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Holly – 1-2 year old female Beagle

Holly is a 1-2 year old female Beagle. She is dog and cat friendly. Holly can go with children 5+.


Fiona – 4 year old female Terrier Cross

Fabulous Fiona is a small Terrier cross girl of around 12 kg who is 4 years old and she has been spayed. She is a simply adorable dog and when she was in with a little blind boy she was quite mothering of him. She is very good with other dogs. She loves to be around people – especially when it means she can get some big cuddles and she is more than happy to be picked up and will give you lots of kisses. She has been good on a lead and was very well behaved at the groomers. Fiona would be a great dog for many homes and as she is missing her room-mate who has found his forever family surely it must now be Fiona’s turn?


Nelly – 5 month old female Jack Russell Terrier Cross

Lovely Nelly is a 5 month old female Jack Russell Cross dog who was very frightened when she first arrived and stayed in a crate to get used to her new environment but now she is a happy dog who likes to run up and down the kennels exploring and saying hello to every dog. She is only young at around 5 months old. She loves other dogs and comes for cuddles on her terms. We have not yet tried to pick her up or put a lead on her as she is still finding her feet and we are moving at her pace . She is only a young dog and needs someone with a lot of patience and willingness to give her time. Best homed without small children in case she is nippy. Nelly is ready to have a family to call her own and a warm bed to snooze in.


Lexi – 1 year old female Collie Cross

Lovely Lexi female Collie cross is in kennels with Ferdi and they have been named the cheeky girls. She is a spayed 1 year old dog and is the bigger of the pair. She is lovely in the stable environment if a little shy, very friendly with no food aggression, and loves her cuddles. Although the two cheeky girls can get a bit fired up after a cuddling session. She is fine with other dogs and people, is very gentle and well mannered. Lexi is not confident in the outside world and has refused to walk on a lead and laid flat in the grass as if to hide. She will need someone to work with her in a well secured garden where she can get used to the outside world.

Are you the family that can give Lexi the time, attention and love she needs to know that she is now safe?



Vita – 7 year old female Cross-Breed

Pretty Vita is a medium Crossbreed sized girl of around 20 kg – small lab sized. She is approximately 7 years old and has been spayed. She is lovely dog and a big softie who likes attention and she would rather cuddle than eat. She can be a little submissive compared to other dogs, walks nicely on a lead and is great with other dogs. She has also been good when meeting older kids . Vita is a playful dog who would be suitable for any home and she is looking forward to spending Christmas with a furever family.


Nemo and Florrie – 2 year old male Husky and 1 year old male Papillon Cross

Nemo and Florrie have been staying in kennels since early this summer on a temporary basis and were hoping to return to their family, however this hasn’t been possible so they are now looking for a new home. Nemo is a stunning dark eyed Husky and Florrie is a Papillon Cross.


They are beautiful dogs who are bonded and ideally are looking for a home together. They are friendly, although Florrie can be a little snappy so they are looking for a home without children and no cats as we don’t know how they are with cats. They are currently staying in boarding kennels. Adoption subject to homecheck and adoption fee.



Cleo – 5 year old female Cross-Breed

Cleo is a medium sized cross-breed who is 5 years old. came into our care in August because her owner was allergic to her. She is an active dog so needs an active owner! She has a great personality and is very intelligent. Cleo can be re-homed with other dogs and children over five years but not cats or small animals.


Lucy – 1 year old female Cross-Breed

This gorgeous girl is Lucy, she is a 1 year old small to medium sized cross breed, possibly terrier and whippet somewhere in the mix! She was signed over into our care after her owner could no longer cope, Lucy had been spending most of her time shut in a cage living in her own mess. As a result she had some sores on her skin and bald patches, she was also crawling with fleas.

Lucy is now in a foster home and is blossoming into the most wonderful affectionate intelligent little girl, she will make someone a very loyal companion. Lucy is basically a 1 year old puppy, she had had very little training, she is learning and improving so quickly, she is now pretty much house trained, has a great recall and settles really well at night, as long as she can sleep on the bed with you! As Lucy has been through so much she does have a little separation anxiety, which is being worked on in the foster home and she is improving greatly, she will need a home ideally with another dog to help her settle and also in a home where someone will be with her most of the time at least initially to settle her in.

Lucy loves to keep busy, she would be great at flyball or something similar. Lucy travels really well in the car, shes great with other dogs although can be vocal and a little rough playing sometimes, shes in a foster home with cats and is fine but does like to playfully chase if the cats run, shes met horses and chickens and has been fine off lead around both.

Lucy has been neutered vaccinated and microchipped, she is just waiting for her forever home.


Honey – 9 month old female Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross

Hello, my name is Honey. I’m a nine month old female Staffy crossbreed. I arrived at The Mayhew because my owner was no longer able to look after me. I’m an active and sweet natured girl who also has a sensitive side. I can be shy of strangers but it doesn’t take long for me to make friends with people who are calm and gentle with me. I also get along very well with other dogs and I enjoy meeting up with them for a play and run around in the park.

I’ve not had any training in the past but I’m a quick learner and I’m now starting to learn the basic commands, which I’m responding well to. I’m very affectionate dog and I love being showered with love and attention and if allowed I like to climb up onto peoples’ laps for kisses and cuddles. I also enjoy playing with my toys; my favourites are ones which squeak.

I’m now looking for a forever home with an active person or family who have owned dogs before. I can live with sensible children from ten years of age and upwards who are used to being around dogs and I’d happily share my home with a calm adult dog. It’s not yet known how long I cope being left home alone so I’ll need a home where there is somebody around for most of the. My new owners will be expected to take me to training classes and provide me with a minimum of one hour of active off-lead exercise every day.

If you’re interested in adopting me you will need to be fully prepared for the hard work and long-term commitment involved in caring for a dog, you’ll be taking on a fourteen year commitment, which must not be taken lightly.

I hope to see you soon,



Sasha – 2-3 year old female German Shepherd cross Rottweiler

Sasha is 2 and a half years old, a German Shepherd cross Rottweiler. Sasha is good with children and other dogs. A loving gentle giant. Sasha could be a family dog or one to one. She is very loyal and doesn’t often leave out of site.


Ruby – 4-5 year old female Cross-Breed

Ruby is a 4-5 year old very loving, gentle girl. She is spayed and fully vaccinated. She is medium size and weighs about 16 kilos. She is a real people dog who bonds closely with ‘her’ people and follows you everywhere. She is good with other dogs, living in her foster home in Wiltshire with 3 others at the moment. She was rescued from a horrendous life in Romania and had never known home comforts, never been walked, never been loved and she definitely approves of her new life here.

She has only been in foster for a short time but is learning very quickly with the aid of clicker training and is very obedient. She already knows’no’,’come’,’sit’,’stay’and if she gets too over excited ‘enough’. She is just about toilet trained, still has the odd accident at night but this has nearly stopped. She loves to run and play, but also just to be with you. She would be fine as an only dog with someone around for a lot of the day, or with another dog for company.

She doesn’t like cats but, then you can’t be too perfect. Because we don’t know all of Ruby’s background we will only re-home with children over 10. Home check and adoption fee apply.


Flick – 4-5 year old female Shih Tzu

This appealing little face belongs to comical Shih Tzu Flick, aged between 4 and 5 years old, who is being fostered in Par, Cornwall. There are some dogs that know their place – Flick is absolutely convinced that her place is on your lap. She is a little bit of a diva who will give a little grumble if she doesn’t get her own way. Typical little Shih Tzu! She really is a funny little thing when she runs around playing with her toys. She loves to go out and gets very excited. Her tail is always wagging and she just loves to snuggle in by the side of you, or on your lap, for a cuddle – she doesn’t snore either. She is a really fast learner – a clever little dog who will come as soon as you call her. Flick is very obedient for a Shih Tzu and is a real little sweetheart who will make a loyal companion in the right home.

This little lady is fully housetrained and is very settled in a home environment. She likes some adults but will have a little grumble at others – but she is such a cuddly girl who really likes to snuggle! She gets very excited about travelling in a car and can bark with excitement. She is fine with being brushed and having her eyes cleaned and bottom washed. She doesn’t gulp or snatch her food – she is fed separately from the other dogs in the household at present. She gets very growly and shakes her raggy toys around when she is playing – sharing toys with other dogs might be a problem – she would be best as the only dog. She doesn’t want to scale high fences but would probably chase a cat over a low-ish wall. Flick finds being crated very stressful unless there is someone in the room with her – she is happy to sleep in the crate with the door closed in the same room as her family. She does crave human company and doesn’t like being left, even with other dogs for company.

Flick will need time to learn to trust. She is still a little nervous in her new surroundings and can growl a warning if she is unsure what you are going to do to her although we do not think she would bite unless distressed. For this reason we would not re-home her with children and would like her to go to a home with experience of the breed. She is improving in this respect and her foster mum has been able to clip her nails without any problem. She is wary of people when out on walks – she will grumble first and then look for a fuss! She does need to learn to socialise with other dogs. Going for walks is probably her favourite thing – along with snuggles! She wants to lead at first and then settles to walk beside you. She is best on a harness and is fine with traffic – she will stop at the pavement. We haven’t introduced her to any cats but given her interest in birds (she nearly fell in the pond chasing the ducks!) – we think a cat free zone would be best. She can be unpredictable with other dogs – so needs to on a harness when out walking to give you better control.

Flick needs a home where someone is home with her most of the time and would prefer to be the only dog. She needs gentle reassurance that all is ok so an experienced home would be best for her. She cannot live with cats, birds or small furries. We would not rehome her with children as she can be unpredictable when stressed. Flick will require ongoing training in some areas – principally:- socialising, not barging out through the door as soon as it is open, waiting when her lead is on (oh but walks are just SO exciting!), and being left on her own for longer periods. Flick is wormed, micro-chipped, vaccinated, up to date with flea treatment and neutered. Prospective adopters will be expected to travel to meet her in her foster home in Cornwall.

If you are interested in adopting Flick, please read about our rehoming process and complete a Pre-Adoption form ( link here ) and one of our adoption coordinators will contact you for a chat.


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