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Maddie – 10 year old female English Springer Spaniel

Maddie is a 10 year old English Springer spaniel who came into Oldies Club care through no fault of her own. In her foster home, it’s become very clear that she’s a lovely, well behaved girl albeit a little insecure, who would benefit from a quiet, loving forever home. She’s not quite so springy as many of her breed mates so would suit most adult households and she’d be happy if you have a non bouncy dog which could keep her company. Maddie took about a week to settle down in her foster home. She’s happy to be left although she usually has the company of two other dogs when her humans go out. However, she has been left for an hour on her own and was fine. Nonetheless Maddie wouldn’t like a home where her people work full time. She is rather insecure and craves human company so needs someone around for most of the time, especially for cuddles and reassurance.

Maddie is fine with other dogs although she does become nervous if they’re boisterous and bouncy so a calm companion would be great. She’s said to be fine with cats (due to be tested shortly) and was okay when she met some chickens. Maddie has never lived with children but was fine when she met her fosterer’s grandson. However, she’d probably prefer a home without young children as she does relish peace and quiet. She pulls a little on the lead but off lead she is really good and has great recall. Maddie is nervous in the car but behaves well despite that. She whimpers softly and increases that to an excited whine when she realises that a walk is imminent. She jumps out easily but needs a hand to get in. For the long distance to her foster home she was given Valerian compound and she slept for most of the journey. Likes food, food and more food! Maddie likes walks and a tummy tickle. She doesn’t seem to be interested in dog toys or ball play. She’s nervous of boisterous dogs but time and confident handling may alleviate this. She can be a little shy of strangers and is rather sensitive about her head being touched. This may be because she had chronic ear trouble when she arrived in Oldies club care. She arrived with badly infected ears and eyes and scabby skin. This has all been treated and is now much improved. It is possible the problem was caused by an allergy and she is currently on a wheat free diet.

However, her eyes and ears will need regular maintenance to prevent any recurrence. Maddie hasn’t yet been spayed as far as we know. Her new owners will need to arrange to have this done at the appropriate time and Oldies Club will cover the cost. She has been vaccinated, microchipped, wormed and flea treated. She’d be happiest in a quiet, loving home probably with another placid dog or maybe a cat. She would probably be fine with people who worked part time as long as she wasn’t left for too long. She loves her walks so proximity to countryside or a beach would be great, especially if she could walk there and avoid the car. Maddie is a counter surfer and very food oriented. She is also the best behaved little springer I have ever had! Maddie has shown no interest in getting on the furniture even though my two do. Also, she will not go upstairs to the bedroom, although she is fine with steps generally. She can be stubborn though and will not give up a prize easily.


Perdy – 8 year old female Lurcher

Perdy is a very pretty small female Lurcher of nearly 8 who is currently in foster with the Oldies Club in Saltash, Cornwall. Perdy was originally re-homed by the Oldies Club some time ago but her new owner felt she needed a quieter dog and so Perdy came back in our care. She is now hoping to find a forever home, where she can be loved as much for her minor imperfections as her lovely and affectionate ways. Perdy settled very quickly into foster care and bonded immediately with her foster carer’s dogs as they are used to welcoming new dogs into their home. Perdy seems fine to be left for a few hours but currently has canine company and they all have the full run of the house when left. She could possibly live with full time workers if she had a break at lunchtime. She does bark initially when left but this seems to stop fairly quickly. She is fine with her fosterer’s dogs but they are very tolerant and won’t put up with any nonsense and Perdy may well have picked up on this. She would probably be better as an only dog although a quieter and calmer dog should be fine.

Perdy is a typical lurcher and has a high prey drive. She may have been used for lamping or coursing in the past as she has the scars that have gone untreated and unstitched. She is on the look out for cats, birds and anything that moves quickly, so certainly no cats please in her new home. Perdy is probably fine with children as she has been very good with any that she has met when out on her walks, and she does love to be petted and patted. However she is quite bouncy so perhaps children over the age of 8 would be preferable. Perdy is great on the lead, and she is always walked like this. She has very good recall from the garden as well. She is currently having one hour and a half walk as it is always a lead walk, but she could probably cope with less if let off. Perdy loves the car and will get in straight away if she sees the garage door open! She loves joining in with whatever her fosterer is doing, and she is very gentle and loving, always greeting visitors nicely. She just loves being with her people.

Perdy hates thunderstorms and fireworks. She doesn’t seem to like the dark very much as she is reluctant to go out late at night. A loving home,perhaps with someone who would be interested in doing agility with her as she is so gifted in that area. She needs a secure fence as she is an excellent jumper and can clear a 6 foot fence with no problems. Someone with sighthound experience would be perfect and preferably someone who will continue with the wonderful training that Perdy’s fosterer has started. Perdy was clean in the house from day one and whines when she needs to go out. She is so keen to please people and will make someone a loving little friend. Perdy is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, wormed and flea-treated. No health problems, but she has a small tag on her anal gland which may need monitoring if it grows bigger.


Eve – 1 year old female Jack Russell Terrier

Hello, my name is Eve. I’m a one year old female Jack Russell Terrier. I arrived at The Mayhew after being found abandoned on the streets of London. I’m sweet-natured and sensitive girl. I get along well with everyone I meet and I get along well with other dogs, sometimes a little shy of boisterous dogs but it doesn’t take me long to make friends. I’m super affectionate, I always enjoy being showered with love and attention and I like to climb up on to peoples’ laps if allowed.

I also love going to the park and I have a good recall off my lead. I’m toilet trained, I can be left home alone for a couple of hours without any problems and I know the basic commands which I respond well to. I’m very playful and I love playing with my toys and I always enjoy a good game of fetch. I also love a carrot to chew on!

I’m now looking for a forever home with an active person or family who have owned dogs before and have researched my breed type. I can live with sensible children from twelve years of age and upwards who are used to being around dogs and I can live with another dog providing they’ll give me space to settle in. I can also live with dog-confident cats. My new owners will be expected to take me to training classes and provide me with a minimum of one hour of active off-lead exercise every day.

If you’re interested in adopting me you will need to be fully prepared for the hard work and long-term commitment involved in caring for a dog, you’ll be taking on a fourteen year commitment, which must not be taken lightly.

I hope to see you soon,



Anna – 12-14 month old female Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross

Hi everyone, I’m Anna! I was found abandoned but no one seems to understand why! After ending up in the pound, I have been taken into the care of All Dogs Matter.” Anna is a sweet and friendly girl who is looking for her forever home! We would love to get her on foster in the meantime as well. She could live with children over the age of 10 and possibly a calm male dog. She has not been cat tested yet.

Please keep an eye out for further updates, as we need to carry out further assessment now she has come into our care.


Roxy – 8 year old female Mastiff Cross

Roxy is a Mastiff cross who has come to us after her owners circumstances changed. Roxy is 8 years old and is looking for a home to call her own. She is friendly and enjoys human company. She is good with dogs when out and about and could possibly live with a calm male dog.

We would prefer to rehome Roxy to someone who has had experience with Mastiffs or similar breeds.


Dolly and QP – 4 and 7 year old male and female Tibetan Terrier Crosses

Meet Dolly and QP, a mother and son who have come to us after being tied up together. Dolly is 7 and QP is 4. Dolly and QP are lovely dogs, who are very friendly with people and love to snuggle up! They are good with dogs when out and about. Dolly and QP can be separated, but if they are adopted individually will need to live with another dog. They have always lived with other dogs and wouldn’t like to live without a canine companion. They haven’t been cat tested.


Sandy – 5 year old female Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross French Bulldog

”Hello everybody, I am Sandy! I am a Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross French Bulldog and I am 5 years old. Unfortunately due to a change in circumstance my owner can no longer keep me and now I am looking for a new forever home with All Dogs Matter.”

Sandy is a sweet and friendly girl who needs to find her forever home. She could live in a home with children aged 8 years and over. She has also lived with cats before, so could possibly share her new home with dog-savvy felines! She is fine with dogs when out and about, but would prefer to be the only dog in the home. She is neutered, microchipped and will be up to date with her vaccinations.



Izzy – 5 year old female Spaniel Cross

Meet Izzy, a Spaniel cross who has come to us after her owners had a change of circumstance. Izzy is a nervous dog, who is quite shy when you first meet her. Once she knows you, she is affectionate and loving. Izzy is an anxious dog, who struggles to leave the house. She becomes frozen and will refuse to move.

We believe that these problems can be overcome, but Izzy will need a patient and experienced owner who is able to help her.

Part of Izzy’s problem is due to her location in London. We would like to rehome Izzy to someone in a rural location. Izzy will need to live in a property that has access to a garden. Izzy is good with other dogs and could live with a calm male. Izzy would prefer to live with kids over 12. No cats please!


Jingle – 14 week old female Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross

Jingle is a 14 week old puppy that has come to us after being found as a stray. Jingle is a lovely puppy, who is very friendly with people. She enjoys a cuddle and is very affectionate. Jingle is good with other dogs and could happily live with a calm male.


Jingle is just a puppy, so will need an owner who is prepared to give her the training she needs. She’s very eager to please and is already learning the basics!

Jingle will need to be rehomed within the M25, so she can be spayed at our vets when she’s ready.


Felicia – 2 year old female Corgi Cross

Felicia is a young dog of approximately 2 years old and is the size and build of a corgi. Felicia survived the fire that broke out at the Daniflor Public Shelter in Romania. A rescuer from Targoviste drove there to offer her help, and take out 5 of the dogs that were in the worst shape.

Felicia is missing one eye, but she is still a very happy girl knowing that a chance of a home is much closer now she is in the UK and safe. Felicia is young, healthy and excellent with other dogs.

Felicia is located in Essex. She is an incredibly sweet girl, who travels well in the car, and loves her cuddles.


Myla – 7 year old female German Shepherd Dog

Myla is a German Shepherd who has come to us after being found as a stray. Myla is 7 years old and is a friendly dog, with lots of love to give. She walks well on her lead and absolutely loves her walks! Myla has some separation anxiety, so will need an owner who is home the majority of the time.

We would like to rehome Myla to someone who has had experience with German Shepherds or similar breeds.


Tilly – 5 year old female American Bulldog Cross

Meet Tilly! She’s an American Bulldog cross who has come to us after being found as a stray. Tilly is 5 years old and is a lovely dog, but can be quite shy until she gets to know you. Tilly is a very loving and friendly dog, who would love to get into kennels and into a foster home.

Tilly has had some training, so knows how to sit and stay. She’s also house trained. Tilly walks well on the lead and doesn’t pull.


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