdoors and is enjoying the countryside around the centre – she would dearly love to take a dip in the pond if only she was allowed! She walks nicely with other dogs, but doesn’t appear to have had much interaction with them in the past. She is a little unsure when first introduced and remains cautious of bouncy or excitable dogs. She would much rather be the only pet in the house so that she can continue to learn about her canine friends at a gentle pace.

Annika doesn’t have much experience of young children so would prefer to live with sensible teenagers and up.


Angel – 4 year old female American Bulldog

Angel is a very beautiful 4 year old American Bulldog. She is very very playful and adores her Boomer Ball most of all! Angel loves her people and enjoys fuss and cuddles from her friends. She can be a little shy when she first meets someone new, but she makes friends quickly and transforms from a quiet and tentative girl into a silly, wiggly, playful and fun-loving cuddle monster!

Angel is suitable to live with other dogs. She loves going for walkies to the river with her canine friends and meets new dogs with no fuss. She doesn’t have any experience of cats so is suitable to live with other dogs only. She doesn’t have much experience of young children, so is looking for a home with sensible teenagers and up. In the house Angel is clean, settled and happy to be left home alone with her beloved Kong. She doesn’t chew anything she shouldn’t and enjoys use of a secure garden for sunbathing and Boomer Ball time!


Rupert Barnaby and Blush – 4 month old male and female Terriers

Tiny fluffy puppies Rupert Barnaby and Blush are only 4 months old. They are very sweet, they will not grow to be very big. They are typical playful puppies. Rupert is the fluffy, tail-less male is more dominant than his brother and sister. He is high energy, intelligent, and ready to play until he sleeps! He gets a grooming as often as possible so he gets used to it.

Barnaby is the full-tail male and almost angora type coat. He is a follower but also manages to find independent adventure. His favorite toy is a tennis ball tied into a sock at the end of a rope.

Blush is the half-tailed female is typical observant and pensive. She eventually enters into the play or goings on last but with enthusiasm. She is loving and sweet and likes to sit and watch from your lap.

These pretty little pups are Nuba’s and Jaco’s pups, both mum and dad are small fluffy terrier types. All the family was abandoned at a Spanish shelter by whoever the owner was. They will grow into very small fluffy dogs. Mum and dad are both homed already. Current location is in a foster home in Birmingham, West Midlands.


Missy – 5 year old female Akita

Let us introduce you to our sweet Missy, a laid back female of 5 years of age. Missy has come to us as an unclaimed stray, how anyone could not claim her is a mystery to us! Missy is a very gentle girl who adores to be in company, either human or canine so with this in mind she could live with a male companion pending successful introductions. As we do not have any history on her we will only look to place her in a home with older, dog aware children.

Missy is very calm and well behaved, she loves her walks and is an absolute dream on the lead. She travels very well in the car, choosing to look out of the window and watch the world go by. She knows her basic commands and she absolutely adores to be fussed and to share a cuddle.

Missy would make some lucky person a fantastic companion, if you are interested in offering her a new forever home then please contact us.


Rosy – 12 month old female Akita

This young lady is Rosy, a stunning 12 month old Akita who has come into the care of the rescue through no fault of her own. Rosy is a happy go lucky character who is always pleased to see you. She is currently kenneled in Nottinghamshire where she is quiet and clean in her kennel but she loves exercise time and getting on the large field to have a good run around and enjoy some interaction and play time.

Rosy is good with other dogs so could live with a male companion, she has not been tested with cats. She does have experience of living with children so we would consider homes with large breed aware children. Rosy is a gentle, affectionate and adorable girl who will make her lucky new owners very happy. Beautiful inside and out, if you are interested in adopting Rosy please contact us.


Suzi – 8 year old female Pomeranian

Please meet Super Suzi! Suzi is an 8 year old Pomeranian who came into rescue when her owner was sadly hospitilized and unable to care for her anymore. Suzi is a super little dog, a real cuddly girl that just wants to be snuggled on your lap! She is clean in the house, fine to be left alone for short periods and a joy to walk, She loves being groomed and loves to play with other dogs! Suzi would love a home where someone can spoil her!

She will need someone experienced with the breed and grooming requirements. Suzi will be fine to live with children 13 plus, she can live with other dogs or would happily be the only dog. Suzi is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, de flead and wormed.

Can you offer this foxy little lady a home?


Ava – 5 month old female English Cocker Spaniel cross Lakeland Terrier

Ava is a 5 month old female English Cocker Spaniel cross Lakeland Terrier. She was rehomed at 8 weeks old but unfortunately her owner’s circumstances have changed and she now needs to find her forever home. Ava is crate trained, house-trained, excellent with dogs, has lived with cats and children 4+. She is good on and off lead and okay to travel in the car. She would love a family home full of walks and adventures as she loves to play ball and frisbee. Ava is fully vaccinated, microchipped, wormed and deflead. She must be spayed when old enough to form part of the adoption agreement and evidence be sent to us via your vet. Ava is in foster in East Sussex. To apply please complete an online application on our own website.


Pippa – 4 year old female Chihuahua cross Jack Russell Terrier

Pippa is a 4 year old Chihuahua cross Jack Russell Terrier. She is tiny and weighs 4 kg. Pippa has been diagnosed with Lupus (there are two types dogs can get and Pippa has the milder type) at some point in her life, a condition which flares up under extreme stress and manifests itself in hair loss, scaling or flaking of the skin and skin erosions primarily on the face and ears. She hasnt had a flare up in the 6 months she has been with The Little Dog Rescue. Our vet has said if she does have a flare up the only treatment is steroids so on going costs will be minimal.

Pippa can be nervous meeting new people and needs to be allowed time to get to know people at her own pace. Once she is comfortable with people she is very friendly and loves cuddles. Ideally her new home will be local to where Pippa is in foster so she can get to know her new family over a few visits. Pippa is a nervous, little girl and would benefit from gradual introductions.


Izza – 6 year old female Basenji Cross

Izza was rescued from the public shelter in Romania on the brink of starvation, as sadly so many are. She was taken to a safe shelter and nursed back to health but never let anyone touch her which is why we agreed to take her cos rehabilitation is our specialty. However Izza has let us pick her up and hug her and kiss her fibbing little face from day one. I guess this cheeky little monkey knew how to get her ticket booked to Safe rescue!!

Izza is a perfect little dog smallish, quiet and well behaved. She is still very jumpy and blatantly has suffered abuse in her past because she is definitely no stranger to fear. She would ideally suit a quiet home. I picture her with a retired couple or person being the centre of their world.

She walks well on a lead, is fantastic off lead and would be fine with any visiting children. She is really well behaved with other dogs but stinker with the cats. I would think she is around six to seven years old and is possibly Basenji cross. She is blind in one eye.


Daisy – 10-12 month old female Border Collie

This is the gorgeous Daisy. Daisy is a 10-12 month old Border Collie. Daisy is just lovely, she loves everyone she meets, including other dogs of all shapes and sizes. Daisy is a very kind, and gentle girl.

Daisy does need some lead training, but being a collie she is a very smart girl and learning very quickly. Daisy is spayed, chipped and has had her first vaccination.

Can you offer this beautiful girl her forever home ?


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