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Carrie – 1 year old female Labrador cross Poodle

I would like to introduce you all to Carrie. She is approximately 1 year old. She is spayed, microchipped and vaccinated. She is a beautiful dog inside and out. She is shy when initially meeting humans and dogs but once she relaxes she is quite a little character. She is gentle and loving. She is very frightened of loud noises and shouting as she was in a horrendous public kill shelter, for this reason if the plays with other dogs gets too much, she will also take herself out of the way. She is good with cats.

But she is also scared of small children, so family’s with children over 10 only please. She is small sized, about mid calf height and looks like a cross between a Cockerpoo and Labradoodle. She has little grey flecks in her coat. You won’t get a more gentle and loving dog than Carrie. So please form an orderly queue & PM us if you are what Carrie needs.


Vinnie – 2 year old female Mastiff

Please meet Beautiful Vinnie! Vinnie is a Mastiff of 2 years old, he came to us when his owner had personal problems which made him unable to care for him. He is quite the regal gent, he walks beautifully on the lead and is house trained, most of the day he spends snoozing on the sofa however he loves his food and walks!

Vinnie is a gentle giant who is mother hen to our tiny Dalmation puppy, he is a darling with not a bad bone in his body. He is currently a little under weight so is having 3 good meals a day to build him up. He loves other dogs so must be homed either where there is a resident dog or he would have plenty of contact with dogs. He is not destructive at all and is quite content being left for short periods. He is a very undemanding and lazy boy.

Would suit an older person or couple. This lovely boy would make a fantastic addition to any family as he is really laid back and undemanding, but equally a lovely cuddly loyal companion! Vinnie can live with other dogs and cats, and can also be housed with children age 13 plus. Vinnie is castrated, fully vaccinated and chipped. He is flea and wormed. Could this gentle giant live with you?


Felice – 6 month old female Bulldog Cross

Felice is a lovely bulldog cross who has come to us with her brother Chubb. Sadly, these dogs were from an unwanted litter and were left at our kennels and have been brought up together. Because of this, we would like Felice to go to an owner who already has a dog.


Felice is a friendly, affectionate girl who loves human company. She is still very much a puppy and could do with some training from her new owner. She is very good with other dogs, as she has been well socialised in kennels. Felice can live with children over 10. She hasn’t been cat tested. She hasn’t been spayed but will be before she is rehomed.


Tilly – 6 year old female Jack Russell Terrier

Tilly is very affectionate and quite small, she is looking for a new home through no fault of her own. Tilly would like new owners who are around for most of the day as she loves her human company. Although Tilly is fine when out and about with other dogs, she doesnt like to share so a home where Tilly is the only dog is needed.

As Tilly has spent some time in kennels prior to coming to us she may need a refresher with housetraining. Her foster is working on this with her and she is doing well. Tilly is an energetic little girl who loves her walks, she would be idea for an active retired home. We have little history for Tilly so older sensible children would be best. Tilly travels fine in the car, we do not know what she is like with cats. Tilly is currently on foster in Essex. She has been neutered, vaccinated and micro chiped.


Jesse – 12 year old female English Springer Spaniel

Jesse is a totally devoted and loyal companion who is rather bewildered at the moment. She is looking for a new home where she will be the only dog so that she can be loved and love her new owner. She is so soft and sweet and just wants to cuddle up to you and be by your side. Although Jesse has never lived in a home she has been clean in the house and sleeps well in her crate at night. Jesse travels well in the car and is fine with other dogs out and about, she just gets a little jealous in the home. We don’t know what she is like with cats.

Jesse is fine with older sensible children. Jesse would like new owners who are around for most of the day and a quieter home. She has been neutered, vaccinated, had a full dental, micro chipped and had flea and worming treatments. Jesse is on foster in Essex.


Dot – 8-10 month old female Border Collie

This is the beautiful Dot. Dot is a 8/10 month old Border Collie girl. She is just gorgeous inside and out, Dot is very gentle, and kind natured. She loves her cuddles, walks and dinner!

Dot is great with other dogs, travels well in the car, and in coming on well with her lead walking. Dot is spayed, chipped and has had her first vaccination.

Can you offer this lovely girl her forever home ?


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