German Shepherd Cross

Al – 7 year old male Retriever cross German Shepherd Dog

Big joy Al is a 7 year old male Retriever cross German Shepherd Dog. There is no denying that this is a dog that makes an impact. I think he is possibly curly coat retriever crossed with a German Shepherd Dog with an element of horse thrown in for good measure. Alf has the most charming of characters and I defy anyone to be scared of him despite his large size. All day long his tail wags and his face is alight with a smile or a grin. He loves to be around people, he adores children. Thankfully he is good on a lead because frankly I weigh less than 8 stone and I think if he wanted to go his way and not mine there would be a problem.

Alf is currently living with many other dogs and is mostly very good with them. He prefers the bitches, does grumble at some of the males but doesn’t take it any further than that but at the moment does need to be fed separately. It’s blatantly clear that its been a long long time since Alf missed a meal but old habits die hard and although he tends to pick at his food he doesn’t want the other dogs having it either. He has no food issues with people.

This boy has definitely won the hearts of everybody he’s met since arriving in the UK, mine included, having said that I will be very pleased when he finds a home as there is limited space here and he does have a tendency to fill doorways. Since Alf has picked his favourite bed he has spent an awful lot of time sleeping but he does love his walks and to get out and about and he will need regular exercise to lose a few pounds.

All in all Big Al is the king of all that is awesome and anyone would be lucky to have the boy in their lives.


Harley – 4 year old male German Shepherd cross Husky

Harley is a 4 year old, male, neutered, sable, semi haired, German Shepherd cross Husky. He is currently in the Merseyside area. This gorgeous boy is micro chipped, vaccinated and has already been neutered. He does have some basic commands and is currently walked on a harness, however he would suit further training and to be taught lead training as he does pull heavily on his harness. Harley can be a little grumpy with other dogs if they react back so therefore he is ideally suited to being an only dog or could maybe live with a non reactive submissive dog. He can not live with cats.

Harley is quite a shy boy if he does not know you but quickly comes round and oozes love and affection. He is currently living with children from 8 months onwards however due to his size we would recommend children 6 years +. Due to a change in circumstances Harley is not being exercised and being given the time he craves. We would like to rehome him ASAP to ensure he gets all the TLC and attention he deserves. Could he have a space in your home?


Smiley – 3 year old female German Shepherd Cross

Smiley is a beautiful 3 year old medium-large German Shepherd Cross. We are not sure how she lost her front leg but luckily for her she was rescued from the streets of Romania because she would have found it very difficult to survive there, she then waited a year in basic conditions hoping and waiting for her new life to begin.

Smiley has settled very well into her foster home, she lives up to her name and loves everyone, she just loves cuddles she’s doing well on a lead, she’s been okay in the car and is clean in the house. Please form an orderly queue to give this special little girl a home.


Wholf – 6-7 year old female Rottweiler cross German Shepherd Dog

Wonderful Wholf is a female Rottweiler cross German Shepherd aged approx. 6-7 years old. She is okay with other dogs but no cats please. She has a nice temperament and we feel she would be suitable to be rehomed with sensible older children aged 13 years plus. She came into rescue as her owner died, she has been well looked after and clearly loved in her previous home. Wholf lived with a male Rottweiler cross Staffordshire Bull Terrier named Spike, we have reluctantly split them up but if anyone could rehome both dogs together, it would be a marvellous outcome.

On arrival Wholf was extremely nervous and very frightened, so we have spent lots of time with her inside and outside of her kennel. She is now coming out of her shell and her true personality is emerging, albeit slowly. She is a little shy but loving and absolutely adores a stroke and cuddle, she likes to lean in and get herself in a comfortable position sitting close by and touching you. Honestly, you can’t help but fall in love with her; she’s very affectionate once she trusts you.

Wholf already has some good training in place and does a nice sit and stay, with or without the aid of a treat. She is very gentle when accepting a treat or her food. She has a great, gentle, sweet temperament and will do well in most home environments. I would expect her to form a close bond with new owner and family. She is looking for a kind, patient and caring owner willing to let her settle in time and not overwhelm her at the start. She is fully housetrained, (although you should expect a little accident or two with any rescue dog during the settling in period), is not destructive or vocal in the home and she travels well in a car, a good all rounder used to living in a family home. Kennels is no place for this lady, so we are keen to see her into a new home as soon as possible.

Larger breeds of dog do take longer to rehome than the fluffy small cute ones but please do consider our girlie as she is an absolute smasher, just a super lady that anyone would be proud to own. She is clearly missing her owner, family and doggie companion but I do feel she will become herself again in the right new home. Please contact us for further details as soon as you can, you will find a friend for life with Wonderful Wholf.

All our dogs have a thorough veterinary health check and are micro-chipped, neutered, flea/worm treated and are fully vaccinated. They also come with 6 weeks free insurance.


Dollar – 5 month old female German Shepherd Cross

Dollar is a 5 month old female German Shepherd Cross. She is just a baby still and really should be at the heart of a loving family, not in a kennel and craving love and attention. She is a very sweet girl and is loving and affectionateand loves a cud dle of course. It’s heartbreaking to see her little face behind bars, she looks so pitiful, I could cry for her. She really enjoyed her photo session and we had such good fun with her, she truly is as soft and as gorgeous as a real, live teddy bear! Dollar came to us from a home environment, with her litter mates, so was brought up with the sights and sounds of home-life, and will be able to get used to these things again pretty quickly. She knows to toilet on the grass when she is taken out of her kennel, so she should pick up house-training very easily.

Please consider Dollar if you are looking for a puppy to join your family and bring you huge amounts of love, fun and entertainment. We will be looking for a home with the following for Dollar please: Someone at home virtually all day (every day), someone able to give her plenty of undivided attention, a calm, steady, stable household, someone with plenty of patience, and who is prepared to be consistent and persistent, a secure, enclosed, safe garden (for supervised play and toileting), someone prepared to take her to training classes, someone who can keep her well socialized with other dogs (preferably on a daily basis). When old enough she will need a couple of good walks every day please and will need an enclosed, secure garden for extra fun and games. She can be rehomed with another dog, could live with kind, sensible children aged 8+ and can live with a cat.

Dollar has been fully vaccinated and microchipped and will need to be spayed in a month’s time and this will be written into her adoption contract. Dollar can be rehomed outside of the county, within reason, and subject to a successful homecheck. Above all else, you and your family will need to give Dollar the love, care and attention she needs and very much deserves please.


Ciuf – 1 year old female German Shepherd Cross

Ciuf is a beautiful girl, now just 1 year old and a German Shepherd cross. Our rescuers found her wandering the streets with her two siblings six months ago: their mum had been captured and killed. Ciuf was skin and bone, and had no way of finding food. She has been in the UK for 1 month now, to an amazing foster family in Wisbech to teach her how to live inside a home, and how to be a dog in the UK. Ciuf is gentle and intelligent, great with humans and other dogs, she is a very loving girl. We wouldn’t recommend cats or very young children.


India – 18 month old female German Shepherd cross Collie

India has just come into our care from the stray pound where her time was up. She is a German Shepherd cross Collie of about 18 months of age. She loves going in the car, jumping straight in and then settling down on the journey. She is a very loving and friendly girl. She can sit and gives a paw-you don’t have to ask! She also lays on her back for a belly rub. She really will make a smashing addition to anyone’s family.

Could it be with yours? India can be viewed but not walked until she’s had her full course of vaccinations.


Bear – 8 year old male German Shepherd cross Akita

please meet Beautiful Bear! Bear is a German Shepherd cross Akita of 8 years old, he came to us when his owner dumped him – he served his 7 days in the pound and was facing euthanasia so we gave the old fella a chance, and what a love he is!! He is quite the regal gent, he walks beautifully on the lead and is house trained, most of the day he spends snoozing on the sofa however he loves his food and walks! bear is a gentle giant, he is a darling with not a bad bone in his body. He is a very big boy weighing in at 40kg when he was castrated!!

He loves other dogs so must be homed either where there is a resident dog or he would have plenty of contact with dogs. He is not destructive at all and is quite content being left for short periods. He is a very undemanding and lazy boy, Would suit an older person or couple. This lovely old chap would make a fantastic addition to any family as he is really laid back and undemanding, but equally a lovely cuddly loyal companion! Bear can live with other dogs, and can also be housed with cats and children age 6 years plus. Bear is castrated, fully vaccinated and chipped. He is flea and wormed.

Could this gentle giant the retirement home he deserves?


Sasha – 2-3 year old female German Shepherd cross Malamute

I would like to introduce you to Sasha, she is just 2-3 year old female German Shepherd cross Malamute and looking for her new home. She does need to receive more training on the lead, walking and some more basic commands. She would suit living with a dog or being the only dog.

Unfortunately she is not keen on cats so a cat free home is a must. A lovely friendly girl which would thrive in a home, with plenty of love and attention. Sasha is also good with younger children from 5 years onwards too. Although a little bouncy she will be an amazing girl in the right home.


Bella – 17 month old female German Shepherd Cross

Bella is 17 months and a beautiful German Shepherd Cross. She is great with kids but we wouldn’t say she is good with cats even though hasn’t done anything. Her owner is distraught as she has become poorly and can no longer care for her as she needs lots of exercise and is very loving.


Simba – 3 year old male Geman Shepherd Cross

Simba is a 3 year old castrated male. The world is a toy and he just wants to play. He does have time for a quick fuss and cuddle, a very friendly chap! Simba does not like small dogs, cats or small furries. No aggression seen with larger dogs, male or female. He does have faults: attention span of a peanut and no manners. These need to be worked on.

Simba has to do everything at full speed, a big puppy that needs some boundaries and further training. He will be vaccinated, flead wormed and chipped. He would suit a family with older children or no children, he could also live with another larger dog.


Zoran – 11 month old male German Shepherd Cross

Zoran is a German Shepherd cross puppy, he is around 11 months old now. He is a Romanian rescue currently in UK foster and is now assessed and ready for his forever home. He loves children, and adores playing and cuddles. He walks well on the lead and is responding well to basic training. He has lived with but perhaps would be happier living without them. He would benefit from a home which enjoys walking as he has energy to burn. He will make a wonderful pet and is just the right age to introduce into a new family.


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