German Shepherd Cross

Zeus – 7 month old male German Shepherd Dog Cross

Zeus is a 7 month old male German Shepherd Dog Cross in foster Glouscestershire. This fabulous boy is great with other dogs, cats and kids so will make a wonderful family pet. He is neutered, vaccinated, chipped, etc.


Gypsie – 7 month old male German Shepherd Cross

Gypsie is a stunning 7 month old German Shepherd cross who up until arriving with the rescue hadn’t stepped foot outside her front door. Since she has come into rescue she has experienced as much as possible and has taken everything in her stride. She is now fully house trained, crate trained and is learning all her commands. She walks lovely on the lead and enjoys daily outings to day care to socialise with as many fellow pooches as possible.

Gypsie is at the stage where chewing is a fun thing as it slowly understanding this is not allowed, so we would recommend sticking with the crate till she has outgrown this stage. Gypsie, is a real cuddle bug who loves nothing more then to discover the world, but once that is all done, chill out on the sofa with you. She is very keen to please you and will learn quickly, so we would suggest puppy classes and carry on her training.

Gypsie is full vaccinated, microchipped and will go out on a neutering contact.


Sunny – 6-7 month old male German Shepherd Cross

Sunny is a male German Sherpherd cross. He is 6 – 7 months old. He is a lovely large puppy dog with puppy dog eyes. He is going to be strong and will need ongoing training. He is vaccinated, wormed, neutered, micro chipped and vet checked.


Blitz – 2 year old male German Shepherd cross Rottweiler

Long legged blitz the 2 year old German Shepherd crossed with a Rottweiler, is one of our more elegant dogs. He’ll stand around the exercise run with a wonderful proud air about him, looking extremely handsome and sophisticated. He’s a very confident and loyal chap who’ll intelligently listen to commands and play chase for a lifetime if you asked him to. One of the delightful things about blitz is his cheery face; he has a huge grin nearly all of the time and its definitely contagious! Most people find themselves smiling from ear to ear in blitz’s company, without even realizing it!

This agile, energetic and eager to please boy is looking for an only pet household with children aged 13 plus, who have the time to give him tons of love, attention, a few treats and a big smile in return.


Milo – 6 year old male German Shepherd cross Japanese Akita

Stunning Milo has had a hard time lately, he belonged to the son of the lady that brought him to us, neither of whom wanted him so was kept outside and pretty much forgotten about. When Milo arrived he was so down, his face had a heart rendering look of utter depression and neglect written all over it. Within a day or two, Milo realized that he was now safe, warm, loved and had a second chance to find a loving home, someone who would look after him properly and love him forever! The look of depression disappeared and a happy face and tail wag now greets us every time we see him!

Milo is a strapping boy, he is huge but underweight at the moment, we hope he will soon be looking a million dollars with some TLC! He is friendly, but as he has never been around kids we would like an adult only home. We have been told he is okay with dogs as long as they don’t bark at him. As he hasn’t been in a home environment for a while, he might be best with someone around for most of the day to help him settle down. This handsome, gorgeous boy will make a wonderful friend.


Floyd – 7 year old male German Shepherd Cross

Floyd has been in kennels since March 2008! He came to us from a home with eight children, who he was often shut outside with and tormented by. He is a lovely, sweet dog but due to his past he does not like us interfering with him in any way – grooming, grabbing his collar, making him go somewhere he doesn’t want to go etc. Despite his cruel history, Floyd is a very loving and affectionate dog. With a patient owner willing to put time into helping him overcome his trust issues, Floyd will make an amazing, fun and extremely loyal friend. When Floyd first came into the rescue he was not used to a lead and had never been walked. However he has a long term dog walker who has put in a lot of time with him and he now loves his walks! Care needs to be taken when walking him as Floyd does not like seeing strangers or other dogs whilst he is out walking. He will pull towards them and is very strong.

Floyd needs an experienced large breed dog owner who has had rescue dogs with these sort of issues before. He needs a home with no children. Floyd can have some issues being around more than one person, especially if he is on a lead as he is very protective. Floyd is very happy here at Freshfields but a loving home would be far, far better for this handsome boy! Floyd loves his routine and is still ever-resistant to change to what he knows and likes; however despite that he has mixed well with countless dogs that have come to the rescue and he is so happy to make new canine friends. Floyd can be a very stubborn dog when he doesn’t want to do something and it is important not to push him as he will bite.

Floyd gives you every signal possible when he is unhappy about a situation. Kennel staff are used to Floyds ways and the way he communicates, therefore we do not force him to do anything he is unhappy about. Despite his stubborn side, we all love this boy, he had a tough start in life, and despite that he is happy and content. Floyd is going to need a really experienced and patient home but he is so loving and once he is settled into a routine we’re sure he will make a very entertaining friend!


Rudi – 2-3 year old male German Shepherd Cross

Rudi is a German Shepherd mix, we think of around 2 – 3 years old he has been in rescue for just over a year. Rudi when you visit him at Auntie Sherlie’s is one of the dogs who will push forward he just loves people. He want to kiss and cuddle you and just craves affection it would be hard not to notice this lovely boy. He has the most terrible story and despite that story his heart never grew bitter. He was living in a Spanish home with two identical dogs locked in a small enclosure in terrible conditions covered in poo. One of the volunteers used to regularly visit and take the dogs food and water. One day she turned up and one of the other dogs was dead she thinks from heat stroke that dog had been dead for nearly a week before they moved him, so you are getting the picture nice loving home, lots of homes like this in Spain. Rudi one day escaped but unfortunately while out he got knocked down by a car and dragged along the road, that was when he did enter the rescue system as the rescue we support Noahs takes in the sick & Injured dogs. It took months for Rudi to recover with lots of vet visit and bandage changes.

His back leg will never be right and he will always limp and does not use it very well the vet has said to leave it or they could put a plate in the leg but then his leg would be stiff and he would not be able to bend it or curl it up but he gets around fine but I should imagine in later life he will maybe suffer with arthritis. He is quite a sensitive boy and so loving but if you catch him unaware sometimes he will yelp and coward as if he is going to be beaten. So sad if you see the video you will see how loving this boy is. He is fine with the other dogs and not really interested in them. He is a people dog and would love his very own family to shower and pour his love into. If you like big hearted affectionate dogs who will tell you every day how grateful they are to have a home and show you how grateful they are then please consider our Rudi.

Video of him.

Rudi will be neutered, fully vaccinated and have his own Pet Passport.


Iris – 8 month old female German Shepherd Cross

Lovely Iris a German Shepherd cross girly of about 8 months now. I just love this gentle girl, Iris was born in rescue with her siblings. They are all still waiting for a home but I have picked her out as I fell in love with her. She is the most gentle of the litter and was removed because she was being picked on. I hope from my video you can see what a lovely natured dog she is – this girl does not have a bad bone in her body no malice just love. I put her on a lead and even on the lead considering what a big girl she is she is even gentle on the lead. She is fine with other dogs and would suit living with a laid back dog not dominant.

I feel I am repeating myself all the time but again I cannot find any fault with her nature and character and how she is. She will need time to adjust to living in a home and getting used to normal stuff, traffic etc but again a lovely dog that has know no cruelty and will in time adjust quite easily like many before her have. She has been cat tested and is fine. Sorry about video as was doing on my own but hopefully it gives you the idea about how lovely she is.

Video of Iris

One earlier in the year with Uncle Guido


Jake – 10 week old male German Shepherd Cross

Meet lovely Jake being fostered Auntie Sue he was along with his siblings dumped in one of the Charity shops. We think they are German Shepherd mixes will not reach the size of a Shepherd the rest who knows we will find out maybe as they grow. Lovely Jake is a good boy and learning all about living in a home. He is now house trained, living with 5 other dogs of different sizes. I met him last week when I was in Spain and I am afraid we nick named him the land shark as he loves nibbling toes with his needle teeth, the joys of puppies.

Jake needs to go to a home who have time for a puppy. He will need to go to puppy classes and would like him to go with people who have had Shepherd type dogs before to make sure he reaches his true potential and grows into a well behaved young man.

Video of Jakey who spent the evening with us.

Jake will be fully vaccinated and have his own Pet Passport.


Mia – 12 month old female German Shepherd Dog Cross

Mia is a pretty young German Shepherd Dog cross girl who is very loving and attentive she is eager to learn. Mia is good with children although she needs a little further training to curb her enthusiasm as she can jump up. Any children in her new home would need to be 10 years or older. Mia is currently living with young children and a little Jack Russell Terrier and is very good with them. Mia does not like cats. Mia is looking for a new home only because her owners haven’t got enough time to give her the exercise she needs.


Mia will need further training with her lead as when you first go for a walk as she gets excited like all dogs do, but a Halti should help to correct this quickly. She needs a lot more exercise than she is getting where she lives now . The current owners love her to bits and don’t really want to give her up but they realise its just not much of a life for her being on her own all day 5/6 days a week. Current location is in a foster home in Wolverhampton, West Midlands. She is vaccinated, wormed, flea treated, will be neutered before being rehomed and microchipped. Adoption fee is £145.


Dexter – 4 year old male Leonberger cross German Shepherd Dog

Dexter is a 4 year old Leonberger cross German Shepherd. He walks extremely well on the lead, either just on the collar or head collar, and hardly ever pulls. He also knows his basic commands. Dexter can be vocal as he loves to speak to you, although he is not noisy when left alone in the house. He loves to be groomed which is just as well as he does have a very thick coat; which will need to be groomed regularly. He also does not mind his feet being touched or you looking into his mouth.

Dexter is great with people and has been around children in the past. Therefore, he can be homed with children. He has mixed with a lot of other dogs and has always been fine with them. He also has lived with other dogs without any issues. He could therefore be homed with another dog. This would be on the understanding that both dogs would meet several times to see if they got on with each other, before the adoption process was continued.

Dexter is not sheep friendly, and because of this, we are muzzle training him. We will also insist that if he was ever taken where sheep are present, that he would be muzzled and kept on a lead. In addition, Dexter has been known to chase cats and he is not good with guinea pigs either.

Since he has been with us, he has shown us that he loves to interact with humans; and is very affectionate. He loves spending time with our volunteers in the pen and enjoys going on walks. We have not had any issue with him regarding the other dogs at the kennels. He has also been to a dog show without any issues and was very well behaved.


Frankie – 2-3 year old male Great Dane cross German Shepherd Dog

The gorgeous Frankie is back in our care through no fault of his own. He is now 2 and a half years old. This big lad is a Great Dane cross German Shepherd. Frankie has proved himself to be a little star, his previous owners have really laid the foundations with his training as he is just so good. He is house-trained and when left alone he is non destructive. In his foster home there are multiple other dogs and he gets along with everyone just fine, we feel in his new home he would like a doggie companion but this of course is not essential. Frank lived with cats in his previous home with no issue and he is also great with older children.

Frankie is quite a calm dog, he does have his bursts of energy but not for long. All he really wants is his person to give him lots of love and cuddles as this makes him very happy. Although he is a big lad, Frank is a complete wimp, gentle giant are two words that describe him!

If you feel you can give Frankie the home he so deserves then please contact us!


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