German Shepherd Cross

Susie – 2 year old female German Shepherd Cross

Susie is a 2 year old female German Shepherd Cross. Susie is a very lovable and affectionate girl. She is good with other dogs and loves a fuss made of her which comes through on her German Shepherd trait. Although Susie is two is seems she hasn’t had much basic training so this will need to be undertaken. She can be a little strong on the lead, but this is to be expected at first as she hasn’t had much in her life so far and she just wants to explore what’s out there and play with everyone and to get lots of attention. She would love to have lots of long walks to wear her out and she would thrive in training to give her something to stimulate her mind and to learn along the way. She would love another buddy to play with.

Susie is a lovely alert girl and would love a forever home to call her own now which has a big garden with a high fence and lots of daily walks. She is ready to take on the world. Are you the one who could take Susie on? In return Susie will make a big fuss of you and be your faithful friend forever.

Susie is spayed, micro-chipped and vaccinated. Susie is being fostered in North London near J26 of M25. We are looking to re-home her in or around this area or neighboring counties as a home check will be done, although further afield may be a possibility for the right home.


Sasha – 18 month old female Rottweiler cross German Shepherd Dog

This is Sasha she is an 18 month old Rottweiler cross German Shepherd Dog. Excellent with children so she can go with kids as we have known her since a pup and know her history, brilliant with other dogs and clean in house and good offlead, sadly family’s circumstances have changed and looking for a new home, please call us for more info.


Bungle – 3 year old female German Shepherd Cross

Bungle is a 3 year old female German Shepherd Cross. This dog is a favourite with all of us. His sunny disposition and desperation to be loved should have sailed him into a home a long long time ago. Bungle throws himself through life with such contagious enthusiasm and the laughter along the way is endless. He is a clumsy great oaf that will fling himself into the arms of those he loves in such a way that you temporarily forget he is not allowed to jump up every time. Bunge is now around three years old. His start in life was the oh-so-familiar tale of a chained dog in Romania. How this bundle of fun coped psychologically alone on the end of a chain I will never know perhaps that is why he is so determined to enjoy every moment now.

When his owners didn’t want him on the end of that chain anymore and even throwing a bit of food out for him every day became too much effort, they abandoned him onto the street. Now although Bungle is a wonderful dog he is really not a clever dog, his lack of street-wise caused him to be very quickly hit by a car in an accident that lost him a leg. Ironically it was that accident that really saved him. The rescuer that was called to his aid on the day of that collision, after so many people walked on by, picked him up took him to the vet and never let him back out onto the streets again.

Bungle came to us when he was well and has been in our care ever since. He has been in various foster homes and we know him very well. Bungle has lived as one of 26 dogs and 5 cats (don’t ask) and then in another foster home as one of 19 dogs. At first he can try it on a bit and be a bit possessive of the people he loves so much but when he is shown this is not allowed within a couple of days he becomes a very fun member of the pack.

We would so love to see our bungling idiot boy in a forever home of his own. It is surely his time now?


Tommy – 11 year old male German Shepherd Cross

Please meet Tommy (Tom) an 11 year old German Shepherd cross cross Lion cross Bear! At 11 years old, after living a life of neglect and loneliness, sweetheart Tom now has his first chance of life, to know the warmth of a loving heart, and his old bones, which have spent so many winters in cold snow, and summers in boiling heat, to live in comfort.

Tommy spent time in a Romanian shelter, before being tied to a chain outside for several years by an ‘owner’ that cared little for him; despite this, big hearted Tom loves people. Tommy loves to give his paw, and would love to be by the side of a person or persons he can call his very own. Tommy would be well suited to an adult only home or family with older sensible teenagers, where he has company most of the day. Tommy has shown no food aggression since living in his foster home and really does love his food!

Tommy could live on his own (and would love all the attention!) or with another calm dog, gentle in nature like Tom. Tommy hasn’t shown any interest in toys so far, preferring his favourite past times of walkies, snoozing, seeking affection and eating food! Tommy has had the odd play with his younger foster sister, only barking when he thinks something interesting might be happening! Tommy travels well in the car and having never been in a house before has settled from day one!
Tommy really is one of the sweetest dogs you could ever meet, a gentle giant with many followers who helped to secure his chance of a new life; it would be lovely to be able to follow his progress with his forever family.


Roxie – 1 year old female German Shepherd cross Collie

Roxie is a 1 year old female German Shepherd cross Collie. Roxie is a very sweet girl we think she is a Collie cross German Shepherd mix. She is still very young so is looking for owners who have the time to give the exercise she needs. Roxie has been very friendly round all the staff but needs a home with no children and with owners who have the time to train her and work with some of her issues.


Milo – 8 month old male German Shepherd cross Husky

Please form an orderly queue for the gorgeous little Milo who is a 8 month old German Shepherd cross Husky puppy. Milo has come into rescue through no fault of his own and is looking for his permanent forever home in 2015. Milo may be a Crossbreed but he is definitely more German Shepherd in looks and in temperament than anything else! Milo is fully vaccinated and microchipped.

Milo is currently in foster care with another dog and gets on very well. When meeting a dog for the first time he will lay down on the floor by your side and wait to be greeted. He is great on the lead and lead training and recall work has already begun so his new owners will need to continue his training. Milo has recently discovered kong Tennis balls and loves them to bits and these will be used as part of his training program.

Milo knows some basic commands and is a very keen and attentive learner. He is an absolute cuddle monster and loves to be cuddled and groomed. Milo loves people and children so we would be looking to home him with children over 6+years as he can be bouncy and knock little toddlers flying. Milo is not cat tested.

If you feel that you would like to offer Milo a home then please get in touch and fill in our online Adoption Form.


Lady – 4-5 month old female Collie cross German Shepard Dog

This is the Beautiful Lady. Lady is a 4 1/2 month old Collie cross German Shepard puppy. Lady was rescued by a very kind lady 6 weeks ago after she found out she was being mistreated by her owner. She has come to us to find her forever home.

Lady is a very sweet little girl, she does have a slightly timid side when seeing new things, but soon comes round, Lady walks lovely on the lead, travels well in the car, and is almost  housetrained. Lady was in a house with young children and loved them, Lady will sit and wait when asked, she is a very clever little puppy which is to be expected with her breeding.

Lady is good with other dogs, but can get a little scared of very noisy, boisterous dogs, and she could live with cats with correct introduction. Lady is chipped and has had her first vaccination, she will need to be spayed when old enough and we will need proof this has been done.

Can you offer this beautiful girl her forever home ?


Herby – 1-3 year old male German Shepherd cross Husky

Herby is a 1-3 year old male German Shepherd cross Husky. Young very handsome boy, not too strong on the lead, enjoyed a fuss. Herby has a real enthusiasm for life and will need a home where he can have a reasonable amount of exercise.

Update from our volunteers: Had the pleasure of the company of Herbie today. WOW he is a stunning looking young man, full of fun and affection. Herbie enjoyed his walk and we had a lovely cuddle when he came back to his kennel. This boy is going to make someone a loving and loyal companion.

We met Herby today and he was overjoyed to meet us. Herby loves cuddles and is not fussed upon who he showers his affection. He is a young and so still a little over zealous sometimes but he has huge potential and would make such a wonderful companion.


Ava – 9 month old female German Shepherd cross Dobermann

Ava is a stunning young lady, She is approx 9 months old and is believed to be German Shepherd cross Dobermann. Ava is a very lively bouncy girl, very smart and is responding well to her training. Ava loves other dogs but doesn’t like cats. Ava can live with children 5+.


Bella – 12 month old female German Shepherd Cross

Bella 12 month old German Shepherd cross. This is 12 month old Bella, a female Shephard cross. She is a stunning looking girl who is appoximately Shepherd size. Bella is super friendly with people and has been around children but we are looking to place her with sensible children aged 10 plus.

Bella is playful with other dogs she meets out and about but would suit a home as an only dog due to her dislike of sharing with other dogs. Bella is crate trained and would suit a dog savvy owner who is competent in not letting her take advantage around food and will continue her training.


Ace – 1 year old male German Shepherd Cross

The handsome Ace has been returned to us after being rehomed a few months ago, the reasons for this are unknown. Ace is around 1 years old, male and a large German Shepherd Cross, and he has more growing to do. He is fully inoculated and now microchipped, he is entire and you will be under contract to have him neutered within 1 month of adoption.

Ace is a lively energetic boy which will need a lot of training, lead work, recall but 2 good things he is ball orientated and food too, so this will make training easier. He is flat footed at the moment, so with good bone and joint supplements and walking on concrete this will help in making the paw go back into shape as the paw should be.


George – 8 year old male German Shepherd Cross

Please meet Gentle George! George is an approximately 8 year old German Shepherd cross who is a sweet and loving soul who desperately wants the comfort of a warm and loving home. George is shy at first but quickly wants cuddles and will be a wonderful companion in his new home.


George can live with older children (he may find young children too overwhelming) and seems uninterested in cats. He would love a canine companion to snuggle up with in his new home. George has spent a few nights in foster and was house trained and just wants a nice comfy bed to snooze the days away on as well as enjoying his walks.

George has been neutered, microchipped and vaccinated. George would make an ideal companion for an older person or a quieter home.



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