Mastiff Cross

Buster – 1 year old male Mastiff cross Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Buster is a male, Mastif cross Staffordshire Bull Terrier and is 1 years old . Buster is extremely well mannered with people and fantastic with dogs. Buster loves playing football and has an exceptional recall. Buster can be rehomed with 8 years + children. Buster can be rehomed with female dogs but cannot be rehomed with cats. Buster will need an active family who enjoy walking and spending time outdoors.


Shebee – 3 year old female Mastiff Cross

Lovely Shebee is a beautiful girl with a kind soul, however she is shy and timid. The home she is living in isn’t really suitable and so big girl Shebee is looking for a home with experienced owners of big breed dogs. Shebee loves companionship, and has always lived with another dog. But could probably live without another dog if with human at all times. Bought as a bit of a rescue case having never been socialised with humans until 12 weeks old when the new owners got her. She has always been timid/nervous and although this has never been a problem, they now have two girls under the age of two and she is overwhelmed by their noise and energy! She has never shown any aggression towards these children, however as she is timid in nature, so her owners feel it is a potential issue when living with young, loud children.


Shebee could live with older sensible children. She lives on a farm where there are horses, cattle, sheep, chickens and there were two incidents involving chickens and sheep whereby she cannot now be left to run about the farm freely without being watched. Hence she lives in an outdoor kennel with one other dog. The owners don’t feel that this is a good life for a young dog and they don’t think they can dedicate enough time and TLC to her to make her any better in terms of her temperament. She needs a more knowledgeable and experienced owner with large breeds and an environment to help overcome the shyness and nervousness.

Shebee is actually quite an obedient dog but this is reflected with people she knows and trusts, with whom show her confidence. She is kind and playful and although won’t retrieve, likes to chase after toys/balls. She is also very accepting of other dogs. Shebee has trust issues with people she doesn’t know, especially men in particular,so she can be timid and show shy behaviour. Her current location is in her own home in the Midlands. Vaccinated, wormed, flea treated, will be spayed before homed.


Penny – 6 year old female Mastiff Cross

Hi everyone, my name is Penny. I’m a 6 year old Mastiff cross and I’m looking for my forever home where I will receive the love and affection I deserve. I’m a very loving and affectionate girl but can be a little clumsy sometimes (I think that’s what makes me so cute). I am known also to be a big jumper so I will need to have very high fences in my new garden.

I came to HULA due to my previous owner moving overseas so was unable to keep me. I would benefit from going to training lessons just so I can learn how to be calm around lots of people and dogs. I do already know the basic commands like ‘sit’ and ‘down’. I can be left on my own for 4-5 hours providing I’ve been well exercised and I can live with children over the age of 13 years old. I’m not a cat lover so would like to live in a cat free home.

Can you offer me my forever home? Love Penny


Luna – 7 week old female German Shepherd cross Mastiff

Luna is a 7 week old female German Shepherd cross Mastiff. Luna is such a beautiful girl who is looking for a new home through no fault of her own. She is currently in foster with a wide variety of other dogs, cats, birds, rabbits and children. This will mean that she is a well rounded social pup, new owners will need to continue with her socialization and ensure she develops into a well rounded young lady.

She is a pup, she may be little at the moment but she will not stay this way. Please fully consider that she has the potential to be a big girl when fully grown. Luna will need new owners who are around for most of the day and who have the time to invest in training her. She is young enough to be homed with other animals and older sensible children.

Luna will poop, pee, chew and probably do a whole lot more. This is what pups do and all this should be expected. We would like new owners with large breed experience for Luna. She has been vaccinated, micro chipped and had flea and worming treatment. Luna will need to be neutered at the correct time as part of the adoption contract. New owners will need to cover the cost of this, we offer reduced costs neutering at one of our vets. Luna is currently on foster in Guildford Surrey.


Autumn – 14 week old female British Bulldog cross Mastiff

Autumn is a 14 week old female British Bulldog cross Mastiff. She came into us with her 2 sisters.  Please only apply if you have large breed experience as Autumn is going to be a very large girl.


Rogue – 14 week old female British Bulldog cross Mastiff

Rogue is a 14 week old female British Bulldog cross Mastiff. She came into us with her two sisters. Please only apply if you have large breed experience as Rogue is going to be a very large girl.



Dora – 14 week old female British Bulldog cross Mastiff

Dora is a 14 week old female British Bulldog cross Mastiff. She came to us with her two sisters. Please only apply if you have large breed experience as Dora is going to be a very big girl.


Scrappy – 2 year old male Mastiff Cross

Scrappy is a Mastiff cross who has come to us after her owner had a change of circumstances. Scrappy is 2 years old and is a friendly dog who loves cuddles! Scrappy really enjoys being around people. He has lived with children and likes them! He can live with children over 8. Scrappy can be left on his own for up to four hours. He enjoys playing with toys, especially if they have food in them!

Scrappy is good with dogs when out and about. He is currently living with two other dogs, so could live with a female dog. Scrappy will need an owner with a garden.


Roxy – 8 year old female Mastiff Cross

Roxy is a Mastiff cross who has come to us after her owners circumstances changed. Roxy is 8 years old and is looking for a home to call her own. She is friendly and enjoys human company. She is good with dogs when out and about and could possibly live with a calm male dog.


We would prefer to rehome Roxy to someone who has had experience with Mastiffs or similar breeds.


Mabel – 3-5 year old female Mastiff Cross

Mabel is a female Mastiff Cross of 3 to 5 years of age. She has come in to our care via the pound and we have limited history for her. Mabel is a large gentle girl, she enjoys going for a walk and is quite easy on the lead. She loves a treat, sits to command and would do well at reward based training. Mabel has got on with the other dogs while at the rescue.


Ruby – 8-9 month old female Mastiff Cross

This is Ruby, an affectionate young female crossbreed who is approximately 8 to 9 months old. We think she is a mastiff cross Labrador, as she is quite tall and long. The photos above show Ruby looking a little timid as they were taken the day she arrived at our rescue. Ruby was previously an unclaimed stray in a dog pound in the UK and was due to be put to sleep soon after Christmas, through no fault of her own. However, a network of dedicated volunteers drove Ruby several hundred miles down to us at Goodward Dog Rescue in Sussex where she is now safe and looking for a good home who will appreciate her sweet nature.


Ruby is currently in foster with us in Worthing, West Sussex living with other rescue dogs and we have found her to be loving and playful both with people and dogs. She is very sociable with other dogs and has made quite a few doggy friends here, as seen playing with one of her new friends. (She does however like to collect other dogs’ toys at the moment.) Ruby would be an ideal playmate for an active neutered male of a similar size. Ruby would do equally as a single dog, as a loyal companion as she likes to follow you around and be in your company. Ruby can also be left for a couple of hours at a time, but at this stage while she is still quite young, she would need someone to be around for most of the day. In a home environment, Ruby can be busy and bouncy for the first few minutes of seeing you but soon settles down. Ruby is quite clever and learns quickly. She enjoys her food and is happy to follow commands for a treat. She also likes to follow her nose tracking a scent around the garden.

Ruby knows her name and obeys commands to sit and stay. She enjoys playing ball and is gentle when you take toys away from her. She is also a good watch dog and will alert you to new people coming to the door or passing by but is sociable towards people not known to her. Ruby is an easy dog to look after. She walks well on the lead but will need a little further training with her recall although she will generally come straight back. Ruby will need a secure garden with high fencing. Ruby can be rehomed to a family with older children as she is trustworthy, sweet-tempered and gentle but we would not recommend her to anyone unsteady on their feet. Ruby may be able to live with a confident cat.

Ruby will need to be spayed mid April this year when she is approximately 12 months old (the age advised by our vet), at our cost, arranged through the rescue. Ruby also has full vaccination status.


Hugs – 1 year old male Labrador cross Mastiff

Hugs needs a strong family who can offer him time to unwind and support him as he settles and learns to listen. Hugs will need a ‘training home’ to help him learn calm self-control as a maturing large dog. He has no malice, just a high level of ineptitude. Hugs needs a Gentle Leader or similar method to assist him and his handler when on leaded walks. He will need a fair-sized, secure garden in which to express his glee and energy. Hugs needs to be an only pet within a family who has had previous large dog experience.

Hugs was found stray as a very young dog; he was quite confused as to how to please and certainly didn’t understand anything about leads. Hugs is neutered, chipped and vax’d. He is currently kenneled in Broxbourne, Surrey.

Hugs came with the name but we are hoping to find a family to move him beyond it. Kennels haven’t helped him explore and use his abundant energy. Hugs is play, play, play. He is a little too large to behave like a three month old puppy, so he needs help on his way to becoming a calm, confident adult dog. He is at a leapy, mouthy stage of development and has few foundation skills.

Hugs is a yellow, black muzzled, short haired, Labrador-Mastiff cross. Hugs is a large puppy even though he is two years old; he has the smiles of a clown. Hugs is endearing but needs a determined family who will be there for him; he needs a foster or forever home that will help move him through to mental and emotional adulthood. Hugs has missed out during his formative months. He will succeed in his development but needs patience and time from his family.

Please visit Hugs thread on our forum to find out if he is still available and for fuller details.

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