Mastiff Cross

Betty – 8 year old female Mastiff Cross

Please meet beautiful Betty! Betty is a Mastiff Cross of approximately 8 years old, she came to us as a stray from the pound – the person who alerted us to her plight said she had given up and stopped eating. She didn’t think life was worth fighting for – how wrong she was. She has been with us a month and has transformed!! She is quite the regal girl and absolutely must have space on the sofa. She will stand and bark at me to move if there is no room for her!! She walks beautifully on the lead although she is a little stiff, likely arthritis setting in – or possibly the cold from the pound, she is house trained, most of the day she spends snoozing on the sofa however she loves her food!

Betty is a gentle giant, she is a darling with not a bad bone in her body. She is a big girl weighing in at 40 kg. She loves other dogs so must be homed either where there is a resident dog or she would have plenty of contact with dogs. She is not destructive at all and is quite content being left for short periods. She is a very undemanding and lazy.

Would suit an older person or couple. This lovely old girl would make a fantastic addition to any family as she is really laid back and undemanding, but equally a lovely cuddly loyal companion! Betty can live with other dogs, and can also be housed with children age 13 plus. Betty is spayed, fully vaccinated and chipped. She is flea and wormed.

Could this gentle giant take over your heart and sofa!?


Lynx – 5 year old male Mastiff Cross

My name is Lynx, I am a 5 year old, male Mastiff cross. I arrived at Carla Lane Animals in Need after they saved me from being destroyed at the dog pound almost 2 years ago. Since then my life has been a roller coaster ride of a time, last year I fell I’ll and was on a drip in the vets. I lost a lot of weight and went down to 20kgs. It is a miracle that I pulled through. I am a big softy and love kisses and cuddles. I walk well on the lead and carry my kong toy everywhere I go. I walk well around other dogs too, but due too my past I can be dominant in the home so need an experience owner with no children or other pets. I am now ready for a forever home, I am now 43kgs and counting, a happy healthy boy.


Samson – 18 month old male Mastiff Cross

Samson is a handsome Mastiff Cross who is around 18 months old. He is full of fun but has not had much training. Because of this, he is very strong and bouncy. He needs an active home with someone capable and committed to keeping up with his training.

Samson has lived with children but due to his bouncy nature, he can only go to a home with children over the age of 10; who are used to large breeds. He is not good with small animals and has not been tested with cats.


Teddy – 2 year old male Rottweiler cross Mastiff

Teddy is a 2 year old Rottweiler Cross Mastiff. He came to us in 2012 via another rescue, who had no previous information on him. He was homed in October 2013 but unfortunately, he came back to us due to a relationship break down. He is currently in foster in Kent. His fosterer says that Teddy is a big baby and loves to be near people. If you sit on the floor, he will sit on your lap. He loves to play football and if you throw the ball, he wants you to chase him. He likes to rip things if he gets the chance! Teddy has an appetite of a horse and good basic obedience. He has a very high prey drive and will chase anything that runs or flies. He is also not good with loud noises.

Teddy can be homed with older children who are over 10 years old. He could also be rehomed with another dog. This would be on the understanding that both dogs would meet several times to see if they got on with each other, before the adoption process was continued. He is untested with cats.


Lily – 1 year old female Mastiff Cross

Lily is a 1 year old female Mastiff Cross. She is a bundle of fun who loves other dogs. She would benefit from some training classes.


Lavinia – 5 year old female Mastiff cross Great Dane

Lavinia needs stability with an empathetic family who are comfortable with large breeds. She needs to be an only dog/pet at this stage. There is no edge to her around food, space, intrusive gestures or intervention. Lavinia is not proven to live with children. Her confidence will come from her owner. Lavinia’s tail was partially amputated whilst previously in rescue.

Lavinia was found stray and unclaimed. She has been spayed, fully vax’d & chipped. She was homed for nine months but her previous owner had to move and couldn’t take Lavinia with him.

Lavinia is great in every sense of the word. She meets strangers with kind caution in her eyes and isn’t over demonstrative until she trusts: then she is joyful and close. Lavinia can lift her paws onto your shoulders but only in the gentlest and most considerate way; if she feels in the mood for ‘fun’ then she’s up for that alright. Lavinia is house-trained and travels well in the car: she will look, noting and seeing it all, with no comment. Lavinia can be left free range in her house. She is the perfect companion.

Lavinia has a lavender-mauve brindle coat with the softest feel. She has a white bib and lovely jowls which suggests Great Dane heritage. She is about five years old. She stands 24″+ to her shoulder/withers. Lavinia has a great temperament with people, strangers and dogs. She needs supportive measures around children; her previous owners gave her up after nine months as they moved in with a young child and didn’t have full faith in Lavinia or their own skills with a large dog. Lavinia’s confidence will reflect her owner’s comfortability.  Super duper dog!

Interested in homing Lavinia? Please click to complete our online homing questionnaire so we can match you with a dog that suits your lifestyle.

Please note that this dog is currently in boarding kennels and is also available to foster until a ‘forever home’ is found.

Please visit Lavinia’s thread on our forum to find out whether she is still available. For full details and daily updates on all our dogs available for homing, click our forum link.


Nelson – 18 week old male Great Dane cross Mastiff

Nelson is a stunning light fawn brindle puppy who has a character of a class clown, full of beans and mischief. This boy will have you laughing every day with his antics and goofiness. Nelson will be a big boy once grown up, so we are looking for a experienced large breed home who can let Nelson develop into a wonderful character. Nelson is learning the basics the moment. He knows the sit and wait for his food, he is crate trained and house trained. He also walks really well on the lead and is respectful of meeting dogs out on the lead, but as a typical happy giddy puppy off lead just runs and falls into other dogs to play.

Nelson would definitely benefit from puppy school and further training as he has so far missed out on all this till coming into rescue. Nelson is full vaccinated, chipped, wormed and flea’d and will go out on a neutering contract to be done at the appropriate time. Evidence of this will be required to the rescue.

This boy is beautiful inside and out and has so much potential – with the right committed family this lad will flourish into a fantastic addition to a family.


Preston – 21 month old male Mastiff cross Shar Pei

Preston is a youthful 1 year and 9 months old whose eyes would melt any heart and an appealing personality. A gorgeous Mastiff Shar Pei crossbreed, this large fellow will need clear, kind but consistent handling and guidance but he will be worth every effort. He has no known health problems and he’s ready to lavish you with love, licks and loyalty.

RSPCA Sheffield Branch Animal Care Manager Tony Benham says: “Preston is a lively young boy looking for a fresh start in life. Still only a baby in a lot of ways, he has had an unsettled start which has left him with some gaps in his social development and education that now need to be filled. He will need a clear, consistent but kind owner who will lavish Preston with praise for the all right things he does, while he settles and blossoms.

“This fun loving, enthusiastic youngster is affectionate, eager to please, learn new things and interact with people. Being a young lad, he is still developing some of his doggy manners and so he would benefit from an active, adult only home with experienced dog owners. But the time taken to invest in this beautiful boy’s continued training will be returned tenfold due to his loveable personality and charms.

“He enjoys the company of other dogs and this provides him with a great outlet for his energy and love of life. We can assess Preston’s suitability to live with cats if required.

“If his new home has children, those over the age of thirteen would be probably be best suited due to his age and size.

“When it comes to exercising a dog, it is not just about walking. That can make up a large part of a dog’s regime but mental stimulation and varying activities is just as important. A dog needs the stimulus and joy of being able to have a good sniff at the world’s sights and smells. Our centre will advise and form an agreement plan with any new owners as part of the adoption process and we are always here to support.

“We’d love to introduce you to Preston and we are hoping the right person or people will come forward soon to meet this lovable charmer. We are open every day except Wednesdays.”


Cracker – 12 month old male Mastiff Cross

Cracker by name , cracker by nature. This fantastic 12 month old Mastiff cross is seeking his happy ever after home. currently fostered in Stockport. He is good with other dogs, good with visiting children and chases cats! Cracker is a complete love bug who just adores his cuddles. Can you be Crackers new special someone ?


George – 18 month old male Mastiff cross Boxer

George is an 18 month old male Mastiff cross Boxer. He is a lovable and loyal companion. Very energetic and ready to play or train all the time would be great dog for agility but also quite happy to crash out on the settee all day with you. Just loves to be with you. He doesn’t like being crated but if left the run of the house for up to four or five hours he is never destructive or dirty just sleeps in his basket or waited patiently looking out of the window.

He is very good on a lead although strong if distracted by something. Good recall when training with treats and playing fetch. George would be great as an only dog or with a calm female.


Marge – 1-2 year old female Mastiff Cross

Marge is a 1 to 2 year old adult Mastiff cross. She walks well on a lead and enjoys a little fuss. Marge is a little bewildered by the kennel environment, but is slowly beginning to relax.


Maraca – 1-3 year old male Mastiff Cross

Maraca 1 to 3 year old male Mastiff cross. Very striking young boy, extremely attentive to his walker and walks very easily at your side. He knows some commands, but will need further training. This should be easy as he seemed to just want to please you. He is extremely affectionate and when you stopped walking he flipped over on his back for a tummy tickle ! He shares his kennel with a young male Collie and they got on well together.

Update: From our volunteers.

This guy is a great on the lead and has a brilliant temperament. Maraca knows all the commands and walks right by your side. Walked him with his little kennel mate ( deaf collie) attached the leads and they walked happily together and it was so easy. Maraca sat nicely for a treat & his mate Deefer followed.


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