- Females

Hatter – 1-2 year old female Lurcher

Hatter is a young female Lurcher of 1 to 2 years old. Hatter who has come into our care via the pound. Hatter is a bouncy girl who loves her walks and does pull on the lead.

She enjoys a treat and responds well to her handler. Hatter has a beautiful coat that feels like velvet she enjoys a cuddle and likes to bury her head into your lap. A super girl .


Honor – 3-5 year old female Rottweiler

Honnor is a female Rottweiler of 3 to 5 years old and a lovely girl, she is petite for a Rottweiler. She came to us underweight and with sore eyes but is coming along well. She has the sweetest face and you can’t help but want to cuddle her. She is not a needy girl and seems pretty independent, always watching what’s going on. She loves her walks and lives well with her kennel mate.


Victoria – 3-5 year old female British Bulldog

Victoria is a female British Bulldog 3 to 5 years old who is looking for a home with someone with experience of the breed. She cannot be homed with children.


Layla – 3-4 year old female Lurcher

Layla is a 3-4 year old female Lurcher. Layla is a soft and gentle lurcher who arrived with us as an unclaimed stray. She is lovely to walk and enjoys a good sprint around the play area. She is full of affection and enjoys the company of all the team here, male and female. She has been good with other dogs she has been introduced to (even when they growled at her).

Her scars indicate that she may have been previously used for hunting, so we would recommend a home without small animals or cats. We would encourage any new owner to have caution around other farm or wild creatures, especially sheep. She loves to relax on a comfy bed and with a friend by her side, but we believe she could be left for short periods without becoming stressed.


Alannah – 14 month old female Rottweiler

Alannah is an extremely gentle, calm female, Rottweiler of just 14 months old. She is a real gem. Alannah is a very gentle and affectionate dog who just wants to please. She is no trouble at all in the house and just loves the company of you being around. She is non destructive and her foster carers haven’t even heard her bark yet. Alannah loves to go out for a walk and is very good on the lead, with absolutely no pulling at all and she gently trouts along beside you. She is fantastic off lead and loves to have a run around with a tennis ball and will bring it back to you to throw again. Her re-call is very good, however, she cowers in her body language at this time of return, as if she thinks she is going to be told off. Alannah is very good and sociable with other dogs too.

Alannah was a little bit timid and nervous when she first turned up at her new foster home, but this is improving all the time and she is realising nothing will hurt her. She loves to be stroked and hugged and loves all the attention you can give her. Although jumping up is being discouraged, Alannah will very gently put her two front legs up on your chest and you can hardly feel her body weight at all. This is her way of greeting you and for some affection.

Alannah would do well in a calm and quiet home becuase of her timidness and also where someone is around most of the day for company for her. However she can be left for short periods which is being built up, with no issues at all and she is happy so sleep in her bed. Alannah is spayed, vaccinated, micro-chipped, wormed and de-flead. Alannah is fostered in Dagenham, Essex. We are looking to re-home her in or around this area or neighbouring counties as a home check will be done.


Daisy – 6 month old female Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross

Daisy is a sweet Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross who has come to us after being found as a stray. Daisy is approximately 6 months old and is a small framed girl who loves cuddles and being around people. She is a calm dog who will make a lovely companion. Daisy hasn’t had much training, so would benefit from an owner who would work with her. She is eager to learn! She can live with children over 10.

Daisy is on foster with a male dog and they are getting along well. She is also good with dogs when out and about, so could possibly live with a male calm dog.


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