German Shepherd Cross

Jessy – 1 year old female German Shepherd Cross

Jessy is a 1 year old female German Shepherd Cross . Jess is a sensitive, sweet natured immature, adolescent pleaser. She came into the country from Croatia where she had a poor start. She was thrown from a car. She is a very small German Shepherd cross about the size of Springer. She needs a special quiet home, as she is rather nervous with new people. She is in no way snappy or aggressive. She will require a quietish area as she is still unhappy in heavy traffic, although travels well in the car with her people. Her recall is pretty good as she doesn’t go far. After a while doggy school would be good when settled.


Jessie can be left for 3-4 hours, she is being crated. She travels very well by car however in spite of the past. She will blossom to be a kindly quiet little girl in the proper home with gentle quiet people. She likes a couple of walks per day. Can cat test if required. This youngster is currently in a ‘four dog’ home waiting for her very special own home. Currently in Romford with animalactiontrust Essex. Jessie is waiting for a very special phone call. She comes spayed vacc and with passport.


Sasha – 2-3 year old female German Shepherd cross Malamute

I would like to introduce you to Sasha, she is just 2-3 year old female German Shepherd cross Malamute and looking for her new home. She does need to receive more training on the lead, walking and some more basic commands. She would suit living with a dog or being the only dog.

Unfortunately she is not keen on cats so a cat free home is a must. A lovely friendly girl which would thrive in a home, with plenty of love and attention. Sasha is also good with younger children from 5 years onwards too. Although a little bouncy she will be an amazing girl in the right home.


Bella – 17 month old female German Shepherd Cross

Bella is 17 months and a beautiful German Shepherd Cross. She is great with kids but we wouldn’t say she is good with cats even though hasn’t done anything. Her owner is distraught as she has become poorly and can no longer care for her as she needs lots of exercise and is very loving.


Alfie – 4-5 month old male German Shepherd Cross

Alfie is a 4-5 month old male German Shepherd Cross. This lovely lad is now in foster after being found as a stray on the streets of Spain -he has the most lovely temperament and have given links to videos on him which you can pick up from our web site or facebook so you can see him more clearly. He was saved by a lady in Spain with his sister and then had to be moved quickly for his own safety as he licked a poisoners caterpillar which has resulted in him losing the tip of his tongue he has seen the vet and it has had no lasting affect on him.

Alfie has a wonderful temperament and is good with the other dogs, he has been cat tested and did not really take much notice. He loves to play as any young puppy does and watch the TV. He is extremely bright and has already mastered sit, paw and bedtime. He has mastered his house training and asks now to go out to the toilet. Lovely his cuddles and playing with the other dogs. We think Alfie will be quite big looking at his paws and would like him to be homed to people who already have had experienced of big dogs like German Shepherd Dog’s and without question will be prepared to take him dog training.

No full time workers please. Alfie will be fully vaccinated, chipped and have his own passport. Home Checks apply.


Simba – 3 year old male Geman Shepherd Cross

Simba is a 3 year old castrated male. The world is a toy and he just wants to play. He does have time for a quick fuss and cuddle, a very friendly chap! Simba does not like small dogs, cats or small furries. No aggression seen with larger dogs, male or female. He does have faults: attention span of a peanut and no manners. These need to be worked on.

Simba has to do everything at full speed, a big puppy that needs some boundaries and further training. He will be vaccinated, flead wormed and chipped. He would suit a family with older children or no children, he could also live with another larger dog.


Zoran – 11 month old male German Shepherd Cross

Zoran is a German Shepherd cross puppy, he is around 11 months old now. He is a Romanian rescue currently in UK foster and is now assessed and ready for his forever home. He loves children, and adores playing and cuddles. He walks well on the lead and is responding well to basic training. He has lived with but perhaps would be happier living without them. He would benefit from a home which enjoys walking as he has energy to burn. He will make a wonderful pet and is just the right age to introduce into a new family.


Lady – 5-6 year old female German Shepherd Cross

The lovely Lady. She is about 5-6 years old female German Shepherd dog cross. She adores attention and going for long walks. Gets on well with other dogs, but not with small furry animals. Ignores visitors to the house after greeting them. Lady would be okay with older children that are use to dogs.


Mono – 11 month old male German Shepherd Cross

I am Mono and I am around 11 months old. I have my passport ready, got my rabies shot and my anti-parvo shots. Got my chip and I got neutered, so I´m ready to get adopted. I am sweet dog and I love other dogs and people. My current hight is 59cm. Mono was found on the streets of Sarajevo all alone. There was a pack of older pups with their mum near by. But the mum wouldn´t let Mono near them so small and unprotected his days were numbered. Luckily for him he was rescued on time and taken to a pension. He is now in the UK with the rescue looking for his forever home.


Luna – 7 week old female German Shepherd cross Mastiff

Luna is a 7 week old female German Shepherd cross Mastiff. Luna is such a beautiful girl who is looking for a new home through no fault of her own. She is currently in foster with a wide variety of other dogs, cats, birds, rabbits and children. This will mean that she is a well rounded social pup, new owners will need to continue with her socialization and ensure she develops into a well rounded young lady.

She is a pup, she may be little at the moment but she will not stay this way. Please fully consider that she has the potential to be a big girl when fully grown. Luna will need new owners who are around for most of the day and who have the time to invest in training her. She is young enough to be homed with other animals and older sensible children.

Luna will poop, pee, chew and probably do a whole lot more. This is what pups do and all this should be expected. We would like new owners with large breed experience for Luna. She has been vaccinated, micro chipped and had flea and worming treatment. Luna will need to be neutered at the correct time as part of the adoption contract. New owners will need to cover the cost of this, we offer reduced costs neutering at one of our vets. Luna is currently on foster in Guildford Surrey.


Ben – 7 year old male German Shepherd Cross

Ben is around 7 years old and a large size German Shepherd cross. He was rescued after being chased by the dog catchers and taken to safety while he waited for his chance to come to the UK. Since being in his foster home Ben has proven to be as gentle as they come. I have not heard a single growl from him, he is the perfect gentleman who adores human company and that of his fellow four legged friends.

Ben seems to take life in his stride and has the patience of a saint. He is respected by the other dogs in my home and I think this is down to his laid back attitude on life. He loves the touch of his human companions and accepts the warmth of their loving arms around him. He adores my teenage children and is happy when they are near to him.

Ben walks well on a lead and stays very close to his human when on a walk, his recall is fantastic and is currently walking well off lead. He is a very loving, gentle, boy who hasn’t put a paw wrong since being in his foster home and would make the perfect, loyal companion to most homes.


Henry – 4 year old male German Shepherd Cross

Henry is a German Shepherd cross, about 4-5 years old. He is a very easy going gentleman to have in your home. He loves his cuddles and doesn’t take over the sofa, he loves his walks and doesn’t pull, he gets on with all my dogs and I believe okay with cats and he has absolutely no food aggression.

Henry was adopted for a year then returned, spending a short time in foster before having to be kept in kennels until another foster space was available. I now have him living with me and am currently reassessing him, so far I cannot fault him. He is of a guarding breed so he will need to find a confident home ideally with experience of such breeds. He has slotted into my life and routine as if he’s always been here.


Skye – 9 year old female German Shepherd cross Rottweiler

Please meet Super Skye! Skye came into rescue when her owners were sadly rehoused and were not allowed to take the dogs despite doctors advising that he keep them. They have had her from 8 weeks old and she is now 9 years, full pedigree chucky German Shepherd cross Rottweiler. Skye was grossly over weight when she arrived but we have got the weight of her and now she has a new lease of life!

Skye is quite content to sleep most of the day, so can be left during the day, she is non destructive and quiet. She will do anything for food!! Literally anything and still enjoys a walk. She is still a very strong girl so potential adopters must bare this in mind. She is a very affectionate Rottweiler loves to sit by you and have her tummy rubbed etc. She is a quiet undemanding girl that would make a lovely addition to any home!

Skye can live with other dogs, and dog savvy cats, She is very curious of cats and could sit and watch them all day. She still enjoys her toys and will happily keep herself amused. Skye is a fantastic girl that really doesn’t ask for much and gives a lot in return! She is spayed, fully vaccinated and chipped. Could you offer her the retirement home she so desperately deserves?


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