Jack Russell Terrier Cross

Pip – 18 month old male Jack Russell Terrier cross Labrador

Pip is a lovely boy who is looking for a new home. He is a very energetic little chap who has received little direction and needs new owners prepared to continue the work his foster has started with him. He has an abundance of terrier personality and his antics never cease to amaze. Although only a small boy Pip’s personality is massive. He is full of fun and mischief.

He loves to run and play and would be best suited to a home with a larger dog for company, a steady dog who will be a good role model for him and who will Let him know when he is lacking in dog manners.

Pip has so much to give the right home, he loves people and listens well when given direction. He can be a bit OTT with other dogs and has a charming habit of poking them with his nose. Further training and a terrier savvy home would resolve this.

We don’t understand why Pip is still waiting, he is a terrier lovers dream.Living with Pip the is no need for the TV, his antics are entertainment enough. He is fine to be homed with older teenagers who would like a playful companion. He travels well in the car. He has been neutered, vaccinated and micro chipped and is on foster in Grays Essex.

*Update October 2014*

Poor Pip is still being overlooked. We are at a loss as to understand why, he is a great little dog with bags of character. Those who love terriers will understand this boy and find him as fabulous as we do. He is clean in the house, not destructive sleeps like an angel and is fine to be left for short periods.

Pip lacks in manners when meeting new dogs, he can give them a tough time. As soon as he knows them and has been put in his place he is great with them. He would be a runners dream as Pip will go for as long or short a walk as you want. He is fine with older sensible children.


Milo – 6 months old male Jack Russell Terrier Cross

This gorgeous little chunky boy is probably crossed with a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and loves life to the full. He was advertised on one of the online selling sites as Free to Good Home making him an ideal bait dog. Luckily a kind lady saw the advert and went and got him and handed him over to Moorlands.

Milo is fab with other dogs, kids and all people. He is really affectionate and is learning how to walk nicely on the lead. Milo will suit a family where he will get lots of walks and play time and is suitable to be rehomed with children over 5 years. Milo is fully vaccinated, microchipped, wormed and will be neutered.

We also provide four weeks FREE insurance. Also, we do home-check all prospective owners before rehoming. We do ask that if you wish to adopt a dog and already have one, that you bring it along to see if they get on.


Preston – 9 year old male Jack Russell Terrier Cross

He’s a neutered 9 yr old Jack Russell Terrier cross whose owner can no longer keep him. He’s a quiet little lad who is a great house dog and often goes missing, only to found curled up quietly on one of the beds!

He’s in foster with other dogs but he’s quite indifferent, in fact nothing seems to bother him! He loves a good walk, he’s a nose down kind of guy who enjoys the great outdoors. He is in foster nr Chelmsford Essex. Homes within 30 mile radius.


Flash – 6 year old male Jack Russell Terrier Cross

Hi my name is Flash and I’m a 6 year neutered old Jack Russell cross. I was handed over to Safe Rescue as my owner in the UK no longer wanted me. Not sure why exactly as I’m a lovely little chap who loves cuddles. I had very long claws when I came but I have been to the vets and had them cut, been microchipped, vaccinated and de-flead, wormed so I’m all set for my new home.

I get on fine with dogs in my foster home but would probably prefer to live with just one dog for company or on my own as enjoy the company of humans too. I’m perfectly fine with cats and children but would prefer calm children over the age of 8 to either live with or who visit. I am a happy little boy who is house trained and very excitable on the lead. If you want to find out more about me please get in touch.


Albert – 9 week old male Jack Russell Terrier cross Shih Tzu

Albert 9 week old male Jack Russell Terrier cross Shih Tzu. Little Albert loves to be picked up and carried around he will follow you everywhere. He loves to play with a duck teddy that he carry’s around with him.

Puppies are vaccinated micro-chipped, flea and wormed prior to being re-homed, They must be neutered by the adopting family. We will require a vet reference as proof of neutering if a dog was too young to be neutered at the time of adoption.


Arthur – 9 week old male Jack Russell Terrier cross Shih Tzu

Arthur 9 week old male Jack Russell Cross Shih Tzu. Little Arthur is a gorgeous sweet little baby that loves to play. Puppies are vaccinated micro-chipped, flea and wormed prior to being re-homed. They must be neutered by the adopting family. We will require a vet reference as proof of neutering if a dog was too young to be neutered at the time of adoption.


Rags – 6-7 year old female Jack Russell Terrier cross Norfolk Terrier

This adorable little lady is Rags and she has such a sad story to tell. She came into rescue with her friend Missy from her previous home where she was not being cared for properly and was most likely abused as well. Rags is now safe in the care of Starfish Dog Rescue where she is being treated kindly by her loving foster mum. She is a Norfolk terrier cross Jack russell who is just 6/7 years of age. Rags has the sweetest nature and is slowly responding to the love and care she is receiving in her foster home. It has been a heartbreaking journey for her; when she first arrived she just hid for days behind a chair and when she went into the garden, she would wedge herself behind the greenhouse and hide, the poor girl. She now has a regular routine which includes walks, meals and of course, lots of TLC.

Rags love going for her walks, but she is still quite nervous and the smallest thing can make her jump. The poor girl flattens to the ground as if she is afraid of being hit. :( However, she will come up behind you wagging her little tail and give you kisses. She is gaining confidence every day with her foster family, which includes another small dog. Rags sleeps well all night upstairs and is clean in the house. She has met the granddaughter and is fine, although she does not like it when she plays drums with a wooden spoon. She would probably do best in a quiet home without lots of young children around. She desperately needs a loving, patient home where her owners will not expect too much of her to begin with but will allow her to gain their trust as slowly as she needs to.

Here is a lovely video of Rags in the garden:

Rags could share her home with another quiet, calm and gentle dog. She doesn’t have a bad bone in her body and she so deserves to be loved and cherished as she should have been earlier in her life.


Nugget – 4 year old male Jack Russell Terrier Cross

Nugget is around 4 years old. He is a small sized male Jack Russell type cross. Nuggett is a real character, bouncy and full of fun and greets everyone enthusiastically wanting fuss. We think he has been with children as he seems happy around them. He is also good with other dogs.

All of our rescue dogs, are vaccinated, microchipped, under neutering contract if not already done. We also provide Four Weeks FREE Insurance with Petplan. We do homecheck all prospective owners & rehome throughout the country, we will ask you to visit any potential new member of the family, especially when homing with other dogs and young children.


Snoopy – 4-5 year old male Spaniel cross Jack Russell Terrier

Snoopy is a lovely little Cross breed dog. We believe he maybe Spaniel cross jack Russell Terrier. He is approximately 4-5 years old. Snoopy is dog friendly but has not been cat tested. He can live with children aged 5 years and above.


Missy – 3 year old female Chihuahua cross Jack Russell Terrier

Please meet Missy-moo-moo (Missy for short!). She is an approximately 3 year old Chihuahua cross Jack Russell Terrier who was recently bought into rescue. She was handed in as a 10 year old, but her teeth and great condition show that she is actually a lot younger! Missy was originally owned by a couple, but when this relationship broke down, the girlfriend was going to have Missy put to sleep to spite her ex (he could not take her to his new place). A friend stepped in and took Missy to stop this happening, but she was quickly reported to her housing officer by a nosy neighbor and she had to find Missy somewhere safe and very quickly.

Missy has now had her assessment and is ready to go up for homing. The only way I can describe Missy is a bit of a spoiled brat! She does not like living with other dogs (although ignores them when out for her walks), so we are looking for a Missy only home (she needs to be the only child)! Missy does have a prey drive so she cannot be homed with cats or free range small pets. If caged animals live in the home, they would have to be kept in a room where Missy had no access. Missy loves her walks and is great on the lead. She is a little too sharp at the moment to be let off lead. Her recall is good, but I am not so sure it would be so great if a rabbit or bird were spotted, so for now she must stay on lead. We exercise her on an extendable lead which she is more than happy with. She does not pull on the lead when being walked.

Missy has lovely manners with people. She can be a little nervy (not aggressive) so we are looking for a home that is either all adult or with children over 12 years old. She would really suit a retired couple – she has so much love to give! Missy is clean in the home and makes a lovely house guest as she is not destructive and can be left for short periods of time on her own without stressing out. Missy requires a free run garden with secure fencing. She is a Jack Russell so will find the smallest gap! Missy has been spayed, had a hernia removed (no further treatment for that), been vaccinated and microchipped, plus her worming and flea treatment has been bought up to date.

A homecheck will be required and a minimum adoption fee of £150 applies.


Rocky – 4 year old male Pug cross Jack Russell Terrier

Rocky is a four year old Pug crossed with a Jack Russell. He is a small energetic and good natured boy who needs a new home because of a change in his family’s circumstances. Rocky does like children but we would prefer for him to be rehomed where there are older children in the family. He is good with other dogs and enjoys a play. We do not know about cats as he has not met any. Rocky is based near Middlesbrough in the North East.


Hans – 2 year old male Jack Russell Terrier Cross

Hans is approximately 2 year old neutered male Jack Russell Cross. He loves people, will jump up on your lap as soon as you sit down, he also jumps up at you to be picked up for cuddles. Hans gets on great with his foster’s mums children, aged 5 and 7. He likes other dogs and always wants to say hello. He has good recall but can be cheeky by pretending not to hear you. Hans will make a great companion for the right person/family.


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