German Shepherd Cross

Ella – 3 year old female German Shepherd Cross

Ella is one of the brightest dogs you could ever meet; a 3 year old German Shepherd cross Border Collie cross Husky who is really looking forward to enjoying an active and exciting life with a very lucky family. Ella is the full package, she is beautiful, clever, very friendly and loving. She is extremely energetic and is ideally looking for a home where she will be able to enjoy long walks and regular training sessions to keep her busy. She loves the countryside, she loves water and she loves being with her people.

Ella greets children with the same enthusiasm she has for most things in her life, they are very exciting! She is looking for a home with dog-savvy children of any age who will be actively involved in her care. She gets on well with other dogs, though she can be excitable when greeting them and her energy needs to be managed around smaller and more fragile breeds who could be easily frightened by her antics. She has previously lived with dog-savvy cats and could do so again.


Cody – 11 month old male German Shepherd Cross

This is the beautiful Cody, a very lucky lad who was found with his mother and siblings when only a few days old and at risk of being poisoned. They were taken to a shelter where they were cared for and saved from life on the streets. Cody is a typical puppy, loving to play and gets on well with other dogs. He is laid back as can be seen from the pictures, and will reward his owner with companionship and love. He has had a little basic training on and off the leash, and this is something that could be continued by his new owner. Could you be the person to develop Cody to his full potential and give him a new start in life?

Cody was rehomed, but sadly for personal reasons his adoptive family can no longer keep him and his owner is disabled and cannot walk him. This is no reflection on Cody, but mean that he is facing another change in his young life. Could you offer him a new start and a chance to put down roots in a permanent home?

Cody is fine with other dogs but has never been with cats (although his siblings are fine with cats). He urgently needs a new home as he is currently not being walked regularly. Cody is microchipped, vaccinated (Including Anti Rabies vaccine), deflead, dewormed, neutered.

Could you offer him a forever home and the chance to grow up with your family.


Erick – 1 year old male German Shepherd Cross

Erick is a 1 year old male German Shepherd Cross. Erick was taken by the dog catchers back in April and thrown into the public shelter to wait his fate, he is a submissive dog and was picked on by the other dogs and often went without food. Luckily Erick was rescued and traveled to the UK. His experience with other aggressive dogs has not effected him at all apart from in his foster home when food is being prepared he distances himself from the other dogs. How lovely for him now though to know he will receive and be able to eat all his food.

Erick is a stunning young dog with a lovely temperament, he loves being around people and gets on very well with other dogs. He’s a very intelligent and happy boy who already has learned sit. He loves his walks and is very happy to meet other dogs. Erick would suit an active family or even someone who is willing to teach him agility because he learns fast!!

Erick is around 1 to 18 months old, he is medium sized about the size of a Collie and is a German Shepherd Dog cross with something smaller in the mix, he is a delight and is looking for his perfect family home.


Bay – 2 year old female German Shepherd cross Greyhound

Hello, my name is Bay. I’m a two year old female German Shepherd and Greyhound crossbreed. I arrived at The Mayhew because my owner was no longer able to look after me. I’m an active, friendly and sweet-natured girl and I get along very well with everyone I meet. I also get along well with other dogs, although I can be a little too full-on and boisterous for some dogs.

I’m toilet-trained, I travel well in the car, I can be left home alone for three to four hours without any problems and I know the usual commands which I respond well to. I’m very affectionate and I love nothing more than snuggling up close for love and attention and I always enjoy having my belly rubbed. I also enjoy playing with my toys and chasing after a ball.

I’m now looking for a forever home with an active person or family who have owned dogs before and have researched my breed type. I can live with sensible children from ten years of age and upwards who are used to being around dogs but I’ll need to be the only pet in the home. My new owners will be expected to take me to training classes and provide me with a minimum of one hour of active, controlled, off-lead exercise every day.

If you’re interested in adopting me you will need to be fully prepared for the hard work and long-term commitment involved in caring for a dog, you’ll be taking on a twelve year commitment, which must not be taken lightly.

I hope to see you soon,



Harley – 4 year old male German Shepherd cross Husky

Harley is a 4 year old, male, neutered, sable, semi haired, German Shepherd cross Husky. He is currently in the Merseyside area. This gorgeous boy is micro chipped, vaccinated and has already been neutered. He does have some basic commands and is currently walked on a harness, however he would suit further training and to be taught lead training as he does pull heavily on his harness. Harley can be a little grumpy with other dogs if they react back so therefore he is ideally suited to being an only dog or could maybe live with a non reactive submissive dog. He can not live with cats.

Harley is quite a shy boy if he does not know you but quickly comes round and oozes love and affection. He is currently living with children from 8 months onwards however due to his size we would recommend children 6 years +. Due to a change in circumstances Harley is not being exercised and being given the time he craves. We would like to rehome him ASAP to ensure he gets all the TLC and attention he deserves. Could he have a space in your home?


Max – 3-4 year old male German Shepherd Cross

Max is in our kennels in Nottinghamshire, he is a German Shepherd cross around 3-4 years old. Max is approximately 4 year old, male, neutered, black and sable, short coated German Shepherd cross. he is currently in kennels in the Nottinghamshire area. This boy was found as a stray before coming into our care, therefore we do not have his history, apart from that he was microchipped in October 2010.

Max is currently fully vaccinated. On assessment Max does present with having some basic commands, although these do need further training as well as lead work too, he is food orientated so this will help when training him. He was assessed with an entire male dog and had no issues with interacting with him, he was also transported with a neutered male and again no issues. Therefore Max could be rehomed as an only dog or with another dog in the house.

Max did however present with a high chase drive towards cats therefore it must be a cat free home. Max does present as quite shy at first and nervy but once he gets to know you he oozes unconditional love. We would recommend children are aged 12 years+ and that he be rehomed into an experienced home that could work on giving Max the confidence back in himself. This boy would suit an older family and in the right hands would thrive and make a life long loyal companion. Max has his own facebook blog which you can follow him whilst he is in our care, many photos and videos of this amazing boy updated all the time.


Mara – 4 month old female German Shepherd Dog

Mara is absolutely adorable, a 4 month old German Shepherd bitch who everyone falls in love with as soon as they see her. Unfortunately as she was orphaned at an early age she wasn’t taught any manners by her Mum, and has had no human training in our shelter in Romania. This has resulted in a very unruly pup who needs a knowledgeable owner who can take control. She can only be homed with other dogs if they are large enough to cope as she doesn’t understand being ‘put in her place’ by a smaller dog. She also cannot be homed with small children as nips and nibbles quite hard. We cannot stress enough that she is more to handle than a ‘normal’ German Shepherd pup – but she is incredibly beautiful, very affectionate and will make the right person a wonderful pet.



Storm and Kane – 3-4 year old male Husky and 9 month old male German Shepherd Dog

Storm is a 3-4 year old male Husky and Kane is a 9 month old male German Shepherd Dog. Storm is an adult and Kane a youngster are looking for a home together. These are super natured dogs and would make super companions. They are looking for fairly active homes and love going for walks, although they pull at first after the initial excitement they calm down. Kane still a puppy looks at Storm for direction, he does still jump up and will need continued training. Storm is older and wiser.


Herby – 1-2 year old male German Shepherd cross Husky

Herby – 1-2 year old male German Shepherd cross Husky. He is a very young handsome boy, not too strong on the lead, enjoyed a fuss. Herby has a real enthusiasm for life and will need a home where he can have a reasonable amount of exercise.


Ursula – 1 year old female German Shepherd Cross

Ursula is a 1 year old female German Shepherd Cross. Ursula is a lovely German Shepherd Cross who has come over from Romania. Ursula is a very friendly dog, who is always ready for a tummy rub! She always has a wagging tail and is very good with people. She would love to get out of kennels and into a loving home. Ursula is really good with other dogs and has always lived with them. Because of this, we want to rehome her to someone who already has a dog.

Ursula hasn’t been cat tested. She can live with children over 10. Ursula will need to live in a house with a garden. No flats please! She hasn’t been cat tested. Ursula is in our Norfolk kennels, but can be moved.


Bobby – 8 year old male German Shepherd Cross

Please meet our lovely Bobby a 8 year old male German Shepherd cross. He is the sweetest, most gentlest and affectionate boy you will ever know. Bobby looks just like a German Shepherd dog but does not have the usual size of the German Shepherd breed, so he must be a cross.  His size is medium like a Border Collie so is very manageable.

We are therefore appealing to anyone who loves the look of the German Shepherd but think they are too big, but who would also like a lovely gentle companion with no dominance and who would get on extremely well with other dogs and people.

Although Bobby is not the youngest of dogs, he still has a lot to give.  His love and loyalty is second to none and hiw owner will be rewarded ten fold with this special love this dog has to give his new owner.

We are looking for a nice quiet home where Bobby will be spoiled rotten with love and affection and with someone who will take this lovely boy out for a gentle walk every day to give him some stimulation of new smells and fresh air.

Bobby can happily be left for a few hours with no problem at all and he sleeps very well at night.  He is a very content dog and just wants some love, a bowl of tasty food and a warm bed to sleep in.  This isn’t much to ask for at all but you will have a wonderful best friend by your side

Bobby is being fostered in a multi-dog household and can easily be re-homed with another suitable doggie companion.

Bobby is neutered, vaccinated, wormed and de-flead.  He also has a pet passport.

Bobby is being fostered in North London near J26 of M25.  We are looking to re-home him in or around this area or neighbouring counties as a home check will be done, although other areas may be possible for this very special boy.

If you feel you can offer this lovely chap a wonderful forever home, please call Yasmina on 07815547667 or scroll down to see our ‘about us’ tab and follow the link to our website to fill out an adoption form.


Bali – 16 month old female German Shepherd Dog cross Podenco Andaluz

Bali is 16 months old and a German Shepherd Dog cross Podenco Andaluz. She is a large size dog but of slim build. Bali was dumped over the wall of the shelter as a pup along with her brother and came to Miss Mollies Rescue at 4.5 months old where she has been in foster. Unfortunately Bali is not getting on with one of the resident dogs; this is a dominance thing protecting her bed etc. as she does get on with the submissive Labrador. With this in mind she would have to be homed with no other dogs or cats and older children. Bali has an angular limb deformity in her front leg; she has had surgery and has been having hydrotherapy which she loves. Miss Mollies would continue to pay for any treatment required due to this.

Bali is still able to run like the wind and loves playing in the garden. Bali does like playmates and as a result of this sometimes yips at other dogs she can’t greet due to being on the lead because she wants to play. She has been attending SOS dog training and is eager to learn and her recall is good but is only off lead away from main. Please call if you are interested in fostering Bali.


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