Jack Russell Terrier Cross

Sasha and Doodles – 6 year old female Staffordshire Bull Terrier and 13 year old female Jack Russell cross Dachshund

Sasha and Doodles’ new owners will have an interest in both dogs, see that their needs are met, and ensure that each is cherished more than the other. They will both enjoy a garden. Sasha and Doodles have grown up with children and have always been around them. We are unsure how they would settle with other pets. Doodles’ skin can periodically become inflamed due to an allergy; this may need veterinary oversight. Doodles will need attention with her housetraining. We recommend that adopters retain their new dogs on leads in order to support and safeguard them during encounters with other dogs.

This sweet pair lost their home when their family had to move. They were delivered to us in an emergency by the family’s social worker and their 12 year old son, who was a baby when Doodles arrived in their home as a puppy. Sasha and Doodles are neutered, microchipped and fully vaccinated. They are currently in foster in Tunbridge Wells.

Sasha and Doodles are different breeds, ages, and energies but are so close in every other way. Both travel well and can be left, providing they are together. Doodles will start the walk but then returns to the house to be left in peace whilst Sasha journeys farther. Doodles can also be carried, but care is necessary, as other dogs will jump up to a dog in arms. Sasha and Doodles travel together, sleep together, and are forever content.

Doodles is a 13 year old Jack Russell cross Dachshund, and Sasha is a seven year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Doodles is a little old lady and is easy to pick up and cuddle – if Sasha doesn’t rush in first! This pair is a wonderful, amazing choice and will give your family the opportunity to explore the very best of both breeds; they are wonderful examples. This is a magic couple – we couldn’t say no to taking them in. Their forever family will never regret stepping forward for this couple. The pleasure will all be yours!

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Boris – 1 year old male Jack Russell Terrier Cross

Boris is just a year old Jack Russell cross who has bags of character! He loves his cuddles so expect to have an extra cushion on the sofa. Boris knows basic commands and will sit and wait for his dinner. Great with other dogs in and out the home, he is currently living with several dogs and children without issues.

Boris is crate trained and can be left for a reasonable amount of hours. Boris is 95% housetrained so continued training essential, he walks nicely on the lead. Boris is vaccinated, flea treated, wormed, microchipped and neutered. Boris is in Basildon Essex in foster.


Jack – 3 year old male Jack Russell Terrier Cross

Jack White is a 3 year old Jack Russell Terrier Cross. He enjoys the outdoors, and loves to walk. This dear boy mixes very well with other dogs, or various age/sex/temperament and breed. He currently lives in a house with over 5 other dogs and young children. He gets on very well with all. At night Jack likes to sleep in his bed, in the children’s bedroom. Jack also loves his food, especially a warm bowl of porridge in the winter mornings. This dear chap is will to work for food, and has responded to it relatively well during training. Jack would suit an active couple (retired/other), or family that enjoy the outdoors. He is not a hyper Jack Russell, but he thrives on a structure and stability. When he is at home (indoors) he is very quiet, unless there is a disturbance to the environment, then naturally he will make his presence known. He is clean in the house, travels well in a vehicle (in a pet carrier/crate), great with food, enjoys a good chew toy and a reassuring hand of companionship.

Life was not always so great for Jack as he was found tied to a park bench, fortunately he was brought to safety, and now he is looking to start a new life. Jack has been neutered, microchipped, flea treated, wormed and re-started his vaccinations as required. He walks on a harness, and has experience some lead training. However further training is required. Jack Russell experience is useful, but not essential.

All dog are re-homed subject to a successful home-check. We re-home dogs all across the U.K, so please do not hesitate to apply.

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Buddy – 3 year old male Jack Russell Terrier Cross

We are very fortunate to have been given Buddy who is loving, energetic yet quiet and would make a wonderful little companion. He likes nothing more than a good old trot through the fields and can keep up with any dog even the big ones. Buddy is a very sociable little lad who gets very excited when he sees you, so a warm welcome is always guaranteed. Buddy is house-trained and non-destructive.

Buddy is happy under our care, having made new mates and settling in fine, but is keen to spend his days in comfort, with those who love him in a home he can call his own. Buddy is best to be re-homed with older children and a household without cats yet could possibly live with another dog dependent their nature. Buddy gets on with other dogs and all people and is polite upon meeting those who are unknown to him. He is an alert lad who likes to sit on the chair within his pen and watch the world pass him by, gnawing on his chew bone, eager to be part of it and not miss out.

A sweet lad, who jumps up when on a walk, every so often just to make sure you’re okay and seems to smile when he does so; a great little dog who would make a smashing pal in every sense, please give him that second chance to find happiness; situated South East England, Herts.


Basil – 6 year old male Basset Hound cross Jack Russell Terrier

Basil is a lovable Basset cross Jack Russell and if clap your hands he jumps up in to your arms ! He is a approx 6 years old and is a male and has grown up with and is good with children and dogs. He is a well behaved boy but is strong on lead. Basil was a much loved pet and came in to rescue due to very sad circumstances. He is a fun loving and affectionate dog and will be a wonderful addition a family.


Harpo and Zeppo – 4 year old male and female Jack Russell Terrier Crosses

Harpo and Zeppo need a patient and caring family to offer them support whilst they settle into a new home environment. They need a secure garden and careful exit management, with no doors or gates left open, as with all terriers. Harpo and Zeppo are a harmonious couple but need a family who understands ‘two dog chemistry’. Zeppo needs management around off-lead dogs as he gets flustered if rushed. Harpo suffers from weepy eyes and needs periodic treatment. Harpo and Zeppo could live with another dog and are proven with cats.

Harpo and Zeppo’s start in life was neglectful; they lived in squalor in a back garden and neighbours reported their situation to the dog warden. Their former owners are now being prosecuted. Harpo and Zeppo have been in foster since their arrival in early summer 2013. They are neutered, chipped and vaccinated. Harpo and Zeppo are fostered with another foster dog, and were with a dominant cat, in Kingston upon Thames.


Harpo and Zeppo are Marx brothers whose humorous natures will have you in stitches. They are mutually reliant on one another and need to stay together. They may have very rare accidents in the house when due care and attention isn’t applied or they are stressed. Harpo and Zeppo now welcome human approaches and show just how loving they are; Harpo is a tad nervous with new people. They enjoy the best quality food. They are a delightful duo.

Harpo and Zeppo may be Jack Russell Terrier crosses and are around four years old. They are both 12″ to the shoulder and just six kilograms in weight. They have Border Terrier-like coats. Harpo’s coat is red grizzle and Zeppo’s red grizzle with a black muzzle. Each has his unique character and both are extremely loving and tolerant of each other’s needs. They enjoy walks out on the streets and parks, and have adjusted well with exposure to new experiences. They are a wonderful pair who promise to reward any family with a rescue heart.


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Bobby – 5 year old male Patterdale Terrier cross Jack Russell Terrier

Bobby needs a family who can support him as he comes into his new life, as his foster family are now doing. Bobby would enjoy an enclosed garden and needs exit management. He is not for cats, feathers or small furries. Bobby meets dogs well but would prefer to be an only pet. He is proven to live with children.

Bobby grew up in a family where there was a lot of emotional trauma; he helped them as a comforter but couldn’t go with them into the accommodation offered. He is neutered, microchipped and vaccinated. Bobby is fostered as an only dog in Lowestoft, Suffolk, in a home with one child.

Bobby entered our Rescue as a pampered, overweight pooch. He has been waking up to exercise, walks, meeting new people, and chugging along with other dogs outside. Bobby has taken it all in his stride. He has gained confidence, slimmed down, and has many friends. He is very happy in transit, housetrained, and happily helps out in the kitchen. Bobby enjoys a healthy diet with all its nutrients; meanwhile his waistline has receded and with this, Bobby has regained his youthful vigour!

Bobby is a five year old Patterdale cross Jack Russell Terrier. He loves his foster family and beach walks too. He is trim and healthy now. Bobby loves his new life with all its new opportunities. What a character – every bit the terrier!

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Freddie – 3 year old male Jack Russell Terrier Cross

Freddie is a three year old Jack Russel Cross who is good with older children and most dogs. He needs a home where someone is at home most of the time as he doesn’t like to be left for long. He loves a lot of exercise and being in the garden but also loves nothing more than to snuggle on the sofa for a cuddle. Freddie is staying in is present home while a home is found for him.


Lucy – 5 month old female Jack Russell cross Corgi

Lucy is a female 5 months old Jack Russell Cross Corgi. She’s a beautiful little girl he loves cuddles and to be made a fuss of, she is looking for her loving forever home.


Foxy – 5 month old female Jack Russell Cross Corgi

Foxy is a female 5 months old Jack Russell Cross Corgi. She’s a beautiful little girl he loves cuddles and to be made a fuss of, she is looking for her loving forever home.


Casey – 8-10 year old female Jack Russell Terrier cross Yorkshire Terrier

This is Casey who is a neutered cross breed, possibly Jack Russell Terrier cross Yorkshire Terrier. The vet estimates he is between 8 and 10 years old and he’s about to go into the vets for a full dental.

This boy would prefer to be the only dog as he loves all the attention and wherever you are he’s never far away. His old owner has died and he needs a new companion- someone who can still take him for walks as he loves being out and about but also someone who is home most of the time. He’s currently in foster in Chelmsford Essex so homes within a 30 mile radius please.


Matilda – 5-6 month old female Jack Russell Terrier Cross

This lovely little lady is Matilda (Tilly for short). She is 5-6 months old and is a Jack Russell Terrier Cross. She is a sweet, submissive, shy girl at first meeting but is ever so endearing and loves a cuddle and kiss. She would be more suited to a home with another dog for companionship. She is every so gentle and seems to love children (she is in foster with a 5 year old). She is good with all the other dogs, big and small. She is crate trained and has been clean in the house too. She will need a home willing to build her confidence and she will repay you ten-fold.

Tilly has started her vaccinations, is microchipped, wormed and deflead. Tilly must be spayed when old enough to form part of the rehoming agreement and evidence be sent to us via your vet. Tilly is in foster in East Sussex. To apply please complete an online application form via our own website.


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