German Shepherd Cross

Sultan – 2-3 year old male German Shepherd Cross

Sultan is a 2-3 year old male German Shepherd Cross. There will always be the dog that gets to me just that little bit more than the others the one if I could I would, obviously there are so many I fall in love with but this boy stole my heart he just that little bit extra. He is the last to be put up from my Spanish trip, we have waited this long as this boy has been there over 2 years now. He was brought in with his siblings in December 2012 along with his sister they never found their forever homes. Lovely Violet at Barneys has been the last few weeks doing bits and pieces with him so we could give him more of a profile. He is such a gentle dog, living with lots of other dogs. He is extremely affectionate and loving and never had a forever home when I look at the video it nearly makes me cry you can tell what a big heart he has.

Violet has been walking him down the village exposing him to different things, he has been a bit unsure at times as its all new, but more or less takes it in his stride, walks lovely on the lead. Does not seem nervous of traffic even though he is not used to it, we had him cat tested and did not seem interested at all but would re check if someone did have a cat. Met lots of different dogs that were not the ones he was living with again took it in his stride. This lovely Sultan is a people dog, he adores them and loves them. He needs his own family now, I think he would be best in a quiet adult household, in a rural area would be great as he has only been used to living in the countryside and mountains, watch his video, he has no malice in him, lovely gentle boy.

Sultan has been neutered, vaccinated, chipped, has his own Pet Passport, will be blood tested. If you think Sultan will fit into your family please email us in the first instance for our questionnaire.


Roger – 8 year old male German Shepherd Cross

Roger is such a friendly happy chap, always wagging his tail and pleased to see you. He is around 8 years old, possibly German Shepherd Dog cross and has Collie smiley face. Roger is a large chap who has gained a few extra pounds over the last few months and is currently on an exercise and diet routine, he loves his walks and playing with the other dogs, all in all a lovely friendly dog to have in your life.

Roger was originally living with his lady friend Rita in a reasonably safe area of Bucharest. There was no real reason to rescue him at that time. Sadly when the euthanasia law changed in Romania and the public were baying for the blood of the street dogs nowhere was safe and so he and Rita were scooped up and taken to safety. We met Rita and Roger on our trip to Romania in October 2013 and instantly agreed to take them here to find them homes. Sadly Roger was then diagnosed with heartworm and so was unable to travel until now.

Rita came alone and found an amazing new home, Roger has since been treated for heartworm and has recently been tested clear thank goodness. Once heartworm is successfully treated there is no after effects or medical issues relating to it,  he does have a couple of months treatment to finish the course of medication but this is just an over cautionary measure .


Calvin – 3 year old male German Shepherd Cross

Calvin is a 3 year old male German Shepherd Cross. Calvin is a handsome lovely friendly a black and tan German Shepherd cross. He is house trained, understands basic commands, but he is not well socialized with other dogs.



Axel – 16 month old male German Shepherd cross Staffodshire Bull Terrier

Axel is a 16 month old male German Shepherd cross Staffodshire Bull Terrier. Axel was due to be put to sleep after having a snap at a child through his crate wire in his home. Instead of going to the vets to be put to death, he went to the vets to be neutered! Once back home, he was an absolute gentleman with the other dogs. Being that he was used to a crate at home, I dutifully set one up for him, but he made it extremely clear that he did not want anything to do with it, which is much preferable, so no need for one of those then!

Although a crossbreed, Axel shows many traits of the German Shepherd in him, loyalty being one of them. It was sad to see him stressing out at the vets when he was castrated being that it was the last place he saw his family (they dropped him off at the vets first thing this morning), but once home, he settled in lovely. :) When taking on a guarding breed, people do need to expect them to show guarding traits given the right circumstance and this is what Axel did. Nearly the biggest mistake of his life, but that is what second chances are for and he is actually going to make someone a fantastic pet!

Axel is already showing that he is a very dog friendly dog (males and females) and has had no reaction to the cats at all. He is also fine with small caged animals and has no prey drive when out. He saw a child at the vets and he was over the moon, but due to his past he will not be homed with children or visiting children. Axel meets other dogs and strangers when out very well. He has an excellent recall and does not go far from your side when off lead.

Although he struggled being left when he first arrived, he has settled into a routine now and no longer stresses out when you walk out the door, but any new owner would need to allow a settling in period. Axel has been neutered, fully vaccinated, microchipped, wormed and flea treated.

A homecheck will be required and a minimum adoption fee of £150 applies.


Norris – 6 year old male Collie cross German Shepherd Dog

Norris is a 6 year old male Collie cross German Shepherd Dog. He came to us for rehablitation as he was thought to be very scared but in actual fact what we have found is that he is quite shy but just really wants a quiet life. Norris was rescued from Dogtown in Bucharest Romania where recently thousands of dogs were murdered. He was very traumatised in the overcrowded kennels and ill equipped to stand up for himself against the other dogs.

There are clearly ghosts that run deep in Norris. Usually the Romanian dogs are exceptionally good with children and even the scared ones tend to trust the little humans before the big ones. I suspect that Norris has had abuse from children though because the change that comes over him when one enters the room is quite pitiful. When no children are around Norris is a quiet companion who will check in on you regularly and subtley ask for a fuss. When a child enters the house he is hiding behind sofas and refusing to come out. There is no hint of aggression it is just absolute and sheer terror and it is honestly heart breaking.

Norris lives well with other dogs but in the efforts to find him his quiet life we are looking for only steady dogs and not anything too young and boisterous that will bully him. I think he would be perfectly happy as an only dog too. He does currently live with cats, he is fine with them but if they make eye contact and walk straight towards him he will growl because he is intimidated. In summary this is a fantastic medium sized dog that causes no trouble to anyone. His insecurities can of course be worked with but he is letting us firmly know that he craves peace and that is what we want for him.

If you can offer our boy the quiet home he craves please do get in touch. He will touch your heart as he has ours. We do not know what he has suffered but we do know we can find him someone who will endeavour to make it up to him.


Al – 7 year old male Retriever cross German Shepherd Dog

Big joy Al is a 7 year old male Retriever cross German Shepherd Dog. There is no denying that this is a dog that makes an impact. I think he is possibly curly coat retriever crossed with a German Shepherd Dog with an element of horse thrown in for good measure. Alf has the most charming of characters and I defy anyone to be scared of him despite his large size. All day long his tail wags and his face is alight with a smile or a grin. He loves to be around people, he adores children. Thankfully he is good on a lead because frankly I weigh less than 8 stone and I think if he wanted to go his way and not mine there would be a problem.

Alf is currently living with many other dogs and is mostly very good with them. He prefers the bitches, does grumble at some of the males but doesn’t take it any further than that but at the moment does need to be fed separately. It’s blatantly clear that its been a long long time since Alf missed a meal but old habits die hard and although he tends to pick at his food he doesn’t want the other dogs having it either. He has no food issues with people.

This boy has definitely won the hearts of everybody he’s met since arriving in the UK, mine included, having said that I will be very pleased when he finds a home as there is limited space here and he does have a tendency to fill doorways. Since Alf has picked his favourite bed he has spent an awful lot of time sleeping but he does love his walks and to get out and about and he will need regular exercise to lose a few pounds.

All in all Big Al is the king of all that is awesome and anyone would be lucky to have the boy in their lives.


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