German Shepherd Cross

Lulu – 4 year old female German Shepherd Dog Cross

Lulu is a remarkable dog and like all of our dogs she has a remarkable story to tell. She lived at an apartment block along with her sister, where they were both fed. They were both friendly dogs, who on the receipt of food would roll over for a tum rub or give their paw in gratitude. They were fine there and hurting nobody but as usual the dog catchers could not resist such easy targets and one day whilst our contact was out of town they were caught, brutalized and taken away. A week later our contact found them in a public shelter, they were traumatized and it was feared that their care free trusting natures were gone forever.

They were taken to the Glina shelter where they would be safe and perhaps one day would be able to be adopted. Sadly two years passed and they were still having no contact with people. Then one day Lulu’s sister died, nobody knows why – an autopsy showed no known cause of death . With her sister gone, Lulu appeared to be a little braver…perhaps the loneliness forcing her to crave contact from the humans that cared for her. This change in behavior coincided with another dog who we were due to take from Glina who was being offered a home elsewhere so we were asked if Lulu could take this opportunity instead, of course we agreed. After her abusive experience on the end of a dog catchers pole nobody had ever been able to get even a collar on her as she completely freaked out at anything coming into contact with her neck. However since arriving in the U.K. she has been lead trained in just two days and just loves to feel the grass under her feet for the first time in two years!!

Lulu is mixing well with the other dogs though she can be a little protective of her bed. She is a large breed dog probably German Shepherd Dog crossed with something fluffier, rarely have I seen a more beautiful and noble looking dog. She is around 4 years old and has been very clean indoors since her arrival here. She will need very good, tall fencing as she can clear a 4 foot wall with ease! I definitely think that Lulu deserves to spend the rest of her life without having to look over her shoulder and I truly envy whoever gets to adopt her.


Neldin – 5 year old female Collie cross German Shepehrd Dog

Neldin is a 5 year old approximately female Collie cross with a German Shepherd we think. This girl is a gem, she just keeps lifting her paw, wanting to give it to you. she is a lovely girl with a kind manner. She is strong on a lead. She is vaccinated, wormed, neutered micro chipped and vet checked.


Wingnut – 6-7 month old female German Shepherd Dog cross Labrador

Please give a warm welcome to little Wingnut who is a 6-7 month old German Shepherd Dog cross Golden Labrador. She is friendliness itself and has a lovely calm temperament. Wingnut ended up in a pound on death-row as she was brought in by a member of the public as she had been found. She is now safe and sound in a foster home learning how to be a puppy and enjoys all the love and attention she is getting. Wingnut is currently living with a large German Shepherd Dog and 2 small dogs in her foster home.

Wingnut is a very bright little girl and good with other dogs of all sizes but can be a little boisterous with her play (as can all puppies). She is currently being taught basic training skills and walks well on the lead considering she is so young.

Wingnut loves children and she would make an excellent family pet we would be looking to home her in a family home with children over 6+ years or children that are large breed savvy (due to her bounceyness). Wingnut has not been tested with cats as yet – that said she loves everything she meets.


Tina – 3 year old female German Shepherd Cross

Tina is a 3 year old, female, black and tan, short haired German Shepherd cross. She is currently living in the Herefordshire area. This lovely girl is microchipped and vaccinated, however she is not currently neutered (spayed) so this will need to be done within 3 months of adoption in accordance to Cefni Gsd Rescue strict neutering policies. Tina has all her basic commands present although she would benefit from more socialisation around people and calm dogs. She tends to be ok around submissive or calm dogs but is nervous of more dominant dogs therefore we would recommend that she is either the only dog or that the other dog in the household is low energy/submissive. Tina currently lives with a kitten with no issues reported however she will tend to chase cats in the garden. We would be happy to rehome her to a home with cats as long as there was an escape route for the cat until slow introductions can be made.

Tina can be a little shy and nervous around new people so we would suggest a couple of visits to get to know her before taking her home. She is ok with most new people but due to her not being socialised around new people we would not want her to feel pressurised. Her current owner is leaving Tina for long hours whilst she is at work so this can not be worked on at present. Due to this also we would recommend that children are aged 9 years+ and are large dog savvy and respectable to Tina’s needs. Tina needs a home where there is going to be someone around most of the day to give her the TLC and time that she needs to rebuild her confidence and trust again. We would recommend an experienced home that can work on these issues so that Tina can thrive in her new home.


Niki and Bosley – 13 year old female German Shepherd Cross and 10 year old male Rottweiler

Niki is a female German Shepherd Cross, 13 years old , good with children, cats and dogs and Bosley is a male Rottweiler, 10 years old, also good with children, cats and dogs, they came into our care due to their owner being evicted and are currently in kennels.

They are looking for a foster or forever home together and have been waiting for this special home for over a year now. Here is a short video clip of them:

Niki and Bosley are looking for someone to adopt them or to provide them with a long term foster home, subject to a homecheck. It may be possible for us to provide a kennel to anyone who is able to offer Niki and Bosley a long term foster home together.


Athena – 8 month old female German Shepherd Cross

Athena is 8 months old and very lively. She hasn’t had a good start in life so can be a little on guard but understandable given her history. She walks really well but does need reassurance around traffic. She is completely house trained and picks up commands very quickly. Athena loves to play with both humans and other dogs. She hasn’t met any children yet and she does bark at the cat but we are working with her and she is trying her best.

This is what Athens rescuer wrote:

Today after a phone call from a friend, I went to a forest near Bistrita where I found this puppy. My shock was so big, I can not describe in words, this place is a real cemetery for puppies, full of puppy skulls. Puppy Athena was hiding in a cardboard box and a few pieces of bread were thrown around her. When I took her in my arms I froze. All her tail was skinned in such a way that it couldn’t have been accidental, and later on the vet who saw her confirmed: someone with a very sick mind had cut the edges of the base of her tail and ripped off her skin ! The vet also said she’s been about a week in this state, because it was not a new wound… The pain and horror moments this bearly 4 months old girl must have endured, alone in the woods with her torturer !!! :(

Athena was brought at TORA shelter right away where she began treatment immediately. The vet said with daily treatment and local disinfection she will not need her tail amputated, but there are good chances of the skin and fur growing back”


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